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In considering the topics for this year's newsletter, a staff member told me that our newsletter was lacking our typical sparkle, and that we report basically the same story every year. "People came, people left. Honey harvest is up, honey harvest is down. Bees are in trouble due to the latest threat."   So this year I thought I would leave those stories to our Blog and Facebook and share with you the deeper successes of this little business. 

As an eclectic spiritual practitioner I know that the wheel of the world keeps turning - good/bad, down/up, rich/poor, sickness/health - and that it is part of my task to transcend this whirl - to be a part of it all, but not to become overly attached to it - to recognize that my essential being is only temporarily visiting in this body. Read on...

Holiday Specials

short and sweet gift boxHoliday honey specials for all the sweet people in your life.

For Christmas Delivery order by Dec 15th,
12 midnight Hawaii Time!

Two 8 oz jars- one white and one winter in our small gift box.
$40.00 (Regular price $45)

Two 8 oz jars of our silk honey in our small gift box.
$52.00 (Regular price $55)

Three 8 oz jars- one each of white, winter and ginger honey and one pair 10" pure beeswax candles in our large gift box.
$65.00 (Regular price $70)

Six 8 oz jars- three white and three winter honey in minimal packaging.
$74.00 (Regular price $87)

Six 8 oz jars- two white, one winter, one ginger, one lilikoi, one silk honey in minimal packaging.
$89.00 (Regular price $95.30)
Fighting to Keep Bees Healthy
sugar dustingWe were as proactive as possible in our company and our community, but were hit by the varroa mite nonetheless. Thanks to a grant from the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (WSARE) we have been experimenting with different methods of controlling the mite, but it continues to be a challenge. We tried organic powdered sugar dusting (which was surprisingly effective at dropping mites), drone comb management (our timing was off on this) and Mite Away Quick Strips (which are very effective, but now off the market- long story!) As a part of the WSARE grant we will be sharing our experiences and teaching beekeeping classes next year. To add insult to injury, the small hive beetle was found on the Big Island this year. Sadly, the varroa mite has weakened the hives and we have lost a number of hives. This has contributed to a small honey harvest. Sorry to disappoint our peppermint honey fans once more, but due to a short season and small harvest we did not make peppermint honey again this year.

Last year we learned how to make organic wax foundation on our farm with a WSARE grant. You can visit our Organic Wax Foundation web page and download the instruction manual to learn what we discovered about this process.
Honey Team News
sunee packagingDaniel Montgomery joined our team as a beekeeper this year and has been doing most of the heavy lifting in the bee yards. He keep the bees happy and the honey flowing. Jason Cole, who was en route to France to study wine making, joined us for a few months to learn about bees and honey and to look into the possibility of making honey mead. Arthur Genier, who is from a beekeeping family in Vermont, joined us when Jason left and has been working in the field with Richard and Daniel.

Jan Hino, who lives just down the road from us, has been helping at the farm on all levels- office, shipping and honey extraction. Sunee Campbell- who has been with the company almost as long as Richard- has been managing extractions, order fulfillment and a million other things. Andrea Dean works as a consultant on special projects- grants, organic certification, social media and holiday newsletters. Candice Choy, our Business Manager, continues to be the backbone of the company and pretty much does everything all the time!
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