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Where Time Stands Still
August 1, 2010

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Saluda Property & Real Estate

Cathy Jackson Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage representing Buyers and Sellers.  Let us know how we may serve your real estate needs. 
megan wardmegan ward 
Enjoy breathtaking year round views from this Saluda home. Sit on the covered porch and watch the wildlife or take a five minute drive to downtown Saluda for dinner. Easy access to I-26, 2-car garage,
 4 BR
3.5BA, 3920 SF, 2.43 acres, creek  MLS#471600  $405,000
megan ward
 A rare gem in historic district of Saluda, this bungalow cottage exudes with southern charm. Freshly painted and remodeled with new appliances and upgraded kitchen. Downtown is just a walk down the hill for shopping and dining. Great mountain retreat.
3 BR, 2BA, Circa 1920, MLS#470399  $235,000  
megan ward
 Walk to town, but enjoy country living in this older Saluda home. Recent improvements include: new roof, many new windows, new electrical, new bathroom, new heating and air.  2 BR, 1.5 BA, 2.36 acres, out buildings,
MLS#471483  $135,000
Looking for a Spring and Summer  Vacation Retreat?  Click here to download this list of referral properties. (Please contact property owners directly.) 

megan ward

Links to Real Estates Sources

A Quick Saluda Market Update as of July 31, 2010

Sales               Closed   Pending
Homes 2009         8           0
Land 2009            8           0
Homes 2010        11          1
Land 2010            6           0
Homes sales have increased compared to this time last year.  A positive indicator for real estate sales in Saluda.
Dates to Remember
Saluda Tailgate Market every Friday May through October 4:30 to 6:00pm. Saluda's public parking lot right of the bridge and the end of Main Street.  Rain or Shine! 
Town Council meets second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the meeting room above the Saluda Library.
Saluda Business Association will meet Tuesday August 3, at 5:30pm in the Meeting Room of the Saluda Library.
Planning Board of the City of Saluda meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at Saluda Public Library meeting room.
Saluda Community Land Trust will meet the third Wednesday of the month at 3:00 at McCreery Park pavilion.  For information please call Betsy Burdett at 828-749-2161.
Historic Saluda Committee meets on August 13 at 2pm at the Meeting Room in Saluda Library.

Saluda Garden Club meets August 16 at the Saluda Presbyterian Church at 9:45am for a trip to Japanese Garden.


Women's Club of Saluda meets at 10am, August 10 in the Fellowship Hall of the Saluda Presbyterian Church.


The annual meeting of the Saluda Medical Center's Board of Trustees is Tuesday, August 10 at 5:30 PM.  Public welcome to attend.


Super Sizzlin' Summer Adventures Program will perform a play, "Smoky Mountain Rose, An Appalachian Cinderella Story" at the school auditorium Thursday, August 12 at 9:30am. 


Community Yard Sale will be held on the tennis courts and field from 7:30 am - 12:30 pm Saturday, August

Town BBQ- September 11
megan wardPlans are underway for the Town BBQ scheduled for September 11, 2010.  Donations and volunteers are needed.  If you are interested in being part of the planning or want to contribute, please contact Judy Ward at 828-749-1349 or

This town BBQ was started by Charlie Ward many years ago to thank the residents of Saluda for patronizing his store.  Charlie passed away August 1, 2008. This event has become a town tradition organized and funded by Saluda citizens for Saluda citizens.  It truly has become a symbol of Charlie's gift of giving.

Click here to watch a conversation with Charlie Ward about the town BBQ.
megan wardIn memory of Charlie Ward.
Saluda  Center Name Change
New Senior Center

We are pleased to announce that the name of the Saluda Senior Center has been changed to "The Saluda Center."  We will still be a senior center and our mission will be the same;  to enhance the quality of life for seniors and those who will be seniors in Saluda, Polk County and surrounding areas, by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, education and learning opportunities, personal fulfillment, socializing, community involvement and self esteem.  Please come and join us at the Saluda Center.  Our officers for the remaining 2010 and 2011 year will remain the same: Judy Ward, Chair, Bill Klippel, Vice Chair, Brenda Bohanon, Secretary and Joe Marley, Treasurer.

To see the regularly scheduled activities at the Senior Center please click here. 
Save These Dates Now!
 (All events and activities take place at the Saluda Senior Center on Greenville Street.)
    August Calendar News

Polk County Community Foundation has awarded the Saluda Center a $5,500 grant from the Saluda Community Fund to be used for a landscaping and beautification project of the Saluda Center campus. The Center's main building, the old scout hut and A Thrifty Barn will be included in new landscape design.


The Saluda Center is delighted to present for the August art exhibit: "Finishing Touches," multi-media art by students of Dale McEntire at Isothermal College.


Wed. at 12:30pm, Movie matinee (4) The Early Years of Billy Graham, (11) Keeping the Faith, (18) Whatever Works, and (25) Easy Virtue.


Thurs. Aug. 19 at 6pm, Single Women United  potluck dinner. Bring your favorite dish and enjoy a fun night with Nancy Johnson sharing her Gullah stories.


Mon. Aug. 23 at 2:00pm, Mike Ashworth with Wells Fargo presents, "How to Read the Stock Market Report."


Thurs. Aug. 26  at 6pm, Community potluck with Saluda Ridge Band. Bring your favorite dish.


A Thrifty Barn is loaded with fabulous bargains all the time. Volunteers for the meal program and A Thrifty Barn are always welcome. There is NO membership required to attend the Senior center. 
Don't forget to check out A Thrifty Barn, Wed. 10am-4pm, donations & sales, Thurs. and Fri. 10am-4pm, Sat. 9am-3pm. Basement sales Sat. Mar. 07 & 21. Volunteers always needed, call 828- 749-3320 for more information.

Volunteers always needed.  Call 828-749-3320 for more information.

Art at Saluda Center

The Saluda Center is delighted to present for the August art exhibit: "Finishing Touches," multi-media art by students of Dale McEntire at Isothermal College.


Connemara Spring by Susan Grimley

Connemara Spring by Susan Grimley
On display will be an eclectic group of oils, pastels, and watercolors of subjects ranging from flowers, portraits, and animals, to landscapes of France and of our local area.  Saluda and surrounding area artists featured are Angela Blowe, Dale Brown, Elinor Gay, Susan Grimley, Janice Honeycutt, Penny Kessler, Marie King, Rowena Matson, Pam Pillsbury,
Hunting Island by Pam Pillsbury
Gretchen Ramsey, Jane Ratchford, Claudia Seagle, Sandra Sibley, Katherine Smith, Sally Thomas, John Waddill, Brenda Whelchel, Wilma Williams, and Jean Wright.


All are invited to a reception honoring these artists on Thursday, August 12 from 5:00PM-6:30PM at the Saluda Senior Center, 64 Greenville Street and the exhibit can also be seen for the month during regular weekday operating hours at the Center. Some of the work may be offered for sale with a portion of the proceeds being donated by the artists to assist in the funding of the Center's ongoing programs.  For further information: Anne Jameson 828-749-3101.

Saluda Community Land Trust

clean upWas that a group of court-ordered folks cleaning up 176 a couple of weeks ago?  NO!  They were members of the Saluda Community Land Trust and civic-minded volunteers completing the first quarter of the Adopt a Highway Program.  We gathered at the library at 8:30, donned our new orange vests with the SCLT logo on the back, pulled on gloves, pocketed our orange and blue plastic bags and took off in two teams.  In about two hours we had completed our task - both sides of Hwy 176 south from town to Cabbage Patch and north from town to Dun Roamin. SCLT is proud to say there was not a huge amount of trash, even though we chose the week after Coon Dog Day thinking there would be more traffic (and perhaps discarded litter) on the roads from that weekend. 


We have other projects that we invite you to get involved in -clearing trails, destroying kudzu, GPS'ing land for conservation trusts - all neat opportunities to get outside, enjoy the camaraderie of others, while giving back to our wonderful community.  Cooler temps are in the near future - won't you join us?  Call 828-749-1560 or drop in at one of our meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 at McCreery Park.

Have questions or want to know more about the Saluda Community Land Trust-- "Skillet"?  Go to our website at SCLT or call 828-749-1560. 
Historic Saluda Committee Update

The first official meeting of the Historic Saluda Committee was held on Friday, July 9, 2010, at 2 p.m. in the community room of the Saluda Library. The meeting was called to order by Lynn Cass, Chair. Also in attendance were Cindy Tuttle, Co-Chair; and members Martha Ashley, Jack Coates, Charlene Pace, Greaton Sellers and Gloria Testerman. The committee discussed past work that has been done in Saluda, what the committee hopes to accomplish and what still needs to done and how urgent those matters are.

A decision was reached to survey the community on what it would like to see happen and then proceed from there. The survey will be available on-line and in a hard copy format.
Other areas that may be completed in the near future may be an oral history project and restoration of the City Hall building, since that project has rolled under this committee.
Cathy Jackson of Cathy Jackson Realty has agreed to sponsor the survey. The committee will have met again by the time Saluda Lifestyles is published with a meeting date set for Friday, July 30th. The August meeting date is Friday, August 13 at 2:00 p.m. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.
If you are interested in being kept informed or wish to share your opinions please email me at

Submitted by Cindy Stephenson Tuttle, Co-Chair

Saluda Garden Club


It's that time of year again, gardeners, the dry and "droughty" time. While there are some "rules" to consider for plant care, gardening is often a common sense response to weather, soil and the requirements of some particular plants.  Therefore, "guidelines" may be the better word to use rather than "rules."

You may already know that it is as possible to drown a plant as it is to "fry" a plant.  If roots become "waterlogged" (which is unlikely in our climate today) they can rot and the plant will die.  If the plants look stressed with droopy leaves or leaf loss, it's a sure sign they are dying of thirst. In spite of the "rule" of watering deeper, but less frequently, for goodness sakes, give those poor plants a good drink.  In addition, new plantings will need more frequent watering until they get a substantial start.


Other guidelines to consider are:


(1)  If the top 2 inches of the soil are moist, watering is probably not needed at that time.

(2)  Early morning watering is definitely recommended over any time later in the day, especially the evening hours.

(3)  Mulch, mulch, mulch - about three inches will help to retain the moisture that you have spent more than a few dollars to provide.

(4)  Putting plants of like moisture needs together will help to more effectively use your water. Since it is unlikely that shade and sun plants will not be planted in the same areas, it is almost a given that those with similar water needs will be "close neighbors."

(5)  My own personal "guideline" that is closer to a rule is that I do not use a sprinkler.  First of all, it wastes a lot of water in that it takes forever to get enough to penetrate to a deep level.  Also it wets  foliage and tops of the plants that may result in a fungus or leaf  burn.

(6)  Finally, don't forget to use your "gray" water which I am sure by now needs no definition.


The August meeting is the 16th of the month and we, (and it is hoped the "we" includes "you") will be touring a Japanese garden in Hendersonville.  Meet at the Saluda Presbyterian Church at 9:45.



Happy Gardening,

Sandra Rocks, Saluda Garden Club
Women's Club Meeting

The Women's Club of Saluda will meet at 10am, August 10 in the Fellowship Hall of the Presbyterian Church.  Barbara Hastings will share her trip to China with the members. Business issues will include a report on our fund-raising for this year.

Women of Saluda are welcome to attend.  Call Francis Fairey at 828.749.9714 with questions.
We welcome new members!

The Women's Club of Saluda is a service/social organization dedicated to helping Saluda become an even better place to live.  We include year-round residents and part-timers of all ages.  We work to raise money to support our projects and have a little fun along the way.  Our primary goal is to provide scholarships to deserving Saluda students.  In addition, we support the Medical Center, the Fire Dept. and the Senior Center ... all in Saluda, as well as other deserving organizations.  If you'd like to come see what we are all about, please join us at one of our meetings.  We meet the second Tuesday each month, at 10 am in the Presbyterian Church.  We welcome visitors each month. 
Jim Carson Honored in Wisconsin

Plein air painting in Fish Creek, Wisconsin while crowd watches.

Saluda artist, Jim Carson, recently returned from Door County, Wisconsin, where he participated in the week long Door County Plein Air Festival.


Finished painting in Fish

megan ward
Forty Five artists from Hawaii to Maine and North Carolina were there. Door County has been named as one of the top 10 vacation destinations in the country by Money Magazine, so there were numerous painterly sites.


Prior to the week in Wisconsin, Jim participated in the first annual Cashiers Plein Air Festival entitled "Arts on the Green." In the 12 days of both events Jim painted a total of 23 paintings, not counting the wipe offs.


Jim's workshop entitled "Getting Perspective Right," with perspective expert Chris Sherry, is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, Aug 27-29 at Jim's studio in Saluda.  For more information contact Jim at or 828-749-3702 or visit his website. Find us on Facebook

Yoga Class Schedules
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  Cassandra Nelson-Gorski, LMBT. 

Gentle Yoga 
Wed.  12:30
Thurs.12:30 & 5:30 
Chair Exercise
Tues. 2:15
Fri.   10:00
Classes are for beginners to advanced and are being held in the studio below the Saluda Senior Center.  Private classes and group classes are also available.

Cassandra also offers MASSAGE THERAPY sessions, from relaxing Swedish to deep tissue massages.

Please call 828-749-3794 for any questions you may have or if you would like to schedule a massage session.

Yoga at NECTAR
Nectar is a healing/consciousness space located in the old The Meditation Station.  We offer Yoga, Herbs, Massage, Elixirs and a full Oxygen Bar.

Yoga Schedule
Mon  8:30-10am (Vinyasa/Flow)
Tues 5:30-7pm (The Basics)
Wed  8:30-10am (Mixed Level)
Thur  12:15-1:30pm (Mixed Level
Fri     8:30-10am (Vinyasa/Flow)
Sat    10-11:30am (The Basics)

Classes are $12 and $10 for Saluda locals.  Class Packages are also available.

You can reach us at (828) 216-3421 and visit our Website on its way at Nectar.

Saluda Medical Center

         megan ward    

"What does the Saluda Medical Center actually do?"


That's the question my friend Mike Southgate asked me the other day.  Mike and his wife Merrie live in Charleston, but for six years have had a second home very close to my wife's and my home in Saluda.  Mike is a MD.  Both he and Merrie love Saluda and come here every chance they get.  


I write the text for the Medical Center's website, printed material, Lifestyles and other newspaper articles, so I really ought to be able to rattle off a lengthy description of our services at a moment's notice.  But when Mike asked his question I found myself at a loss for words, distracted by my surprise that Mike didn't know about the Center.  Then it occurred to me that for my first two years in Saluda I thought the Center was a place to buy medical supplies. 


Here's how I answered Mike's question:  I said that the Center is not unlike a typical primary care medical practice; we have a doctor and nurse practitioners, all who tend to the common, everyday medical needs of our patients.  What distinguishes us from most private practices is that our status as a rural health center allows us to offer services to low-income patients based upon a sliding fee scale.  Plus, we provide prescription medications for that same population at a very reduced price.


My point is that Mike is another example of someone who is quite familiar with our community but who had no idea what the Medical Center was all about.  We highlight the mission and purpose of the Center in all of our promotional media, and we have tried to correct the faulty perception held by some that we exist only to serve the uninsured and unemployed.  On the contrary, our services are for everyone, regardless of station in life.  Yet, we still run into people in our community who don't know, "What the Center actually does."  Help us out.  If you have any suggestions about how we can better educate the community about our services please email me, Dan Shearer, at


I also suggested that Mike and Merrie follow the advice we offer everyone who has a second home in Saluda, which is to drop by the Center soon and register as a patient, so that, should they need medical attention while in town, it will be readily available.  (Like all medical practices that are not walk-in clinics, we only serve individuals who are registered as patients, a relatively simply procedure that involves some paperwork and permission for medical records to be on file at the Center.)  And for everyone, part or full-time resident, registering as a patient before you need medical help will prevent any frustration and disappointment if you were to drop by the Center and learn that we are not able to serve you because you are not a patient.


Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the Medical Center's Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, August 10th at 5:30 PM.  It will be held on the second floor of the public library.  Light refreshments will be served, a presentation will be given on our accomplishments, and we will present some of the salient points from our newly adopted Five Year Strategic Plan.  We very much appreciate the community's support of the Center and encourage your participation in this annual event.


Save The Date.....


Friday, October 29th - Third Annual Masquerade Ball "Fun" Raiser at the Saluda Mountain Jamboree.  This event is our single fundraiser of the year, and we count on contributions (beyond the price of admission) to support expenditures not covered by our operating budget.  Examples of these items include the generator that was purchased with funds from the 2008 Masquerade Ball and the Center's Electronic Medical Records program supported by funds from the 2009 event.  Contact us at:

Contact the Saluda Medical Center at 828-749-4411 or visit their web site at 
Saluda Community Library

Paul Koenen

For more information about programs at the library, call 828-749-2117 or 828-894-8721 or visit the library Polk County Library

Painting of the Saluda Library by Paul Koenen.
Saluda Elementary School
  Joe Adams

My heart is filled with gratitude for the support in this community for Saluda Elementary School!    


Super Sizzlin' Summer Adventures

Usually the month of July is very quiet on the school campus.  However, that has not been the case this summer.  Thanks to the planning and supervision by volunteers from four area churches and a gracious Summertime Kids grant from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, 50 children from this community are enjoying five weeks of action-packed enrichment activities.


The "Super Sizzlin' Summer Adventures Program" began the Monday after Coon Dog Day and will end on August 12. 


Jeanne Solomon and other Saluda Presbyterian Church volunteers have worked with students in the Super Sizzlin' Summer Adventures Program to create a play, "Smoky Mountain Rose, An Appalachian Cinderella Story."  The students will perform the play in the school auditorium on Thursday, August 12 at 9:30am.  All community members are invited to attend the play!


Pictures and more details about the summer enrichment activities provided by the Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist churches will be included in the September issue of Saluda Lifestyles!


Playground Project

A very special thank you goes out to Clark Thompson and Judy Ward for holding the "hamburger auction" at Ward's Grill and to the community "bidders" who helped raise $1,200 for our playground.  Also, a very special thank you to Autumn Care of Saluda for donating $500.00 to our playground project fund!


August Events

August 7     Community Yard Sale  7:30am-12:30pm                             

August 23   Meet Your Teacher Night 6:00pm in the school auditorium

August 25   First Day of School


Click here for a list of school supplies for Saluda Elementary School students:  

Visit Saluda School to learn more about the North Carolina A+ Schools Program. 
Saluda Church Services

methodist church

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
The Rev. Paula C. Morton, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Norma H. Hanson, Vicar
8:00 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite I
9:15 a.m. - Sunday School
10:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite II with music.
Check their website for more programs and schedule changes Transfiguration
Saluda Presbyterian
Reverend Becky Stanley  
Adult SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am
For more information contact The Reverend Becky Stanley 
Saluda First Baptist Church
Worship Service 9:45am
Sunday School 11:00am
Wednesday Meal 5-6 ($3)
Wednesday Services and Academy Classes 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Saluda Methodist Church
The Reverend Rob Parsons
SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Link to Churches in the Area

Community Yard Sale
yard saleCommunity Yard Sales will be held on the tennis courts and field from 7:30 am - 12:30 pm Saturday, August 7. The cost to rent a spot is $10 which will be collected on the day of the sale.  This fee will go toward the fundraising proceeds for "Phase 2" of the new Saluda School playground.
News from Saluda Business Association
Toni Garcia, summer resident and quilt artist has donated a Christmas quilt to be raffled for the benefit of the Saludaquilt Business Association. Toni has won awards for her quilts and this is the third year she has offered a quilt to benefit the residents of Saluda.  Tickets are available at Cathy Jackson Realty, 144 West Main Street (across the bridge) and other area businesses. Tickets are $2 each or 6 for $10.  The winning ticket will be drawn during Hometown Christmas stroll in December. You can also purchase tickets by by mailing your money and order for number of tickets to Saluda Business Association, PO Box 1085, Saluda, NC 28773.
If you are interested in joining the Saluda Business Association please contact Susie Welsh at
Visit for more information about the businesses and and the town of Saluda.
City Notes

Joe Adams

Keep up to date with city news at City of Saluda's website.
Saluda Classifieds
Multi-use space available at 101 Cullipher (behind the Post Office & Macon Bank) - can be used as office or retail space or landlord is willing to consider converting this to an apartment.  Total square footage is 1,170 and could be rented as two separate spaces/offices/studios.  Includes a full bath, central heat and air, and a 500 sq. ft. double storage space available on the lower level.  Monthly rental may be from $610 to $700.  Call Angie T. McDonald at 828-277-7795 or 828-713-8795. 
Wanted: Saluda Garden Assistant.  Weeding, working alongside owner; flowers, conifers in large residential garden.  No mowing; able to lift 30-40lbs.  4hrs/wk or every other week, $10.00/hr, Now through Oct.  Contact or 828-749-9809.
"Just Like My Own" Pet Care.
  I will take care of your pet.  In Saluda or Saluda Township.  Feeding, Walking, Play Time.  Contact Marilyn Prudhomme at 828-749-9172 for Rates and Reservation.
For Sale - Cemetery lot in Saluda Memorial Park. Block A - Section 14 - Plot 2. The single lot is near the front as you enter the Park.  Contact Jane Singleton at 828-606-1148 or
News from Autumn Care

megan wardLong Term Care Partnership

Governor Beverly Perdue has signed Senate Bill 1193 into law, an act to implement a long term care partnership in North Carolina.  Under the program, people who buy long term "partnership" insurance policies will have the amount of insurance benefits they use shielded from Medicaid "spend-down" provisions.  The idea behind the program is to reduce NC Medicaid costs for long term care by encouraging people who would otherwise transfer their assets, to purchase long term care insurance.

Here's how the law will work.  If a partnership policy is $200,000, and the insured person uses that amount of benefits but still needs some kind of long term care, the individual can apply for Medicaid coverage.  In the application, $200,000 of the person's personal assets would be exempted.  A private partnership's policy pays for a range of long term care services, such as in-home care, community-based services or nursing home care.  There are 33 other states that have implemented a long term care partnership program.  The law becomes effective on January 1, 2011.

Resident Council Supports Playground

One of the things that make a long term facility home-like is the laughter of children.  Autumn Care of Saluda is fortunate to have a relationship with Saluda Elementary School that brings that laughter to the facility several times a year.

As a way to say thank you back to the school and its children and staff, the Resident Council at our facility has donated $250 of the funds raised through the recent Coon Dog Day King and Queen Contest to the Elementary School's Playground Fund.

Submitted by Glenn T. Pierce, LNHA


Autumn Care of Saluda

501 Esseola Drive

Saluda, NC  28773


Pearson Falls Bridge Opens
bridgeAfter more than a year of the closing of Pearson Falls Road for the building of a new bridge,the road is open all the way through.  You can now travel to Pearson Falls from the Pearson Falls Road next to Nostalgia Court and to Hwy 176 at Melrose Station.
Saluda Cottages in Flat Rock
saluda cottagesJust up the Saluda Grade in Flat Rock you'll find the most fascinating historic house built in 1836 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It's called Saluda Cottages and is the site of Historic Flat Rock, Inc.'s Designer Showhouse.  Designers from throughout the south are here transforming this great house into a Showhouse that will intrigue your imagination and thrill your historic sense of place.


The Showhouse opens August 14th and runs through August 29th. Parking, dining (Cafe Sans Souci) and shopping at the Ballroom Boutique, are all on site.  Come for the day - or many days. Hours are Monday - Saturday 10AM to 4PM and Sundays 1PM to 4PM.


Learn more about the history of this magnicent mansion by visiting or call 828-698-0030 for tickets.  Showhouse: $25; Special program by nationally known landscape gardener, Jon Carloftis: $50; and Season Pass that entitles you to repeat visits to the house, the Carloftis and lunch, and a $5 coupon in the boutique: $75.


Don't delay, order your tickets today!


Historic Flat Rock, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted solely to the preservation of historic houses, land, and scenic byways in the village of Flat Rock, North Carolina, known as "The Little Charleston of the Mountains."  The village of Flat Rock is a National Historic District. 


For additional information call Carol Andrews 828-697-0208.


Our sympathies are extended to the family and friends of passing loved ones. 
Fotis N. Karousatos, 80, passed away on July 16, 2010 after a courageous battle with Multiple Myeloma.  Fotis and his wife, Anne have a summer residence at Lake Sheila in Saluda.  The Lake Sheila community expresses their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Anne and her family.
Cooling off in Saluda

little bradleyWith temperatures soaring into the 90's a lot of Saludians are heading for mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls where the water is still cold and refreshing on hot summer days.


megan wardKids of all ages (even adult kids) enjoy jumping in the swimming holes at the bottom of waterfalls. Hooker Falls at Dupont Forest is a large pool with a rocky bottom.


For those who like less activity, sitting on screened-in porches under large shady trees drinking sweet tea is another favorite Saluda pastime this time of year.


Since the 1800's, our neighbors from across the line in South Carolina have been coming up the grade to escape the sweltering heat. 


To see more waterfalls in the area click here


Photo of Little Bradley Falls by Chuck Hearon.

Photo of Hooker Falls by Cathy Jackson
Caution:  Climbing waterfalls can be dangerous and there have been injuries and deaths from people not  obeying the warning signs at waterfalls.  Please comply with all warning signs at waterfalls.
Charlie Ward Remembered
Life has many twists and turns not easily explained and my continuing association with Charlie Ward seems to be predetermined. Let me explain by way of the following story.


As a teenager in the 1950's I worked in Thompson's Store under the firm tutelage of my cousin, Lola
Lola Ward at age 94.
lola ward
Thompson Ward. Over the years, as the family and town matriarch, Lola provided both temporary and semi-permanent employment for a number of young males in Saluda. Both sons, Jack and Charlie, along with husband Roy provided the bulk of staffing needs so my primary job involved filling phone-in orders, placing them in wooden bread boxes and delivering, sometimes along with hog, cow and/or chicken feed, to customers around the area. When not delivering, I kept busy restocking or dusting shelves with a feather duster. Looking back, I think everyone except Lola always kept a trusty duster stashed in a back pocket, to instantly have available if one should find a moment when there was a pause in business. She expected everyone, including her own family members, to stay busy at all times.


After leaving Saluda as a young person, my contacts with the store and the Ward family became infrequent, usually consisting of brief visits no more than two or three times each year. As the years passed by, the only remaining member my wife Pam and I could visit was Charlie. Invariably, he was busy cutting meat or waiting on customers so our conversations were constantly interrupted by business. However, he always expressed happiness with our brief meetings and, on a number of megan wardoccasions, commented about how lonely he felt due to so many folks with whom he had grown up either passing on or moving away. We would repeat to each other a few worn out jokes or stories that always elicited hearty laughter as though being heard for the first time and, toward the end of this light hearted banter, Charlie would once again ask if I ever planned to move back to Saluda.


On Thursday, July 31, 2008, Pam and I found Charlie eating in Ward's Grill around noon and Pam, my perennial photographer, took several photos of clark and charlieCharlie and me sitting on the counter stools laughing and having one of our story telling times. After lunch, Charlie, now retired, invited us to his house to see his brand new swimming pool. For a couple of hours, we visited his remodeled home and sat around the pool reminiscing. This was the first time in my memory that we were able to relax and carry on an extended conversation without interruption. Later, Charlie and his wife Judy accepted an invitation to a tour of my old home place to see the remodeling we had done.


The next evening we received a call that Charlie had passed away. I have often thought of this end of life meeting that we were able to enjoy and how strange that it finally took place only one day before his death. But apparently Charlie isn't letting go,

L to R is Charlie Fears, Charlie Ward, and Clark Thompson in front of Thompson's Store and Ward's Grill.

clark and charlie
because he now has Judy and me tied once again to the store and people he so dearly loved.


 Submitted by Clark Thompson

What's Happening in Music and Art
purple onionFred Whiskin on piano every Friday playing "Blues to Brubeck."
Summer Hours at the Purple Onion are in effect and they are open every day except Sunday through August.
August Music Schedule 

Aug 5 ­ Scoot Pittman Trio

Aug 7 - Shane Pruitt Band

Aug 12 ­ Diane Durrett

Aug 14 ­ Ellen Trnka & Marc Yaxley

Aug 19 ­ Danielle Howle

Aug 21 ­ Mark Stuart

Aug 26 ­ Twilite Broadcasters

Aug 28 ­ Uptown Jazz Quartet

Visit Purple Onion on their website.

First Annual Saluda Summer Jam at Nostalgia Court August 7 starting at 4pm.  Baked goods and appetizers from the all new Wildflour Bake Shop, beverages and live music provided by Green River Hair Studio.  Featuring Aaron Burdett with his new CD release at 4pm and Ben Smith, Cello and Classical Guitar performing at 5pm.  Just bring your lawn chair, Frisbees, hoola-hoops and don't forget the kids and dogs!

Green River Boys

Joe AdamsThe Green River Boys invite you to Shaffer's Roadside Grill on August 13 and 27.  They are scheduled to perform every other Friday night at 6:00pm.  Check their schedule at Green River Boys.     
megan ward
Saluda School Class Reunion
The annual Saluda School Class Reunion will be held at The Jamboree on Friday, August 20th, 2010. This year will be a special reunion, because it will be in Saluda. The invitation is extended to anyone who has EVER attended Saluda School, as well as any former or present teachers. Spouses and guest are also welcome. There will be special recognition of the Class of 1950 for their 60th anniversary and the Class of 1960 for their 50th anniversary. But ALL classes are invited!!! The cost is $23.00 per person. This includes hors d'oeuvres, dinner buffet, facility, and gratuity. Social & reunion hour will begin at 6:00pm with punch and snacks, followed with dinner at 7:00pm. Door prizes will be given away too!! Please mail your reservation check to: Peggy Johnson, PO Box 187, East Flat Rock, NC 28726 by August 15, 2010. If you have pictures or scrapbook clippings that you would like to share, bring those for the "memory table." 
Beach in the Mountains on Friday 
Looks like the "Beach and Shag" Friday night program is off to a good start!! The "Beach In The Mountains" series will continue every Friday with favorite beach and shag tunes for dancing or listening. Sonny Coren, as "DJ SONNY DAY" will be bringing his group of DJ friends with a truck load of beach and shag music. We hope this will give folks who enjoy this type of music a chance to enjoy spending time at The Jamboree on Friday evenings. So this summer there will be Beach fun in the mountains! The admission price is $8.00 with doors opening at 7:00 PM. We are looking for someone to help give a brief lesson or two before the dance gets going. If anyone is interested in sharing their talents as a shag dancer, please let us know.
Also, Keep checking the schedule for the live bands that will be performing for the Saturday night "Party With A Beat." The summer months are here and there will be lots of good music and dancing at The Jamboree!
Check our events schedule on the website, or contact us at (828) 749-3676.
August and September Music Schedule

Friday, August 6 - "Beach In The Mountains"
August 7  - Sound Factory
Friday, August 13 - "Beach In The Mountains"
August 14- Crimson Rose
Friday, August 20 - Saluda Class Reunion
August 21 - Southern Pointe
Friday, August 27 - "Beach In The Mountains"
August 28 - Sound Factory
Friday, Sept. 3 - "Beach In The Mountains"
Sept. 4 - Southern Pointe
Friday, Sept.10 - "Beach In The Mountains"
Sept. 11 - The 96.5 House Band
Friday, Sept. 17 - "Beach In The Mountains"
Sept. 18 - Crimson Rose
Friday, Sept. 24 - "Beach In The Mountains"
Sept.25 - Sound Factory

Joe AdamsThe Wine Cellar at the Saluda Inn    
Check our calendar on Carolina Wine Expert for current and up to date events information. Open Thurs - Fri - Sat 7PM   unless stated otherwise.  Call 828-749-9698 for reservations and fees.
August Schedule

August 5 Meet the Artist, Barbara Tilly on Thursday.  Her work will be on display for the entire weekend.

August 7 and 28  We are excited to announce we are going to be featuring "Frank and Friends" a couple times a month.  It will always be different and it will always be fun. Music starts at 8PM.

August 14 One of our favorites Dave Desmelik will be playing.

August 20 Frank Beeson and Garry Segal will be playing.  There will be a $5.00 admission.


The Wine Cellar has some great new Spanish and Italian wines.  We are happy to meet you at the cellar any time if you can't make it during our normal business hours of Thurs-Sat 7PM.



Amy and Frank Beeson, The Saluda Inn, and Brilliant Productions are pleased to announce the return of the incomparable Mr. Geoff Achison, in a rare solo acoustic performance. This will be Geoff's final area appearance in 2010.

Where: The Wine Cellar at The Saluda Inn, Greenville St, Saluda, NC  828-749-9698

When: Sunday Sept. 12th @ 4 PM

Admission - $20.00 
Seating is limited in this magnificent, one of a kind venue. Purchase your tickets early at Biddie's Antiques on Main Street.  You can contact them at 828-749-9254.
carsonGetting Perspective Right, Saluda, N.C., August 27-29, 2010


Jim Carson, Saluda artist, will offer a unique workshop, Friday-Sunday, August 27-29, entitled "Getting Perspective Right in order to Paint Fast and Loose."


As in last January, Jim will be joined by Chris Sherry, an AIA architect, who teaches perspective at Johns Creek Art Center and Quinlan Visual Art Center in Atlanta.

Chris will conduct the first day of the workshop, which will consist entirely of drawing.  In the next two days Jim will teach the application of these drawing skills to achieve loose and spontaneous paintings. This information is extremely important in moving to the "fast and loose" phase of painting.


The workshop will be held in Jim's studio, located above the Saluda Grade Café, in Saluda, and is open to all levels of painters, from beginners to advance.


Jim will do a demonstration on Saturday and there will be a critique of the day's work at the end of each day by both Chris and Jim.


There will be a "get acquainted" gathering at Jim's studio on Thursday night, August 26.


The cost of the workshop is $300 and will include lunch each day, catered by the Saluda Grade Café.


This workshop was sold out in January.


For more information, visit , call 828 749-3702 or email
Random Arts in Saluda is happy to announce a new workshop entitled..." Textured Legacies"
with K.C. Willis from Colorado
October 22nd and 23rd 
With their new studio proudly in place with its enclosed courtyard for outdoor activities,
professional work stations and stainless steel work sinks, all that's left is the creative chitter chatter of all those smiling faces that are happy to once again, be here with us, in our new space.
In this workshop with K.C. Willis we'll create a fabric piece/wall hanging using a cherished family photo and making it look worn and wonderful using her techniques for aging and layering, composition, design, texturing with fabric as well as transfers with words and photographs.
K.C.'s classes are as much about inspiration as they are technique. You will leave the class full of technical know-how, but flying high from the motivation that she delivers through storytelling. 
You will also learn to "listen" to the people on their photo and let them help create the piece.
K.C. is best known for her Collage Camps that she holds online with students from around the world as well as her studio workshops in Colorado. People travel from near and far to take workshops from her and learn the story telling that surrounds each piece. Her work has been featured in galleries across the globe and in all the popular publications including Somerset Studio. A video was filmed a few years ago when she lived in Santa Fe by a crew from HGTV and it is a good piece that shows how fabric can  work wonders in a multitude of ways  with coffee stained art canvas! It's all warm, welcoming and inviting right along with her collage wall hangings that offer that same coffee stained aged look.  This is a great opportunity to be in the presence of such a talented artist and all of us here are looking forward to this once in a lifetime visit with KC.
Register by emailing -
Workshop dates: Oct. 22nd and 23rd
Cost: $265
Includes: 2 full days of instruction, continental breakfast in the studio, catered lunch by the Saluda Grade Cafe and afternoon snacks.
Note:  Workshop is at the new Random Arts Workshop location just west of town across the bridge on Highway 176.  
Happenings at the Tryon Fine Arts Center and Tryon Arts & Crafts  

We hope to see you at upcoming workshops. For more information on each workshop please visit our web site at Tryon Arts and Crafts. For questions or more information, please call Dianna at Tryon Arts & Crafts:  828-859-8323  or Charlotte at 864-473-0317.
13th Regional Juried Art Show at Tryon Painters & Sculptors
Call for entries for Tryon Painters & Sculptor's 13th Regional Juried Art Show, Oct. 3rd-Nov. 6th.  Download prospectus at $1500 in prizes! Submit art on Sept. 16, 17, & 18 at the Tryon Fine Arts Center, 34 Melrose Ave Tryon, NC. 828-859-3233 ext 212. Professional artist, professor & Museum faculty member, Glen Miller will be the juror. 
adgerDavid Edgar's Wonderful World of Recycled Plastics
David Edgar presents a myriad of colorful animals, fish and sculptures created from everyday plastic containers. The playful and artfully assembled creatures and imaginative forms will be on view in Gallery One at the Tryon Fine Arts Center, 34 Melrose Avenue, Tryon, NC from August 15 th through September 11 th.  The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For more information on the exhibit call 828 859 3233 ext 212 or visit
Tryon Fine Arts Center Upcoming Events Click here for more information and a schedule of events.


Summer Tracks Concerts in Rogers Park, Tryon

Summer Tracks concerts start at 7 p.m. and are free, though a voluntary donation at the gate is encouraged. Giardini's wood fired pizzas, homemade ice cream, water and soft drinks will be for sale.  Summer Tracks series offer a mix of musical styles. Concerts run from 7-10 p.m. Scheduled to perform this year are:


August 6    The Swayback Sisters (Americana,folk) , The Space Heaters (swing-jazz)

August 20  Sol Driven Train (opening set will be their children's show, followed by their mix of world beat and funk)

Sept. 3       The Firecracker Jazz Band (music from 1890-1940)


Summer Tracks is produced by the Town of Tryon in affiliation with Peter Eisenbrown of Blockparty Productions. For more information about Summer Tracks and the performers, contact Polk County Travel and Tourism at 800-440-7848 or 828-894-2324 and visit or the new Tryon events website

megan wardGreen Creek Winery Events
Chardonnay Rosso Concert Series Comtinues

No pets or coolers please.

The Chardonnay Concert Series Upcoming Events:

August 15th, 2010 - Me and The Boys

September 19th, 2010 - Chuck Brodsky

October 3rd, 2010 - Al Petteway and Amy White

October 31st, 2010 - Beau Coup Blue

November 21st, 2010 - The Space Heaters and The Sireens

For more information please contact us at 828-863-2182 or email us at 
Green Creek Winery
413 Gilbert Road
Columbus, NC  28722 
Green Creek Winery
Hours:  Thursday - Sunday from 1:00 - 5:00 
Saluda Summer Serenade

Each year we set aside at least a week to spend in Saluda around Coon Dog Day (CDD). This year we actually carved out a whole nine days. We arrived in Saluda the Friday before CDD and almost as soon as we got there, I rushed off to the first official meeting of the Historic Saluda Committee. It was so exciting to be able to actually begin work as a formal committee. As soon as the meeting was over, my cell phone rang and my husband informed me that my stepson and his wife were already in town for the weekend. Plans had been in the works for a while on how to decorate the golf cart for the CDD parade. So, upon their arrival a continuing discussion was held as to how to further embellish the cart for the next day.


Early on Saturday the golf cart turned into thecoon cart "Coon Cart" complete with signs that indicated "Coons" had taken over the golf cart and that Coon Dogs were "bad dogs." Our signage also thanked the Saluda Public Library for our "Coon Cart" since we won it in last year's raffle. Stuffed raccoons, raccoon hats and raccoon puppets adorned the ride. When the parade finally started, we were astonished at the huge crowd! As my husband drove, our daughter, son and daughter in-law threw candy and laughed as I shouted, "Down with the Coon Hunt! Raccoons Rule!" We threw out two great big bags of candy to the crowds. What fun! We noticed the town was packed to the limit and the parade seemed to go on forever. The only downside is that we missed the other parade entries. Next year we may just watch so that we don't miss anything.


On Sunday, we had to take our daughter to camp all the way in Alleghany County. It took us nearly three hours to get there and then another three hours to get back to Saluda. This was Anastasia's first year away at camp and was a much anticipated life event. We couldn't think of a way to avoid it colliding with CDD. On the Monday following CDD, we spent most of the day being lazy and trying to rest up from the previous day's drive. That night we attended an interesting Saluda City Commissioners meeting. Apparently, some folks were very upset by parking tickets received during CDD. Our City Commissioners and Mayor Baisden handled the matter very professionally. With CDD growing so much it's amazing that the city can still handle it all. When you see these folks, thank them for the fine job they do during CDD and year round. It was also during this meeting of the City Commissioners that I got to personally thank everyone for supporting the Historic Saluda Committee. Action was taken at this meeting to officially move the city's Restoration Committee (City Hall restoration) under the Historic Saluda Committee, making the Restoration Committee a sub-committee.


By Tuesday morning, I began to feel a little bit more like myself. But no sooner had I gotten up and started moving, that my cell phone rang. Believe it or not, it was a member of Governor Beverly Perdue's staff! Prior to leaving for vacation, the Governor had made plans to come to Stokes County to observe one of our programs, but canceled at the last minute. Her staff informed me the visit was back on again. In my real line of work (the one that I get paid to do), I am the Executive Director of Stokes Partnership for Children, a Smart Start agency. In the early days of Smart Start, Governor Perdue helped former Governor Jim Hunt design Smart Start, which is an early childhood initiative. Unfortunately due to the state budget crisis, funds have not flowed like we would have liked. I think this was her way of showing continuing support despite funding cuts. But on my vacation!! Prior to my vacation, her staff and I had become chums while trying to line up this visit. So once again my cell phone was glued to my ear and I was "on" for work. On Wednesday morning we were up at 5:00 a.m., rode for three hours to get back to Stokes County and I arrived governorjust in time to greet the Governor. It turned into a media blitz, but at least the main focus stayed on the kids, who did a bang up job demonstrating the Smart Start activity for her. We contract with our local YMCA to provide this activity to child care programs. So since the program focuses on physical fitness and nutrition, the children were up jumping and exercising to music when she arrived. Governor Perdue jumped right in and joined them. It was really exciting and worth the chaos. Afterwards, determined to return to Saluda, we drove another three hours to get back.


After Wednesday, the week began to calm down and turn into more of a vacation. We perused the shops around town, had breakfast at Ward's twice and generally enjoyed being in town. Friday morning I met Lynn Cass to tour the City Hall building since it was now under the umbrella of the Historic Saluda Committee. Erny Williams and John Morgan graciously provided the tour. It was intriguing to poke around the old structure. It has been modified so many ways over the years, but at the same time it retains a lot of its original features. While there, Sandy Byers stopped by. He is the architect that had already been brought into the project. Sandy is based out of Charleston and is restoring a home in Saluda. We reviewed a draft of some plans he drew up and we all got very excited about the prospects. Some immediate repairs need to be done to the building to prevent further damage and Sandy provided some helpful advice.


Later that afternoon, my husband and I took a boat ride on Lake Lure and afterwards strolled leisurely around the shops at Chimney Rock. I think maybe at that point we quit worrying so much about our daughter away at camp and began to realize that we had some "us" time, a rare commodity. That evening we took a long golf cart ride around the beautiful streets of Saluda. The temperatures had dropped to a comfortable range. We stayed out past dark and were serenaded by a summer concert of Saluda's own unique night symphony. There is one strategic spot on Spring Street where a pond is on one side of the street and a woodsy area is located on the other. At that point the "toad section" joins with the already synchronized orchestra of night critters. Amazing! As I reminisce about our vacation, I think that golf cart ride is what I enjoyed the most. Saturday morning we packed up and drove home so we could be there when our daughter returned from camp and real life would begin again.


Submitted by Cindy Stephenson Tuttle -

Submitted by Cindy Stephenson Tuttle


Art Clues
Ideas for Creating and Appreciating Art


                       Plein Air Painting

History of Plein Air and Suggestions for Painting in this Style

Thanks to Saluda artist Jim Carson for contributing to this column.


Definitionmegan ward

Plein Air painting means painting outside from life. It necessitates a looser more spontaneous style and forces simplification in order to finish.


History of Plein Air

There are several thoughts about how Plein Air painting got started.


First, until photography became available as a reference material, painters often created what they called "oil sketches," quickly painted (sketched) images of the subject from which they planned to create a large, detailed painting in their studio.  Painters also paid other artists for drawings or painted references from Europe and famous places to use as background images, especially for their portraits. As impressionism became more popular, however, it was recognized that plein air and impressionism both found passion in the fresh colors seen by painting out of doors. 


megan wardPlein air is characterized by a style described as fast and loose. Ironically, however, for this painterly style to work, the artist must first learn slow and careful drawing and attention to proportions and perspective. Take time with the original sketch, and if the outline is not solid, it should be corrected immediately.  Painterly marks made without correct proportion etc. can interfere with the "passion phase" of the painting.  Drawing correctly at first with thin paint allows passion to continue and amplify. Creativity involves passion, which mostly comes from the right brain. The left brain participates by preparing for the creativity as described above.


megan wardIn other words take time early on by drawing and planning details in order to free up time for the passion phase.  Use your left brain skills to set up freedom for your right brain passion


Suggestions for Painting Plein Air

Use a view finder to help define your composition. Focus on values. There are view finders for sale or you can cut a small rectangular hole in a piece of paper.  You can also limit what you see by arranging hands and fingers or by squinting. You can order a manufactured view finder online at


First things to consider are (1) composition, (2) contrast (3) color


Be aware that darks create the design of the painting.


Stand back after each stage.


Free up the brain for the passion phase by early preparations


megan wardEconomy of brush stroke and simplicity is appealing the more complicated and technical our lives are. Keep this in mind when considering texture.


People are often drawn to plein air paintings because the artists leave out what's unnecessary.


Plein Air is a form of landscape painting which grew from Europe to an international movement. The on-site sketches and studies used to prepare for studio work began to be displayed as the final fine art. In time, equipment was designed for outdoor painting.


Jim Carson shared these thoughts with me. "In order to paint something simple and with emotion you have to know the subject's essence. That's why painting outside and from life is so essential, because you can't really know that unless you are present to it."



September 2010 Art Clues will be


Suggestions for Upgrading Your Homegrown Videos

With contributions from Scott Kinard


Beverly Bowden Pickard


The Bingo Boys

Joe Adams

The Bingo Boys of St. Peter's are having a reunion.  This is a group of guys who worked at St. Pete's Bingo games back in 1950's.  We were teenagers then and it was a great way to make some extra money and learn to charm older ladies.  Most of The Bingo Boys have passed on.  I think there are only three left.  I'm not going to the reunion.
St. Pete's is in Washington, D.C.  They had bingo games on Monday nights and, at first, they charged one dollar a card.  Then they got raided by the Internal Revenue Service.  It was against the law to make people pay for bingo gambling.  But then they continued to have bingo games.  Instead of collecting at the door, people entered and found their table.
Then they had a cadre of handsome young teenagers that would go around to the people as they sat at the tables.  We would ask how many cards they wanted and hand them out.
Then we would shake a basket at them to get their "donations".
I was flabbergasted at how often they tried to shortchange me.  They would take l0 cards but only put in a couple of one dollar bills.  I was told to watch carefully and if they didn't put in the proper amount of one dollar per card, I was to keep shaking the basket at them although I couldn't actually ask for more.
We made our money by being charming...running to get sodas or hot dogs for our table guests.  If they won, they often gave you a tip.  If they won big, you could make some real money.  Gratuities were our income.  Or so I thought.
Two years ago I was with some of The Bingo Boys and we were talking about the good old days.  One guy said, "I would never have been able to get by financially without stealing that money at bingo every week."
"Stealing?" I asked.  I was shocked.  I never stole a penny.  But all the others admitted that they stole regularly.
I said, "You stole from your church?"  They claimed it wasn't really the was bingo money.
I was the only Bingo Boy that wasn't Catholic.  I was a Methodist who ran around with Catholics.  But I was the only one that wasn't stealing.
I envied my Catholic friends because when we went out on Saturday nights, they would run into the church and go to confession.  I always wanted to know what they confessed but they were vague about it.  Whatever they confessed, we went out and did the same things they had done the week before.  And they could confess again.
When you are a protestant, you talk directly to the Lord.  I could ask for forgiveness but you never got an answer back so you had mounting guilt.  I wanted a voice to come back and say: "You're off the hook, kid."  But it never did.  I didn't have a lot to confess anyway because I certainly didn't steal at bingo or even know that the other boys were doing it.
I have a feeling that a lot of them are still in Purgatory, burning like a 3-hour log.  That's another thing about the Catholics that I liked...the idea of Purgatory.  A place to go for a while short of Hell.  I think I read that they don't believe in Purgatory any longer. That's a shame.  It was an attractive part of their religion.  Almost as good as confessions.
Joe Adams

BUTTER BEANS FOR THE SOUL, a funny book by Joe Adams about growing up in the South is available at the Pace General Store in Saluda.

If you enjoy Joe's column in Saluda Lifestyles, please let him know. You can email him at
 Saluda Scoop
The latest news and the unusual offerings provided by Saluda shops, restaurants, artists, and craftspeople 
Thompson's Store and Ward's Grill is now offering daily specials.  Here's their current menu: 

Monday:  BBQ Plate $4.75

Tuesday:  Roast Beef Plate $5.50

Wednesday:  Salad Plate $5.00

Thursday:  Hamburger Steak Plate $6.00

Friday:  Fish Plate Talapia or Flounder $5.00

Beverage included in daily special.


Charlie's homemade sausage is available for sale.  Please place orders by stopping by the grill or calling 828-749-2321.

megan ward
August at the Grade...

It's been an exciting summer at the Grade already, with more to come...Picnic Baskets, Box Lunch Orders, Caterings plus Awesome Locally Grown Produce on the Table. August is the month where everything seems ready in the garden at once! Tomatoes really start rolling in, Peppers, Okra, Basil, Corn, etc... Everything that's fun to cook and eat will be on the menu! Fresh and Fabulous!

Tuesday August 3rd is National Watermelon Day...Come try our Watermelon Chipotle Salsa, it's both Cool and Spicy!

Friday August 6th you'll see Lasagna on the menu...It's Odie's Birthday!(Garfield the Cat's best friend). What else would Garfield serve?

Tuesday August 10th is National S'Mores Day and the Grade is working on a very special S'Mores Pie Recipe to Celebrate.

Sunday August 15th Julia Child's Birthday!! I (Kaye) can remember every Saturday night watching Julia Child as she brought French cooking to small town America. I was totally enthralled. Years later as I studied to become a chef I would see my teachers pull out her cookbook as a reference for an Apple Tart or Crepes Suzette. Recently I received from a dear friend and fellow foodie a copy of The French Chef. (How is it that I have never owned my very own copy?) So here is an enormous Thank You to Elsa Balakhnin for blessing me with my New/Old Favorite cookbook. Thank you Julia for the inspiration those many years ago! In honor of both Elsa and Julia, Apple Tart will appear often in August!! Sweet Caramelized Sugar, Tart Apples, with just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg and Flakey Golden Crust...Ahhh...Perfection!

Anyway, August looks like Good Food, and Good Fun at Saluda Grade Café! See you there!!

Kaye, Mario and the Staff at the Saluda Grade Cafe


wildflourWildflour Bake Shop is open!  Have you noticed the bright, striped umbrellas just as you look down Pearson Falls Rd ? Each one shades a tiny table where you can sit and enjoy a cup of the always delicious Leopard Forest coffee (made with filtered water) and an amazing pastry (or two!) fresh from our bake shop!  Erin and Molly have many of Wildflour's favorites as well as an ever changing assortment of surprises every Tues. and Wed. from 8am - 4pm and Saturday from 7am - 3pm.  As one customer commented," It's a tiny taste of Europe right here in Saluda."  AND we are still at the Saluda Tailgate Market on Fridays from 4:30 - 6:30.  Orders to be picked up at the Bake Shop or the Market can be placed by calling Wildflour at 828-749-9224.  News, menus and recent updates are available on our website: Aren't we all lucky to have discovered Saluda?   Enjoy!!!


megan wardThe Dancer's Extension has opened at 1347 Ozone Rd and invites you to enroll in these classes:

Preschool Dance Camp - ages 3-5 - Aug 2-6 from 9AM - 12Noon

Youth Dance Camp -  ages 6-12 - Aug 9-13 from 9AM - 12Noon

The very FIRST Adult Zumba class:  Monday, August 2 at 5:30 (there will be other Zumba classes on the schedule, this is just the very first one!)


Please call 828-749-9398 or visit the website www.thedancers-ext for more information.


toySalamander has toys!  Locally handcrafted from multicolored woods, these push-pull articulated action toys are whimsical, beautiful and classic.  Fire trucks, trains, cowboys, dinosaurs, ducks, turtles, gators and more will excite the imagination of all the children in your life.  Salamander is open 7 days at 7 West Main Street.  828-749-3466.


Celebrate the Summer at CABIN FEVER!megan ward

Check out our "Beat the Heat" special rates.  Now thru Sept 30 all cabins are 20% off!!  Or book 3 nights and get 4th night free or better yet book 5 nights and get 2 nights free!!  Book online at for our 20% deal or call 800-767-7368 for our FREE bonus night specials! 


Mane Street Salon is closing. After seven wonderful years in the Historic Depot on Main Street, August 13 will be my final day at this location.  After a great deal of thoughtful consideration I have decided to join Fifth Ave. Salon located at 224 S. Grove Street, Hendersonville NC. The new phone number is 828-697-1077. Many of you already know of this change and many of you are finding out for the first time. I have been told this change isn't going to inconvenience most of my current clientele as they drive to Hendersonville daily.


Thanks to all of you who have made my days, weeks, months, and years here so pleasant.   As a native of Saluda I have appreciated meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  I look forward to seeing you in the new location in Hendersonville.

Marcia Aiken


Green River Hair Studio

bobbyBobby Hernandez is pleased to announce the opening of Green River Hair Studio in its original location at Nostalgia Courtyard off Pearson Falls Road.  Men's Haircut- $10.00, Ladies Haircut- $15.00, Cut and Style - $25.00, Hair Color and Foil Highlights start at $55.00. All chemical services include haircut and style.  Walk-ins are welcome! 828-749-3744. Hours are M-F 10-6 and Saturday 10-2. 


Kathy Tyrrell  invites you to a free introduction workshop on "The Work" by Byron Katie.  Kathy would like to share what she has learned with others and will hold these workshops in her home on Tuesday 6-7pm and Friday 4-5pm.  For more information, please contact Kathy at 828-674-2692.  To find out more about "The Work of Byron Katie,"  please visit: .

Three New Additions at Nectar

megan wardThe Practice.  Beginning the first Sunday of every month, we will begin a 3 hour in depth Anusara yoga practice. This is for those who just can't get enough, for those who want to take their practice to the next level, and for those who simply want to have a great deal of fun with fellow yoga fanatics!  This session will allow the student to go deeper into the body, mind and heart through asana, pranayama and meditation. The practice starts August 1st at Nectar from 9:30-12:30. Suggested donation $20


Radiant Restoration  (Click here for a wonderful description) also known as Yoga Nidra, will be a peaceful addition to any one's life.  The ancient practice of Yoga Nidra assists us in easing stress, healing trauma and awakening to your timeless Presence.  Classes will be guided by Chandler Fritz, and will be offered Wednesday morning in conjunction with the vinyasa class.  Float and Flow through your mid week lull.  45 minutes of yoga and 45 minutes of Nidra.    Then, Saturday afternoon, following the rejuvenating restorative class, Nidra will begin at 1:30. (Punch cards can be used for Nidra).  Studies have proven that one 45 minute session of Yoga Nidra provides the equivalent of 3-4 hours of deep sleep.  Hallelujah! (this has been a lifesaver for us while raising small children). Feeling tired? Come get your Nidra on!


Wednesdays 8:30-10 Flow & Radiant Restoration (Chandler & Raphaela)

Saturdays  10-11:30    Anusara Mixed Level (Raphaela)

                 12-1:00     Restorative (Raphaela)

                 1:30-2:30  Radiant Restoration (Chandler)


On a separate, yet equally exciting note, we are so privileged to now offer Quantum Reflex Analysis.  Click here for an overview.


Simply stated, QRA is a clinical tool that synthesizes Applied Kinesiology, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sign up for a comprehensive diagnostic session with us and enjoy the summer special of $99 for a complete overhaul (usually $250). The first intake takes 2-3 hours during which we will discuss, diagnose, and create a program for you that is sure to get you back to how nature intended you to be...outrageously healthy and happy.


We look forward to sharing time, joy, and fun with you as we all blossom together!

Nectar is located at 156 Hwy 176 West across from the Green River BBQ.  Please contact them at 828-261-3421 or visit them on

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Raphaela and Chandler Fritz, Nectar 

Saluda Grade Pearls
Shucks Pearls Hometown Limited Edition Series
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pearlsThe Saluda Grade Pearl Necklace was designed in commemoration of Saluda, NC's famous railway grade that was a turning point in the city's growth during the Victorian era. To order, please click on the image above to take you to a secure site for online ordering.
Flea Market at Ag Center
Don't miss the Dog Days of Summer Flea Market on Saturday, August 28 from 8 - 1 the Mill Spring Agricultural Development Center!  Held on the last Saturday of each month, this month's market will mark the fourth one for our community.  Need cash? Come Vend!  Need treasures or household bargains?  Come Shop!


While doing so, visit the Foothills Humane Society's 'On the Road Show,' and meet your new best friend, who will be up to date on shots, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and ready to go home and start a new life with you.   Bring your own dog for a dog wash by one of our mobile pet washing vendors and buy a one dollar hot dog for lunch.  Dog-Trick demonstrations and a "Zoo to You" on-going show is sure to be a fun-filled time for the whole family!


Call (828)-894-2281 to sign up to vend.  No appropriate vendors are turned away.  We are looking for more pet-related vendors or pet services vendors to share their information with the community this month.  10 x 10 spaces for $10 or 10 x 15 spaces for $15.  Bring your own tent and table. Vendor set-up begins at 7 a.m. Please, no early pull-outs.  Vendors' fees benefit the Mill Spring Agricultural Development Center.  40 School Road, Mill Spring, NC.  Just off Hwys. 9 and 108.  Plenty of directional signs.


Submitted by Carol Lynn Jackson
Manna Cabanna, Inc.
"Regain Your Rapport with Nature"

Our Vanishing Americana Airs in August
If you missed the July premiere of "Our Vanishing Americana" on UNC-TV (channel 33 on satellite), then you will have two more chances to see this moving documentary based on the book by Mike Lassiter.  M.A. Pace General Store and Thompson's Store and Ward's Grill are featured in the book and the documentary. 
UNC-TV will air the documentary on August 6 at 10pm and August 8 at 1pm.
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Toy Makers' House Museum
Grand Opening Reception September 4 & 5

toy makersGiven The Tryon Toy-Makers & Wood-Carvers' incredibly close ties with the history of Tryon the Toy Makers' House will be open Saturday Sept 4th as part of Tryon's 125th Birthday Celebration. The Museum will open its doors after Tryon's Big Heritage Parade downtown at 11am and last until 4pm.


Sunday Sept 5th will be the official Grand Opening Reception of The Toy Makers' House Museum. On September 5th 1925 the "Toy House" first opened it's doors to the public. We are celebrating by holding the Toy Makers' House Museum Grand Opening 85th Anniversary Reception. Sunday's Grand Opening Reception begins at 4pm and ends at 8pm.


Both events at The Toy Makers' House Museum will have free toy making classes for children, food, drink, live music and who could forget the costume contests? Anyone or pet who visits the museum Saturday or Sunday dressed as either a Toy, Morris the Horse (Tryon's mascot who was originally made by the Tryon Toy-Makers and Wood- Carvers, and gifted to The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club. He is based off of one of their most popular toys), or Eleanor Roosevelt (who gave her 4th of July address to Tryon from the "Toy House's" front terrace in 1934) will receive a contemporary wooden toy, a museum sticker and a certificate of participation.


Our museum will educate all to the memories, history, art and knowledge that were and still are the "toy house".  The museum's motto is Keeping Creativity Alive at the Toy Makers' House. Art, History and Imagination Will Always Reside Here.


The Toy Makers' House Museum is located in the original "Toy House" at 43 East Howard Street

Tryon, NC 28782.  Contact Nathan Galloway  (828) 290-6600



We hope you get a chance to visit Saluda this summer.  It's a great place to slow down, stroll down shady tree-lined Main Street while browsing in unique shops and trying out a variety of delicious food from hamburgers at the grill, to BBQ, to gourmet cooking.  Or, just sit on a bench and watch the people and cars pass by.  Be careful though, you may catch the Saluda bug leaving you feeling enlightened, unhurried, and with an incessant smile on your face.

Remember, All past Saluda Lifestyles are archived on the Saluda Lifestyles website.
Cathy Jackson,
Cathy Jackson Realty
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