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Vision 2020
Live music and arts in EVERY corps in the territory by the year 2020

We know music and arts enhance worship, so let's do our best to make this vision a reality!!!

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Territorial Music Institute 2011 will have applications and audition material available on our website soon. Click HERE to see the events from last year.

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Welcome again to the new and improved BACKSTAGE PASS!! I pray that you are finding the resources found here useful. 

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Territorial Creative Arts Director

Upcoming Events

June 1 - 5: Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble at Commissioning

June 12 - 19:  Nick and Roberta at ALM Conservatory

July 3 - 10:  Nick and Roberta at KT Conservatory

August 3 - 14: Nick and Roberta at Western Music Institute

September 23 - 25:  Worship Arts Retreat

Job Postings

Job Posting
National Capital and Virginia Division (NCV)
Divisional Creative Arts Director
Please contact Divisional Music Director David Delaney

Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division (ALM)

Biloxi, Mississippi - 

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center (RJKCCC)

Please contact Julie Pate


RJKCCC Music Director

Plans, develops, monitors and strengthens Corps music and worship ministries. Works closely with Creative Arts Program Director to promote, value and give equal recognition to a range of cultural styles for worshipand evangelism. Teaches music theory and leads band practice so that musical performances during Corps worship services and other programs are enjoyable and spiritual.


RJKCCC Creative Arts Director

Plans, administers, and conducts various Creative Arts seminars, institutes, conferences, etc.; establishes and maintains arts groups; trains leaders; teaches drama, mime, dance, puppetry classes, vocal, piano, etc.; performs vocally and/or instrumentally in various music programs; maintains the library of Creative Arts resources and materials.

Applicants must be a uniformed Salvationist in good standing, and be willing and able to lead and participate in regular Corps programs.

 For a full description and to apply for these and other positions, refer to The Salvation Army Careers Website: 


Territorial Youth Workers Conference (TYWC)
Once again the Creative Arts will be represented at this years TYWC. Come and check out the following sessions!

Focus Group 

Wednesday morning  (10:30 - 12:00)

Whether you're just starting a Creative Arts Ministry in your group, corps, region, division or have been involved in the creative arts for years - this is the place to get all your creative arts questions answered!! Four of the Divisional Creative Arts Director along with the Territorial Creative Arts Director will welcome and answer all the questions you have regarding the Creative Arts. Come with your questions prepared, and a desire for discussion!!




Wednesday afternoon breakout (3:45 - 5:00)

The Creative Arts are being used everywhere in ministry!! But are they being used to enhance worship?! It's time we get serious about what we offer back to God, He deserves ONLY the BEST! Come and learn what it takes to make a Creative Arts ministry one that will ENHANCE worship, rather than DETRACT from worship!


For more information go to



Moving With The Spirit


MWTS Flyer


Corps Values Photography Contest

On behalf of Major C. Mark Brown, CRD Secretary, I write to announce the Southern Territorial Headquarters' first annual Core Values Photography Contest!


In celebration of National Salvation Army Week, S-THQ would like to invite all of our creative spirits out there to show our 5 Core Values in action.  So, break out your cameras and start snapping.  


We are looking for photographs that show how The Salvation Army and its volunteers, officers, and staff are Passionate, Compassionate, Brave, Uplifting, and Trustworthy.  Disaster response, youth outreach, community care ministries...you are out there living the values and we want to see it.


One lucky winner will be chosen by a panel of S-THQ personnel and will receive a $150 gift card!  Additionally, the winning photograph will be displayed in the THQ office gallery and will be shared with the field through Southern Spirit Online!  Please send your high resolution photographs to commbureau@gmail.com by close of business on Monday, May 9th.  The winner will be announced Friday, May 14th.  


Limit two photographs per person.  All photographers and persons featured in the images must complete the attached release and include it with photograph submissions.  Late entries will not be considered.  Please direct all inquiries to Will_Hale@uss.salvationarmy.org.


Please share this information with your employees, volunteers, and soldiers.



William C. Hale, J.D.

Media Relations Coordinator




Our People the musical - June 4, 2011
Overpopulation, miserable living conditions, disease and rampant crime were the hallmarks of London's East End in the mid and late 19th century. Life there was lived in squalor, one day at a time, with no promise of tomorrow.  The people in the East End were the hopeless and the forgotten.

The separate paths of a young man and a young woman intersected in that gray and unforgiving sector of the city, and they saw reflected in each other the course that God had charted for their lives. They fell in love and were married and together answered their calling to bring hope to the forgotten people of the East End.

The story of William and Catherine Booth's discovery of their calling will be told on the stage for the first time on Saturday evening, June 4 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta during Commissioning weekend.  "Our People (the Musical)" was written by Lt. Colonel Eddie Hobgood, who will also direct the production.

"The story starts when William and Catherine are in their early 20s," Lt. Colonel Hobgood said, "and we see how they met and how they developed their early theology.  We see their ministry grow over the years, and the story comes to a climax in 1878 when William names his young ministry The Salvation Army."

The script's focus is not limited to the Booths, however - as their story unfolds, the stories of the people fighting their daily wars for survival in the East End are also bought to life on the stage. As the story races toward its climax, the Booths' world and that of the East Enders find common ground as The Salvation Army is born. Lt. Colonel Hobgood said the story was inspired by the video production of the same name produced two years ago by the Australia Eastern Territory. While that production was a documentary treatment of the Army's early history, the musical will be a dramatic recreation of those events.

The cast will be made up of the cadets of the Ambassadors of Holiness and the Friends of Christ sessions. Dean Feener and Roberta Simmons-Smith will play William and Catherine Booth. Lt. Colonel Hobgood wrote the script and the music and lyrics for the production, and Stephen Bulla is the orchestrator and arranger.

Several of the principals were involved with another Hobgood creation, "Brengle:

My Life's Ambition," which premiered at the 2008 territorial congress. Corporate Magic is the producer with assistance from Lt. Colonel Kathy Hobgood. Major Becky Gagne is coordinating costumes, and Vincent Musgrave is the assistant director and choreographer.

A complimentary CD with the music from "Our People" will be distributed on the evening of the premiere and Boothrelated merchandise will be available for purchase in the lobby. A DVD of the show will be available later in the summer.  Look for updates on the musical every Monday on Facebook (Facebook.com/ southernspirit and Twitter (@Southern_ Spirit).

By: Dan Childs


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God Bless!