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The Southern Territorial 
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Vision 2020
Live music and arts in EVERY corps in the territory by the year 2020

We know music and arts enhance worship, so let's do our best to make this vision a reality!!!

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Praise God for a GREAT summer, filled with outstanding Creative Arts ministries all over the Southern Territory!!

Now you are settling back in to your 'normal' corps, regional, divisional creative arts programs - or perhaps you are starting one for the first time??? Either way, keep an eye out on these monthly editions of  Backstage Pass to aid you in your programming!

God Bless you and your ministry!

Territorial Creative Arts Director

Upcoming Events

September 23 - 25:  Worship Arts Retreat (See information below)
September 25 - 27: Territorial Creative Arts Directors Committee Meetings

October 19 - 23: Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble in KT Division

October 24: Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble 2012 Auditions - Click HERE


January 16 - 18: TMC (DMD/DCAD 'meeting of the minds')


January 19 - 22: Territorial Band/Songsters/Creative Arts Ensemble in Jacksonville, MS


TMI 2011

Another great year at Territorial Music Institute! Each year the standard of excellence is raised, and the delegates are producing offerings in all the tracks with power and conviction!


The Holy Spirit did a mighty work through Majors Morris as each day was set on solid ground through our focus on "Take My Life and Let it Be".


To get a glimpse of the God honoring performances that took place in the different programs at TMI - check out the videos that were webcast LIVE at... 


(Above) Alpha Dance Majors 





(Above) Omega Advanced Dance Majors 



(Above) Larsson Drama Majors 




(Above) Gowans Advanced Drama Majors 




(Above ) CREATIVE ARTS LEADERSHIP delegate Chloe Hu (FL) performs a lyrical dance on solo night




(Above) Dance delegate Kaitlyn Hardiman (NCV) performs a pointe solo on solo night

Camp Keystone, Florida  
"GIVING BACK"  Romans 12:1

Thank you to all of you who have shown interest in attending this special event.

Here are our guests!   


Laura Danette

Dance in Worship




 Phil Laeger
  Praise Band in Worship 

One Time Blind

Drama in Worship




Paige Johnson & Dr. Rudy Medlock (Father & Daughter)

Visual Arts in Worship




 Josh Cowing

Media in Worship




Bernie Dake
Audio/Tech in Worship





OCTOBER  24, 2011


Click HERE for audition information

 TCAE masterpiece1TCAE masterpiece2



Job Postings

Job Posting
National Capital and Virginia Division (NCV)
Divisional Creative Arts Director
Please contact Divisional Music Director David Delaney

Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division (ALM)

Biloxi, Mississippi - 

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center (RJKCCC)

Please contact Julie Pate



RJKCCC Creative Arts Director

Plans, administers, and conducts various Creative Arts seminars, institutes, conferences, etc.; establishes and maintains arts groups; trains leaders; teaches drama, mime, dance, puppetry classes, vocal, piano, etc.; performs vocally and/or instrumentally in various music programs; maintains the library of Creative Arts resources and materials.

Applicants must be a uniformed Salvationist in good standing, and be willing and able to lead and participate in regular Corps programs.


 For a full description and to apply for these and other positions, refer to The Salvation Army Careers Website:

Moving with the Spirit
Now Available
Contact Trade Today!!


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God Bless!