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Where Time Stands Still
March 1, 2010

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Saluda Property & Real Estate

Cathy Jackson Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage representing Buyers and Sellers.  Let us know how we may serve your real estate needs. 
megan ward
Energy Efficient WNC Healthy Built Home, Don Gardner Design, 3BR, 2BA, 2-Car Garage, Stone Fireplace, Media Bonus Room, 2300 SF, Winter Views   MLS#458708
megan ward
Long range mountain views, 3BR, 3BA, 2300 SF, 2-Car Garage, 1.71 acres
Fall and Winter are the Best Time to See Raw Land.  Make plans now to see your dream mountain property 
Looking for a Winter Vacation Retreat?  Click here to download this list of referral properties. (Please contact property owners directly.) 
Links to Real Estates Sources
Thompson Store Update
larry and debbie
This is an update on the situation with Thompson's Store and Ward's Grill in Saluda, NC. We regret to inform all of you the few offers we have had for the business were either insufficient or the potential buyer could not obtain the money.  Therefore, on March 6, Ward's Grill will have its last day of business.   
Beginning at 9:00 a.m. on March 8, Thompson's Store will begin a going out of business sale.  We will be selling inventory at a reduced price, equipment from the store and the grill.  Everything will be sold including the shelves in the store and the dishes in the grill.
You might want to come by and purchase a little piece of history or one of the last Coon Dog Day t-shirts with the store and grill name on it.  We also still have some caps!
A note from Larry:  "I regret that it has come to this, because my heart has been in this place since the early 70's when I delivered bread to Miss. Lola (Grandma), Jack and Charlie.  My wife and I have put our hearts, lives and finances into this place, and this is not a good situation in which to be.  Not only will Debbie and I miss this place, but so will the town of Saluda, and many of you as well.  We sincerely appreciate all of you who have faithfully supported this business over the years and since we have been here. 
If anyone steps up to the plate and buys this place before the going out of business sale, I encourage you, Saluda, to support your local Grocery Store!" 
In order to buy this business, you only have to pay the note off at the bank.
You can reach the Jackson's at:
Store:  828-749-2321
Cell:  828-699-4717
Larry and Debbie Jackson
John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Saluda Lifestyles Survey
If you would like to receive Saluda Lifestyles more than once a month, please email and post your preference and comments.
Saluda Senior Center
New Senior CenterSenior Center is open to the public and welcomes all Saluda citizens (at any age) to join in the activities and programs offered.
To see the regularly scheduled activities at the Senior Center please click here. 
Save These Dates Now!
Mon. Mar. 01, Book club meeting at 2:00 pm. All are welcome to attend.
Line Dance is back! each Mon. at 12:30pm, beginning Mon. Mar. 01. Come and join the fun.
Beginning Monday, February 22, the second in a series of American Contract Bridge lessons for beginning and advancing players will be taught at the Saluda Senior Center.  This second series is Play of the Hand, the most exciting part of the game, and will emphasize how to make a PLAN before you start to play and then putting it all together.  This series of classes will be held each Monday morning for eight (8) weeks from 9-11 AM at the Saluda Senior Center.
Beginning Thursday, February 18, the first of the series of American Contract Bridge lessons for beginning and advancing players will again be taught. This first series is Bidding andwill focus on being able to bid more accurately with concentration on opening 5-card majors. This series of classes will be held each Thursday morning for eight (8) weeks from 9-11 AM at the Saluda Senior Center.
These classes will be taught by Tollie Ross, a certified bridge teacher. Tollie has been teaching bridge to adults, teenagers, and children for some eight years. He taught Spanish and German for 40 years and has just retired from Darlington School, a private college prep school in Rome, Georgia. His philosophy in teaching is "let's have fun."  The instruction material was written by Audrey Grant, a professional educator who happens to be a bridge player. Please contact the Saluda Senior Center at 749-9245 or Edie Campbell at 749-1212 for more information. 
Don't forget Wed. movie matinee @ 2pm. (3) Dan in Real Life, (10) Oceans Thirteen, (17) Gentlemen Broncos, (24) The Banger Sisters and (31) Amelia.  Popcorn/chips and drinks available for $.50 each
Thurs. Mar. 11 @ 1pm, Travel with Bill Klippel, please call a day ahead to reserve lunch.
Thurs. Mar. 18 @ 6pm, Single Women United  potluck dinner. Bring a dish and enjoy a fun night.
Thurs. Mar. 25 @ 6pm, Community potluck w/ entertainment from Saluda School Chorus.
Wed. Mar. 31 from 10am-12pm, Hearing screenings w/ Kathy Dowd from Tryon Hearing Center.
Artwork of Polk County High School students will be on display Fri. Feb. 19 through April 01. Please come by during Center hours Mon.-Fri 8:30am-2:30pm to see their display.
Lunch is served daily at the center from 11:30am-12:30pm, call a day ahead to reserve.
A Thrifty Barn is loaded with fabulous bargains all the time. Volunteers for the meal program and A Thrifty Barn are always welcome. There is NO membership required to attend the Senior center. 
Don't forget to check out A Thrifty Barn, Wed. 10am-4pm, donations & sales, Thurs. and Fri. 10am-4pm, Sat. 9am-3pm. Basement sales Sat. Mar. 07 & 21. Volunteers always needed, call 828- 749-3320 for more information.

Volunteers always needed.  Call 828-749-3320 for more information.
Women's Club Meeting
The Women's Club of Saluda will meet on Tuesday, March 9 at 10am in the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall.  Eva from Evening Shade Pottery will present the program.
Call Frances Fairey at 828.749.9714 with questions.
We welcome new members!
Low-Country Boil is scheduled for May 23 at 5:30. 

The Women's Club of Saluda is a service/social organization dedicated to helping Saluda become an even better place to live.  We include year-round residents and part-timers of all ages.  We work to raise money to support our projects and have a little fun along the way.  Our primary goal is to provide scholarships to deserving Saluda students.  In addition, we support the Medical Center, the Fire Dept. and the Senior Center ... all in Saluda, as well as other deserving organizations.  If you'd like to come see what we are all about, please join us at one of our meetings.  We meet the second Tuesday each month, at 10 am in the Presbyterian Church.  We welcome visitors each month. 
Meetings to Remember
Town Council meets second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the meeting room above the Saluda Library.
Saluda Business Association will meet Tuesday March 2, at 5:30pm in the Meeting Room of the Saluda Library.
Planning Board of the City of Saluda meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30pm a Saluda Public Library meeting room.
Saluda Community Land Trust will meet March 3 and 17 at 3:00 at Saluda Presbyterian Fellowship Hall.  For information please call Betsy Burdett at 828-749-2161.
Saluda Garden Club
If snow is still on the ground, can spring be far behind.... maybe, maybe not.  Is our snow "done" for the year, or still a possibility for March?  No doubt, most of us would vote for the "done deal."  At any rate, we can all start planning and planting our gardens in our dreams whatever may be outside.
Speaking for myself, I often get ahead of the process.  I start considering the results before I start considering what I have to work with, which may account for some of my success or lack thereof.  Every year I need to reassess the yard again (which actually is best done at the end of the previous year) so I can see how the shade has changed over the last growing season.  At this time it might be a little bit late unless I previously have taken some very descriptive pictures. 
What kinds of problems did I experience last year and what might I need to do to correct them this year?  What was too time consuming or most physically difficult for me? And just how far did I have to carry all that water to counter the consequences of the drought?
What plants got out of bounds and which ones didn't quite make it far enough?  How about any insect problems?  If and when these questions are answered I, and you too, will have a better idea of what purchases would be most needed to make our dreams come true!
I always tear out pictures from magazines of garden styles I like, perhaps a picture of the house or areas I want to plant to take with me on my shopping sprees (yes, that is plural). And if the truth be told, it is not unlikely that I will walk off and leave them at home, unless I put them in the car a day or two ahead of my excursion.  One of the biggest contributions I can make to my efforts is to plan my trips when places are least crowded so I can get the most help.  However, if another truth be told, I've also noticed that's the time many places have the least help!  What's a gardener to do?
Just in case you do find yourself in a busy situation or one with no assistance, here are a few tips to get you started. (1) When you are doing mass plantings, purchase 6 packs and place them in the flowerbed about 6 inches apart.  (2)  Choose 4-inch pots when you need color in a hurry.  This is a good size for containers and the bigger plants fill out faster.  (3) If you need something almost instantly a hanging basket will best meet that need, but will be more expensive.  Finally if you need something for an inside garden party tomorrow, try something someone else planted a couple of months ago that you can purchase today!!!
If you've been reading this column on a regular basis, then you already know that our March meeting will be the third Monday of the month (3/15) at the library at 10:00 a.m. Like last month, if there's snow we will cancel.  Finally, if you have a contribution you would like to make to this column or if you would like to bring your contribution to a meeting, you would be most welcome.  Or if you have a question we could answer or research, please don't hesitate to contact anyone of us in the garden club and we'll see if we can help.  Finally, keep your shovels handy - your garden shovel and your snow shovel!

And just where is that garden I had last year? 
garden snow
Happy Gardening,
Sandra Rocks
Saluda Community Land Trust
The Robinson Community Garden, on the corner of Henderson and Poplar Street in Saluda, will soon be tilled to get ready for a third year of planting, harvesting, and companionship. The first year Saluda Community Land Trust (SCLT) sponsored the garden; it was a trial year to see if the community really wanted a garden. Even though a summer drought meant much work with little produce, committed gardeners and their children said "Yes, we want a community garden next year." The City of Saluda graciously provided a water tap the second year in case we had another drought.  Eight faucets were installed around the garden for easy access, although it turned out that 2009 was the wettest summer any of us can remember. The 2010 garden will again have access to city water to insure successful gardening.

What is the impetus that makes a community garden happen? There are 7 community gardens being tilled this spring in Polk County that I know about; there may be more. Two of those, at Cocula Restaurant and Isothermal Community College, were initiated by the Polk Co. Agricultural Development Board as a visual example of how beautiful landscaping can be edible too, mixing flowers and vegetables together in a place where many people will see them. The other gardens were started by the communities themselves, to bring back what was best in the community in years past but may have been lost for a while. It usually starts with a thought, and that thought grows if a group acts on that thought.

I'll tell you how the Robinson Community Garden came into being since that's the one that I know about. The Saluda Community Land Trust (SCLT) came into being because a very important piece of farmland near town came on the market. No one wants to see that land converted into housing or a motel, so the newly formed community land trust came up with a plan to sell small garden plots to local people, and then tries to find a buyer for the remainder of the tract. It was a great plan, but it did not work for a multitude of reasons. However, through the process we became aware of how beneficial a community garden would be for so many people who live on a wooded Saluda lot, with no place to grow anything. At a SCLT meeting one afternoon, Dave Prudhomme, a board member, suggested "Why don't we just go down the street and ask Pat Robinson if we can lease her vacant lot for a garden?" That's what we did! Pat Robinson agreed to lease the garden space for 9 months of the year in exchange for SCLT assuming the liability. The Polk County Community Foundation gave us money to pay for that first year's set up, including water tanks and a system to collect rainwater from the neighbor's roof.  SCLT's commitment was to do the initial legwork and see if the community wants to keep it going. It worked.  SCLT still sponsors the project, but now it's truly a community garden.

Neighbors working outside together do more for community empowerment and peace of mind than most other community activities or stress relievers available to us these days. Think about starting up your garden plot NOW. Surely the snow will melt soon. For more information about this year's community gardens in Polk County call Saluda Community Land Trust at 749-1560 or the Polk Co. Ag. Development Office at 894-2281.
The Saluda Community Land Trust meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 at the Saluda Presbyterian Church Hall.  We invite you to join us.
Submitted by Susie Welsh
Have questions or want to know more about the Saluda Community Land Trust-- "Skillet"?  Go to our website at SCLT or call 828-749-1560. 
Yoga Class Schedules
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  Cassandra Nelson-Gorski, LMBT, invites you to one full hour of muscle melting, mind calming, stress reducing, body care. Gift certificates are available. Please call 828-749-3794 to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

Cassandra's Class Schedule
Gentle Yin Yoga             
Wednesday - 12:30pm 
Thursday - 12:30pm and 5:30pm 
Friday - 10:00 am (beginner's gentle class)
Power Yoga
Wednesday - 6:15 am
Chair Yoga
Tuesday - 2:15pm

Classes are for any and all levels, absolutely no flexibility is required.All classes are held in the studio below the Senior Center. If you have any questions please call Cassandra at 828-749-3794.
Yoga at NECTAR
Nectar is a healing/consciousness space located in the old The Meditation Station.  We offer Yoga, Herbs, Massage, Elixirs and a full Oxygen Bar.

Monday 12:30-6:00
Tuesday 12:30-7:00
Wednesday 9:00-2:30
Thursday 12:30- 7:00
Friday 12:30-6:00
Saturday 10:00-2:00
Sunday Closed

Yoga Schedule
Mon  8:30-10am (Vinyasa/Flow)
Tues 5:30-7pm (The Basics)
Wed  8:30-10am (Mixed Level)
Thur  12:15-1:30pm (Mixed Level
Fri     8:30-10am (Vinyasa/Flow)
Sat    10-11:30am (The Basics)

Classes are $12 and $10 for Saluda locals.  Class Packages are also available.

You can reach us at (828) 216-3421 and visit our Website on its way at Nectar.
Arbor Day
megan wardPlease observe North Carolina Arbor Day Friday, March 19, 2010 by planting a tree and/or preserving the wonderful trees we appreciate in our Saluda community. 
A note from the Saluda Community Tree Preservation Association
March Healthy Lifestyles Challenge
 Save money, stop smoking!
If all the bad things smoking does to your health are not enough to make you quit, try looking at the financial side of smoking.
If you have a pack a day habit, the cost per day is going to be around $3.  Some packs will be higher, some lower. At $3 per day, that adds up to  $21 a week, $90 a month and $1,095 a year. 
However, the monetary cost of the cigarettes is just a portion of the entire cost of smoking. Health insurance for smokers can be higher.  Smoking lowers the resale value of you home, car, and furniture.  Smoking can keep someone from hiring you, cost you a promotion, or even get you fired.   Long-term smokers average lower earnings than non-smokers.  The absentee rate from work is 33% higher for smokers. Visits to doctors are more frequent for smokers. Dental costs are higher for smokers.
Have you thought about what smoking does to the people you live with?
Could you use a lifestyle change that puts more money in your pocket and gives you better health with which to enjoy that money?  If you stop spending money on cigarettes, you might even be able to afford a trip south, out of this winter weather!

Kathy St.Clair Angier
Pk-5 PE and Dance
Saluda School

smc logo

julie holleyIntroducing Julie Holley, FNP
We welcome Julie as our newest medical provider, and we celebrate the achievement of our goal to become fully staffed.  With Julie, Linda Barton (also a board certified family nurse practitioner), and Dr. Jeff Viar, we can now boast a full complement of providers. (see "Meet Our Staff" at for a snapshot of each of our employees.)
But back to Julie, who was born and for ten years raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan before moving with her parents to Charleston, West Virginia where she attended high school as a student/athlete.  After graduation, Julie enrolled at West Virginia University in Morgantown, then later transferred to Delaware State College in Dover, Delaware where in 1989 she received her bachelor's degree in biology.
Then believe it or not it was off to Yokota, Japan (her husband was in the service) where Julie taught high school ESL classes at a school for the deaf, among other places.  Three years later she returned to West Virginia, and in 1996 earned her bachelor's of science degree in nursing at WVU, then became a registered nurse.  After working at a hospital in Roanoke, Virginia, Julie moved to Charlotte, NC, where she worked for several years at various medical facilities before enrolling in the FNP program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where, while continuing to work, she earned her master's of science degree in nursing (MSN) in 2008.  Soon afterwards she passed her boards and became a family nurse practitioner.
After becoming a FNP but before joining the staff at the Saluda Medical Center on February 1st of this year, Julie worked at a private medical practice in Rock Hill, SC.  Julie brings with her experience in a variety of medical settings including orthopaedics, hospice, home health, public health, hospital clinical case management, and hospital surgical care. 
Want to become a new patient at the Center?
To register as a new patient at the Saluda Medical Center, please call 828-749-4411.  Our receptionist will be glad to explain the steps involved in becoming a patient.  For those of you whose second home is in Saluda, please visit our website and click on "New Patients" under the menu choice "For Patients," or visit and click on "Local Services."
Contact the Saluda Medical Center at 828-749-4411 or visit their web site at Saluda Medical.
Saluda Community Library
Paul Koenen


  Saluda Community Library
        Children's Program 
Preschool Storytime at the Saluda Library with Miss Joy.  Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am.  Stories, songs, flannel board fun and simple crafts.
Bouncing Babies and Toddlers in Tow with Margaret and Scott.  Thursday mornings at 10:00 am.  A lap baby storytime with stories, music and bubbles!
For more information about programs at the library, call 828-749-2117 or 828-894-8721 or visit the library Polk County Library

Painting of the Saluda Library by Paul Koenen.
Saluda School
  Joe Adams  
    Saluda Elementary
Saluda Elementary School has submitted a grant for the USDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetablesfruits and vegs Program.  If our school receives this grant, every student will receive a daily fresh fruit/vegetable snack during 2010-2011 school year.
For more information about the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program, visit Team Nutrition, My Pyramid, and USDA.
Upcoming Events at Saluda Elementary School
March 1   Share a Smile Day!
March 3   Statewide Tornado Drill
March 5   Snow Make Up Day
March 5   End of the 4th Six Weeks
March 8-19  PTSO Student Read-A-Thon
March 10  Report Cards
March 11  Parent/Child Workshops & Dinner
  *K-2 Literacy Activities
  *K-2 Percussion Workshop
  *3rd Grade EOG Testing Information  
March 14  Daylight Savings Time begins today.
March 20  First day of spring!!!!!
March 24  Half Day for Students (Dismissal at 11:30am).  Professional Development for Faculty & Staff
March 25   Andean Latin-American performers
March 25   4th Graders to perform at Saluda Senior Center
April 2       Snow Make Up Day
Don't forget to get your Saluda School Cookbook.  They are only $10.

Visit Saluda School to learn more about the North Carolina A+ Schools Program. 
Saluda Church Services

methodist church

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
The Rev. Paula C. Morton, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Norma H. Hanson, Vicar
8:00 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite I
9:15 a.m. - Sunday School
10:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite II with music.
Check their website for more programs and schedule changes Transfiguration

Saluda Presbyterian

Reverend Becky Stanley  
Adult SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am
Saluda Presbyterian Church will offer a Service of Prayer, Song, and Silence in the Style of the Taize Community.  The service will be held each Sunday in Lent at 5:00 PM at 54 Carolina Ave in Saluda.  Those Sundays are Feb 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21 and 28.  Babysitting will be provided.  For more information contact The Reverend Becky Stanley  or Kathy Thompson 749-5471.
Saluda First Baptist Church
Workship Service 9:45am
Sunday School 11:00am
Wednesday Meal 5-6 ($3)
Wednesday Services and Academy Classes 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Saluda Methodist Church
The Reverend Rob Parsons
SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Link to Churches in the Area

News from Saluda Business Association
Visit Saluda, the official town guide website.
New Saluda Service Directory
An all new and updated 2010 Saluda Service Directory is now available.  This is a compilation of service providers in the local area and is a free publication sponsored by Cathy Jackson Realty.
It's a bright orange trifold and has been placed at public places around town.  You can also click here to download a copy.
Saluda Classifieds
Wanted  house to rent.  Please contact Cathy Jackson at 828-749-3504 or  
Available for rent:
  510 square feet, office space on the corner of Main St. and Pearson Fall Rd in Nostalgia Courtyard.  Two rooms, bathroom and entry for $352.00 a month (includes both electric and water)  What a great deal!!  Call Debi @ 828-749-9224 (not available for residential use). 
Also available, 600 sq. ft with bathroom, paved parking spaces in front, and signage visible from Main St. Ground floor of the building on the corner of Main St. and Pearson Falls Rd. $352.00/month (includes electric and water)  Call Debi @ 828-749-9224.
For Sale - Cemetery lot in Saluda Memorial Park. Block A - Section 14 - Plot 2. The single lot is near the front as you enter the Park.  Contact Jane Singleton at 828-606-1148 or
Saluda Lifestyles wishes to express its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of lost loved ones.
John G. Russell  (aka Batman), 43 fought a courageous battle with cancer and passed away February 5, 2010.  He was a 20-year employee with the Henderson County Sheriff's office, a life-time member of Saluda Fire & Rescue, owner of Isaac Creek Builders, and member and trustee of the Mountain Page Baptist Church.
Dortha Thompson, 75 passed away on February 22, 2010. 
Saluda Lifestyles
Missed Your Issue of Saluda Lifestyles?
From time to time your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may block your Saluda Lifestyles e-newsletter.  We regret this inconvenience and if this occurs to you , please let us know. We can contact the ISP and correct the problem.
To prevent this from happening make sure you have in your "safe list" so that your spam filters will allow the email to be received.
If you ever don' t receive Saluda Lifestyles, you can visit Saluda Lifestyles to find current and past issues.
Thanks for your continued support and let us know if you have a story, event, or announcement that you would like to include.
Saluda Ready for Spring
megan wardChilling winds are sweeping through Saluda as the winter hangs on.
There are signs of Spring--Robins are bobbing around searching for the early earth worms, Mallards are pairing off, daffodils have pushed through the earth and the days are getting longer.
Saludians are ready to put the winter behind and look forward to tilling soils and planting gardens.
Think Spring;  Daylight savings time is March 14, First Day of spring is March 20.
Saluda Mountaineers
Since its inception in 1881, Saluda has experienced the rise and fall of prosperity and in the last era an effort to return to the glories of "by-gone" days.  With the railroad came wealthy northeners and old established families from the "low country" and "midlands," and Saluda flourished as it became an exclusive mountain resort.
During this time, streets were paved in town, water supplies were expanded,  electric power grew from a small generating plant for downtown business to the sale of the plant and attachment to the Blue Ridge Power Company lines and service throughout and beyond city limits.  By 1936, Ed Leland bought the Appalachian State Telephone Company and by 1945, Ed installed a dial system, the first in the county. 
In those first few decades, churches, schools, post office, movie theater, library,  and bank were started.    A drug store, groceries, a newspaper, barber shops and real estate, and insurance businesses opened. 
World War II hampered Saluda's progression and the town settled into a "comfortable" well-off state of being although never the stylish resort that it had been at the turn of the century.
In the fifties industry came to Saluda with a hosiery mill and the famous Coon Dog Day had its first parade.
Saluda citizens would never cease making Saluda "hum" again.  Civic-minded leaders of the community spearheaded the building of a new bank and post office building, the nursing home, the medical center, and the formation of the Volunteer Fire Department.  A new crowd always seems to come along to help Saluda turn over a new leaf.
In 1962, an article in a Greenville, SC newspaper about small towns in doldrums shocked the Saluda citizens when the title read, "Saluda Dying on the Vine."  This riled the Saluda community and overnight the "Saluda Mountaineers" were organized and set to work to change this perception.  The Mountaineers started a printed newssheet, "The Saluda Mountaineer," townspeople remodeled the old drug store building and W. C. Ashley opened a mineral museum.
In the late sixties and early seventies, the construction of I-26 started and the large trucks roared by and people who wanted to shop and browse came into town.  A new water supply from Hendersonville was established.  A new post office was dedicated which was a far cry from the original small counter in Tanner's commissary store.
Saluda felt a change in the seventies when its "summer folks" who had spent their summers here from Florida and the low-country of South Carolina, were now setting up permanent homes in and around Saluda.  Saluda's arts and crafts, folk music, and ecology drew a much younger generation who would build cabins in the outlying areas of Saluda.   Many of Saluda's artists and artisans have been very successful and this art colony continues to grow in Saluda.
Upon its centennial in 1981, Saluda's leaders were striving to keep Saluda a friendly, prosperous, and low-key town. 
With the turn of the 21st century, Saluda has prospered much like predicted in 1981.  Arts and crafts have established a stronghold in Saluda with more than 40 resident artists and unique shops on Main Street.  More and more of the "summer folks" are making permanent homes in Saluda along with new retirement age folks looking for a slower pace of life than the large cities in which they have lived and worked.  The younger generation is taking a foothold starting new businesses as they strive to keep afloat during the economic challenges.  The natural beauty of the Saluda Mountains with its waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, and scenic views draw tourist here every summer and fall.
The whole story of the Saluda Mountaineers can be read in the book, "Saluda, NC, 100 Years," published by Charlene Pace.   On the cover of this book is the "Helper" train that pushed trains up the Saluda grade, the steepest mainline standard gauge in the country.  This picture was chosen as a symbol of how Saluda has " helped" people make a new start bolstered by the peace, friendliness, and good mountain air.  These are essential elements that make up Saluda today and always will-- no matter how buildings, businesses, and  people change.
Excerpts were taken from "Saluda, NC 100 Years" with permission of Charlene Pace.  This book can be purchased for $25 at M.A. Pace General Store.
What's Happening
purple onion 
Fred Whiskin on piano every Friday playing "Blues to Brubeck."
March Music Schedule
March 4 ­ Brian Ashley Jones
March 5 ­ Chuck Brodsky (RESCHEDULED)
March 6 ­ Cosy Sheridan
March 11 ­ Alan Barrington
March 13  Mel Jones & His Bag of Bones
March 18 ­ Gigi Dover & Big Love
March 20 ­ Jimmy Landry
March 21 ­ Eric Taylor (Sunday Concert Series) Starts at 7pm.  Tickets are $15 per person.
March 25  Sireens
March 27 ­ Eliza Lynn

West Coast Wine Tasting at the Purple Onion Tuesday, March 9
Join us at 6:30 on Tuesday, March 9 for a sampling of eight wines from California, Washington and Oregon chosen by Richard McKinney from Tryon Distributing. Chef Jeremy Edwards will be preparing several delicious small plates to complement the wines. The price for the tasting will be $45 and includes wine, dinner, tax and gratuity. Reservations can be made by calling the Purple Onion at 749-1179. We accept visa and Mastercard. Please call early as seating is limited.
If you haven't been to a tasting at the Onion and are wondering if it is the sort of event you would enjoy, you might check out Katie Smith's review of the last tasting on the  Hendersonville Epicurean Must Read Guest Review ~ Purple Onion Wine Dinner.  
Eric Taylor at The Purple Onion Sunday, March 21
We are honored to welcome Eric Taylor back to the Purple Onion Sunday, March 21 as part of our Sunday Evening concert Series. His performance starts at 7 o'clock and the doors open at 6:30.  Tickets are $15 per person and seating will be limited.  You may purchase them by visiting the café at 16 Main Street in Saluda or reserve them through your Visa or Mastercard by calling the café at 828-749-1179.
 "If you miss an opportunity to hear Eric Taylor in concert you have missed a chance to hear a voice I consider the William Faulkner of songwriting in our current time, and you will miss the rare opportunity to watch the hands of one of America's most unusual guitarists, with lyrics that will nail your heart to your ear and mind." Nanci Griffith
"If there's anything better than Nanci Griffith or Lyle Lovett singing an Eric Taylor tune, It's Taylor singing it himself...he's one of those songwriters that has the ability to plop you down in the middle of a story or a situation and make you care that you're there."
Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"In the past four years Eric Taylor has released two collections of songs that stand up to and apart from the finest work of (Townes) Van Zandt and (Guy) Clark. Resurrect is the latest such masterpiece...Even taken alone, without the stark but beautiful settings, Taylor's images, language, and characters are staggering."
The Oxford American

"Simply said, Eric Taylor is an American treasure." 
Arthur Wood, founding editor of Folkwax

saluda grade

The beginning of March can still be blustery and cold so we've decided to brighten and warm things up with a little fun...Dr. remember..."One Fish Two Fish"...has a Birthday on Tuesday March 2nd!!  On this day the first 50 people who have lunch with us and mention Dr. Suess get FREE DESSERT!!!  I have a hunch it'll be an Awesome Lunch!!  We all read the books we loved them a bunch so come celebrate his's a Dr Suess Lunch!!

Speaking of birthdays, come wish our Sous Chef Kevin Kerr Happy Birthday too!! (March 15th) Happy Birthday Kevin!

On Friday March 12th and Friday March 26th Saluda Grade welcomes local musician Jeremy Duncan!  Jeremy was a hit when he played keyboard for us on Valentines' Weekend...there was even dancing!  Music starts at 6:30.

March winds are also expected to bring in three NEW Irish Beers...Guinness, Harp and Bass.  Come Celebrate Saint Patrick all month long!!  Also at the bar the Grade is posting a new bar menu...Pork BBQ Sliders are back just in time for those March Madness Basketball games.  Kevin also makes the most wonderful Nachos...full of Chili, Cheese, Salsa and Jalapenoes!  Come watch your favorite teams work their way into the Finals!

Speaking of finals we just want to wrap winter up and welcome in Spring 2010!  March 20th is the first day of Spring so be looking for our new Spring Edition Menus!! 

Ok, one more final note...we just wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for helping us with your support and your feed back!  You aren't just our customers you're our family!  We love you Saluda!  Contact us at 828-749-5854.

 Kaye, Mario and all the staff at the Saluda Grade Cafe
 Green River Boys
Joe AdamsThe Green River Boys invite you to Shaffer's Roadside Grill on March 12 and 26.  They are scheduled to perform every other Friday night at 6:00pm.  Check their schedule at Green River Boys.     
Joe Adams
The Saluda Mountain Jamboree & Special Events Park 
On Friday, March 5, there will be a special evening of gospel music to help Charlie and Norma Emory, life-time residents of Saluda. A tragic house fire destroyed most of their home and belongings. Many people are helping to repair and rebuild their home, but they need financial help with all the costs. One of the groups that will be performing contemporary Christian music of praise and worship is "Christian Freedom." This group has become a big hit with young folks. Another group, "Soldiers of The Cross," a bluegrass gospel band, will be performing too. This will be a love offering event, so please mark this date and plan on being here to help out. As the details are completed for this music fund raising event, we will post them on our website.
Check our events schedule on the website,
March/April Music Schedule
March 6th           Crimson Rose
March 13th          Southern Pointe
March 20th          Sound Factory
March 27th          Sound Investment
April 3rd              Crimson Rose
April 10th            Southern Pointe
April 17th            Sound Factory
April 24th            Kelly Road

Joe AdamsThe Wine Cellar at the Saluda Inn    
The Wine Cellars Music and Art.
Check our calendar on Carolina Wine Expert for current and up to date events information.
The Wine Cellar serves 20+ wines by the glass, local beers, non-alcohol drinks and hot beverage services.  A great place to start - spend - or end the evening.
4-Mar Thu Girls Night Out All welcome!
5-Mar Fri Try a glass of Primitivo 20 wines by the glass every night!
6-Mar Sat Fireseed Music Celtic and Appalachian Folk Music
11-Mar Thu The Night of the Living Poet Open Poetry Night with Scott Kinard
12-Mar Fri Jenny Arch Folk Singer/Songwriter
13-Mar Sat A glass of wine fireside! Try a wine flight.
18-Mar Thu Book Reading Wilmot Irvin, Merriman's Second Chance
19-Mar Fri Fayssoux McLean, Singer Songwriter with Saluda Roots
20-Mar Sat Chocolate and Cabernet! A perfect match!
25-Mar Thu Prosecco Anyone? Start with Prosecco - finish with a Zin
26-Mar Fri Cotes Ventoux by the glass A great, blend of Syrah and Grenache
27-Mar Sat The Last Saturday of March! Spring is in sight!  Try a Sauvignon Blanc 
Now open on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 7:00 PM!
For more information please call Joni at 828-749-9698 or email to
Happenings at the Tryon Fine Arts Center and Tryon Arts & Crafts  

We hope to see you at some of February workshops. For more information on each workshop please visit our web site at Tryon Arts and Crafts. For questions or more information, please call Dianna at Tryon Arts & Crafts:  828-859-8323  or Charlotte at 864-473-0317.
Tryon Fine Arts Center Upcoming Events Click here for more information and a schedule of events.
moodSwannanoa Valley Moods Exhibit at TPS in Tryon, NC
Tryon Painters and Sculptors Show 'Swannanoa Valley Moods' runs from April 11 to May 8 at the Tryon Fine Arts Center. Showing in TPS' Gallery One will be six artists from the Black Mountain area showing works in oil, pastels, watercolor and sculpture.
Also showing will be drawings and paintings from the TPS Life Drawing Studio in the Mahler Family Board Room Gallery. The opening reception is on Sunday, April 11th from 5 to 7 p.m. at Tryon Fine Arts Center, 34 Melrose Ave, Tryon, NC. For more information, call 828-859-8322 x 212 or visit the TPS website.
megan wardGreen Creek Winery Events

It is hard to believe that is already February and in March we will be continuing the Green Creek Winery's Chardonnay Rosso Concert Series. We are really excited about this year's line up and look forward to seeing you there. 
The concerts are on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 with reasonably priced food provided by a local caterer.
This year we are also offering Chardonnay Rosso Concert Series Tickets.  The savings is 20% off total cost and is payable in advance. The cost will be $128 per person, a savings of $32.00 per person . The concerts for November and December have not been scheduled but will be included in the cost.  All tickets are transferrable so that if something comes up you can share the music.
Below is the line up for March and April:
March 28, 2010 - THE STEEL WHEELS - (
Americana music with a blend of folk, ballad, old timey and gospel.
Tickets are $20.00 in advance - $25.00 at the door.
April 18, 2010 - ANAM CARA
4 piece group performing jazzy rhythmic songs and soulful ballads. Mary Davis is the vocalist.
Tickets are $15.00 in advance - $20.00 at the door.
For more information please contact us at 828-863-2182 or email us at 
Green Creek Winery
413 Gilbert Road
Columbus, NC  28722 
Green Creek Winery
Hours:  Thursday - Sunday from 1:00 - 5:00 
Robinson Community Garden in Saluda
megan ward  
This is the third year of the Robinson Community Garden in Saluda on the corner of Henderson and Poplar Street. This is your chance to be a part of this exciting community activity.
The garden this year will again have access to city water to insure successful gardening.
Plots are 10 feet by 20 feet of usable space. The cost of a plot is $30.00.
To reserve a plot contact: or call Marilyn Prudhomme at 828-749-9172. There will be an informational gardening meeting on March 23rd at 6:30 PM at the Saluda Public Library.                     
Come and be a part of the fun of gardening with your neighbors.
The garden is sponsored by SCLT, Saluda Community Land Trust. 
Art Clues
Ideas for Creating and Enjoying Art


Art Expectations - Creating to Please Yourself or to Please Others?
As an artist, when you create, is your goal to please yourself or to please others? Creativity is self-expression.  On the other hand, it is an artist's pleasure for another person to compliment his/her art or buy it.
Artists who work by commission sometimes have a special struggle with this issue, for example being in the mood to paint a fun or mischievous family portrait, but the parents are wanting a more refined and formal image of their family.
As a portrait artist, I will use this Art Clue column to describe some specific situations related to portraiture, where I believe this issue comes up the most. 
First, I'll share a story from my childhood teacher, who is still a friend.  She is a portrait painter and used to travel the world to complete her commissions. She was in China, staying in the home of an American who had commissioned her portrait. It was time to unveil or finally show the woman she painting. (The woman had not been allowed to look at it as it progressed.) When she saw the portrait, she screamed out "NO! NO! NO!"
A heated conversation followed, including "It looks too much like me!" The event ended with her paying for the portrait and insisting that they get rid of it.  My friend and her customer went into the Hong Kong Harbor in a boat with the painting, tore it into pieces and dropped them into the water. The women did not become enemies. Art expectations can be complicated! "It looks just like me" sounds like a good response. The artist pleased another person! But she did not.
I will show some of my portraits and mention how/why they pleased or did not please me or my customer.

megan ward

Julia - A head to toe figure was requested with her reading from something she had written. I painted the full figure from life; however, this close up was selected as the best portrait.  I painted it and provided it as a choice, because it was more pleasing to me.  As it turned out, her mother liked it better too.


Will and his Dog - I simplified the background provided in the photograph.  I spent time with Will in real life, but he didn't pose for the portrait.  His parents were especially pleased with his mouth.  I had changed his teeth a bit and was insecure, but what I did pleased them.  Whew!

headmasterHeadmaster - This posthumous portrait was painted from a snapshot taken in the gym at school and selected by his wife.  I chose another background for the portrait. The risk I took by painting the outdoor scene worked.   His wife cried when she saw it and later asked for some prints. 
nunnSenator - This portrait was painted for a magazine cover and later given to a museum in Sen. Sam Nunn's honor.  As a "look like" it was successful, but I think lacked richness of color and depth.  I was given a short deadline, which sometimes helps and other times hinders, (and maybe gives me an excuse.)
Recognize that your consciousness in the following efforts can create helpful, unconscious awareness.
These suggestions are true for all representative art, not just portraits.
-Make connections with the subject.
-Understand who/what you are painting.
-Note the subject's personality.
-Observe people when they are not posing or scenery etc from various angles.
-Talk with family and friends for help with a posthumous portrait.
-Listening to others' thoughts can also open ideas for still life and landscape etc.
Now, back to the original question.  Should artists aim to please themselves or others? In my opinion there are three answers from which to choose, depending on the specific situation:
1. please yourself  as the artist - freedom!
2. please both yourself and your customer - satisfaction!
3. please your customer - money!
Best wishes for all three!!!!
Next month's Art Clues will be
"Finding Your Favorite - discovering what art you like to experience and/or create."
Beverly Bowden Pickard
The World's Best Bar-B-Que Cook

Joe Adams

Seems like everybody claims their Moms are the best meatloaf cooks or the best country fried steak cooks.  And my mother was good at both those things.  But her real claim to fame was her Bar-B-Que.  She was known far and wide for her bar-b-que.  And it wasn't even her recipe. She may have stolen it.  We don't know how she got it but it came from one of the best bar-b-que places in North Carolina.
When we moved from N.C. to Washington, D.C., my mother said she wasn't going if she couldn't get the bar-b-que recipe from RJ's Cafe.  We figured we would have to leave her behind because RJ guarded it like it was the secret to the atom bomb.
She said she would do anything to get that recipe.  After a couple of trips to the cafe, she finally came home with her note paper and the recipe.
"Did you get the coleslaw recipe, too?" my Father asked.  "Bar-b-que isn't the same without the special coleslaw."  He didn't even ask how she got the recipe.  But she got the coleslaw recipe as well because he's least if you are from North Carolina.  Coleslaw goes ON the bar-b-que and they both go on a bun.
So with the recipes hidden in my mother's purse, we were packed and ready to go to Washington, D.C.  She had promised the cafe owner that she would never under any circumstance reveal the ingredients or how to cook the slaw or the bar-b-que.  And she stuck to her promise.  She wouldn't even tell us, her own family.
Like others that came to Washington, we moved to North Carolina Avenue.  We thought that's where we were suppose to live since we came from North Carolina.  And like good Christians, we joined the North Carolina Methodist Church.  The women's group usually did a fund raising dinner once or twice a year.  When the time rolled around, my mother suggested they do a bar-b-que and she would do the cooking.  They usually fried fish so this was a new twist.  They took her up on her offer.
She cooked a pile of bar-b-que and buckets of slaw.  She wanted no help from the other women other than serving since she was guarding her recipe.  The dinner was a huge success and my mother was a star.  Every year she would be named to cook her bar-b-que, and she was elated to do it.  People begged for the recipe but she would only roll her eyes and say, "If you had any idea what I had to do to get these recipes, you wouldn't ask for them."  That always made my father and me nervous but the food was too good to worry about it.
When my Mother cooked her bar-b-que, people lined up around the block waiting to get in and served.  She made herself a red and white checkered blouse and a pair of pedal pushers out of denim colored material.  She felt that kept with the theme.  Once people were served and eating, she would walk among the crowd, smiling like a queen.  If she saw anyone that had taken the slaw off the meat, she would chastise them and explain that they had to go together.  Some people still believe it but only in North Carolina.
My mother kept her annual bar-b-que event going for years.  Finally the church was sold because members were moving to the suburbs.  
The congregation that bought the church had heard of the bar-b-que dinners and tried to get my mother to come back.  But she only wanted to cook for Methodists.
When my Mom passed on, we seriously considered putting Bar-B-Que Queen on her headstone.  But since she was a Methodist and they aren't showy, we decided it would be inappropriate.
I'm happy to say that when we went through her stuff, the recipe was in a little cedar chest.  So I have it and once a year I cook it.  I do it for my family and friends....usually on the 4th of July which also happens to be my birthday.
Joe Adams

BUTTER BEANS FOR THE SOUL, a funny book by Joe Adams about growing up in the South is available at the Pace General Store in Saluda.

If you enjoy Joe's column in Saluda Lifestyles, please let him know. You can email him at
 Saluda Scoop
The latest news and the unusual offerings provided by Saluda shops, restaurants, artists, and craftspeople
The winds of change are blowing through Saluda and altering the face of shops and businesses.
birds and berriesmegan wardHeartwood Gallery has just returned from the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, Maryland, the largest juried , indoor craft show in the nation.  We were inspired by the high quality of handmade work.  We look forward to our new spring arrivals, beginning with new work by potter-Karen Newgard, whose new work will arrive the first week of March!  Visit Heartwood online.
megan wardIn late March Curtis Wright Outfitters will be moving to 70 Main Street between M.A. Pace Store and Somewhere In Time.  This was the building vacated by Frozen Clock. Please visit their online shop at
Curtis Wright Outfitters.  Look for their great sales going on now.
megan ward
For all you sweet lovers, Duck Alley is pleased to announce that by mid March they will be serving ice cream, 12 flavors of old-fashioned fudge, and hard candies.  Duck Alley is located at the back of the Depot Station.  For more information contact Lisa at 828-749-3687.  
Southern Blessings will be closing March 1 at its current location.

backsideCaroline's On Main.  With mixed emotions, I am announcing that Caroline's On Main at 101 Cullipher Street will be permanently closing in April, 2010. As many know, I became semi-retired in 2008, keeping very short store hours to remain open. It is not practical to continue to operate on this basis, and I am not physically able to devote more hours to the business. Without being able to do that, it is also impractical to move to a mainstream location more suitable for retail. Therefore, I have decided to "just be retired".
 I have chosen the auction venue as the means of closing as this will be fast, final, and can be a lot of fun. The auction is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 24 on the premises with details to be announced at a later date.
During our eleven years in business in Saluda, we have made many treasured and lasting friendships among our loyal customers, some of whom may only get to Saluda once or twice a year, others who come in nearly every week. Katie (corgi) will especially miss those, both young and not so young, who have made a special effort just to see her while in town.
While this has been a tough decision to make, I know that it is time to close. I will miss all the special interaction with those of you who have followed us throughout the years and hope that we can stay in touch as life goes forward.
May God bless you all and strengthen us all in the challenging days and years ahead!
You can contact Caroline at 828-749-9320 or   
Caroline (and Katie)
City Notes

Joe Adams

The City of Saluda will be picking of yard debris from the ice storm damage within the city limits if you put your debris by the street by March 1, 2010. Please do not place it in the street blocking passage.
The city council will hold an annual retreat on Saturday and Sunday, March 6 and 7. 
Starting in March, The Saluda Police Department will discontinue issuing warning tickets.  All tickets will be citations.  Warning tickets have been issued since February of 2009.
Keep up to date with city news at City of Saluda's website.
Saluda Arts Festival - Call for Entries Date Extended

megan wardCultivating and promoting its heritage in the arts, the Saluda Business Association invites you to enter your work in the seventh annual Saluda Arts Festival scheduled for May 15, 2010.  Showcasing fine arts and crafts from local and regional artists, the Saluda Arts Festival draws thousands of spring tourists visiting Western North Carolina. 


This is a juried art event offering cash awards to a diverse range of 2D and 3D artwork. 


The art show celebrates Saluda's art heritage, historic buildings, and the natural beauty of its mountains and waterfalls.


Due to bad weather, entry of applications have been extended to March 15.  Notification of acceptance will be mailed in April.  Please visit Saluda to see more information and requirements and to download an application. 

For questions, please contact Susie Welsh at 828-749-3900 or Catherine Ross at 828-243-8696. 
Broken Branches and Limbs, Oh My!
ice storm damageMany of you have already cleared away the broken limbs and other damage from last month's ice storm. Some of you have hauled away the resulting piles and others have placed your limbs along the street and begun waiting patiently for the city to get to this unbelievable job which will take several weeks. Still others see the daunting job and have gone back inside and pulled the curtains!
If you are one of the latter and are still waiting to launch forth on this project try to keep several things in mind as you get about the job. In keeping with Saluda's reputation as a very green town, try to preserve even badly damaged shrubs and trees.  Resist the urge to "clear cut" as a solution. Mother Nature is remarkable in her ability to heal wounds and to camouflage temporary unsightliness. Recovery comes faster than you might think. Keep wildlife in mind too. Branches placed judiciously can provide cover from predators and can provide nesting places for birds.
If your limbs are chipped on site you may wish to use the chips as mulch....but remember, decomposing chips will take nitrogen from your soil so you may wish to compost the chips first and use them later or add a bit of nitrogen rich fertilizer with the fresh chips before you use them around your plants.  Also, you will want to avoid mounding mulch up against the trunks of your evil practice that is frequently seen hereabouts.
If you feel uncertain about pruning and removal techniques consult a knowledgeable neighbor, get your garden club to hold an "emergency workshop" on the subject, or if the work is beyond you, consult The Saluda Service Directory on-line at Cathy Jackson Realty for tree service and use local providers. If you do have someone else to do the work provide lots of oversight so that you get the outcome you want and not "a real cleaning."
By Walter Hoover, proprietor of Charles Street Garden Iris Nursery specialing in Beardless Irises.
Let's All Sing the "Saluda Song"
This winter has been beautiful, but downright difficult at times. Our little house and trees on Louisiana Avenue took a beating, as did the whole town of Saluda during the snow/ice storm that occurred the first weekend in February. Most of Saluda experienced a power outage as a result of the downed trees and power lines. At our house a power surge occurred when a huge tree limb fell on our power line partially severing the wires leading to the power meter. When the electricity finally came back on, the severed wires touched causing the serge, which lead to the demise or severe damage to most of our electrical devices. Though it can be a major pain, material things can be replaced and that is why we carry home owners insurance. But the morale of our beloved town took a hit too and clean-up will be long and arduous. Though I remember hearing tales from my grandmother of being snowed in for weeks, most of us are not used to winters such as these!
My grandmother, Kathleen Garren Stephenson Jelley dearly loved to play the piano and was known in the Saluda area for her talent. Among the many pieces of sheet music she possessed were the words and music for the "Saluda Song." I am unsure if this was the official Saluda School song or the town's song, but it is only fitting to share it with you now when we all need it the most. I feel better already and I hope you do too!

Saluda Song
Words by Mrs. R. C. Chapin
Music by Miss L. E. Fraser
Where the mountains rise
To the southern skies
And the holly and the pine tree grow
We gather all, At wisdom's call,
To the heart of the school we know.
We sing to thee, Saluda!
Thy children we, Saluda!
Oh! may our song re-echo long,
In praise of thee, Saluda!
Thy home is high,
To wisdom nigh,
To the strength and the joy of the hills;
To us, oh! bring,
The while we sing,
The lore of its crags and rills.
Repeat Chorus
When the mountains swim
In the purple dim,
Then Thy gentle whisper fills our hearts-
"Look far! Look high! Ye shall descry
A worth that ne'er departs."
Repeat Chorus
When the road we're bound
Goes winding round,
And the crag before us hides our view-
"Just to the bend
So, on to the end"
Rings clear they counsel true.
Final Chorus:
We sing to thee, Saluda!
Thy children we, Saluda!
Oh! may our song re-echo long,
In praise of thee, Saluda! praise of thee, Saluda!
If you have any history on the "Saluda Song" I would love to hear about it. To see a scanned copy of the sheet music go to Saluda Memories. Please email for feedback or column ideas. 
by Cindy Stephenson Tuttle
"It's All About the Weather"
With all the bad weather occurring around Saluda, I thought you might enjoy this poem written by my mother, Lillian Thompson (Mrs. Roy Thompson) to her summer neighbor Mrs. Jane Holman, living in Batesburg, South Carolina  describing the horrible winter of 1977.

Submitted by Clark Thompson
Special Note: 
I have just created and activated a website called Saluda Memories which will allow individuals to post personal memories, photos, audio/videos, etc of Saluda for posterity. Hopefully this site will facilitate the preservation of individual experiences associated  with living or visiting the town.  We will be adding categories as more information comes into the site. Your assistance in spreading the work will be appreciated.
Autumn Care - Share Your Gardening Skills
Resident's at Autumn Care of Saluda look forward to spring as new leaves appear on the trees and flowers begin to bloom.  Some, however, want to get "down and dirty," working the moist soil and enjoying the smell of fresh earth.
You can help with that experience by sharing your gardening skills for just one hour a week.  Whether you specialize in fancy flowers or vegetable gardening, you'll brighten a resident's day by sharing the fun of "digging in the dirt."
To find out how to share your skills, contact Joyce Coggins, Activity Director at 828-749-2261, or email her at
Rehab Therapy - Right Here At Home!
If your doctor has recommended that you have physical, occupational or speech therapy due to illness or injury, you no longer need to go up or down the mountain - it's available right here at home.
Autumn Care of Saluda offers a full service outpatient rehabilitation service at its facility on Esseola Drive.  Our professional therapists will work with your physician to provide you the therapy you need to return to you full capacity.  And best of all, it's right here at home!
To find out more about our rehab services call Sally Hollar, Rehab Manager at 828-749-2261, or email her at .   Your family physician can reach us at the same number to discuss your care needs.
So the next time you need professional rehabilitation services, we hope you'll call Autumn Care of Saluda, where you'll find hometown folks providing hometown care.
Allergy Free Spring Special
Hooray!  Spring will be here before we know it!  And for many of us, spring brings with it unwelcome allergies and sinus problems that can soon put a damper on outdoor activities.  Not to worry!  Saluda Healing Center now offers a revolutionary approach to dealing with seasonal allergies -- Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT).
NSRT utilizes the BAX 3000, a patented and FDA approved device that first assesses the specific substances that cause stress on the nervous system and then positively conditions the body to react neutrally or appropriately to the identified substances.  Assessments and treatments are completely pain-free!
Various substances stress the nervous system in different ways causing many different symptoms.  NSRT and the BAX 3000 address symptoms commonly associated with:
  • Allergies & Sinus Conditions
  • Asthma & Shortness of Breath
  • ADD, ADHD, Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
  • Skin Irritations, Eczema & Rosacea
  • General Digestive Discomfort, Indigestion,
  • Constipation, Swelling & Bloating
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Headaches & Chronic Fatigue

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, call 828-749-3875 for a FREE CONSULTATION!  And receive a 10% DISCOUNT on treatment packages through March 31st by mentioning Saluda Lifestyles. 
The Pacolet Area Conservancy requests that you include PAC's PACWalk for Preservation Event in your community calendars. 
Event:  PACWalk for Preservation
Place:  Tryon Estates, Laurel Lake Drive, Columbus, NC
Date:   Saturday, May 1, 2010
Time:   2 Mile Walk starts @ 10:00 AM
            3/4 mile Lake Walk starts @ 10:05 AM
            Registration will begin is 9:00 - 9:45 AM 
Preregister by calling PAC @ 828-859-5060 or stop by the PAC office Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 2:00                   
Cost:   Adults $20; Students $5; Families with 2 adults $45; Families with 1 adult $25; Teams - 1 free entry for every 5 registrations.
This year PACWalk will be bigger and better than ever.  There will be an awards ceremony after the walks.  Participants are invited to a free lunch, compliments of Tryon Estates.  All proceeds from the event are used to further PAC's mission to preserve our natural resources and "Save the places you love".  PAC has been the area's local land trust since 1989 and has helped protect over 8,000 acres of mountains, forests, pasturelands, watersheds, rivers and wetlands.  
For additional information, contact PAC at 828-859-5060. 
Jim Carson 2010 Workshop Schedule
crab creekJim Carson, Saluda artist has published a revised 2010 workshop schedule for Saluda. "Getting the Perspective Right in order to Paint Fast and Loose" has been added, because of the popularity it created in January, when it was sold out. It will be held Friday-Sunday, August 27-29.
Jim will be joined again by Chris Sherry, AIA Architect from Atlanta, Ga. Chris teaches perspective at Johns Creek Art Center and Quinlan Visual Art Center in Atlanta.
Day one of the three day workshop will be lead by Chris, and will all drawing. Chris teaches the difficult subject of perspective in a crisp and clear manner, making it understandable. In the next two days Jim will teach the application of these drawing skills to achieve loose and spontaneous paintings. Jim will do a demonstration on Saturday, and there will be critiques of the day's work by both Chris and Jim at the end of each day. The workshop will be held in Jim's studio, located above the Saluda Grade Café in Saluda.
There will be a "get acquainted" gathering at Jim's studio on Thursday night, August, 26 and lunch will be catered each day by the Saluda Grade Café.
The "perspective" workshop will also be taught in Cashiers, N. C., June 25-27.

Jim's regular workshop, entitled "Painting Fast and Loose/ Eliminating the Unnecessary" will be held in Saluda, June 3-5.
If interested in any of these workshops, contact Jim at 828 7493702 or visit Jim Carson, or email
William Jameson "Working Large" Art Workshop
jameson imageWilliam Jameson's "Working Large" Workshop is March 19-21.
This 3 day studio workshop will be a fun and intensive exploration of handling a large canvas. We will learn how to select compositions that "work" for large scale paintings and how to execute them without letting the size intimidate.
Painters will work in their choice of acrylic or oil.
We will begin with a "get acquainted cocktail party" on Thursday evening, March 18, at our home and studio. Each painting day will start with conversation related to studio technique over coffee, tea and pastries. There will be daily demonstrations working on a large painting. We'll break for lunch("Dutch") and conversation at one of Saluda's delightful cafes.
Please click here to register and to get additional information about the workshop and William Jameson. Or contact him at 828-749-3101 or email
Saluda Poet Makes Finals
Johnnie Kinard of Saluda has reached the semi finals of the "American Amatuer Poetry Contest" with his poem, "They."  Finalists will be announced in April with first and second prize winners.
Mr. Kinard has been writing poetry since high school and has been published in the National Anthology of High School Poetry in 1957 and 1958.  He is a member of the International Society of Poets.
Award-winning poem by Johnnie Kinard:

They may say when my work is ended

That I lacked all the gifts of the great

They may find in my work nothing splendid

And call it third or fourth rate.

They may pity me for even trying

To climb to a place on the heights,

And scorn all my efforts denying,

My soul was ever fashioned for flight.

They may turn from me when they have judged me

And permit me to rest where I've been laid

Ignored and forgotten by all.

They deem my struggles unimportant.

Saying I was destined to fall.

Better that; than be one of them,

Who never dreamed anything at all.

Events at Bullington Horticultural Center
Exploring the World of Tea
Bullington Horticultural Center
March 16    2:30-4:00pm   $10.00
Linda Beach will present a slide presentation on
various types of tea and how they are grown.
Enjoy a cup of tea of your own making afterward.
An Appalachian Spring
Bullington Horticultural Center
March 25   7:30pm   $10.00
Scott Dean, local naturalist, will present a
slide presentation of the area's indigenous
flowers and trees and their histories.
Best Perennials for Western NC
April 20  4:00-5:00pm   $12.00
Bullington Horticultural Center
Jean Claude Linossi, horticulturalist at the
Etowah Valley Country Club, will showcase
ornamental perennials that perform particularly
well in the mountains of Western NC.

Annual Spring Plant Sale
April 30 & May 1, 10:00-4:00
Bullington Horticultural Center
Perennials, herbs, heirloom vegetables,
small trees and shrubs and unusual
perennials will be sold.

Go to Bullington Center or call 828-698-6104 for more information.

From Interstate 26 & Highway 64 East:
Highway 64 East
Left on Howard Gap Road.
Go One Mile on Howard Gap Road
Turn Right on Zeb Corn Road
Turn Right on Red Oak Trail
Out of the Dark into the Light
It was a cold and dark night in Saluda on February 5 with trees popping and crashing all around taking with them power lines and broken poles.
duke energyDuke Energy crews were all over town securing our safety and assessing the damage.  As they climbed poles and sat in cherry pickers connecting the lines with winds gusting to 60mph they plodded along until we were all on again.  Along side of them were our TDS guys Brett, Nick and John getting phones connected and back on.
Thanks to all the crews who worked diligently in wintry conditions to give us back the warmth and safety of our homes.
"For everything there is a season,
And a time for every matter under heaven" 
(Ecclesiastes 3:1)
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Cathy Jackson,
Cathy Jackson Realty