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Happy Holidays! 

 We send our good wishes your way and hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday filled with love and peace and a new year full of prosperity and joy.    

 Quinter Design celebrates its 19th anniversary on Jan. 3, quite a feat! We thank each and every one of you for your patronage and support that have contributed to our success. We value our relationships with you and are grateful for your participation in our lives.


The Grinch hasn't stolen Christmas but he managed to take several crucial hours from us during December. GrinchOn Target is a little bit late, but we'll be back on track with our next edition on Jan. 15.



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Cookie Season 
Juggling ActCookie season at Quinter Design means lots of our signature whte-chocolate dipped oreos with the edible Quinter Design logo earmarked for clients and colleagues. We've shared these with many of you at recent networking events and will be delivering more to clients in the next week.

MCF Sponsorship 

Quinter Design is proud to have been a gold sponsor of MCF's 12th Annual Celebration Luncheon earlier this month. The Maryland Coalition of Families for Children's Mental Health offers services and information to families caring for a child with behavioral health challenges. Its offices and staff throughout the state served thousands of family members in 2011. Robyn serves as president of MCF's Board of Directors. She's pictured here on the left with Robin Horsey, recipient of MCF's 2011 Youth Award, center, and MCF Executive Director Jane Walker, at right.

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Greetings 2012, Farewell 2011!
Marketing Predictions for the New Year

Business Cards: 7 Square Inches of Gold

Many of us are relieved to see a difficult 2011 come to a close. Hopefully, 2012 heralds the end of anxieties from a wobbly economy, clients' cutbacks and tightened budgets.


The editors at Merriam-Webster this month selected "pragmatic" as the top word of 2011. The adjective means practical and logical. The word was looked up so frequently on M-W's online dictionary that it was the pragmatic choice, says John Morse, president and publisher. "Pragmatic" captures the current American mood of encouraging practicality over frivolity. Its connotation is positive, an improvement over the 2010 M-W choice, "austerity."


Moving from austerity to pragmatic is a step in the right direction. Recent print and online articles have made several predictions about what to expect in 2012. A few favorites:


Focus on simplicity. The purpose of any marketing document is to entice the consumer to take action. The more easily the consumer can move, the more inclined he/she is to conducting business with you. We agree with many design pros who predict that minimalism in website, print and mobile design is the way of the future, or more appropriately, a way back to the future! Clean lines, easy navigation and clear message represent a return to the philosophy of K-I-S-S (keep it simple, stupid).


Rise of infographics. Infographics have exploded recently both online and in print, and the trend continues in 2012. An infographic is a colorful rendering of information as an image. Even if you don't know the first thing about the topic, effective infographics present data, charts, graphs and supporting imagery in an easy-to-understand manner. They're a designers' dream for distilling complex information into an attractive, colorful format. Look for more of them in the next year.


Explosion of mobile devices. Folks rely more and more on their mobile devices to find information and to make consumer decisions. Give serious thought to making your digital communications mobile friendly. If people can't easily find you when they want what you're offering, you'll be up the creek. Make sure your website is optimized to work with mobile devices, and don't forget that your email and social media links to specific pages on your website also need to be responsive to mobile devices.


Local emphasis. Americans' global focus of the past few years has waned, say some PR pros. They predict a sharper focus on local interests and events, especially in online ads, with sites such as Patch.com and Topix. "Buy Local" campaigns by jurisdictions, chambers and business groups contribute to the success of local businesses.


Data-driven campaigns. Identify your target audience and go after them by purchasing or compiling an accurate, comprehensive list of people who would be your prime clients. The parameters and quality of your data are key factors in the success of any publicity or PR campaign. This use of data as the main driver in offline and online campaigns continues to grow.


  Practical Creativity    

Ice Cream Cone


Ever wonder how we design a document? We'd love to twitch our noses like Samantha in "Bewitched." Presto! A perfect design for your project! Alas, designing our clients' brochures, ads and websites is a bit more complicated.


Each document created by Quinter Design is unique. Templates and copycats aren't part of our modus operandi. Our creative process includes several steps to ensure that the finished product surpasses your expectations.


Research is the first area we tackle. Keys to a successful, effective design include identifying the target audience to whom your message is aimed, presenting your message with clarity in an engaging manner, assessing your company's current branding, making sure the piece is easy to access, and evaluating your competition's efforts to reach your target audience.


Your preferences determine many of our decisions. Despise purple? We avoid it. Need to include a registration form? We devise a layout that captures the data you want. Plan to mail your piece? We know the space required for the address panel and how to avoid USPS difficulties.


After researching and asking questions, we start planning the document. Often, we renew our relationship with pencil and paper to test possibilities. We make sure the piece's format functions well to suit you needs, whether it's an online or printed document. At this time, an eraser is often our best friend.


Collecting the components for your project is the next step. We transform your copy into concise, enticing and informative text. We acquire photos, illustrations and graphics to attract the eye and enhance your message, and we make sure the file formats, the resolution and size of the graphics are correct.


Blending the text and graphics into an attractive layout requires skill and experience. Correctly mixing different fonts, manipulating images, setting columns and margins, wrapping text around photos and creating a reverse text box are just a few of the actions best completed with critical eyes like ours. Use of white space allows the eye to focus on the message; an uncluttered and simple appearance is paramount.


Next, a draft is ready for your review. Your suggestions are always welcomed. The back-and-forth give-and-take with our clients is inspiring and leads to revisions that often strengthen the finished product.


The project finally has your approval. But that's not the end of the process for us! We make sure your document is in the correct format, whether it's sent to a commercial printer, an embroidery shop, a magazine or an online site. We also store your project in our archives for future use and reference.


Quinter Design's creative process is detailed and deliberate, and we take great pride in using our professional skills to create projects that reflect your company's distinctive qualities and offerings.



Your feedback to our e-newsletter, On Target, is appreciated, and your
questions and comments are always welcomed. Our next edition will be circulated on Jan.15, 2012. 
Happy Holidays!

John & Robyn Quinter

Quinter Design


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