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Issue #23 October 2008
This month, we look at new views of how to pitch, how to adapt existing communications to new media, and what beginner and technical speakers should do. Also new:  our latest efforts to give clients communications strategies, training workshops, and creative content:
  • Strategies and training for a retailer and a business school on using social media tools to meet communications goals;
  • Training workshops at the INFORMS annual meeting Oct. 13 in Washington, DC, and for the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago Oct. 23; and
  • Content for a special website for leukemia survivors--including a "late effects tracker"--for the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University.

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Denise Graveline, President

New Series:  New-Media Adapters
Who's Converting Traditional Communications to New Media?
The savvy communicator doesn't add "new" and social media on top of all the traditional communications vehicles, but finds ways to remake her efforts using the new technologies and approaches. A new series on the don't get caught blog will keep track of these "new media adapters," to give you ideas for reviving your communications efforts this way. So far, the series looks at:
  • why so many private foundations are still using print annual reports--and how some are breaking the mold in new ways.
  • how an historical collection of diary entries from writer George Orwell has been recast as a well-read blog.
  • how foundations use new media to support grant recipients, from a gallery in Second Life for Alaskan artists to an online community to help refine their proposals. all the posts on new-media adapters here.

Your Next Speech: The Young and the Technical
New Resources for Beginner and Scientific Communicators
teleprompterOur recent trainings for speakers have reached young graphic designers learning presentation skills for the first time and seasoned scientific researchers trying to translate from the technical.  This month, you'll find our tips for each group compiled into handy summaries with resources for beginning speakers and for communicating research news to the news media. We offer group and one-on-one trainings at your office, annual meeting or offsite. Contact us at for details.
In This Issue
Adapting Communications with New Media
This Month's Speaker Tips
Ira Glass: How to Pitch
Ira Glass on Pitching a Good Story
We heard the This American Life host share what makes a good story -- and how to put it across for consideration by reporters. Go here to find out!
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