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August 2012
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Dear Friends,


As you enjoy the last gasps of summer, I hope you get a chance to visit our National Honesty Index, a fun and engaging way to explore the results of our annual social experiment. In past years we have focused the events on downtown business districts, but this year we expanded the project to see how people behave at ballparks and beaches, even comic book conventions and motor cycle rallies. Though a social scientist might frown on our methodology, the thousands of results show a clear pattern - that 9 out of 10 Americans are honest. As we enter an election season filled with "opposing" or "intemperate" rhetoric from all sides, it's important to remember that the great majority of us are honestly trying to do the right thing.

In our effort to spread a little Honest Tea, I hope you'll take advantage of the coupon offered in this newsletter and share a bottle with a friend who may not have tried our drinks before.


Honestly yours,



National Honesty Index
National Honesty Index


How Honest are You?  


At Honest Tea we are continually inspired by real, organic ingredients and our community. We have taken that philosophy and turned it into a quirky social experiment specifically asking communities across the country how honest are you when no one is looking? We traveled to over 30 cities offering refreshing bottles of Honest Tea for $1 on the honor system, watched incognito and recorded the results. We're not social scientists, but we think the results are fascinating-we hope you'll enjoy!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Oakland & Salt Lake City tied for most honest cities as 100% Honest! The least dishonest city? You'll have to check out for yourself!
  • In Anaheim a rollerblader stole a bottle but skated back 30 minutes later to pay
  • Of the 5 New York City boroughs, Brooklyn was 61% honest while Manhattan was 94%
  • An individual in Philadelphia paid for his bottle with a mayonnaise packet...
  • Boston baseball fans are 100% honest while South Chicago Baseball fans...not so much at 82%
  • Women in Atlanta were only 88% honest while men were 94% honest

Is the West Coast more honest than the East Coast? Is the Jersey Shore more honest than Venice Beach? Are New York Baseball fans more Honest than Boston fans?


See for yourself at: 


Social ResponsibiliTEA   


Did you know 40 billion plastic utensils are thrown away each year in the United States alone? We're teaming up with our friends at Annie's Homegrown, Stonyfield, Seventh Generation & Kids Konserve to help reduce lunchroom waste. Check out how you can get involved by clicking HERE.  



We Could Use Your Vote! 


 Enjoy sipping Honest Tea lately? We need your help! We've been nominated for a 2012 Veggie Award from VegNews Magazine. The award recognizes the best vegan products, restaurants, and blogs as voted on by YOU. Have a favorite Honest Tea? Place your vote HERE 


All in the Family   


Check out recent conversations with our very own TeaEO, Seth, in his BLOG . In this recent posting Seth discusses the challenges that occasionally arise when a mission-driven enterprise exist within a multinational corporation. 

Honest Fan of the Month


Cheers to you, Brittany S.! Brittany sent us a lovely hand-written note in the mail recently telling us of the day she discovered Honest Tea for the first time: "The second I took my first sip angels sang...thank you for bringing delicious joy into my life." Glad we can entertain your taste buds, Brittany! Enjoy our Honey Green Tea in all its "glory".  


Have a story you'd like to share with us? Email us your HONEST experience at to share with our TEA-m. Your story could be our next feature!

Coupon for our Newsletter Fans! 



*NOT ACTUAL COUPON. To download click below


We love to reward our honest fans! As a thank you, please click this LINK for a printable coupon of $1.25 off two bottles for you and that friend! Because sharing is caring.  

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Honest Tea is the nation's top-selling organic bottled tea company.  The company seeks to make great-tasting, truly healthy organic beverages sweetened with less sugar and fewer calories than most bottled beverages. Honest Tea's product lines include: Honest Tea ready-to-drink bottled teas, Honest Ade and Honest Kids organic thirst quenchers.  All varieties are USDA-certified organic and all tea varieties are Fair Trade Certified™. Since Honest Tea was founded in Bethesda, Maryland in 1998, the company has sustained an impressive double-digit annual growth rate.  In addition to being named one of The Better World Shopping Guide's "Ten Best Companies on the Planet based on their overall social and environmental record," Honest Tea was also listed as one of's "Top 7 Green Corporations of 2010," received's coveted 4-Leaf Rating as "the greenest beverage company" for the third year in a row and was recently ranked by The Huffington Post as one of the leading "8 Revolutionary Socially Responsible Companies." Honest Tea is an independent operating unit of The Coca-Cola Company.





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