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Wow! What a fun-filled adventure. I'm now a Certified AcroYoga Teacher - and I am so excited to share this beautiful and FUN practice with you - so stay tuned for upcoming offerings!  


I can't remember the last time I unplugged for that long. Pretty freeing, and unbelievably, I didn't really miss anything crucial and everything was still intact when I got home. Hmmm...  


Speaking of things we can do without, I am in the process of purging. I'm moving from my home of 6 years, so have been going through things that have been stored away to see what I want to keep, what I want to sell or give away, and what is just plain old garbage. It's exciting to lighten my load, and I must say, it is an incredibly humbling process to categorize your physical belongings this way. And it is a fun journey through memories.  


For years I've felt that I need to hold onto these physical memories, but in this process I have begun to realize that the impact of those memorable experiences have become part of who I am, and the memories remain with me whether I keep the ticket stub or not.  


It's a process for sure, I've still got some "maybe" piles, and things that I am not yet ready to part with, but it sure feels good to start to release some of my attachment to the memories - to be able to enjoy them, remember them, embrace them, but not clutch to them so tightly - leaving more space for the excitement of what is to come and the memories that are yet to be made!   


How about you...what could you release? What have you been holding onto that you could let go of to make space for something new and brilliant?    


I'm here to support you in the journey to your health and wellness goals, from what feeds your body, to what feeds your mind and spirit - so if you are looking for that extra push to release that something that is holding you back, call (617-680-6597) or email to set up a complimentary consult and see how I can help!  



Live abundantly!

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What The...?

Simply Inspired


"I love ME!"

woman with mirror
Go ahead...say it...say it out loud...say it out loud to yourself in the mirror... 

How did that feel?
Empowering? Scary? Funny? Sad?

Think about it for a minute - do you truly love yourself?
You are an amazing human being - worthy of every amazing experience you desire, including feeling blissfully, unconditionally loved as and for who you are - all of who you are.

Sometimes it is easier to be critical of ourselves and notice our faults and areas for improvement. It can feel awkward to recognize how wonderful we are and what is special  about yourself - to celebrate how amazing you are! After all, someone may think you are being boastful or egotistical.
But, hey, it's true - you are amazing, smart, talented, special!

Let's encourage and celebrate the good in everyone - revel in successes and good fortune.

Start with yourself - love yourself the most -  give yourself permission to pat yourself on the back. Let it be an example to others in your community that it is also ok for them to celebrate their success, to graciously accept compliments, to focus more on the positive than the negative.

Sure we all have room for growth and improvement, but we are also all perfect right now, just the way we are.
Love that!

Ready to feel this empowered all the time? Give me a shout - I can support you in discovering and embracing the best nourishment for you - from food to lifestyle choices.  

I'll meet you where you are and help you take manageable steps to successfully get where you want to be!

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Tempting Tidbits
At the Barcelona Yoga Conference, my friend Nina of Veggie Wedgie was preparing mouthwatering raw treats to keep all the yogis fueled. She just shared this yummy recipe for Watermelon Mint Ice that felt just perfect to share with you all to cool down in the midst of the summer heat.
Watermelon Mint Ice

1 cup diced watermelon
mint leaves

Freeze watermelon for 4 hours. Blend with mint until watermelon is crushed and cool off.


Check out her site and the other great recipes there. Raw food can be perfect for the hot summer months and can be naturally cooling for your body.



What The...?

PLAY with your FOOD   


I don't necessarily mean to stick your hands in your plate and smear your food all around - though that can be fun too - I'm talking about taking a more playful attitude into the kitchen when you cook. Let cooking be less of a chore and more of a game and creative outlet - more FUN. Take some chances and break the rules!

Reading and following recipes is a great way to learn how to prepare meals - it will teach you cooking techniques, what flavors generally go together and in what ratios things works best. However, sometimes they can be confining and can be convenient excuses for not cooking and for reaching for the takeout menu - "I don't have kumquats, so I guess I can't make dinner tonight!"


If you're reading this, you're probably older than, say, 15 years old. Even if you have not been cooking much, you've probably been eating - and making food choices for yourself - for a number of years. So it is safe to say that you generally know what flavors you like to eat. Cooking is another great opportunity to listen to your body and trust and refine your instincts.


Here are some simple suggestions for stepping into the kitchen with less fear, and more fun and freedom: 


Start Simple:

Use fresh, seasonal ingredients. They already taste good - they are made to taste good just as they are - so when you start with good ingredients, your results will be tasty. And start with techniques that feel approachable to you and that you already know - boiling, sauteing, roasting, chopping...set yourself up for success...start with what you know, experience the success, and expand from there. It does not have to be complicated to be good!



Eat what you like:

This goes back to your experience - you've been eating and making food choices for years - you know what tastes good to you. Start with ingredients you know you like as you get used to playing in the kitchen. If you are concocting something including all ingredients you know you like, it is sure to be tasty. Then you can amp up the fun factor by adding in a new ingredient here and there to discover new things you like!



Involve others:  

Kids, friends, partners...get input before and is fun to share your creations and the feedback from others can be more subjective than your own and can help you move from kitchen novice to aficionado in no time. And for parents - kids are more likely to gobble up healthy foods when they have had input and a hand in creating it.


Spice it up:

Stock up with seasonings. Changing up the seasonings can make the same dish taste entirely new. Try fresh herbs, new spice mixes, tahini, hot sauces, honey. Mix them together (before you add to your dish!) and see how they flavors work together to create entirely new taste sensations. (Important note! When buying packaged sauces and spice mixes, check the ingredient label for sodium content, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers like monosodium glutemate (MSG))

Less is More:

When adding sauces and seasonings, start with a little, incorporate and taste. You can always add more, but you can't take it away!


Celebrate & Enjoy!

This will not be the last time you cook or the last meal you eat, so celebrate the successes of each creation - some will be masterpieces, and others will be, well...edible...but each one will be unique and will teach you something for your next meal!


(Note: Cooking without a recipe generally works better when you are cooking versus baking - baking is a bit more of a science and straying from the basic ingredients and ratios can yield something far different from what you expected!)


So what are you waiting for? Get in there and play... and let me know how it goes - share your experience with other Nourish readers on Facebook and send me the "recipe" for your favorite creation - I'd love to share it in an upcoming newsletter!


Want a sidekick in your kitchen experiments to help jumpstart your cooking adventures? This is exactly the kind of work I do with my clients, I'll help you navigate the supermarket shelves, create shopping lists that feed your body and soul, and help you find your ideal balance and learn to listen to what your body needs and how you can answer that call with solutions that fit your lifestyle.  


So don't be shy, give me a call or email to set up your complimentary nutritional power session to see how I can support and guide you in finding more energy and happiness then you knew you could have!