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Ames News... 


The wheels at Ames Performance never stop turning. During the cold, snowy time of the year, we took on the many in-house projects we needed to complete to better serve our customers before the show season begins in the spring.
 Now, with spring finally here, we are on the road and in high-gear, traveling all over the country in support of the hobby!

The new Firebird/ Trans Am catalog, F16, was completed and released during late December. Click here to get a free F16 catalog if you've not yet been updated! 

The new, full color GTO/LeMans/Tempest catalog, G27, was released in early April. The new catalog features a ton of new product. Click here to get a free G27 catalog

Currently, we are putting together the long awaited 1961 - 1963 Tempest Catalog, scheduled to be released in August. 

Research and development on a multitude of hot, new products is underway. We'll keep readers up on new developments and releases as they occur in this news letter.

Testing has been completed, and approval was given to begin production on our new, correct engine paints for 1971 - 1981 Trans AM/Firebirds, thru 1977 GTo/Lemans/Ventura, and through 1977 on the fullsized Pontiacs. All shades are currently in stock. 

In an effort to "Go Green", at Ames we have implemented a new cardboard shredder system. This allows us to manufacture our own packing media from cardboard we recieve from our suppliers. Eventually, this will enable us to phase out the styrofoam peanuts we currently use to protect product during shipping. 

Industry News...IndustryNews

Economically, 2010 looked pretty dreary if you picked up the news paper, or turned on the evening news. But for both those making restoration a career, and hobbyists alike, the escape seemed to be to their project cars. At Ames, we stayed BUSY, helping Pontiac enthusiasts see their restorative efforts become finished products. With a good turn out for our first show of the 2011 season, The Big E in Springfield, MA during January, and good showings at Spring Charlotte, and Spring Carlisle in April, this season promises to be another good one for the disciples of Pontiac's most coveted iron!

Paul Zazarine

January 3, 2011 marked a loss to the Pontiac community with the passing of Paul Zazarine. Zazarine's love affair with the arrow head  began with his first Pontiac, a '66 GTO. What would follow were a series of writings, essential to the serious restorer. His book, the GTO Recognition Guide and the GTO Restoration Guide, which he co-authored with Chuck Roberts, are a staple to the diet of the relentless fact-finders in the GTO community.

    Zazarine's credits to the muscle car realm also include holding the position of editor for Muscle Car Review, his contribution to the "50 Fastest" list, (which is still the topic of spirited conversation among muscle car lovers of differing camps), and his editorship with Corvette Fever. He also made appearances on Speed Channel for various interviews. He will be missed.


SEMA's "Tag and Title Tool Box" gives a state by state description of each state's"Specialty Vehicle" definition. The site covers each states' registration and titling provisions, inspection guidelines and requirements, and exemptions that apply to SV classifications in each state. Additionally, administrative forms and documents can be printed for the purposes of titling and registering SV's at state DMVs nationwide.

    Although originally released in 2005, "Tag and Title Toolbox" has been recently updated and now includes such additional information as state-by-state emissions and inspections programs. According to SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs, Steve McDonald, "Using these statutes as an informational rescource and reference tool, we drafted legislation to create new titling and registration classes for street rods and custom vehicles, including kit cars and replicas. Versions of this model legislation have since been enacted in 21 states across the country."

    Visit www.semasan.com to find out about rules and regulations with regard to Specialty Vehicles in your state.             

2011 Show Schedule...ShowSchedule


 20th Anniversary of The Ames Performance Tri-Power Nationals August 2011


 Don't miss the most anticipated all-Pontiac show of the summer! Special attractions include a 421 Super Duty Reunion, Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick and the Tameless Tiger, nostalgia nitro funny cars featuring the "Boss Bird" '71 TA, and a 61 - 63 Tempest 50th Anniversary Celebration, to name a few. All of the regular events will also be in place, including 3 solid days of drag racing, the 2 day car show and other exciting attractions for the whole family! Don't miss this special 20th Anniversary event....August 5, 6, and 7, 2011!


If you are planning to attend any of the shows listed for the 2011 season, place your order in advance and realize a terrific savings by not having to pay any shipping on orders we deliver to the show.  Additionally, we will pay base shipping on all orders placed at the show for pieces we don't have on site. Any oversized shipping charges do apply to these orders.  


For the 2011 show season, you can find Ames Performance at the following venues:


    April 7th - 10th - Spring Charlotte, NC  

Spring Charlotte


    April 15th - 17th Spring Englishtown, NJ 


    April 27th- May 1st Spring Carlisle, PA 

    June 24th - 26th GM Nationals Carlisle, PA  


    July 4th - 7th GTOAA Portland, OR *

    July 5th - 9th POCI Bowling Green, KY 

    August 5th - 7th Ames Performance Tri-Power Nationals, Norwalk,OH


    August 26th - 28th - Trans Am Nationals,  Dayton, OH *

Tri-Power Nationals



    August 25th - 28th Fall Charlotte, NC 

    September 23rd - 25th - Fall Englishtown, NJ


    September 28th - October 2nd - Fall Carlisle, PA 

    October 16th - Stafford Springs, CT


 *Indicates trailer will not be at this venue.  


New Products...NewProducts

1977 - 81 Trans Am and Firebird Hoods

Hoods are currently in stock and available now. Much research and development went into the project, and the end result was

is a very good piece, a great fit, and a minimal amount of prep work required by the body shop. This will save restorers on labor costs typically spent reviving old, used hoods.   


Trans Am Hood: FD109F - $439.00

Firebird Hood: FD109D - $439.00



1977 - 81 Trans Am and Firebird Fenders:

After extensive test fitting by two different entities, production on these new fenders got underway in March, and they are in bound on their way here. Currently, we expect them to be available in mid-May. Order yours now, and have them ear-marked for you when they arrive.

Trans Am Fenders:

FC407DL -
$409.00 Each (Left)

FC407DR - $409.00 Each. (Right)




Firebird Fenders:  


FC415DL - $339.00 Each   (Left)


 FC415DR - $339.00 Each   (Right)



1966 - 1967 GTO Full 1/4 Panels:

Still in tooling. This project has not been dismissed or let go by the way-side. It is being worked on and although there is no definitive ETA, the manufacturer reports it is still moving forward.

1971-81 Correct High Temp Engine Paints:
OEM Color-matched for correctness. After extensive research and testing, we have the correct shades of blue for the Poniac Fullsize, Firebird and A-Body vehicles. These engine paints are an Ames exclusive.
A- Body
N182T  -  1971 - 1973 Pontiac Blue Non-Metallic
N182TC - 1973 - 1974 Pontiac Blue                  
N182TF1975 - 1977 Pontiac Blue Metallic       


FN401H 1971 - 1973 Pontiac Blue Non-Metallic
FN401N - 1973 - 1974 Pontiac Blue                      
FN410P -  1975 - 1977 Pontiac Blue Metallic 
FN4111978 - 1981 Corporate Blue                


PN431T  1971 - 1973 Pontiac Non-Metallic Blue
PN431TC 1973 - 1974 Pontiac Blue                  
PN431TF 1975 - 1977 Pontiac Blue Metallic
$16.00 Each.


1967 His & Her Shifter Assembly:

R163H - $499.00 Each


 1967-1969 Correct Chrome Oil Filter Cap:


N225F - 34.00 Each 


1965 - 1966 4 spd Die-cast Console Kit:


 A274WRA - $915.00 Set

Premium Underhood Black Paint
Done in the correct semi-gloss finish for engine compartment detailing. In stock now. This is an Ames Exclusive.  



P173 - $12.00 Each




















































1964 GTO/LeMans Diecast Tail Light Housings:  

L161D - $475.00 Pr. 
1973 - 1981 Molded Bucket Seat Back Chrome Piping
FA139M - $69.00 Pr.


1979 - 1980 Original Style Power Brake Booster w/ Rear Disc. 



FR214HL - $189.00 Each

Click below for a complete list of New Products for each line!

GTO                           Firebird/Trans Am                  Fullsize/GP 




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