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November 1, 2006

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Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!!!
Coon Dog Day Banner

Driving around Saluda this time of the year, you may get stopped by a flock of wild turkey crossing the road in forage of insects, acorns and berries.

If Benjamin Franklin had his way, these gangling birds would have been our national bird instead of the bald eagle.

There's a whole flock living behind Myrtle Phillips house on Greenville Street and will fly right across your windshield.

Wild Turkeys are thinner than domestic turkeys and grow to about four feet long. Males and females can be told apart by the breast feathers. Males' breast feathers have black tips, females are brown.

When you see wild turkeys grazing they could be feasting on a number of things. They eat insects, spiders, snails, slugs, salamanders, small lizards, small frogs, millipedes, grasshoppers, very small snakes, worms, grasses, vines, flowers, acorns, buds, seeds, fruits, clovers, dogwood, blueberries, cherries, hickory nuts, beechnuts, and other vegetation.

For most of the year, they travel in small single-sex flocks. Females are with females, males with males. Young turkeys follow their mothers.

Saluda residents have grown accustomed to seeing these large birds feeding along the road sides and fields. For visitors to Saluda, viewing this wildlife so close to town is an unexpected treat.

Turkey Trot
by author, Joe Adams
Joe Adam's face

More than once I've seen a flock of prancing Wild Turkeys on Trammel Gap Road near Lake Sheila. They're high-stepping birds...and fast. They know it's November and none of them want to be the centerpiece on a Thanksgiving dinner table.

Back when my father-in-law was still alive, we always had wild game for Thanksgiving. He insisted on shooting a couple of ducks and a goose. We knew he had shot them because we had to pick buckshot out of our mouth as we ate them.

We had fresh shucked oysters right out of Chesapeake Bay where the best oysters in the world grow. We roasted them on an outdoor grill, covering the oysters with a burlap bag soaked in salt water.

Sometimes we had squirrel, rabbit and possum. I never told my daughters what we were eating or they would have insisted on going to MacDonald's. I used to tell my father-in-law that he couldn't shoot anything or catch anything from the Bay that I couldn't cook. It became a challenge to him. We had venison, shad roe, softshell crabs, ell.

He thought I was a magnificent cook and he grew to love me. (The way to a man's heart IS through his stomach, even if he's your father-in-law.) In reality I had bought a cookbook called MARYLAND WAY that came out to celebrate the Bicentinneal. It had old colonial recipes for all the game and fish. I never told him my secret because it would have disappointed him. He thought I was a natural born cook, especially after he tasted my squirrel stew.

Happenings and Events

"The Purple Onion has started monthly "listening concerts" for those who want to hear really good singers and song/writers and the music that they produce. On Sunday, November 12, Jack Williams will appear. While he has performed at the cafe in the past, this will give you an opportunity to discover why Tom Paxton calls him ". . .one of my all-time favorite pickers" and Mickey Newberry says that he is ". . .an American treasure." The performance starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 per person and there is limited seating." For more information please click on the Quick Link provided to take you to the Purple Onion's web site.

Friday Night Art Party and Fashion Show in Downtown Saluda

Celebrate autumn changes along Main Street in Saluda! Saluda artists invite you to welcome crisp fall evenings on November 3, 2006 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Kicking off the Art Party will be a fabulous "Tea & Chocolate" fashion show from 4:30 to 6:30 above historic Ward's Store on Main Street. Saluda artist and designer Karen Dickson will feature unique fashions shown on live models. Tea and chocolate will be served; tickets are available in advance by contacting 749-9649 or 749-3154, and at the door.

Strolling down historic Main Street you will experience fine, folk, and fun art while soaking in the "sounds of Saluda" musicians. Participating galleries and shops will be offering free spirits and refreshments.

Your Arts Desire, located in the Nostalgia Courtyard with the Wildflour Bakery, will feature the art of Karen Dickson, as well as host a reception for the artist after the fashion show.

The Gardeners' Cottage and Brass Latch located in Nostalgia Courtyard will also be open for the Art Party.

Local potter Merci Weitzen will present functional and decorated pottery at The Wildflour Bakery at 173 E. Main during their regular Friday Pizza Night.

Classical guitarist Jhon Akers will perform selections from "The Story of Carl Sandburg and Andres Segovia" at Saluda Fine Arts at 46 E. Main.

Heartwood Gallery at 21 E. Main will feature the work of Dale McEntire. For more information, please contact Sam Lovelace (Your Art's Desire) at 749- 3154 or 864-457- 6166.

Morgan Auction & Realty provide real and personal property sales and business liquidation. The firm auctions antiques and collectibles two and three times a month. Next scheduled auctions are November 4 and 18 at 7pm. The Auction House is located conveniently off Ozone behind the Apple Mill.

Begin the Holiday Season at The Orchard Inn with a festive Dickens'Dinner! Set aside December 8, 9, 13, 18, or 20 for a magical holiday evening at our 20-acre mountaintop retreat. Enjoy the Chef's finest five-course dinner with readings from A Christmas Carol. Seating is at 7:00 p.m. and will end in candlelight by the roaring fire. The Orchard Inn offers fine wines and beer and suggests jackets for gentlemen. Cost for the evening is $59 per person, plus tax and gratuity. After dinner, treat yourself to an overnight at the weekday rate. Call 1-800-581-3800 for reservations or additional information.

Saluda Mountain Jamboree
On October 28th, The Saluda Mountain Jamboree had a Halloween Dance that was a "Trick or Treat for Toys for Tots". Everyone was asked to bring a new toy to put in the big pumpkin box and to dress up in their best or worst Halloween costume for the costume parade. By treating "Toys for Tots" at Halloween, we helped make it a better Christmas for a little boy or girl. The band "Sound Investment" performed the music for the dance. Saluda's new mayor, Rodney Gibson, is one of the musicians in this band. "Sound Investment" plays a good mix of oldies dance music that the crowd really enjoyed. During the costume parade, everyone was able show off their Halloween outfit by dancing their way across the floor. It was a great evening of fun! And a good way to help "Toys for Tots" get ready for the holiday season.The Jamboree is also booking holiday parties, weddings and receptions. Please contact them at 828-749-3676 or link to the web page provided in Quick Links.

Computer Clinic Resumes at Saluda Public Library
the first Monday of the month from 1- 3. Learn how to use email, search the Internet, use word processing, and other productivity tools. For more information, please contact the library at 749- 2117.

The First Methodist Church invites the community to its traditional Thanksgiving Dinner served at the Saluda School, November 4 from 5-8pm. Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for children.

The popular Green River Boys perform at the City Club Grill Restaurant November 10 and 24 at 6:00pm.

Saluda Mountain Festival is November 10 and 11 Fri. 10–7 & Sat. 10–4. The festival will feature Paintings, Portraits, Wood, Soaps, Metal Sculptures, Jewelry, Cork, Earthenware, Clay, Glass, Gourd and Fabric Art, Baked & Frozen Food, and Holiday Decorations.

Fun-Food-Gift Items-Holiday Ideas

Moon Slide for children on Sat.

The festival will be at the Presbyterian Church on the Corner of Main and Carolina streets.

This event is sponsored by the Women’s Club of Saluda. ..supporting the Saluda Community and providing college scholarships for local students.

Fly Tying Class (Beginner Class)
Learn to tie several trout patterns. Curtis Wright provides all fly tying tools and you pay for all materials at 20% discount (hooks, thread, feathers, fur, etc.). Price is $75 per person for 5 week course -minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people. Class duration is 1.5 hour once per week over 5 weeks. Class dates: November 11 and 18 and December 2, 9, and 16.

Fly Fishing Classes Three hour one-time beginners overview of fly fishing equipment, trout species, habitat, entomology, knots and casting. Offered every Saturday between November 1 - December 15. Price is $75 per person- minimum of 2 people per class and a maximum of 6 people

Sign up for the fly tying class or fly fishing class at Curtis Wright Outfitters in Saluda or call 828-749- 3444.

Veteran's Day Memorial Service will be at 10:00am on November 10 at the Veteran's Memorial Monument at the corner of Main Street and Greenville Street.

The Heartwood Gallery presents "Natural Days." New work by Saluda artist Dale McEntire showing November 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007

The Saluda Medical Center is giving flu shots. Call them at 828-749-4411 for an appointment.

Saluda Hometown Christmas sponsored by the Saluda Business Association is Friday, December 8 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. A complete musical venue will be published in next months Saluda Lifestyles.

Art Fall at Saluda Fine Arts
Art teacher

Saluda School is featured at Art Fall Sunday afternoon, November 5, at Saluda Fine Arts. The gallery opens at 2 PM, and the presentation begins at 3 PM.

Saluda School became part of the A+ Schools Network in 1997. A+ is a nationally recognized school reform model that promotes systematic art- based instructions. Several teachers from the school will demonstrate how the core curriculum and the arts are integrated. Those attending will have an opportunity to participate in activities similar to those planned for the students.

Art teacher Susan Boland will share some of the art projects she does that support the classroom teachers’ science and social studies instruction.

Fourth grade teacher Carlann Scherping will share how she uses the arts to help her students better understand concepts in science, social studies, math and language arts. Physical Education teacher Kathy Angier and Principal Ronette Dill will discuss how the A+ Network supports Saluda School in this exciting school reform.

The goal is to foster two way integration of the arts, by getting more art into the curriculum and more core curriculum ideas into art classes. Teacher collaboration is the key.

Student work samples will be presented, and participants will experience first hand how integrating the arts makes learning fun. Student art work will be on display as well as work that demonstrates strictly arts integration. According to Scherping “a little drama may be slipped in to keep things lively.”

The workshop will be enlightening for many people. Teachers, parents and home school parents should find this it especially helpful.

The picture shows art teacher Susan Boland watching Michael Maneen and Jocelyn Pace finish their oil pastel drawings illustrating Carl Sandburg’s poem “Nose.”

Please visit our web site for the complete November Art Fall calendar.

Saluda Community Library
Silly, Scare Tales
Halloween library

Halloween was celebrated a little early at the Saluda Community Library with a Spooky, Silly Storytime.

Miss Joy - a good witch! - brought scary music and silly stories to the library, much to the delight of lots of little gremlins.

Moms and kids enjoyed making a Halloween bookmark craft, creating pumpkins, ghosts and black cats.

Preschool Storytime is held at the Saluda Community Library each Wednesday morning at 10:30 am.

For more information contact Joy Sharp at 894-8721

Library Opportunities
Prints of Paul Koenen's beautiful watercolor of the "Saluda Library" can be purchased at Saluda Fine Arts. Each print is signed by the artist. Matted prints are $50 Prints that are matted and framed are $95 100% of the proceeds go the library.

Toni Garcia's quilt of "Saluda Grade" is being raffled to raise funds for the library. The drawing will be held December 8 during the Hometown Christmas stroll. Tickets can be purchased at the library.

These contributions from Saluda residents are ways to enrich the arts in our community while supporting our library. We trust that you will have a chance to participate in both of these fund raisers.

Saluda School Calendar
Saluda School

Sun., Nov. 5 Saluda teachers to present NC A+ Schools Program at Saluda Fine Arts 3:00-5:00 pm
Fri., Nov. 10 Holiday
Wed., Nov. 15 PreK & K to Tryon Fine Arts Center to see "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"
Fri., Nov. 17 PTSO Fundraiser (dinner, drumming performance, student dance)
Nov. 22-25 Thanksgiving Holidays
Mon., Nov. 27 Report cards
Thurs., Nov. 30 PreK-5 to Tryon Fine Arts Center to see Billy Jonas
Dec. 1, 4-6 Book Fair
Thurs., Dec. 14 Grades 3-5 to PCHS for PCHS Band Concert
Fri., Dec. 15 Christmas Bazaar & Interim reports
Dec. 18-19 PTSO Book Distribution
Dec. 21-Jan 2 Christmas Holiday

Saluda Scoop
The latest news and the unusual offerings provided by Saluda shops, restaurants, artists, and craftspeople

The feel of fall is in the air at Thompson's Store. Charlie and Judy Ward have stocked up with caramel apples, pumpkins, and even some fresh collards. Judy says that "Pink Lady" apples will be in supply soon.

The Saluda Business Association has formed a committee named "Save Saluda." The purpose of the committee is to better understand the proposed new re-zoning of the Interstate exchange and Ozone and its affects on the Saluda business community. Jim Carson is heading up this committee and can be reached at 828-749-3702 or email at

Marcia Aiken, proprietor of Mane Street Salon had just wished that she had another stylist in her shop when in walks Julie Tedeschi. Native Saludian, Marcia has been in this profession for more than 30 years and three years ago opened Mane Street Salon a the Depot. Business grew faster than she expected so Julie appearing in her door was "divine intervention."

Julie has been in the hair profession for 31 years and just moved here from New Jersey. Once moved, she started looking for a new hair styling shop. After disappointedly looking in Hendersonville, she stopped in Saluda for a cup of coffee at the FrontPorch Coffee Bar...and now you know the rest of the story.

Julie is skilled in all aspects of hair styling-- specializing in short hair. She has two grown daughters who still live in New Jersey.

"Julie just gave me a hair cut and I love it. You know she's good if I let her cut my hair," expressed Marcia.

Give her a call and make her feel welcome! Phone number is 828-749-3260.

Be sure to check out the pictures of the "oldest trees" in Saluda in the windows of M.A. Pace and City Hall. The Saluda Tree Presevations organization has taken all the pictures collected from citizens and created a poster of all the trees.

Saluda Garden Club
Painted pot

Come join in the fun at the Saluda Garden Club when artist, Sam Lovelace teaches how to paint flower pots to sell this spring. Sam will furnish all supplies.

Member, Sandra Rocks will serve homemade soup to warm you up while painting.

The meeting is held in the fellowship hall at the Saluda Presbyterian Church, Wednesday, November 15 at 10:00am.

For more information about joining the Saluda Garden Club, please contact Margaret Moffat at 828-749- 9229.

Saluda Artist Debuts New Fashion Line in Saluda
Fashion models

For artist Karen Dickson of Saluda, art now transcends the line of canvas and paint into cloth and thread. On November 3rd, Karen will introduce her avant-garde line of custom fashion at the "Tea & Chocolate" fashion show from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. above historic Ward's Store on Main Street, Saluda. Tea and chocolate will be served accompanied by musician Jan Daugherty. Local live models (Marki and Molly pictured) of all ages and sizes will wear unique designs: some hand-sewn from scratch, some re- made from vintage clothing, all unique and different. Dickson's fashion show kicks off the monthly Friday night Art Party which will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Graceful and slender with a shy demeanor, Karen Dickson notes that her clothing is geared to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of all women, even those of us who aren't slender or model material. She speaks of the collections appeal which is "romantic....urban-retro...and for all seasons" and promises a "visually beautiful experience" to fashion show attendees. Her palette encompasses jewel- toned silks, satins, linen, and cotton....complete with artful custom jewelry and bags made by local artisans. The collection includes hand-painted clothing as well, along with pillows and curtains. One could easily compare her delightfully and varied collection favorably to stylish "Anthropologie" fashion.

Having worked diligently on the show since July, Dickson's work-horse Sears sewing machine from her senior year in high school has logged in many miles. In her comfortable light-filled Saluda living room, outfits of every sort, color, and texture dance along the two are alike. It's a fashionista's dream! She notes that "I like the idea of finding that favorite dress or skirt in the back of your closet, and updating it by breathing new life into it—using resources well is one aspect of the law of abundance."

After learning to sew in grade school, she started making doll clothes, and then sewed outfits for her school's 4-H club. All through high school she made her own clothing, then later on made her children's clothing and costumes. Then she went on to tailor and make her own sister's wedding dress, complete with all the bridesmaid dresses--no small task! She has five children, all now grown. Dickson majored in art at UNCA and has taught art at area high schools and privately. Many residences throughout North Carolina have either one of her paintings, or a custom mural on the walls.

Want to go? Advance tickets for Karen Dickson's "Tea & Chocolate" fashion show are available at Your Art's Desire at Nostalgia Courtyard in Saluda, or at Manna Cabanna. For more information, please contact Sam Lovelace (Your Art's Desire) at 749-3154 or 864-457-6166.

Submitted by Bonnie J. Bardos

Day Tripping in Saluda
Thoughts from a recent visitor to Saluda

Oct 26th....a trip to North Carolina

Do not forget this store in Saluda, North Carolina-- Pace Mercantile--owned and operated by Mr. Robert Pace who looked to be well into his eighties. He had lived here all of his life, as well as had his father, the previous owner of Pace Mercantile.

Do not forget his greeting and kindness, his personal tour of the store. The way the shelves were arranged on the walls--straight out of the 1900's. The little boxes of shelves on very high walls, against a ceiling of tin, akin to a victorian mansion.

The hard wood floors
The stove pipe heater with the sign on "retired"!--it was the orignal one.
The real deal ginger ale, it almost snapped in my mouth and burned deliciously. The coca cola bottle opener which popped its cap off and the way the pop-off cap fell in amongst the other bottle caps. The other older patron who came into the store looking for 10penny nails and the way the boxes of them were arranged on the floor.
The meat scales, produce scales, cans lined in a row on the shelves--pictures of celebrities who had shopped here.
Coca-Cola signs on both sides of his store sign above the door.

Everything original--cash register too--old style with keys and figures of dollar signs that popped up "1$." Pictures of the Pace family on the board in the center of the store, going back generation after generation--Mr. Pace sitting on the steps outside just a baby.

And the smell of the store--glorious smell of age-- soft wood, and refrigerator. Vegetables and fruits brought in and displayed in their boxes--apples, peaches and tomatoes.

Old brass door knobs on the front door. No replicas here, no Disneyland feel of trying to make it feel dated--this one for real.

Saluda, North Carolina--A park on the other side of the railroad tracks looking back towards the Pace Mercantile.

Swing-set full of magic--
where if you stop and sit, and swing--
time will go backwards making your heart stop, and tears well up in your eyes. It felt real if only just for a few minutes.

Off of the main street around the corner, an antique store, small and quaint with a lady there who will tell you stories of a privately owned telephone company and do so with a smile that will melt your heart.

A street just behind the Baptist Church. The happiest dog comes bouncing down the road, followed by a boy on a skateboard. Leaves on trees burst in fall colors by the thousands. Steeples on churches white against blue skies. Older style two story houses, have backyard ponds and plenty of green grassy yards.

Indeed the sign on the freeway was correct.
just off of the 74
Saluda, North Carolina
Historical marker ahead.

Saluda Visitor, Bill Whitsett, N. Richland Hills TX

Saluda Senior Center
New Senior Center

The Senior Center serves warm nutritious lunches Monday through Friday from 11:30-12:30 at a cost of $3.00 a person.

Monday Activities Schedule
9:30 Walking Group
9:30 Line Dancing
10:00 NIA Class
12:30 Yoga
5:30 Yoga

Tuesday Activities Schedule
10:00 Bridge

Wednesday Activities Schedule
9:30 Walking Group
10:00 Trash Train and NIA Class
12:30 Tai Chi

November 22-11:45 Thanksgiving Celebration!

Thursday Activities Schedule
9:30 Knitting Group
10:00 NIA Class
2:00 Art Class
2:30 Board Meeting

November 2 -1:00-Nutrition program with Sandi Sox

November 9 - 2:30 Board Meeting
November 23- Closed for Thanksgiving
November 30 - 1:15 Flat Rock Playhouse

Friday Activities Schedule
9:30 Walking Group 10:00 Trash Train 11:00 Bones, Balance and Bend-Chair Exercise

November 10 - Closed for Veteran's Day November 24 - Closed

Special Note: A Thrifty Barn needs people who will pick up and deliver for customers. They would like to have a list of people on call for this service. Payment would be between delivery person and the customer. Please call Joyce at 749-3320

For more information about activities at Saluda Senior Center call Donna at 828-749-9245.

The Saluda Senior Center provides many services to the growing retirement community in Saluda. Volunteers to provide these services are needed. They encourage you to share your time to help deliver meals on wheels or work in A Thrifty Barn retail shop. Please contact Donna at 828-749- 9245.

Basement Sale at A Thrifty Barn first and third Saturdays of the month.....great bargains!

Religious Services
Pres Church

Readers have requested that Saluda Lifestyles provide a listing of local church services. This is not a complete list but a representation of the denominations in Saluda.

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
The Reverend Paula C. Morton
8:00 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite I
9:15 a.m. - Sunday School
10:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - Rite II with music

Saluda Presbyterian
The Reverend Gene Witherspoon
Adult SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Saluda First Baptist Church
The Reverend Ray Talley, Interim
SS 9:45 am
Worship Service 11 am & 6:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 pm

Saluda Methodist Church
The Reverend Tony Sayer
SS 10:00 am
Worship Service 11:00 am

Saluda City Notes
From Our New Mayor

The next meeting of the Saluda City Council will be November 13 at 7 p.m. This will be my first full meeting as Mayor and Hobart (Sonny) Pace’s first full meeting as a City Commissioner. One of the first duties will be to fill the position of Water & Sewer Commissioner, a position I’ve held since 1997. I expect that there will be a variety of issues on the agenda including the new “Golf Cart” Ordinance. Our attorney, Bailey Nager, has prepared a draft ordinance with features specific to our goals regarding the regulation of “Golf Carts” on streets inside the City Limits.

The intent of regulating golf carts in Saluda is to accomplish three goals. 1) . The first goal is to regulate them in a manner that is safe and provides convenience to our residents. Golf Carts are now regulated by state laws and regulations that do not consider Saluda specific issues. 2). The second goal is to regulate golf carts in a way that makes them a “perk” to those who pay City property taxes. The City taxpayers foot almost all of the bill for our infrastructure and services. With a thriving downtown and tourist trade, a golf cart allows a resident access to the downtown and frees up space for our temporary visitors. 3) The third goal is to improve our environment. A golf cart must be electric driven reducing air pollution and noise. (Gasoline powered golf carts are not allowed).

The City now has a leaf loader and is picking up leaves for our residents during the fall leaf season. If you want the service, have your leaves piled along the street curb by 9:00 a.m. on Friday mornings. Please make sure that your pile remains on the curb not in the street or on sidewalks. Leaves only, no refuse, limbs or brush will collected. The free service began on October 20th and will continue for several weeks. Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this service by procrastinating.

There are many residents that know me very well and some that may not know me at all. I must say that I am very honored to serve my community and appreciate the many kind words of encouragement that I have received in the last few weeks. My hope is that I can provide the kind of leadership and vision that you all deserve. I have been asked by friends, family and associates in the past how I approach public service as there are many differing views and opinions on just about every issue that arises. Because of this, it’s very important to have a foundation for decision making. I now have a few questions/criteria that I use to guide me.

  1. Is this something that needs government involvement? Why?
  2. Does it improve the quality of life for the residents?
  3. Who benefits, who loses? Always take care of those who have the least first—it creates sustainability
  4. Are the beneficiaries looking for special favors that no one else gets? If so, turn it down.
  5. Once you make a rule, everybody conforms—no exceptions
  6. Listen to what people say and employ practical solutions
  7. Keep everything transparent and tell the truth even if people don’t want to hear it.
Rodney Gibson

Our mission is to provide information about what's going on in Saluda. We have also provided "Quick Links" as a convenience to link to other sites.We invite you to send us your news and give us feedback and observations so that you will enjoy receiving future issues.

Warmest regards,

Cathy Jackson
Cathy Jackson Realty

Phone: 828-749-3504