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CPPS is a local, grassroots network of parents and community members working together to support and advocate for excellent public schools in our communities, and at the district, city and state levels.

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August, 2011
Back to School Opportunities
Yes, it is still August, but there are several opportunities to learn about where our schools and district are headed in the next year.  More importantly, there are forums for parents to contribute their desires about school improvement, communication, rigor, and more. Get Involved!

Help write our school board candidates' questionnaire:


Last election cycle, several parents contributed questions for our post-primary candidates.  CPPS will once again produce and publish a candidates' questionnaire to help inform parent and community voters.  What would you add, subtract, or modify?  Please send us your ideas!!  


in a short-term study or advocacy group on these or other topics.  Sign up

  • middle school rigor 
  • science education 
  • quality neighborhood schools in SE Seattle
  • your idea!

Finally, we need volunteers to help organize a school board candidates' forum. 

Interested? Contact Stephanie


As always, we appreciate your donations and volunteer support in order to help develop parent leadership in Seattle.  Share your thoughts with us too, via email, or Facebook. 

GET INVOLVED -- Parents are invited...

Learn about school reform, No Child Left Behind changes, new initiatives for SPS:


The Seattle Alliance of Black School Educators and the U.S. Department of Education, in partnership with Seattle Public Schools invite you to attend the 2011 Parent Summit.  Interim Superintendent, Dr. Susan Enfield and members of the Department of Education, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Office of Civil Rights will present on Saturday, August 20, 7:30am - 1:30 pm, Cleveland High School (5511 15th Ave S)   

This event is free, with food, and interpretation provided in Spanish, Somali, Chinese, Tagalog, Amharic and Vietnamese.  

RSVP to Ina Howell (206) 725-7138 and include your name, contact information and school(s).
Learn about the upcoming Families in Education Levy and get your children on TV to boot!


The Families and Education Levy organizers are calling for kids 8-18 to help film a commercial in support of the levy, which will fund: 
  • Enhanced academic programs at schools with a high proportion of low-income students;
  • Early-learning programs that improve academic success;
  • School-based health clinics proven to increase learning and graduation rates;
  • Extra learning time and summer school programs for students struggling to advance from middle to high school;
  • Academic & college readiness programs for middle and high school students.

Participate at Garfield High School (400 23rd Ave) on Sunday, August 28 from Noon-1pm. Contact 

Steven Jones, (206) 552-9148
Learn what Seattle Public Schools has in store in the next year and Let them know WHAT YOU WANT:


Seattle Public Schools would like to invite you to a back-to-school celebration on Tuesday, August 30, 4-6 pm at Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center.  This event will be a celebration of learning that includes resources for students, families and teachers along with student entertainment. 


At the event, Seattle Public Schools is launching a district-wide focus called AGREE: Attacking Gaps/Raising Expectations Everywhere. This effort is school-specific, personalizing each school's work to improve teaching and learning and eliminate its education and opportunity gaps.  Each school will be tasked with engaging its families and community partners in identifying the barriers to student success, but also in determining how we can tear them down together. 


This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to engage and to make your ideas and concerns known.  No RSVP is necessary to attend -- look for the CPPS table -- we hope to see you there!


WHAT'S ON Recap: 


Saturday, August 20th - Parent Summit 

7:30 am - 1:30 pm, Cleveland High School


Sunday, August 28th - Commercial filming for Families and Ed Levy, noon-1pm, Garfield HS

Tuesday, August 30th - Back to School Celebration, 4-6pm, Fisher Pavilion


2011-12 School Year Calendar


Through forums, study groups, newsletter communications and more, CPPS brings parents and community members together to discuss issues, get informed, engage, advocate and lead for excellent public education in Seattle.  


We need your participation.  Contact us for more info:



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