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Clients of the Week

Quinter Design recently gave shout-outs to several clients on its company Facebook page: Musical Theatre Center, Blueberry Gardens, Hillmuth Certified Automotive, Perren's Greener Cleaners, Bailey's Lawn and Landscape Creations, Manna Food Center   


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 On Display

Quinter Design looks forward to joining exhibitors at The Power Conference, Women Doing Business, on Wednesday. Sept. 7 at the Bethesda Marriott Conference Center, North Bethesda. We always have a few surprises up our sleeves, come visit us! Here's a link for more conference info.

The Power Conference 


We'll also be showing off at the Olney Chamber's 32nd Annual Community Night on Wednesday, Oct. 5, from
5-830 p.m., at Longwood Community Center,

19035 Georgia Ave., Brookeville, MD
If you're one of the 2,500+ attendees, be sure to stop by and say hi. Here's a link for more event info.



Mastering Your Marketing Juggling Act

Juggling Act

An effective marketing strategy for your business includes five elements:

advertising, publicity, networking, direct marketing and online presence. Add time limitations, budget constraints and personal preferences, and juggling these five balls can be a daunting task.


Don't drop a ball, each element of your marketing deserves regular attention. The key to mastering this juggling act is balancing your marketing goals with life's realities.


Tight budget? Focus on free online opportunities to connect with potential clients. Cultivate your LinkedIn connections, update your website and keep your company Facebook page active. Free and low-cost networking events are another way to meet prospects and other professionals.


Shy or uncomfortable at networking events? Emphasize advertising or a direct mail campaign. Both are effective - but more detached - vehicles for attracting clients.


Time crunched? Generate a news release about a recent development at your firm or a reaction to a news event. Wide distribution to online and local media is likely to yield a positive return on that time investment.


Strive toward keeping all those marketing balls in the air. Don't ignore any just customize your actions to your preferences. Marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavor. You and your business are unique, and your marketing strategy should be distinctive, too.


Buzz Alert 

Lemon Meringue Pie

Today is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Does your company have a tie-in to this sweet treat that could generate publicity for you? A bakery, caterer, specialty food retailer, nutritionist or restaurant could attract buzz by creating a promotion to coincide with this celebration.


Could your company benefit from a tie-in to one of these upcoming special events?


Aug. 19: National Aviation Day, Men's Grooming Day

Aug. 22: National Punctuation Day

Aug. 25: National Banana Split Day

Aug. 26: National Dog Day

Aug. 28: Anniversary of 1st Radio Commercial (1922)

Aug. 31: National Eat Outside Day


September: Happy Cat Month, College Savings Month, National Chicken Month, National Coupon Month, National Piano Month, Healthy Aging Month

Sept. 5: Be Late for Something Day

Sept. 5-9: National Payroll Week

Sept. 7: Anniversary of Founding of Google (1998)

Sept. 16: Anniversary of Founding of General Motors (1902)


Practical Creativity 

Make sure your company's marketing materials complement your message. Is the text clearly written and easy to read? Do they have a polished appearance that attracts attention and enhances your branding efforts?


Your marketing collateral presents your company's face to the public. It serves as a silent sales force to reinforce the positive aspects of your services and products. Here are a few key points to ensure that your printed materials are doing the best job possible. These may seem to be nit-picking, but readers can perceive when something is "off" in your document, although they may not specifically identify what's wrong. The inside panels of a recently designed trifold brochure, shown here,  illustrate each of these details. 


Limited typefaces. For text, select one conservative font, using bold and italics for emphasis, to increase readability. A more assertive font for headlines, subheads and contact info turns the eye to these important data. Don't overwhelm the reader's eye with too many fonts that compete with each other.

Kendall Capital trifold brochure


Consistent margins. The margins of your documents should be the same throughout the piece. Depending upon the piece's format, to maintain consistency, margins may need to be twice as wide where folds occur.


Graphics. Photos and drawings should be large enough that their relevance to your message is clearly and instantly established. When using a photo of a person, his/her face should not be looking off the page. Where text wraps around a graphic, leave a uniform space between the graphic and text; the wording should not touch or bump into the graphic.


Amateurish delivery undermines the value of your company's message. Using a professional who knows the tricks of the trade is a wise investment of your marketing dollars.  


We're always on a mission to rid the world of unattractive and ineffective marketing materials. As we move toward a busier fall season, is your corporate message as prominent as you'd like? Quinter Design can ensure the spotlight falls on your company with our creative graphic design services for print and web, our sharply honed publicity efforts and our custom-designed trade show displays and other large format projects.


Here's a link to slideshare overview of our capabilities. Remember, you have to have a sense of humor to work with us!


Your feedback to our enewsletter, On Target, is appreciated, and your questions and comments are always welcomed. Our next edition will be circulated on Sept.15, 2011. We look forward to seeing you at The Power Conference and at various networking events in the coming month.
John and Robyn Quinter

John & Robyn Quinter

Quinter Design


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