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PPS National Leadership Conference
WA State High School Graduation Requirement Community Meetings
Hidden Gem: Adams Elementary
Parent Talk: Ambassadors Share Success
Seattle Public Schools Enrollment Calendar
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Issue: # 12 December/2007
- December 24 - January 4: Winter Break
- January 12: All-City kindergarten and middle school fair
- January 30: West Seattle kindergarten fair
- February 2: South and Southeast all grades school fair
- January 22nd - February 20: Open enrollment for 2008-2009 School Year.
Parents for Public Schools meets in Jackson, Mississippi, for National Leadership Conference

by Alicia Edgar

Board Member, PPS National and

Board Member and Immediate Past President, CPPS of Seattle


The National Parents for Public Schools Board Meeting and Leadership Conference were true high points for PPS in 2007.  CPPS of Seattle is one of the newest PPS chapters.   Our delegation connected with knowledgeable, experienced colleagues and came away greatly inspired to continue working to move Seattle public schools and parents positively forward.

As both a Seattle board member and one of seven new members on the national board, I found the meeting to be both informative and energizing, and I'm pleased to report that PPS is beginning a phase that will include major organizational transformation and growth.

PPS's most exciting new effort is "From the Schoolhouse to the Statehouse,"  Read more...


WA State high school graduation requirements under review for first time in 22 years

Statewide community meetings to inform Board's recommendations

Tackling the Tough Choices: Raising Student Achievement and Closing Gaps in Washington


by Maureen Trantham, Partnership for Learning, event's co-sponsor


This time of year, it seems like everything is ramping up. It's certainly true in the world of Washington education policy as we approach the 2008 legislative session. December 4th and 5th marked especially important days as our state examines how best to prepare students for the future: The evening of Dec. 4 was the last of the State Board of Education's community meetings regarding the improvement of high school graduation requirements and on Dec. 5 members of OSPI and the SBE, educators, business leaders and community members came together to "Tackle the Tough Choices" facing Washington education.


What are these tough choices? According to Kati Haycock, executive director of the national education organization The Education Trust, no matter how you slice it-and she sliced it many ways-not only is our nation afflicted by one of the world's largest achievement gaps, our students are steadily slipping behind when it comes to preparation for success in the future


Haycock debunked (read more)

Hidden Gem School: Adams Elementary

The ABCs of What I Love About Adams
by Mary Jereczek, Adams Mom and PTA President

  Logo small image

Moving to Seattle 3-1/2 years ago, we were overwhelmed by school choices for our then second-grade son, Jacob, and his three-year-old brother, Aidan.  Once we discovered Ballard, and knew it was the part of town we wanted to call home, we looked at all the facts to make the best choice.  Adams Elementary, located at 6110 28th Ave NW, in a lovely brick building next to the Ballard Community Center, had all the features we wanted, inspiring us to temporarily rent nearby until we could find a house in the neighborhood.  There are many reasons we are happy with our choice, but I will focus on the ABC's of Adams:

A = Arts Enriched


We can't talk about Adams without having a discussion about art.  The misconception... (read more)

Parent-to-parent talk: Join the CPPS Ambassador Network!

Introducing the "Hidden Gem" School Ambassadors

CPPS received an excellent response to the Hidden Gem Meany Middle School story written by Meany mom, Gretchen Plank, in last month's Newsletter.  You can hear more about Meany by contacting their Ambassadors and this month's Hidden Gem, Adams Elementary by clicking here:

Seattle Public Schools District Announcements:

Seattle Public School Enrollment Calendar:

Seattle Public Schools has important dates and deadlines for the 2008-2009 school year!  Be sure to check the District's Enrollment web page for news on Enrollment Fairs and enrollment deadlines. 

School Board Member Blog

Newly elected school board member Harium Martin-Morris has a new blog documenting his experiences. 

We hope you are inspired by this month's Hidden Gem, Adams Elementary.  We are excited the great program there.  We are still working out some bugs in our technology (the e-newsletter, blog and website) and we appreciate your patience as we get those worked out. 

We hope you have a great winter break, and we'll see you all in 2008!

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