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April, 2012

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Most people feel over scheduled and frequently overwhelmed by work. We realize the need for more balance; but relaxation, fun, creativity, and renewal don't seem to make it into our calendars. Just back from a women's retreat in the woods of East Texas without cell phone service, I realized this factor alone gifted me a relaxing respite. 


Take a look at some playful moves to interrupt unrelenting computer work and learn why such interruptions are important.   


And if you're ready to bring more play into your work and personal life, join CathyAnn Beaty and the Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players for one, or both of two upcoming events May 11 - 13th in Pittsburgh. 


Stay in touch and may your work and play gift you with fun!





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Work and Play: Finding Our Balance

I love my work. I get to set my own hours and, thanks to the portability of my computer and cell phone, my work space can be almost anywhere; at the kitchen counter, on my deck or patio, at a café, the airport, or in my car. And the same tools makes it possible to get up in the middle of the night to finish a writing project or answer an email. 


But this flexibility creates problems. The times and spaces once reserved for relaxation, recreation, vacation, or just plain down time with family and friends are in danger of getting subsumed or intruded upon by work. Even for those of us who enjoy our work, there are hazards in this "too much of a good thing."


Working in front of a computer screen can be a hazardous to our health. Using our eyes in focused vision for long periods of time creates tension in our eyes. This activates the sympathetic nervous system and our body's stress response. In InterPlay, the system of artful creativity I teach, we practice relaxing our narrow focuser and using our peripheral vision. We call this "easy focus." 

Soft focus
Photo By: Julia Heathcote

Peripheral vision activates the parasympathetic nervous system: the relaxation response. Easy focus enhances our ability to create in the moment and on the spot. Here's how we playfully remind ourselves to do it. Place the fingers of one hand in the space between your eyes as though gathering up your focuser, and taking a deep breath open your fingers and flick them into the air while making the playful sound "Whee!" 


Another hazard - without more variety and balance, sitting for too many hours can significantly shorten our lives, according to a study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine,. People who sit the most during an average day are up to 50 percent more likely to die within three years compared to those who sit the least.


I'm lucky that a part of my work involves InterPlay, which is rooted in movement and play. Alternating between sitting and dancing, and between serious and silly, helps make all the parts of my life more enjoyable. I recommend taking short intermissions in the workday, putting on some music and playfully moving to it. You don't have to call it dancing if that word seems intimidating, but for me, I'm glad that somewhere along the way in my adult life I told myself to "just keep dancing." And like the road less traveled, that has made all the difference. 


Give yourself a weekend of play in Pittsburgh May 11-13th when CathyAnn Beaty visits from MN. There's a few spaces left. Come join us. "Whee!"


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Upcoming INTERPLAY Events  
The InterPlay Way for Helping Professionals 
with CathyAnn Beaty
 Weekend providing transformational and self-care tools for therapist, social workers, health & human services caregivers

Fri May 11th 7-9 pm, Sat. May 12th 9 - 9 pm, Sunday May 13, 9 -1pm
Cost for weekend - $350
Call 817 706-4967 for information and to register

InterPlay Performance Jam
Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players
and CathyAnn Beaty
Celebrating Moms; past, present, and future

Sunday May 13th 4 - 5:30 pm
Dance Alloy Studios, 5530 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, 15206
Adults - $15 Student/Seniors-n $10

InterPlay Free Sample 
Easy, Fun, Life-Changing!

Come for a FREE SAMPLE of InterPlay's passionate, effective approach to changing your world.  Treat your hard working self to some playful ease as you access your creative self in an affirming community. Find out why InterPlay's passionate playful approach has spread to over 60 cities on five continents.

Sunday, May 6, 2012  2 - 3:15 pm  
First United Methodist Church  
5401 Centre Ave. 
(corner Aiken, Centre and Baum) 
Pittsburgh, PA. 15232                817/706-4967       



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