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It seems that Spring has sprung...sort of...depending on the day and where in the country you are! But suffice it to say, the temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is pushing its way out from behind the clouds, and we are pushing our way outdoors to enjoy it!  


To help you get out for good food, I'll share some info about farmers' markets in this Nourish Newsletter and a simple, but flavorful, recipe for you to cook up with your fresh kale!


But first - some Spring Cleaning - let's start with your kitchen. . .and a powerful tour of what you stock your shelves with. I've shared this idea before, but, seriously, the impact is so great - you can learn SO much that is valuable in just 2 hours - I need to share it again and encourage you to take advantage. . . 


This is limited availability folks - with scheduling availability for only 3 per week! - so don't miss out on the opportunity to clean up your cabinets and start off your summer on a healthy note!  


Kitchen Cleanse

$180: 2 hours in person*, or on phone/Skype with photos or list shared by you in advance  


Together we'll take a look through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry to see what stocks your shelves and feeds your family. We'll discuss your choices and challenges, and your health and wellness goals and I'll prescribe some simple, powerful recommendations that fit your day-to-day lifestyle to support you in fueling yourself and your family with healthy options.


What you'll get:

  • A thorough review of your pantry, refrigerator and freezer with a certified health coach - we'll cover what's there and why 
  • Guidance and practice in ingredient label reading
  • A sample shopping list and product recommendation appropriate to your goals and lifestyle
  • Simple, sustainable, actionable meal recommendations and recipes that suit your goals and lifestyle
  • One, 30-minute follow-up call for support, check-in, modifications and questions 

Email me, or call 617-680-6597 to coordinate a date and time.  

(*within 45-mile travel from Boston)


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Live abundantly!

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Tackling Temptation: Tips & Tools to Understand & Befriend your Cravings 

It's like the cookie jar is calling your name and the french fries are flirting with you at every corner. The temptation is torture...but so is the feeling of eating the wrong things. Think you'll never gain control of your food cravings and get off this roller-coaster ride? Think again! In this interactive workshop you will learn what's behind your cravings and what it takes to satisfy them     


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Location: This is a webinar, so get cozy and logon from anywhere!

7:00-8:15 pm


Click here to register for the Tackling Temptations Webinar. 


Join me for our second mouthwatering supper club  

at UpStairs on the Square, June 7!  

"Yes, You Can Eat That!"

The Supper Club to Savor, Nourish & Sustain

You try to eat well and make healthy choices, but you also love to indulge your taste buds at Boston's finest restaurants. You are forever bouncing between ordering a salad and appetizer or "being bad" for one night while you order what you really want. This old battle just distracts from your evenings of fun and food, so it's time to check it at the door!  


You can have it all - dining on delectable food and soaking up your surroundings while incorporating healthy, responsible food choices that fire up your taste buds and fuel you to your finest. And we're going to prove it to you!


Savor a guilt-free, nourishing feast at Boston-area's finest restaurants with the "Yes, You Can Eat That!" Supper Club. Each Club evening includes a mouth-watering, three-course dinner (with or without wine accompaniment) presented by the chef. Sassy, certified health coaches Kirsten and Marissa will explain how these sumptuous offerings fit the bill for healthy eating. Kirsten and Marissa will dine alongside you, so bring your questions and ideas to the table for a lively dinner discussion with new and old friends. 


UpStairs on the Square 

91 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7:00 pm

$75, 3-course dinner

$90, 3-course dinner with 2-course wine pairing

Click here to register and reserve your seat at the dinner table! 


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Simply Inspired
Tempting Tidbits
What The...?
Simply Inspired

"There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction."

-Franz Kafka


I'm not going to lie, sometimes thinking about the sentiment of this quote completely freaks me out. . .yet, sometimes. . .it completely excites me.

For me it recognizes that there is always another way, another perspective.

When I'm feeling stuck, in a rut, or feeling like I am running around in circles it is important to realize that I have a choice.

I always have a choice.

About how to act, how to interpret actions, and how to respond to others' actions.

And as I am the only one who is always with me, it is important for me to become aware of my habitual reactions - particularly when they have unwanted results that creep up again and again. If this is the case, than it is very likely that I am inviting these things. That some part of me is more committed to that outcome than to a different, more pleasing outcome.

So maybe, just maybe, in those instances, I need to take entirely different actions.

You know what they say. . .when you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. . . 

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Tempting Tidbits
Greens are fresh for the picking in the Spring - full of nutrients and great for cleansing. Honestly - I find the more I eat them, the more I want - which is a great thing for my body and energy.

Greens are super easy to prepare - steam, saute, massage to soften up for a salad, add to soup, etc., and they lusciously take on the flavors of oils, seasonings and dressings, so there are so many options for flavors.

Here is one of my favorites - super simple and super flavorful.

Kale with Sun-dried Tomatoes

1 big bunch kale (or bag of chopped kale - approx 10-12 oz)    

1/2 jar julienne sun-dried tomatoes in EVOO
1/3 cup toasted pine nuts
1/4 lemon, juiced
salt to taste


kale with sundried tomatoes

Toast the pine nuts lightly in a pan, oven or toaster oven. this does not take long so keep watch!

Saute the kale in a little bit of oil until wilted.

Toss sauteed kale with sun-dried tomatoes and oil from the jar (about half of each from a 8.5 oz jar), and lemon juice. Sprinkle with sea salt to taste. 


What The...?

Simple, Local, Satisfying 

Did you ever have a garden as a small child? Do you have one now? Do you remember how satisfying it was to pick vegetables you grew yourself? Dare I say they even tasted better than what you bought at the super market? Something about the energy you put into growing them and watching them turn from seeds into actual plants and vegetables!

While it is a great to start a vegetable garden of your own - in patio pots, community gardens or some space in your own yard - some of us don't feel the draw or feel we have the time to undertake this task. Fortunately, in pretty much every region of the country and world, there are people who do grow fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, and in the spring time here in the northeast, they too come out and conveniently set up shop at local farmers markets to sell the fruits of their labors (pun intended!)

If you are in the greater-Boston area, below are the open dates for some of the area farmers markets - there are at least 139 farmers markets throughout the entirety of Massachusetts. Wherever in the country you are here is a link to the USDA farmers market directory for all states.
  • May 2: South Boston
  • May 17: Copley Square
  • May 18: Cambridge Center
  • May 19: Prudential Center
  • May 23: Central Square; City Hall Plaza
  • May 25: Davis Square
  • May 26: South Station
  • June 3: Charles Square
  • June 4: Cambridgeport; Roslindale; Union Square
  • June 8: Arlington
  • June 9: Belmont; Kendall Square
  • June 11: Waltham
  • June 14: Harvard University; Farm Hill (Stoneham)
  • June 15: Dedham
  • June 16: Brookline; Medford; Melrose; Milton
  • June 17: Allston; Boston Medical Center; Post 440
  • June 18: Everett
  • June 21: Revere Beach
  • June 23: Codman Square
  • June 24: Quincy
  • July 2: Frederick Douglas Square
  • July 5: Newton
  • July 7: Bowdoin Geneva; East Boston; Loring-Greenough; Lynn
  • July 9: Hyde Park
  • July 11: Cliftondale Square
  • July 12: Grove Hall
  • July 15: Community Servings
  • Sept. 8: Boston University
farmers market
Photo courtesy of the amazing traveling duo of
The Voss Dufour World Tour

Living It Up Local Style
Have you noticed your eating habits change a bit from season to season? Do you seek out salads in the summer time and avoid them or eat them grudgingly in the winter? We sometimes forget, but we are human beings, and human beings are animals. If you look at animals in their natural environments, bears and birds do not have grocery stores, but they do have specific things they eat - based on their environment, physical needs and availability - the original supply and demand!! Well, as animals - as evolved and adaptive as we are, our bodies are actually still very in tune with nature and our surroundings, even when our mind is not entirely tuned into that awareness! What's available where you are also relates to what your body needs at the time of year in the location you are to function best in that environment. So listen in to what your body is asking for and check out the links here to see what's in season where you are!

Seeking Organic . . .
When you are out there picking up produce from your local farmers, I encourage you to engage them in conversation. Ask about the methods they use to farm. How do they fertilize? Do they use pesticides? Do they run an organic farm? Many do, yet do not bear the certified organic label. The USDA organic certification includes an application and review process and a fee - some small farms choose not to pursue this, but still adhere to organic processes - so be sure to ask!

Trying to balance between organic and your pocketbook? Well, first of all, buying seasonally can help - buying seasonal produce in season is not only good for the environment, it also tends to be when that produce is most inexpensive. Secondly, The Environmental Working Group compiled a list of the Dirty Dozen (most important produce to buy organic) and The Clean Fifteen (no big deal to buy non-organic). Check out those lists here and download to your iPhone or to stick in your wallet so you always have a handy reminder.

Ready to kick-start your healthy habits? This is exactly the kind of work I do with my clients, I'll help you find your ideal balance and learn to listen to what your body needs and how you can answer that call with solutions that fit your lifestyle.  


So don't be shy, give me a call or email to set up your complimentary nutritional power session to see how I can support and guide you in finding more energy and happiness then you knew you could have!