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CPPS Annual Meeting
A High School Diploma That Counts
What's a Dissatisfied Parent to Do?
Weighted Staffing Standards, the Transition
What's Up with Middle Schools?
SPS Strategic Plan Update
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Issue: # 15 March/2008
Wednesday, April 30: CPPS Annual Meeting, Meany Middle School
March 31 - April 4: SPS Spring Break, no school
April 9 & 23: SPS School Board Meetings, John Stanford Center
April 14 - May 2: SPS WASL testing at varied times
May 8: Central Cluster Schools Leadership Meeting, Montlake Elementary
May 15: Meany Middle School (CPPS Hidden Gem) Jaguar Arts Festival
CPPS Annual Meeting Coming Up!
Join us to "Investigate Middle School Education in Seattle Public Schools" at the CPPS Annual Meeting at Meany Middle School
Save your evening on Wednesday, April 30, for the CPPS Annual Meeting.  Be a part of planning future CPPS advocacy and activities, meet fellow public school parents and community members and discuss middle school education in Seattle Public Schools with our panel of professionals. 
A High School Diploma That Counts
As part of CPPS' mission to ensure quality schools for all Seattle's children, Charles Rolland provided testimony to the state legislature on the critical need to strengthen public education outcomes by graduating our students with a "meaningful" diploma.
As another class of seniors prepares for life after high school, CPPS will continue to advocate on this important issue.  Our position:  Read on...
What's a Dissatisfied SPS Parent to Do?  Fix the Problem: One Parent's "How To" Story
By Rick Burke, parent of three
PTA Co-president, North Beach Elementary
Where's the Math? Executive Committee member
CPPS is thrilled to hear of parent and community advocacy success stories.  The journey from frustrated parent to success at the state level, and the steps it took to get there, is one that CPPS thought you would be intersted in hearing. 
Although many parents, teachers and community members support the district's math curriculum, there are a number who believe the system is not effectively serving students.  This is their story.  We learn and are empowered by the stories we share.  Thanks to Rick for sharing his!  Read on.
Chalk us up as one more elementary school family unhappy with their kids' education.  I'm an engineer, my wife is a math major and former 5th grade teacher.  We should have some idea what comprises a sound math education for our kids, but our views seemed contrary to those of administrators and educators in the school system.  This is a short story of our family's advocacy adventure.  I hope others can benefit from our learned wisdom.  Read on...
Weighted Staffing Standards, the Transition
So Far, So Good...
During the past few weeks, CPPS heard from a number of concerned parents about problems their various schools were experiencing as a result of the transition to the new Weighted Staffing Standards (WSS) budgeting process.
In order to take the appropriate action steps to address these concerns, we needed to guage how widespread the problems were.  We emailed an inquiry to a broad group of active parents city-wide asking how the WSS transition had been at their schools.  Read more...
What's Up with Middle Schools in Seattle?
Keeping Track of the CPPS Middle School Study Group
On Saturday, March 15th, ten parents gathered with Ruth Medsker, SPS middle schools director, to share perspectives on educational expectations, curricula, school culture, adolescent development, and
other aspects of the middle school experience in Seattle.  This meeting furthered a conversation begun in November, when CPPS piloted a series of discussions based on the Study Circles model that "helps local communities find ways for all kinds of people to think, talk and work together to solve problems."  Read more...
SPS Strategic Plan Update
Strategic Plan on schedule for May 2008 adoption 
The district has promised to engage the public around the development of its Strategic Plan.  With board adoption scheduled for May, the district has yet to announce its public engagement timeline.  Read more...
Office of the Education Ombudsman Welcomes Parents' Questions and Gives Help Around the State 
By Patti Carey, Communications Manager, Offiice of the Education Ombudsman, Governor's Office
There's a new place for parents to turn to for questions
about elementary and secondary public schools in Washington State. 
The Office of the Education Ombudsman (OEO) is an agency within the Governor's Office.  OEO provides information for parents and guardians about school districts; holds trainings and workshops; offers conflict-resolution and consulting; and produces publications.  All for free.  Read More...

Through forums, study groups, newsletter communications and more, CPPS brings parents and community members together to discuss issues, get informed, engage, advocate and lead for excellent public education in Seattle.   

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