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Where Time Stands Still
January 1, 2010

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Saluda Property & Real Estate

Cathy Jackson Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage representing Buyers and Sellers.  Let us know how we may serve your real estate needs. 
This comfortable home offers full time or second home living in an area with great neighbors. The open floor plan offers a large living space with a terrific kitchen. The split bedrooms add privacy and the master has a terrific walk-in closet. Lot is bordered by a creek on the front and one on the back and mountain views can be enjoyed from the front porch and the back deck. The unfinished basement can be a workshop, storage,exercise space. 2 BR, 2 BA, 1320 SF, 2.37 Acres MLS#455044  $185,000
Click here to see all Cathy Jackson Realty Featured Home Listings 
Fall and Winter are the Best Time to See Raw Land.  Make plans now to see your dream mountain property 
Saluda Senior Center
New Senior CenterSenior Center is open to the public and welcomes all Saluda citizens (at any age) to join in the activities and programs offered.
To see the regularly scheduled activities at the Senior Center please click here. 
Save These Dates Now!
Don't forget Wed. movie matinee @ 2pm. (6) The Soloist-109 mins, (13) Ghost of Girlfriends Past-100 mins, (20) Coco Chanel-139 mins. and (27) Indiana Jones-Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-122 mins. Popcorn and drinks available for $.50 each
Thurs. Jan. 14 @ 1pm, Travel with Bill Klippel, please call a day ahead to reserve lunch.
Thurs. Jan. 21 @ 5:30pm, Single Women United will have a potluck dinner. Bring a dish and enjoy a fun night.
Thurs. Jan. 28 @ 6pm, New Years potluck dinner.
Announcing Bridge lessons beginning Feb. 18 at the Saluda Senior Center. A series of weekly Thurs. classes from 9-11am for eight weeks. Cost for the series of 8 classes is only $80.00  Classes taught by Tollie Ross, an experienced certified bridge teacher. This is the first in a series of American Contract Bridge lessons for both beginning & advanced players. The first series is Bidding with focus on being able to bid more accurately with concentration on opening 5-card majors. Tollie's teaching philosophy is "let's have fun", so contact the Senior Center @ 749-9245 and join in!
Lunch is served daily at the center from 11:30am-12:30pm, call a day ahead to reserve.
A Thrifty Barn is loaded with fabulous bargains all the time. Volunteers for the meal program and A Thrifty Barn are always welcome. There is NO membership required to attend the Senior Center.
A Thrifty Barn is loaded with fabulous bargains all the time. Volunteers for the meal program and A Thrifty Barn are always welcome. There is NO membership required to attend the Senior center. 
Don't forget to check out A Thrifty Barn, Wed. 10am-4pm, donations & sales, Thurs. and Fri. 10am-4pm, Sat. 9am-3pm. Basement sales Sat. Mar. 07 & 21. Volunteers always needed, call 828- 749-3320 for more information.

Volunteers always needed.  Call 828-749-3320 for more information.
Women's Club Meeting
The Women's Club of Saluda will meet on Tuesday, January 12 at 10am at the Presbyterian Church fellowship hall.  This first-meeting-of-the-year is the one at which we divide responsibilities and do our annual planning.
Call Frances Fairey at 828.749.9714 with questions.
We welcome new members!

The Women's Club of Saluda is a service/social organization dedicated to helping Saluda become an even better place to live.  We include year-round residents and part-timers of all ages.  We work to raise money to support our projects and have a little fun along the way.  Our primary goal is to provide scholarships to deserving Saluda students.  In addition, we support the Medical Center, the Fire Dept. and the Senior Center ... all in Saluda, as well as other deserving organizations.  If you'd like to come see what we are all about, please join us at one of our meetings.  We meet the second Tuesday each month, at 10 am in the Presbyterian Church.  We welcome visitors each month. 
Meetings to Remember
Town Council meets second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the meeting room above the Saluda Library.
Saluda Business Association will meet Tuesday, January 5, at 5:30pm in the Meeting Room of the Saluda Library.
Planning Board of the City of Saluda meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30pm a Saluda Public Library meeting room.
Saluda Community Land Trust will meet January 6 and 20 at 3:00 at Saluda Presbyterian Fellowship Hall.  For information please call Betsy Burdett at 828-749-2161.

Saluda Garden Club

Sometimes we can believe everything we read, and while it may be true, we often need to read a little more to get the full picture.  Remember the article I wrote on ants a few columns pesky and irritating their stings can be and how we can get rid of them?  Well, all of that is true, but I was a bit shortsighted in looking at the bigger picture.  What was I thinking?
Ants are a very important part of the ecological chain.  More sophisticated gardeners would refer to them as rototillers, or partners in gardening.  They can actually turn over as much soil as earthworms.  Not only that they act as scavengers, collecting dead insects and turning them into fertilizer. They also disperse seeds such as bleeding heart, trout lilies, and many violets!
Ants also disturb herbivores and seed-eating insects by causing them to fall off the plants. I am reminded of the peony blooms I would often pin on a dress or jacket and within about 10 minutes I would be doing a St. Vitus dance to get them off of me!  (It's going to be hard to make friends with these critters!)
BUT, it is still true that some garden ants are a nuisance.  Fire ants need no explanation.
Imported red ants from South America are a greater problem damaging crops, causing a decline in the native ant population and even incapacitate machinery.  Now how are we going to tell the good guys from the bad guys?
And on the other end of the spectrum, ants provide food for other insects, spiders, frogs, birds, and fish.
All this new information just begs for more.  If you have any contributions you can make on this subject, please let me know.  I aim to please!
The next meeting will be February 15th at the library, 10:00 and we will be planning for the upcoming year.  Hope you can be there.

Sandra Rocks
Saluda Garden Club
Saluda Community Land Trust
In 2010 look for our "Preserving Saluda's Rural Small Town Character"! 
Our January meetings will be Wednesdays January 6 and 20 at 3:00 in the Presbyterian meeting room.
Have questions or want to know more about the Saluda Community Land Trust-- "Skillet"?  Go to our website at or call 828-749-1560. 
Yoga Class Schedules
Yoga with Cassandra Nelson 
Cassandra encourages Yoga to:
Lower your risk of illness and injuries from sports and work.
Find relief from chronic shoulder, back, neck, hip and knee pain.
Increase your strength and endurance, balance and flexibility. Choose to feel better. 
Gentle Yin Yoga             
Wednesday - 12:30pm 
Thursday - 12:30pm and 5:30pm 
Friday - 10:00 am (beginner's gentle class)
Power Yoga
Wednesday - 6:15 am
Chair Yoga
Tuesday - 2:15pm

Classes are for any and all levels, absolutely no flexibility is required.All classes are held in the studio below the Senior Center. If you have any questions please call Cassandra at 828-749-3794.
Yoga at NECTAR
Nectar is a healing/consciousness space located in the old The Meditation Station.  We offer Yoga, Herbs, Massage, Elixirs and a full Oxygen Bar.

Monday 12:30-6:00
Tuesday 12:30-7:00
Wednesday 9:00-2:30
Thursday 12:30- 7:00
Friday 12:30-6:00
Saturday 10:00-2:00
Sunday Closed

Yoga Schedule
Monday 12:30-1:30 (Vinyasa/Flow)
Tuesday 5:30-7:00
Wednesday 9:00-10:30
Thursday 5:30-7:00
Friday 12:30-1:30 (Vinyasa/Flow)
Saturday 10:00-11:30

*All classes are Mixed level and Anusara Inspired

Classes are $12 and $10 for Saluda locals.  Class Packages are also available.

You can reach us at (828) 216-3421 and visit our Website on its way at

backsideSaluda Medical Center

Saluda - Your Second Home?
Many of you have your second home in Saluda or nearby, where you may stay on weekends of for longer portions of the year, perhaps based upon the seasons.  If you are one of these "part-time Saludians" you probably have a primary care physician where you reside most of the year.  But what happens if, while in Saluda, you experience symptoms that need medical attention?  The Saluda Medical Center is there for you.  But we need for you to take a first step now; next time you're in town we ask that you drop by the Center and establish yourself as a patient, a step that involves a brief screening regarding your medical history and written permission to send for copies of your medical records.  This way you can maintain your primary medical care in your hometown but, should the need occur, can make an appointment at the Medical Center while in Saluda, and our providers will be able to diagnose and treat you based upon your medical history and concerns.  
The Masquerade Ball Photos are posted on  
To view photos: 
- Click on "Giving"
- Click on "Fundraising"
- Wait a few seconds for the slide show to load.
 -Anytime during the slide show you can:
 - Click on "View All Images" (should be just below and to the right of the photo images).

This will take you to the Saluda Medical Center Photobucket Account.  When it does, you will see the same slide show.  However, if you click on "SaludaMedicalCenter's Default Album" the site will load all of the still photos.  If you right click on any of the photos it should pull down several options, such as "save to", "print", etc.

Contact the Saluda Medical Center at 828-749-4411. 
Saluda Community Library
Paul Koenen



   Saluda Community Library
        Children's Program 
Wednesday's in January
"Taking Care of Baby" Preschool Storytime.  Bring your favorite doll or stuffed animal to storytime!..10:30 am
Thursday's in January

Bouncing Babies & Toddlers in Tow- 10:00 am

For more information about programs at the library, call 828-749-2117 or 828-894-8721 or visit the library website @ 

Painting of the Saluda Library by Paul Koenen and can be purchased at Saluda Fine Arts. A percentage of the proceeds go to the Saluda Library.
Saluda School
  Joe Adams  
Happy New Year!
School Starts Back January 4.
Visit to learn more about the North Carolina A+ Schools Program. 
Saluda Church Services

methodist church

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
The Rev. Paula C. Morton, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Norma H. Hanson, Vicar
8:00 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite I
9:15 a.m. - Sunday School
10:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite II with music.
Check their website for more programs and schedule changes Transfiguration

Saluda Presbyterian

Reverend Becky Stanley  
Adult SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Saluda First Baptist Church
Workship Service 9:45am
Sunday School 11:00am
Wednesday Meal 5-6 ($3)
Wednesday Services and Academy Classes 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Saluda Methodist Church
The Reverend Rob Parsons
SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Link to Churches in the Area

advent walk

 "1st Advent Walk" was held in Saluda on Sunday, December 6, 2009.  Over 60 people (from four churches in town), turned out for this walk.
The walk initiated by Louise Brezillac a member of the Saluda Methodist Church involved the Baptist, Presbyterian and Episcopal churches in the walk.  The walk included singing Advent Carols and each church giving a short presentation on the meaning of the Advent season.
 Submitted by Mary Reeves
News from Saluda Business Association
The Saluda Business Association appreciates the fine musicians who performed at SBA member businesses during Hometown Christmas.  We would like to recognize them and wish them a big Thank You!  They are: Jim Hall - Dulcimer,  Todd Neal, John Crutchfield, Will McIntyre - Mandolin Trio,  Micah Parsons - Violin, Saluda School Chorus, Skeeziks - Celtic Ensemble,
Ben Smith - Cello,  Robert Seiler - Keyboard,  Mike Reeves, Mark Levin & Rich Bauer - Saluda Ridge, Josh & Daphne Bickley - Violins, Suzuki Strings Players/Celtic Quartet, Troy Brooks - Alto Saxophone, Elaine Carr-Piano.
The Saluda Business Association (SBA) is pleased to announce
Colannelli Cabin as a new SBA member. Click here to check our their accommodations.
Visit , the official town guide website.
Saluda Classifieds
Available for rent:  510 square feet, office space on the corner of Main St. and Pearson Fall Rd in Nostalgia Courtyard.  Two rooms, bathroom and entry for $352.00 a month (includes both electric and water)  What a great deal!!  Call Debi @ 828-749-9224 (not available for residential use). 
For Sale - Cemetery lot in Saluda Memorial Park. Block A - Section 14 - Plot 2. The single lot is near the front as you enter the Park.  Contact Jane Singleton at 828-606-1148 or
Saluda Whitens for the Holidays
Saluda welcomed winter with a near-record breaking snow for December just in time for a picturesque white Christmas.  The drought of the last two years is a distant memory and replaced with over-flowing creeks, ponds, and lakes.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words then view the following pictures taken by Saluda residents to get the rest of the story....
 Around town snowBy Catherine Ross 
Nativity Scene in the snow by Joni Rauschenbach
megan ward
Snow at Lake Sheila by Cathy Jackson
Snow Wonders by Beverly and Carey Picardmegan ward

megan ward
Remember the Wooly Warm predictions?  All the brown megan wardsections suggest milder weather.  Looks like we may warm up toward the end of January!
What's Happening
purple onion 
Fred Whiskin on piano every Friday playing "Blues to Brubeck."
The Purple Onion will be closed January 1 through 8.
January Music Schedule
January 9 ­  Phil & Gaye Johnson
January 14  Aaron Burdett
January 15 ­ Uptown Jazz Quartet
January 16 ­ Deep River
January 21 ­ Shane Pruitt Band
January 22 ­ Trent Wagler & The Steel Wheels
January 23 ­ Acme Living Room Orchestra
January 28 ­ Valorie Miller
January 30 ­ The Smokey Joe Show
 Green River Boys
Joe AdamsThe Green River Boys invite you to Shaffer's Roadside Grill.  They are scheduled to perform every other Friday night at 6:00pm.  Check their schedule at Green River Boys.    They will perform at the Tryon Arts Center January 31 at 3:30pm.
Joe Adams
The Saluda Mountain Jamboree & Special Events Park  We look forward to kicking off the New Year in January with lots of good music and dancing, so keep in touch with the schedule on the website, " Party To The Beat" will be rocking in 2010!!
January/February Music Schedule
January 9    Crimson Rose
January 15   Southern Pointe
January 23   Kelly Road
January 30   Legacy
February 6   TBA
February 13  Sound Factory (Valentine's Day Party)
February 20  Southern Pointe

Joe AdamsThe Wine Cellar at the Saluda Inn                         
Closed January 1.  We are open Thursday and Friday's from 7-10.  Check for events calendar.
Check out Your Carolina to see Joni's latest appearance on Your Carolina Morning Show with Jack and Kimberly.  Joni has been coined as "Your Carolina Wine Expert" and appears once a month on the show to discuss wine topics.  The last show was about Champagne and Breasts!  Join in Monday, January 18 to see her next segment.
Sign up for weekly alerts from The Wine Cellar by emailing to and ask to subscribe to the weekly event notices.
For more information please call Joni at 828-749-9698 or email to
Getting Perspective Rightcabin watershed
Jim Carson, Saluda artist, will offer a unique workshop, Friday-Sunday, January 22-24, entitled "Getting the Perspective Right."
Jim usually gives outdoor workshops in June and October in Saluda called "Painting Fast and Loose, Eliminating the Unnecessary," with the aim of seeing large shapes and applying the paint quickly and confidently. However, the key to painting "fast and loose," with confidence,  is to have your drawing accurate at the beginning.
Consequently, Jim will be joined in January by Chris Sherry, an AIA architect from Atlanta Ga., who teaches perspective at Johns Creek Art Center and Quinlan Visual Art Center in Atlanta. Chris will conduct the first day of the workshop, which will consist entirely of drawing.  In the next two days Jim will teach the application of these drawing skills to achieve loose and spontaneous paintings.
The workshop will be held in Jim's studio, located above the Saluda Grade Café, in Saluda.  Jim will do daily demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be a critique of the day's work at the end of each day.
There will be a "get acquainted" gathering at Jim's studio on Thursday night, January 21.
The cost of the workshop is $300, and will include lunch each day, catered by the Saluda Grade Café.
For more information, contact Jim at 828 7493702 or visit, or email
Happenings at the Tryon Fine Arts Center and Tryon Arts & Crafts  
Tryon Arts & Crafts Events 
Jan 16-17 Bronze Clay workshop with Landen
Feb 6-7 Bladesmithing with Gerry Drew
Apr 30-May 2 Intermediate Blacksmithing with Doug Merkel

We hope to see you at some of these great workshops. For more information on each workshop please visit our web site at Tryon Arts and Crafts. For questions or more information, please call Dianna at Tryon Arts & Crafts:  828-859-8323  or Charlotte at 864-473-0317.
Tryon Fine Arts Center Upcoming Events Click here for more information and a schedule of events.

 Thanks from Saluda Senior Center Board
Happy New Year to Everyone and Thank You for a Wonderful 2009.
As we celebrate the funds raised from the Quilt Sales, Tree and Wreaths and the Christmas Gala, the Board of the Senior Center wishes to thank everyone for your support. 
A special thanks to Toni Gracia for the beautiful quilt she made and donated for a fund raiser.  Sales from the Quilt raffle raised $730.00 and the winning ticket was drawn on December 11 during the Saluda Hometown Christmas stroll.  Winner, Melody Gibson was presented with themelody gibson quilt at the Library that night.
Our freshly cut Christmas Trees and Wreaths were brought from the western NC mountains. We sold all the trees and wreaths and will use the funds to continue our landscaping project.  Please come by the center and look at the landscaping design given to us by Glen Franklin. We also received $1,000 from the Pedal Pusher Garden Club to begin the project.  We are so blessed to have the community support and we thank you ladies.
Our Christmas Gala was fabulous!  We want to thank Bob and Kathy Thompson for inviting us to the Orchard Inn.  We also wish to give a big Thanks to Betty Wilkerson, who chaired the gala and to Cathy Rhodes and Mary Lou Price who chaired the silent auction.  We wish to thank Kay from the Saluda Grade who prepared the food.  It was a big success and we would like to thank everyone who came and everyone who helped make it an occasion to remember

WE, the board want to thank everyone for the support for the past year and we all are looking forward to a wonderful 2010.  
Submitted by Judy Ward
Art Clues
Ideas for Creating and Enjoying Art


                           Art and Aging
Let's think of personal art over time. What is it like to be an artist as a child, an adult, and an aging person? In younger years we tend to be learning and competitive, desiring approval. As we age, we sometimes take on Beethoven's desire to create in solitude without need for approval.
Because art expression can develop and maintain curiosity, creativity and personal power, it can be a wonderful tool for maturation and mental health. Creating art can contribute to two important aspects of aging - spending social time with others and enjoying our own solitude.
As we age it's important to remember that personal power is not always physical, that solitude is as significant as socializing, and that creative curiosity helps maintain our mental health.  Losing words is not synonymous with losing the rhythm of poetry.  Because you can't remember names is a good reason to create rhythmical poetry and music, to carve wood and throw pottery. With interest and curiosity you can learn and do. Creativity wins out over other aspects of life. You are being open to a new experience.
The following Saluda artists, who gave me permission to call them "aging artists," (they are 60s to 80s) share their thoughts with you about how art has changed them and how they have changed art as they have gotten older.

megan wardSUSIE WELSH When Susie retired from being a school principal and moved to Saluda, she participated in workshops and demonstrations related to creating in clay. Now, she says ideas are flowing and she is learning new things, which she describes as good for the older brain. Her involvement with clay pottery and sculpting "gets me out and connected. Creating is satisfying when you get in real life what you visualize - and you can make money!"

mary brummetMARY BRUMMETT Mary retired in 1991, which was her first time to be able to concentrate on painting. For seven years she took art lessons several times a week. She also painted for two summers in France - in Monet's Garden! "Time refined my tastes and improved my skills.  Art keeps me going.  I can't imagine not doing it.  It gets me out and keeps me conscious."

megan wardJIM CARSON "When I was younger, art was a plaything for entertainment," says Jim. "NOW art is a fundamental part of my life."  He says it puts him in a better place and keeps him in balance.  In thinking of his future in art, he says, "I get paid to do what I want to do.  I don't need a vacation from art.  I want to paint."

sallySALLY THOMAS Sally began painting when she was 60 years old.  At first it was just for something to do.  Then she realized it was making her more observant in the world and that she had a talent she didn't know was there. "I would go by and glance at a painting and say - did I do that?" Sally says she doesn't need to be Rembrandt, but that art is very calming and soothing to her.
megan wardJOHN WADDILL Johnny says that getting older has brought about transitions in his art.  Although he has been an artist for a lifetime, he is now more selective.  For one thing, his imagery has changed because of moving from the beach to the mountains.  He now trusts himself to make up things more, spends more time painting and has changed mediums.  He discovered that when he recently had some pain that required him to sit rather than stand, he was able to do it fine, even though it's not his position of choice.

billWILLIAM RYAN Bill says "as I've gotten older, I feel freer to think about my art."  When he was young, he tried to follow the teachers and do what they said.  Now he says he is more courageous and doesn't worry about what others think.  "I do more to please myself."

Next month's Art Clues will be "Take a Turn, Don't Leave Your Wood Distressed."

Beverly Bowden Pickard
P.O. Box 751, Saluda, NC 28773

No Wonder I'm Fat!
author, Joe Adams

Joe Adams

I truly appreciate all the kind gifts I receive at Christmas.  It's wonderful to be remembered, and we really got to know the UPS man as he brought one box after another to the house.  But it seems like everything I got was edible.  Deliciously, so.
From a friend in Baltimore I received a tin of cookies from a famous old bakery up there...they tasted more like candy...chocolate covered morsels that melt into your mouth and send ten pounds to your belly.  And from a woman who used to work for me, I got three different kinds of cookies from another Baltimore bakery.  (Baking is big in Baltimore; all those German immigrants brought their best recipes when they came.)
One of my granddaughters got me some fancy blackberry jam and a jar of Carmel sauce.  I love blackberries...and fight with the birds to get the ones that grow by the road near my house.  Last season I decided to share with the birds.  Actually they get up earlier than I do and you know the saying, "The early bird gets the blackberries."
I got a coconut pound cake from an old friend in Maryland whom I have known since 8th grade.  Her husband died two years ago so last Christmas she didn't feel in the mood to cook and send
gifts.  But thank goodness she's back in the kitchen rattling those pots and pans.
I also got three pound cakes from one of my is chocolate, another is key lime, and the other one is cappuccino. They each feel like they weigh ten pounds.  These are real pound cakes.
We also had a Yule Log cake for Christmas Eve...a cake made in a jelly roll pan...filled with thick whipped cream...covered in thick chocolate and made to resemble a log.  It even had little mushrooms (made from meringue) on it.  Beautiful and tasty.
A friend of mine who is a blacksmith gave me a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and jelly..."to remember all those times when we were on the road together and ate nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."  I say it's the thought that counts because we also ate a lot of bar-b-que.
I got a box of Bissinger's chocolates...they are apricots covered part way with chocolate.  They are almost too beautiful to eat.  But I'll try.
My friend Charlie who has been my friend for sixty years always sends me a fruitcake which he makes using his mother's recipe.  Even though he has a big family, one by one they have told him to hold off on the fruitcakes.  Of course it broke his heart because he was hoping they would ask for the recipe before he dies.  I'm the only person that thanks him and eats the cake.  This year he was back in business in a big way because he had remarried after sixteen years of living alone.  His new wife has a big family so he was able to make fruitcakes for a whole new group.
I got some venison from one of my's not fattening unless you make country fried steaks out of it, which I do.  My sweet granddaughter shot this one.  She's quite a hunter and a good shot.
My children used to give me a box of chocolate covered cherries every year at Christmas.  The oldest one will soon be fifty and I was thinking that they had grown out of the chocolate covered cherry habit.  But, alas, there was a box of them.  From my wife.
I feel blessed with all these goodies and hopeful I'll get some visitors who will help me eat some of this stuff.  Otherwise I'll have to spend a bunch of money on new and bigger clothes.
Joe Adams

BUTTER BEANS FOR THE SOUL, a funny book by Joe Adams about growing up in the South is available at the Pace General Store in Saluda.

If you enjoy Joe's column in Saluda Lifestyles, please let him know. You can email him at
 Saluda Scoop
The latest news and the unusual offerings provided by Saluda shops, restaurants, artists, and craftspeople
megan wardTo celebrate a quarter century of being in business, Heartwood is offering $25 off all purchases over $100 in the month of January.  Visit Heartwood on Main street or their website Heartwood .  Congratulations Heartwood!

Buttercup Cottage is are offering a "Wine and Roses" buttercupspecial for all bookings at the Buttercup Cottage during February 2010.  Come to the Buttercup Cottage with your sweetheart anytime during February 2010 and we'll provide at no extra charge a bottle of wine and bouquet of roses.  The two-bedroom cottage is in Historic Saluda, only a half mile from Main Street.  February is the perfect time for sightseeing without the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds.  Spend the day exploring our beautiful area, then come home to the cottage and enjoy the cozy warmth of the fireplace.  Choose red or white wine...or champagne if you prefer, we'll take care of the rest.  Check us out at, then email us at for more information or to make a reservation. Pet friendly!

Tosh's WhistleStop Café will be open New Year's Day and offering freshly baked Wildflour Bakery breads.


backsideHappy New Year from Caroline's On Main at 101 Cullipher St.  Due to year-end inventory and expected higher than normal amounts of frozen precipitation, Caroline's will not post regular store hours for January and February.  We will be open by appointment and on occasional days when the OPEN flag will be flying.  Please call us at 828-749-9320 or at home.  If you would like to leave a message, we'll return your call as soon as possible.  For changes or updates, please visit the homepage of our website at  We wish for you a safe and happy 2010!

If you are away from us for the Winter, you can shop with us online at
megan wardCarolina Cottages wishes you Happy New Year!  Call us for all your homes needs. Now's the time to think about winterizing your get away....we have very reasonable rates!  Contact us at 828-850-2595 or 828-749-3747 or email
megan wardHappy New Year from Saluda Wine & Cheese Market.  Thank you to all our customers who supported us in 2009 and we look forward to serving you with even more offerings in 2010.   Visit our web site at Saluda Wine and Cheese. Contact us at 828-749-9463.
megan wardGreen River Hair Studio, proprietor/stylist Robert J Hernandez, would like to thank all of our loyal customers. We are celebrating our one year anniversary for doing business in Saluda. Come see why we are quickly becoming a local favorite for all of your hair care needs. Open M-F 10-6; Saturday 10-2. For an appointment, please call: 828-749-3744 Located at 46 E Main St. As always, walk-ins are welcome.
City Notes

Joe Adams

Keep up to date with city news at City of Saluda's website.
PBS Documentary Airs
Saluda stores, M.A. Pace General Store and Thompson's Store and Ward's Grill are featured in the documentary, Our Vanishing Americana based on a book by Mike Lassiter and produced by Scott Galloway.  The film premiered on WTVI PBS station in Charlotte on November 25.
This is a heartwarming tale of not only businesses vanishing in America but also the generations of people who started these businesses decades ago.
Thanks to your support and others all over NC, UNCTV has decided to broadcast this documentary sometime in May.
To give your encouragement and appreciation to UNCTV for broadcasting this documentary, please send an email by clicking WTVI Contact Us and let the producers know.
The Arctic Express Pulls into the Saluda Community Library
A frosty night, lots of holiday cheer, and a chance for more than 100 kids to learn about winter festivals all over the world.
For the first time this year, as part of the Saluda Hometown Christmas Stroll, the Saluda Community Library offered a special children's program.
The program was made possible by contributions from Saluda resident, Dr. Mike Dennis and the Saluda Women's Club.
The Arctic Express was a magical train ride around the world, blending education and entertainment to teach kids about holidays like: Diwali, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Lunar New Year, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and of course, Christmas.
arctic expressThe highlight of the program was when Conductor Steve provided a "magical snowfall."
Polk County Community Foundation
The Board of the Polk County Community Foundation created a new grant fund- Seasonal Assistance Grants for Charitable Programs- to help local organizations provide direct assistance to people in need of help this winter.  The Foundation created this $35,000 fund from its unrestricted funds.   Applications were received one week and checks were mailed the following week in order to provide timely assistance to many worthwhile seasonal programs.
Grants were awarded to Big Brothers /Big Sisters (Polk County) to provide gift bags of food for the holidays for the families of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters; to the Polk County Department of Social Services to help people in crisis heat their homes; and to the Polk County Middle School to provide basic clothing, personal hygiene items and school supplies to middle school students who need such assistance.
The Polk County Sheriff's Department received a grant to enable the distribution of toys, food vouchers and fuel oil vouchers to less fortunate people in the county.  Baskets of fruit and food staples will be delivered to elderly households in the Eastside community by volunteers at the Roseland Community Center who applied for and received a grant.  Steps to HOPE plans to use its grant to assist  its clients by purchasing toys, gifts and seasonal clothing for children and by helping clients with basic needs.  Food vouchers will be purchased with grant funds and distributed by the Columbus Fire Department. 
The Zion Grove A.M.E. Zion Church plans to use its grant to throw a Christmas social.  Its grant application stated, "During the holiday season, most charities will receive and distribute canned goods and non-perishable items.  Hopefully, most will get a home-cooked meal during the holiday season.  However, during these challenging times, it is probably very unlikely that the elderly or those in need will enjoy a night 'out to dinner'.  Most of us (those more fortunate) will attend some type of party or social gathering, but there are many needy families who continue to live day to day and stress from trying to make rent or utility payments."  Volunteers from five area churches, "Unity in the Community", are planning a catered dinner served by volunteers in a festive atmosphere with live music and singers to make needy families feel special and loved.  Those who attend will leave with a fruit or gift basket. 
The Polk County Community Foundation is able to make these grants because of funds donated to the foundation by local philanthropists who did not place any restrictions on their donations.  This allows the foundation the freedom to address the needs and wants of the community as they change from time to time.  Bertha B. Brown, John Lewis and Ramona H. Craddock, Paul Culberson, Marjorie Deobald, Harry and Dixie Evans, Paula St. George Joyce, Werner Mueller, Edwena Lee Ongar, Lawrence Pexton, Allan Safford, Dorcas R. Sparr, and Esther Wallace made recent unrestricted planned gifts to the Community Foundation.
For more information regarding grants, scholarships or charitable giving options, please contact the Polk County Community Foundation by visiting us at 255 South Trade Street in Tryon, calling (828) 859-5314, or checking our website  
January Healthy Lifestyles Challenge
Be kind to yourself!
January is the month that we all try to fix everything we messed up over the last year.  But things cannot be fixed in one month that took us a whole year to mess up.  We may have gained weight or let other health issues slide.   One of the worst things we can do is to be too hard on ourselves.  It took us a whole year to gain that extra weight or mess up other health issues.  Don't expect to fix it all in one month.
Be kind to yourself and fix what is wrong in your life slowly and with kindness to yourself.  Make a list of things that you want to fix in your life.  Take them one at a time and make small improvements.  Nobody is perfect.  We can all improve.  Start small and be happy with the small improvements in your life.  Look forward to a better year.  

Kathy St.Clair Angier
Pk-5 PE and Dance
Saluda School

Golf Cart Raffle Winner
brad callCongratulations, Brad Tuttle for winning the Golf Cart that was given away as a fund raiser for the Saluda Community Library.  Pictured here is the phone call Brad received that he had won and a picture of Brad, Cindy, and Anatasia Tuttle, Melody Gibson and Mr. & Mrs. Bob McCullough. tuttles 
With the proceeds received from this fund raiser, the library note was paid off!!  Good job, Saluda citizens.
Special Note:  Cindy Tuttle writes the historical accounts of people and places in Saluda Lifestyles.  You may see her riding around in the golf cart with a recorder in hand.  She plans on recording oral stories from Saluda's older citizens to capture Saluda's history.
Saluda Arts Festival - Call for Entries

megan wardCultivating and promoting its heritage in the arts, the Saluda Business Association invites you to enter your work in the seventh annual Saluda Arts Festival scheduled for May 15, 2010.  Showcasing fine arts and crafts from local and regional artists, the Saluda Arts Festival draws thousands of spring tourists visiting Western North Carolina. 


This is a juried art event offering cash awards to a diverse range of 2D and 3D artwork. 


The art show celebrates Saluda's art heritage, historic buildings, and the natural beauty of its mountains and waterfalls.


Completed applications and digital images must be postmarked  by February 15, 2010.  Notification of acceptance will be mailed in March.  Please visit to see more information and requirements and to download an application. 

For questions, please contact Susie Welsh at 828-749-3900 or Catherine Ross at 828-243-8696. 
Happy New Year!  A new year is always a good time to reflect on the past and start anew.  This year also starts a new decade.....betcha Saluda will look the same at the end of this decade as it has for the last century!
As Saluda Lifestyles starts it's fourth year, we wish to thank our subscribers for your contributions, feedback, and support.
Remember, All past Saluda Lifestyles are archived on the Saluda Lifestyles website
Cathy Jackson,
Cathy Jackson Realty