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May 1, 2007 
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Saluda's Art Heritage
Saluda has a rich art history.  Many talented artists have lived and worked here over the years, and several continue to call Saluda home.
Much of their work can be seen in galleries, restaurants and shops in town.
For this year's Saluda Art & Music Festival, we would like to introduce two Saluda artists that have received national and international acclaim-Stoney Lamar and Verne Dawson.
A presentation of these honored artists is on display at the City Hall bulletin board throughout May.
Saluda Community Tree Preservation Association Observes Earth Day and Arbor Day
Members of the Saluda Community Tree Preservation Association observed Earth Day Sunday, April 22 in the Saluda Cemetery preparing young trees for mulching.
The group, under supervision of Nancy Barnett, horticulturists began weeding and observed her pruning demonstration.
The trees, all native species, were planted for beautification, to provide shade in summer, and for a pleasant, meditative atmosphere for families and friends visiting loved one's gravesides. Several of the trees were planted with funds donated for memorial trees.  All trees were purchased through contributions.  Care and maintenance of the trees will be an on-going project of the association.
For more information about the association, please contact Ruth Anderson at 828-749-9718 or Judy Sienkiewicz at 864-292-0203.
By Ruth Anderson
Saluda Community Library
Paul KoenenMay Children's Events
Preschool Storytime will be held  at 10:30 am at the Saluda Community Library. All area preschoolers and caregivers are welcome. 
Preschool Storytime at the Saluda Community Library will feature stories and songs about Mother's Day.  Storytime is held at 10:30 am in the Children's Area. 
MAY 16
Preschool Storytime at the Saluda Community Library will feature stories about "Growing Gardens".  Storytime is held at 10:30 am in the Children's Area.  All area preschoolers and caregivers are welcome.
MAY 30
A "Happy Birthday" Preschool Storytime will be offered at the Saluda Community Library at 10:30 am.   This will be the final Preschool Storytime before the library's  Summer Reading Program begins in June.  Preschool Storytime will resume in August. 
For more information contact Joy Sharp at 894-8721.
Painting of the Saluda Library by Paul Koenen and can be purchased at Saluda Fine Arts. A percentage of the proceeds go to the Saluda Library.
Saluda Library Fund Raiser
The Saluda Library is proud to announce the raffle of a limited edition matted color photo titled "Last Excursion of Steam Engine 611."
The photo was taken on October 24, 1992, in the town of Saluda, by Terry H. Henshaw.  This documents the final trip for Steam Engine 611.  The train is now in a railroad museum in West Virginia.
The Saluda Grade is the steepest standard railroad grade in the US.  It is three miles long and creasts in Saluda.  Residents, visitors and train enthusists delighted in the sound and sight of daily steam engines and diesels.  To our dismay, no trains have graced our tracks since 1992.
Please show your support for the Saluda Library by purchasing your raffle tickets at the library and local events.  Tickets are $2 each or 6 for $10.
For more info, call the library (749-2117) or Melody Gibson (749-9683).
Saluda Senior Center
Senior Center is open to the public and welcomes all Saluda citizens (at any age) to join in the activities and programs offered.
Monday Activities Schedule
9:30 Walking Group
9:30 Line Dancing
10:00 NIA Class (not May 7)
12:30 Yoga
May 7 CPR/AED Training at 1:00
May 28 Closed for Memorial Day
Tuesday Activities Schedule
10:00 Bridge and Bridge Class
2:00 Chair Exercise
5:30 Yoga
Wednesday Activities Schedule
9:30 Walking Group
10:00 Trash Train
6:00 Yoga
Thursday Activities Schedule
9:30 Knitting Group
10:00 NIA Class
6:00 Yoga
May 3 Flat Rock Playhouse at 1:30
May 10 Board Meeting at 2:30
May 24 Sudoku at 1:00
Friday Activities Schedule
9:30 Walking Group
10:00 Trash Train
10:00 Chair Exercise
May 11, Birthday Celebration
The Senior Center serves warm nutritious lunches Monday through Friday from 11:30-12:30 at a cost of $3.00 a person.

The Saluda Senior Center provides many services to the growing retirement community in Saluda. Volunteers to provide these services are needed.

They encourage you to share your time to help deliver meals on wheels or work in A Thrifty Barn retail shop.
For more information about activities at Saluda Senior Center call Donna at 828-749-9245.
Basement Sale at A Thrifty Barn first and third Saturdays of the month.........great bargains!
Saluda Church Services

Joe Adams

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
The Reverend Paula C. Morton
8:00 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite I
9:15 a.m. - Sunday School
10:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite II with music

Saluda Presbyterian
The Reverend Gene Witherspoon
Adult SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Saluda First Baptist Church
The Reverend Ray Talley, Interim
SS 9:45 am
Worship Service 11 am & 6:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 pm

Saluda Methodist Church
The Reverend Tony Sayer
SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am
Coon Dog Day Poster Contest
Coon Dog Day Poster 2006Coon Dog Day Festival Opens Poster Art Contest to Area Artists

If you have ever been to Saluda's Coon Dog Festival you probably brought home two things: great memories and one of their posters. Local Saluda artists have been producing these sometimes artistic - sometimes campy posters for over 30 years and it has become a highly sought after collectors item. In 2006 they opened up the contest to artists of western North Carolina. From last years entries a wounderful design by Laura Norris was selected, and we are looking forward to more entries capture the spirit of this fun and unique festival.

Contestants must submit their artwork by Wednesday, June 6, 2007, to: CDD 2007, CO:Scott Varn, 201 Cumberland Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 or Inquiries can be made to the same e-mail address or call 273-5383.

Artwork will be judged by a committee comprised Saluda Community Library officers, artists, and Saluda residents.

The winning artwork will serve as the commemorative poster for the festival and will be used in festival marketing and advertising. The artist will get a copy of the poster, a t-shirt, and will be provided a free 10'x10' booth space at the Coon Dog Day Festival so that they can display and sell artwork. The winning entry will be announced by June 12, 2007.

Proceeds from the poster and t-shirts with the same design will go to benefit the Saluda Community Library. The competition will be juried by artists and residents of Saluda and will be judged on how well the design represents the town and the festival.

The festival itself has been going on for over 40 years. It originally began back in 1963 as a picnic to mark the end of the raccoon hunting season. Today it is much larger, attracting thousands of people annually in celebration of a breed of dog most famous for it's distinctive howling at the foot of a tree. Activities include a firehouse breakfast, crafts, art, food, live music, a parade, street dance, and an AKC dog judging. Also, there is still a nighttime coon hunt contest - not for raccoon pelts, but to test raccoon treeing skills.

Saluda itself is famous for having the steepest mainline standard gauge railroad grade in the United States and still has the historic station in the center of town. Most people come to Saluda to enjoy one of the last remaining small towns with active general stores and a relaxed way of life. The winner of the contest will receive recognition as the selected artist as well as a festival booth so that he or she can display and sell his or her own artwork.

For more information contact:

Festival coordinator at City Hall: Doris Marion 749-2581

Saluda Library: Melody Gibson - - 749-9683

Contest submissions: Scott Varn - - 273-5383

Submission forms are available at the Saluda Community Library, Saluda City Hall, or online at

Above is winnning poster for 2006 Coon Dog Day.
More Coon Dog Announcements
Joe AdamsGet information and register for Coon Dog Day 5K Run.
Enter Coon Dog Day Parade.  Call Doris Marion at 828-749-2581.

Wanted - Marching Band

We are looking for some musicans that would like to march or ride in the Coon Dog Day parade this year. Mountain music would be grand, band music would be great, but it would be delightful to have some music filling the air this year. Please call Ammie Weymer at 697-3371 and leave a message, if you would like to participate or know of someone who would.
City Notes
Joe Adamsby Mayor, Rodney Gibson

The Mayor and Board of Commissioners have been holding budget workshops for the past few months and there are several facts and issues that are driving the process and options available to us as a community.

As we are experiencing in our private lives, the costs of many things continue to rise. In addition to the many unfunded regulatory requirements that are placed on governing bodies, we have a continuing dynamic of nature, governance and public demands that continue to drive up the costs of living in Saluda. By example:

  • Human Resources costs including severance packages, disability and insurance costs continue to rise faster than inflation. The competitive salary costs of law enforcement has increased because of many factors including the drain on available professionals that are called to duty in the Middle East wars. We have lost many of our "home trained" police to other agencies (Federal, State & local) and will now have to bear the cost of replacing them and training new recruits.
  • Emergency response costs have increased because of hurricanes, ice and wind storms that have hammered our area in the last several years. We have been fortunate enough to obtain some FEMA support but we expect that over $200,000 of costs will not be reimbursed. Most of the past costs have been paid from our emergency fund (Fund Balance) but State law requires that we replace those funds.
  • The price of energy has increased almost 40% on average over the last 3 years. Everything from the power and light bills to the costs of driving City vehicles has increased significantly.
  • County services such as the maintenance and operation of the solid waste transfer station are now being directly billed to the City. We will now have to pay an assessment required by the State on top of our base fees with our service provider.
  • The costs of maintaining and operating our water and wastewater system have continued to increase. We recently received notice from the State of North Carolina that we will have to spend more money maintaining rights of way for our water and sewer lines. Looming in the not too distant future is a requirement that we capture and treat stormwater before we release it back to the creeks. Additionally, we need to continue to invest in new systems and technology that will bring our long-term costs down such as an automated meter reading system that has less than a 2 year pay back period.
  • We have been and continue to be behind in maintaining our streets, sidewalks, parks, cemetary and buildings (especially City Hall). We have had to make investments in surveillance systems for the City Park and Library to stop what seems to be rampant vandalism by juveniles. The investments have been very successful but it's a cost that was not there before.
  • Our attorney costs have increased as we have begun to manage the risks associated with our very litigious society. Issues such as zoning, regulatory compliance, self-serving third-party lawsuits, grant administration and day-to-day operations provide opportunities for the "disaffected" to continue their campaigns of punishing the masses. Prudence requires that we involve our legal counsel more actively in our decision processes. This means increased costs.
  • In response to public demands, we have increased our expenditures on infrastructure including the addition of leaf collection and post-storm clean up of debris. These expenses are not insiginificant.
  • Saluda now enjoys a popularity that energizes our volunteers and business organizations to create new festivals and events to bolster business revenues and charitable contributions (all positive things). However, there is a cost that has come with providing support and public safety for these events that comes from the City resources.

Over the last several years the citizens of Saluda have been confronted with significant increases in County tax rates as well as increases in our Fire Department assessments. In this environment, we have fought to find ways to save in our City operations as well as delay expenditures where we had some flexibility. As an example, in 2005 our citizens absorbed a $0.0925 increase in County taxes and an additional $0.01 increase in our Fire assessments. As we all know, increases in taxes at the County level typically do not provide increases in services at the local level. Nothing in the increases provided the City of Saluda with an opportunity to decrease or hold constant our taxation levels. The dilemma is that our costs were increasing as fast if not faster than the costs of governing Polk County.

The Mayor and Board realized at that time that passing any significant increases in taxes or assessments would severely stress many of our citizens (some of who could be considered Founders). We chose to delay or stretch-out any increases as long as we could to allow our neighbors to adjust as best they could. Foregoing tax and fee increases resulted in less investment in repairing and maintaining our streets, buildings, parks, cemetary and police during a period where we have experienced unprecedented service growth. Needless to say, this is not a sustainable condition.

On the other side, we have developed a more long-term budgeting strategy instead of the year-to-year (some say day-to-day) budgeting strategy used in the past. The value of a long-term budgeting strategy is three-fold.

  • It provides each of us as taxpayers the opportunity to see and understand in advance the impact of tax rates on our own personal finances and allow us to plan accordingly.
  • It provides the City opportunity to plan expenditures over longer periods of time to address infrastructure and resource deficiencies in a rational, deliberate manner.
  • It keeps the tax rates lower over the long term and allows us to minimize the impacts of the property re-evaluations that will occur in 2008.

In evaluating our current budgetary needs over the next five years, we are better able to manage investments that will keep costs lower in the long run. Unfortunately, the "perfect storm" of events over the last few years has placed us in a position where a tax increase of $0.08 will be necessary just to meet our current obligations. We have also recognized that there are many precious citizens in our community that are vulnerable to tax and service fee increases. We are committed to finding ways such as the "Homestead Act" exemptions and reduced service fees to help these folks to maintain their lifestyles in our community. It is critical that we find a way to keep our community whole and the Board and Mayor are committed to doing just that.

Rodney Gibson, Mayor
City of Saluda
A Personal Tribute
Congratulations to Toni and Rafael Garcia, long-time summertime residents at Lake Sheila, Saluda.  Toni donated one of her kidneys to her husband Rafael.  Everyone is doing well and Toni hopes to be at her lake retreat by June. 
Toni quilted "The Saluda Grade" and donated it to the Saluda Library as a fund raiser which brought in more than $600 to benefit library programs.
I know all Saludians wish them the best.
Cathy Jackson
4th Annual Saluda Arts & Music Festival
Saturday, May 19

Waddil Arts Festival

Four years ago, the Saluda Business Association launched the first Saluda Arts Festival.  The purpose of the festival was to boost local businesses after a slow winter and before the busy summer season picked up. 
With 18 artists and craftspeople, little promotion, and to the surprise of everyone, the town filled with people.
After three successful events, this year an all-day music venue has been added.
More than 50 artists and craftspeople from North Carolina and South Carolina will be exhibiting fine oils, watercolors, and acrylic paintings, pottery, jewelry, stained glass, woodturning, sculptures and many more creative and unique crafts.
The festival starts at 10 am and the last music venue ends at 7:30 pm.  Exhibitors will be located in the parking lots in Downtown Historic Saluda on Main Street at:
  • Nostalgia Court
  • Ryan/Boyle/Arrington
  • Curtis Wright Outfitters/Tosh's WhistleStop Cafe
  • US Postoffice/Caroline's Gifts
  • McCreery Park
  • Saluda Station/The Depot
  • Saluda Public Library

Music Schedule at the Caboose

 (at Saluda Station behind Depot)

10:00-10:30 Matt Templeton, Guitarist

11:00-1:30  Bob Belmont Ensemble:

Bob Belmont, Guitar, Frank Beeson-Bass Guitar, Angelo Zollo-Drums. Special Guests

1:30-2:30 Tom Fisch,SongWriter/Guitarist

3:00-3:45 Susuki Violins Directed by Jan Dougherty

4:15-5:30  Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four - Ragtime, Jazz

6:00-7:30  Russ Wilson and the Nouveau Passe Orchestra Big Band, Jazz, Swing

Awards presentation will be at the Caboose between 2:30 and 3:00.
Come out and enjoy and support the creative talents of local and regional visual and musical artitsts.
Painting by John Waddill and available at Saluda Fine Arts, 46 East Main Street, Saluda.
What's Happening

Waddill Saluda Main Street

Saluda Fine Arts announces the opening of an exhibit by John M. Waddill. "Some Realism and a Bit of Expressionism" is how he describes the paintings that will be on display from Saturday May 26 through Saturday, June 9. You can expect several large oil paintings of Saluda street scenes as well as some new figurative paintings and other surprises.

The opening reception is Saturday, May 26, 6:00 - 7:30 at Saluda Fine Arts, 46 East Main Street, Saluda NC. The party will include wine and refreshments.

Waddill is a native of this area, having been born in Greenville, SC. He attended Furman University, where he developed an interest in the creative arts. He has studied at Ringling School of Art and at Parson's School of Design. His art experience has included working as an illustrator, designer and teacher as well as a "realistic and expressionistic" painter. A resident of Saluda, he is a good representative of the high quality art colony that lives in this historic town.

Waddill's history as an artist also includes several one person shows, many awards and representation in several universities and museums.

By Beverly Pickard

Heartwood Gallery
Presents Bears and their Habitats, photographs by Bill Lea and paintings by Mike Bedoian April 1-May 31.

Amy Sanders potteryHeartwood presents North Carolina Potter, Amy Sanders and invites you to an artist's reception May 4 from 5-7pm.

Amy Sanders is a potter who creates stoneware vessels that are both functional and uniquely visual.  Her Work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, in several publications and at American Craft Council Show.

CarltonMay is an excellent time to fly fish for mountain trout. Curtis Wright Outfitters offers 1/2 day ($175) or full day ($275) wade trips for trout and 1/2 day ($250) or full day ($350) float trips for trout or smallmouth bass. Price covers 2 anglers, gear, instruction, transportaion, snack/drink, and lunch (full day only). A third angler can be added to wade trips for an additional fee. We look forward to hosting you on the water, so give us a call at 828.749.3444 to book your guided trip.
Morgan Auction & Realty provides real and personal property sales and business liquidation.  The firm auctions antiques and collectibles two and three times a month.  Next scheduled auctions are May 5 and 19 at 7pm.  The Auction House is located conveniently off Ozone behind the Apple Mill.
The popular Green River Boys perform at the City Club Grill Restaurant May 4 and 18 at 6:00pm. You can contact the City Club Grill at 749-1800.  Green River Boys
The Purple Onion will feature Jackson Crossing - May 20 - as part of the Purple Onion Cafe Sunday night concert series.  Performance starts at 7 pm. Tickets are $15 per person. Contact the Purple Onion at 749-1179 to make reservations. Jackson Crossing
Meetings to Remember
Town Council meets second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the meeting room above the Saluda Library.

Saluda Business Association meets first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 in the meeting room above the Saluda Library.
Artist, Jim Carson has scheduled his spring plein air workshop in Saluda from Thursday, May 31 through Saturday, June 2. Also included is a "get acquainted" party at Jim's home on Wednesday night, May 30.

The workshop is entitled "Painting Fast And Loose" and will feature wonderful outdoor painting sights, concentrating on simplifying shapes and applying paint quickly and confidently. There will be an emphasis on color harmony, painterly marks and composition.The cost of the workshop is $300. To learn more click on the link provided and visit Jim's web site or call 828 749-3702
. Jim Carson
Random Arts May Workshop Schedule
Sat. 5th - Art and Soul Retreat Hampton, VA
Fri 11th & Sat 12th - Michael DeMeng/Assemblage Artist here in Saluda
Michael and Jane have decided on the following workshops for May.... Cigar Box Shrine and the "Head Sea Scrolll." Jane knows that sounds weird but if you go to his web site or to Somerset Magazine you will see his fabulous project. Beginners welcome.
Click here to sign up and get registration policy information.
Random Arts Workshops
Low Country Boil is May 12 at 5:30 at Camp Wayfarer off Hwy 176 at Red Bird Song Lane.  Price is $50.00 and includes food, music and fellowship with friends and neighbors.  The Low Country Boil is a fund raiser for the Saluda Women's Club.  The proceeds provide scholarships and donations to the Saluda Medical Center and the Saluda Fire Department.
Your Art's Desire Gallery
is offering art classes this summer in May and June. Fun with Clay will explore hand-building with slabs on Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons at 2:00, taught by Merci Weitzen.

Jewelry Making will be taught by Ellen Miles, exploring fused glass, and precious metal clay techniques.  please call 749-3154 to schedule a time.

The Gallery is seeking new artists to join and exhibit their work. Your Art's Desire is located behind the Wildflour Bakery, downstairs from the Gardener's Cottage.

Saluda Garden Club meets Monday, May 21 at 2 pm in Saluda Library.  Debbie Hahn will speak on "composting."
Spring Litter Sweep
It had rained all night and the morning looked "iffy."  Despite that, nine members of the Saluda Business Association along with a strong contingent of Green River Adventures staff met up at the Green River Bridge early Sunday morning April 15. 
The mission they chose to accept--pick up the tremendous amount of litter strewn along 4.7 miles of route 176
running west from Saluda toward Hendersonville.
Armed only with gloves, orange bags, a few pick sticks and dashing orange vests, they slogged through ditches and clambered up hillsides.
By the time the thunderstorms rolled in, a remarkable amount of trash had been picked up and 80 bags awaited collection by NCDOT.
Since collection wasn't until Friday, the bags were exposed to the high winds all week and some had to be retrieved from down embankments.  And then on Friday, NCDOT stopped at the city livits leaving five bags uncollected.
Thanks to Green River BBQ for offering their dumpster for disposal of those bags.
And thank you to those who offered their time and muscles they don't ordinarily use to make North Carolina and the road to Saluda more beautiful.
By Ben Iobst, Salamander
Mr. Somebody Rides Again
Joe Adam's faceby author, Joe Adams
Years ago when I sold my businesses in Washington and moved to Hilton Head Island, I was at an opening reception for an art show and somebody gave me a name tag that said, "Mr. Nobody."  They thought it was funny.  Apparently a lot of guys who move here have trouble adjusting to going from Mr. Somebody to Mr.Nobody overnight.  I was happy to become Mr. Nobody.
But last week I became Mr. Somebody again.  My wife and I went to Little Rock for a reunion of people who had served on
President Clinton's Advisory Committee for the Arts and they really made us feel special.
We stayed at the Peabody Court Hotel.  Like the one in Memphis, they have the famous ducks who literally march out to the lobby from the penthouse roost every day as strains of John Philip Sousa music plays.
They hop up into a fountain area
and spend the day amusing guests.  (Actually they're just like the ones we have at Lake Sheila (Saluda). There's a drake and four hens.  I figured they must be Mormons.
We got a private tour of the Clinton Presidential Library.  It's very modern and people have said it looks like a very contemporary, from-outer-space trailer.
But it has already become quite an attraction.
We got a special tour of President 
Clinton's penthouse apartment atop the building and the tour was led by the interior designer for his apartment (and she was  also the interior designer for the presidential residence at the White House for 8 years.)
Although it's beautiful, it's not what  I  would call cozy.  I don't think he spends a lot of time there because I checked out the refrigerator and there was nothing in  it except for a couple of Cokes and a jar of pickles.  I should have taken a picture. I doubt that there are many people who can say they have seen the inside of a president's refrigerator. 
The apartment is glass on all sides so you can see North Carolina to the east and California to the west and Missouri to the north.  Really fantastic views.  There's an old railroad bridge that crosses the river right by the library.  They had planned to tear it down but in a moment of good sense they decided to turn it into a walkway...and already things are perking on the other end of the bridge.
Heifer International has built their world headquarters near the  library.  Heifer is a wonderful charity that's famous for sending
farm animals of all kinds to families in Africa, South America and  other countries.  You can donate money and specify what kind of animal you want to send.  I send animals in people's names who  have died...much better than flowers.  I've sent a goat and a few flocks of chickens.  The idea is that poor families get a goat  that they can milk; make cheese from. Or if they get chickens,  they get eggs to eat and to raise more chickens.  There was a   great story on national television recently of a young African woman who sold eggs from their chickens  to pay for schooling; she had just graduated from college in the U.S. thanks to the money she had made from her egg deals.  Heifer is going to do "villages" all through the area near the headquarters showing  the countries and people they support.
But back to the High Faluten...the night after the tour, we went   to the interior designer's Italian Villa for a Tuscany dinner.  It really WAS an Italian Villa...well, it looked better than most  Italian Villas.  She  spent three years building it and it was designed for entertaining.  A tented bar was set up in the entrance courtyard.  I normally don't drink but I couldn't resist  the Melon martinis.  Martinis with cubes of cantaloupe on a stick.  Lord, what won't they think of next.  The bartender told me that martinis are very big now.  You don't need many to get a buzz  on.   The next day we went to the Little Rock Country Club for brunch.
Very fabulous buffet.
Then the next day we flew home.  Coming from the airport my  wife wanted to know if I wanted to get anything to eat on the way home. She was stuffed from all the partying.  But I told her  to drive through McDonald's and get me a Double Cheeseburger.   You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the  country out of the boy.
Saluda Scoop
The latest news and the unusual offerings provided by Saluda shops, restaurants, artists, and craftspeople

Tosh's WhistleStop Cafe is now making whistlestopSorbet and will have Gelato in the next two weeks.

The month of May marks the second anniversary for The Saluda Mountain Jamboree.  These first two years have been a time of growth and change.  The Saturday night dance continues to grow and more private events are being booked on the calendar.  Linda and Bob Whitaker thank everyone who has supported the Jamboree and look forward to another good year.  Check the listing of performing bands and the schedule of events at Saluda Mountain Jamboree.
Saluda Medical Center has launched a new website. Visit it at Saluda Medical Center.
P.R. Mintz has opened a Hunting Supply business next to Don Mintz Builders on Ozone.
Rent a bike at Keith's Triathlon and take a spin around Saluda.  For prices and reservations, give Keith a call at 828-749-1816. 
Saluda in the News. Saluda was featured in the May issue of  Carolina Homes and GardenStoney Lamar was also featured. The April issue of Spartanburg Magazine featured Saluda
Frank & Amy's Front Porch Opens New Season at Saluda Station
Front PorchMay Concert Schedule 
All Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Shows begin at 7 p.m.  Sunday Performances begin at 2 p.m.
Sat May 5   BOB BELMONT ENSEMBLE - Traditional jazz Standards

Sun May 6 TBA

Fri May 11  THE WINDJAMMERS - Dixieland Jazz - more fun than you can imagine

Sat May 12 HICKORY GROVE - traditional bluegrass/gospe
Sun May 13 TBA
Fri May 18  TOM FISCH - acoustic country/folk

Sat May 19 SALUDA ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL- music begins at
11 am and continues all day. Festival closing concert featuring Russ Wilson and The Nuveaux Passe Orchestra begins at 6 pm.

Thurs May 24 THE LONESOME ROAD BAND - bluegrass and more - individual members of this group have worked with the likes of Dolly Parton, Allison Krauss, and Roger McGuinn. Plus featuring Charles Wood. 2006 National Banjo Champion

Fri May 25 ST. JOHN'S BRASS -  Jazz brass quintet

Sat May 26 "ALVA DE CANDELA" - 10 piece Salsa Band

Sun May 27 RICH WILLEY JAZZ BAND - Rich is an alumni of the late Maynard Furgeson's Band

Frank & Amy's Front Porch Concert Schedule
Delights of Spring
By Bonnie Joy Bardos Charlie
With the world in turmoil, things uncertain and so unbalanced: there's one thing that will remain the same: comforting to the heart and soul, and that is the delight of spring, once again.  The first daffodil of springtime.  The appearance of the first blue bird.  Fresh, hot coffee on cool mornings.  Warm cinnamon rolls right out of the oven.  A field of lavender flowers surrounded by impossibly bright green grass.  The fuzzy little gray donkey with wobbly legs, and long soft ears peeking over the Morgan's fence.  A bouquet of bright pink tulips.  The sound of soft spring rain dancing on a tin roof.  The scent of a brand new pure spring day: sweet, tender breeze.  Cool sprigs of grass under bare feet.  Old hearts that feel renewed and alive again - such is the magic of spring.  The surprising color of budding spring leaves against blue sky.  The birds' early morning chorus.  The first hummingbird, flashing iridescent wings, soft whir and flitting away. The mourning doves calling softly in the distant fields.  Dandelions poking yellow smiles out in green lawns.
These words intially appeared in the now-defunct Saluda Signal. I miss the Signal! However, Cathy Jackson has encouraged me to share my words with the on-line community and her "Saluda Lifestyles," so here goes.
In being nostaglic about the Saluda Signal, I find myself missing other things gone-by also, especially the folks I met during my years here.  Press Middleton and his well-worn overalls and oft-told stories, parked on a town bench in front of Charlie's.  Hugh Morgan and his tales of the Little People (which always accompanied him along his boot-clomping walks up and down Greenville Street).  Nancy Ogdon and her artistic soul and wonderful memories.  Miss Bertha and her generous heart and big smile.  Dottie Stoney and her love of plants and nature and so many others.
Each and every one made a place in my heart, and I hope I in theirs in return.
Saluda became 'home' to me because of the people. I think of Charlie always down sweeping the sidewalk.  Robert still tending the store, and other 'old-timers' that still are with us. Times are a'changin' all over the world and the winds of change blow here too. Perhaps more than I'd like. For instance, I watch the peaceful cows with their spring calves and apple orchards disappearing all around, more and more houses move in, more traffic, more cars. Used to be winter in town was down-right dead, and most of us year-rounders loved it that way. For our downtown businesses, that is more of a blessing, to get more income during winter months, so I won't begrudge them that! There's an energy to the summer months, when summer people come. However, I do want desperately to always see cow pastures, friendly cows amid the green vistas, stands of trees, dirt roads, apple orchards and happy bees foraging in my garden, and all the things that add to the serendipity of Saluda. Charlie doesn't know it, but I never fail to feel delighted when I drive by and see him out there sweeping or visiting with folks. I like knowing he's there--and I know I can rely on the fact he's got the best fresh ground chuck in 500 miles. That there's Robert's truck in front of his store. There goes Marcus on his noon day walk. These are precious and tangible reminders of the place and family we call Saluda. It's endangered, folks, whether we feel it or not. If we let all the green vistas disappear, and countless cookie-cutter subdivisions eat countryside up, the cows vanish, what will we have? We'll be like everybody else. The old-timers knew we weren't like everybody else around here: and that's something to keep precious and keep alive in their honor.
Property of the Month
Joe AdamsCalling for Creativity

Driving through Saluda and admiring the homes, one appreciates the creativity that shines in this mountain community. The placement of the homes shows respect for the topography of the lots and shows respect for the privacy of both the homeowner and the neighbors. The landscaped gardens show the creativity of the gardener and the beauty of indigenous plants. Occasionally, a home boasts its own name showing yet another creative touch added to our town.

Our featured listing at the corner of Seminary and Towhee is calling for your creative touch. This vacant lot offers you the opportunity to add your creative ideas to the beauty of Saluda.

Which street would you face, Seminary or Towhee? What design would suit your lifestyle and reflect the feel of the community? What layout for your garden would compliment both the topography of the lot and the design of your home? What plants would you choose? What name would you give to your home?

What creative touch can you add to Saluda for our town to enjoy in the near future and for generations to come?

Call Cathy Jackson Realty for details on the vacant lot in downtown Saluda.

Concert Raises Over $8,000
Frank Amy JebAmy and Frank Beeson, from SALUDA MUSIC, issue a check to Jeb Bolton in the amount of $8638.00. These are the proceeds from the benefit concert held April 6th at THE TRYON MOVIE THEATRE.
Donations are still being received, and can be mailed to JEB BOLTON BENEFIT
PO Box 112
Saluda, NC   28773
Frank and Amy send heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of support.
Petal Pushers Garden Club
Petal Pushers Garden Club is a Federated Garden Club, founded on June 24, 2005, and federated on July 13, 2005.  The Club is non-partisan, non-commercial and non-sectarian.
The Club meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 3:00pm from April through October.  The meetings are held in the Saluda Town Library Conference room.  The topics are selected with the objective to "stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to encourage home beautification, and to improve the knowledge of horticulture."
As an annual project, the Saluda Library is decorated for Christmas prior to the Hometown Christmas by the Petal Pushers Garden Club.  Shades and Valences for the Saluda Library Conference room were donated by the Club in 2007.
The Petal Pushers are currently inquiring about a civic gardening project to undertake in the future.
For more information about joining the Club please contact Edie Campbell, President at 828-749-1212.
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