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Quinter Design's long-awaited website has launched! Visit www.quinterdesign.com and please let us know your reactions. We have added more features, and more are planned.  


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Clients of the Week

Recent shout-outs went to several Quinter Design clients on our company Facebook page: Kendall Capital, Hillmuth Certified Automotive, Bailey's Lawn and Landscape Creations, Home Services Enterprises and more.


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 On Display

Look for Quinter Design among the exhibitors at the Baltimore Business Journal's Fall Business Growth Expo on Thursday, Nov. 3 from 8 a.m.-12 noon at Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, 245 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley 21031. This free event presents excellent opportunities and resources for businesses of all sizes. For more info:
Lisa Carmichael, 410-454-0508 or lcarmichael@bizjournals.com   

And the Winner Is...

Anne Moriarty, Creative Learning Center, was the highest bidder for the custom-designed table drape donated to the Silent Auction at Olney Chamber's Community Night. Congratulations, Anne!

Our Bundles of [Promotional] Joy 

Our Bundles of (Promotional) Joy continue to generate interest from companies interested in enhancing their presence at tradeshows and expos. Prices of the bundles represent significant discounts when compared to the costs of the individual components.


The Biz Boost Bundle

is designed to jump start your business with custom-designed stationery, cards, poster and enewsletter template, plus creation and online circulation of a news release.


The Strut Your Stuff Bundle
is crafted to ensure memorable event participation with a retractable banner stand and custom-designed banner, table drape, enewsletter template, postcards for advance mailing and rack cards for handout, plus creation and online circulation of a news release.


The Show Stopper Bundle
is created to make your company unforgettable with a deluxe tabletop display unit with custom-designed panels, table drape, enewsletter template, postcards for advance mailing and rack cards for handout, plus creation and online circulation of a news release.


All packages include marketing consultation with Quinter Design.   


Special Discount on Business Cards
Business Cards: 7 Square Inches of Gold


It's "Build-Your-Business-with-Business-Cards Week" through Oct. 15. Despite predictions that electronic files will replace printed collateral, we don't believe business cards will disappear anytime soon. A tangible reference to you and your company remains an essential element to establishing professional relationships. Business cards are a versatile, cost-effective means of promoting yourself.


Business cards measure only 3.5" x 2" but they pack a powerful punch. The superheroes at Quinter Design recognize that your business card is seven square inches of valuable gold that can make or break your first impression with a potential client.


To ensure that your business cards are up to the challenge, Quinter Design offers 20% off the custom design and printing of your new cards for orders placed by Saturday, Oct. 22.  We know how to create an attractive card that gets attention and respect; our own cards were recently named one of the Top 35 Business Cards in America by the influential blog, Socialtechpop.com.

Here are three of our 20 ideas for circulating your business cards; to access the entire list, click here


  1. Scan your card and add it to your email signature.
  2. Present your card with two hands.
  3. Leave your cards inside or near books related to your industry in a library or bookstore.


Have a great idea for circulating business cards? Share with us. Whoever submits the most creative, new idea (as determined by Quinter Design's superheroes) wins 500 free business cards. 


Buzz Alert 

Ice Cream Cone

International Magic Week is Oct. 25-31. Pull a trick or two from your sleeves and create some buzz for your business by connecting your products or services to an upcoming special occasion.
Contact us if you need an idea.


Oct. 17: National Boss Day

Oct. 20: Get Smart About Credit Day

Oct. 27: Cranky Co-workers Day

Oct. 29: 42nd Anniversary of Creation of the Internet

Oct. 30: Checklists Day

November: Peanut Butter Lovers' Month

Nov. 3: Cliché Day, Sandwich Day

Nov. 6: Saxophone Day

Nov. 8: Abet and Aid Punsters Day

Nov. 10: 60th Anniversary of Introduction of Area Codes

Nov. 15: America Recycles Day

Nov. 18: Mickey Mouse's 83rd Birthday



Practical Creativity    

Graphics Soup

Photos and illustrations bring vitality and "pop" to any body of text. To maximize the effectiveness of a graphic, it's important to use the correct file format. From .pdf and .eps to .bmp and .psd, the alphabet soup of file formats is confusing. Here's a glossary of the most frequently used formats.


Illustrations should be in a vector format, which is based on geometry. Vector images can be enlarged or reduced without compromising their quality. This is especially important when the finished size of an image is large, such as on a banner. Among the most frequently used vector formats are:

.eps = encapsulated postscript

.ai = created in Adobe Illustrator

.fh = created in Freehand

.wmf = Windows Metafile

.cdr = created in Corel Draw


Photographs are always in a raster format, also called a bitmapped format. This format is based on pixels, the tiny squares that comprise the image. When a photo is enlarged, the pixels become more evident, sometimes creating a jaggedy and fuzzy image. The major raster formats that can be used in word-processing and graphic applications are:

.jpg = joint photographic experts group (the geniuses/dorks who devised this format)

.psd = created in Adobe Photoshop

.bmp = bitmapped image

.png = portable network graphic, designed for internet and screen use

.gif = graphics interchange format, designed for internet and screen use, displays a limited number of colors


A .pdf is a portable document format, a hybrid specification designed by Adobe for sharing documents, images, etc. between different computer operating systems. It can contain both vector and raster computer language. A .pdf is similar to a snapshot, it's difficult to revise or edit without specialized software.


BTW, if you make soup with the letters from these formats, you'd use more than half the alphabet: ABCDEFGHIJMNPRSW.

Autumn brings such a wide array of colors to the world that are inspiring and beautiful. Mother Nature blends greens, oranges, yellows, reds and more on her palette, showing her mastery of the relationships of colors to each other. Brilliant orange, lilac and seafoam teal are the colors selected for fall by the color gurus at Pantone. Is your marketing collateral using color to its full advantage? A dash of color compels the eye and emphasizes your message, increasing the attention paid to your piece. We understand the emotions evoked by color. "Colorific" is the description used by Socialtechpop.com to describe Quinter Design's business cards, and it's an adjective that we can put to work for you. Quinter Design is constantly on a mission to rid the world of unattractive and ineffective marketing materials. We can ensure the spotlight falls on your company with our creative graphic design services for print and web, our sharply honed publicity efforts and our custom-designed trade show displays and other large format projects.


Here's a link to slideshare overview of our capabilities. Remember, you have to have a sense of humor to work with us!


Your feedback to our enewsletter, On Target, is appreciated, and your questions and comments are always welcomed. Our next edition will be circulated on Nov.15, 2011. We look forward to seeing you at the Baltimore Business Journal's Fall Business Growth Expo and at various networking events in the coming month. Happy Halloween to all!
John and Robyn Quinter

John & Robyn Quinter

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