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What an incredible year this has been!


I've recently returned from 6 months in South Africa, landing safe and sound back in the US for a few months of enjoying time with family and friends as I continue to navigate the transitions of my own passionate life unfolding. As you know, transitions bring with them so many emotions and experiences, from excitment and joy, to fear, anxiety and sadness. I'm practicing presence and awareness as I move through these experiences (note I said practicing?!? :) ) and storing up my learning to share with you in support of your own navigation of life and all it has to offer!


Speaking of transition - what a beautiful time of year to be back in the northeast US. As the summer sun feeds the autumn's stunning, colorful show, a new school year begins, and a new season begins with the opportunity to revisit and reenergize yourself, your goals and priorities.


In honor of the transitions during this time, I'd like to share with you some

Transition Specials to envigorate your body, mind and heart!


Now through October 30, 2012, take advantage of

$60 for 60 minutes of any of the following services:


HAPPYness Hour

How often do you get a fulll hour to focus on YOU? To have a dedicated discussion of ideas and options, and to set goals and sustainable strategies to reach them? What is important and alive for you right now? From eating right, to feeling energized and happy, balancing the demands of your days, and navigating transition in your life, let me support and guide you through a powerful hour dedicated to you and your health, wellness and happiness. My intention is that you finish feeling lighter, and with some concrete, actionable and sustainable suggestions and resources to support you in moving towards goals that are important and relevant to you. (Bonus: 20-minute follow-up call 2 weeks following your session for support, check-in, modifications and questions)

NOTE: Can be taken advantage of anywhere in the world via phone or Skype.


Empowered Kitchen

Together we'll take a look through your pantry, refrigerator and freezer to see what stocks your shelves and feeds you and your family. Without judgement, we'll discuss your choices and challenges, along with some of your health and wellness goals and I'll share simple, powerful recommendations that fit your day-to-day lifestyle and support you in fueling yourself and your family with health-full options that work for you. Through this information-packed session you'll gain insight on label reading, product recommendations and sample shopping lists, and simple meal recommendations and recipes that suit your goals and lifestyle. (Bonus: 20-minute follow-up call 2 weeks following your session for support, check-in, modifications and questions)

Note: I'll come to you! Limited geograohic area depending on scheduling. Please inquire


Fancy Foot Work: Thai Therapeutic Foot Reflexology

Tired, sore feet resonate throughout the muscles of your body. Relieve tension and sore muscles from the bottom up with one hour of sensitive, hands-on work on your feet and calves.

Note: I'll come to you! Limited geograohic area depending on scheduling. Please inquire!


Thai & Fly

Relax into one hour of therapeutic bliss combining elements of Thai Yoga therapeutic body work and therapeutic flying (like a floating massage). It will relieve tension in your body, increase mobility and leave you feeling light, relaxed, renewed and revived.

Note: I'll come to you! LImited geographic area depending on scheduling. Please inquire!



I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing with you.

Remember - this special ends October 30, 2012. Please call (617-680-6597) 

or email me now to schedule your Transition Special, and with any questions.


Enjoy this edition of the Nourish Newsletter. And please jump on over to my web site. . . share it with your friends and stay tuned for more offerings coming up!


Live abundantly!

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I'm here to support you in the journey to your health and wellness goals, from what feeds your body, to what feeds your mind and spirit - so if you are looking for that extra push to release that something that is holding you back, email to set up a complimentary consult and see how I can help! 


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