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September 2011
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We're sad to see summer fade away, even with its last minute hurricanes and earthquakes, but we're excited to welcome the arrival of a new look for Honest Tea and Honest Ade in plastic bottles. Gaining national distribution is like getting a primetime premiere, and we want to make sure that we're wearing our best outfit - so, today we're excited to debut the fresh, new look for our labels.  We've worked to incorporate delicious images of freshly picked tea leaves and cut-open fruit to tell our story better and reinforce our simple ingredients.  We also found a way to have some fun with the fruit pictures on our Honest Ade labels, giving them unexpected scale and context.  To learn more about how we created this fresh new look while keeping the same true taste, click here


Honestly Yours,

Seth & Barry



Label Refresh - Flying V

Have you ever sipped an ice-cold Cranberry Lemonade under the cool shade of a lemon peel umbrella? Or picked a mango that fills up an entire wheelbarrow? Might sound like the makings of a fantasy, but to us these images were sources of inspiration for our new Honest Ade labels.


Our Honest Tea labels emphasize the authentic tea ingredients and each has a prominent call-out that reads, "Brewed with Organic Green Tea Leaves," or black or white tea leaves, depending on the variety. Now, our labels look the way our drinks taste - clean and delicious!


And while change is always a good thing, there were some things we just couldn't part with- like our signature "T" icon on our Honest Tea labels and the classic Garamond font that we've been using ever since Seth & Barry started the company in 1998. 


It's been quite a long journey with the new designs (we started the process in 2008), but we are delighted with the results and can't wait to share them with you! As you start to see the new bottles on shelves, tell us what you think and share pictures on Facebook or email us at   First person to spot a new label on a shelf in the marketplace wins a free case of tea (or ade)! 



Lemon Black
bon app

Bon Appetít magazine embarked on a taste test tour of supermarket foods to find out what brands hit the mark in flavor and nutrition.  For this Supermarket Standoff, the editors sampled 10 versions of pre-sweetened, bottled iced tea - some diet, some not, some organic, some not. They also brought in Dietician Marissa Lippert to break down the nutrition labels.  The editors ranked our Organic Lemon Black tea as the best tasting and the best for you! Read the whole article here


Note: Lemon Black hasn't received a make-over yet, but it's coming soon!


Honest Tea is the nation's top-selling organic bottled tea company with a mission to make great-tasting, truly healthy organic beverages sweetened with less sugar and fewer calories than most bottled beverages. Honest Tea's product lines include: Honest Tea ready-to-drink bottled teas in glass and PET #1 (plastic) bottles, Honest Ade organic thirst quenchers, Honest Kids drink pouches and Honest CocoaNova, a brewed cacao infusion.  All varieties are USDA-certified organic and Fair Trade Certified™. Since Honest Tea was founded in Bethesda, Maryland in 1998, the company has sustained an impressive double-digit annual growth rate. In addition to being named one of The Better World Shopping Guide's "Ten Best Companies on the Planet based on their overall social and environmental record," Honest Tea was also listed as one of's "Top 7 Green Corporations of 2010," received's coveted 4-Leaf Rating as "the greenest beverage company" for the third year in a row and was recently ranked by The Huffington Post as one of the leading "8 Revolutionary Socially Responsible Companies." In March 2011, The Coca-Cola Company purchased Honest Tea, completing a transaction that began in 2008 when Coca-Cola took a minority interest in Honest Tea.


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