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The world's first electric vacuum cup  ECOSmart


The New EcoCup™ creates vacuum without air!



Great for pick-and-place applications of flat, rigid, non-porous parts including: plastic, glass, solar panels, and electronics, as well as other consumer goods with smooth, flat surfaces.


No fittings, no valves, no hoses, no compressors
and absolutely no AIR


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Numatics Logo Providing the fluid automation
solutions you need


ASCO Numatics Corporate Video
ASCO Numatics Corporate Video
Right.  Now.
We can fulfill that "Right. Now." pledge because ASCO Numatics makes the world's most reliable fluid automation solutions - delivered and serviced with exceptional speed and responsiveness. Our unparalleled fluid power and fluid control offerings include more than 50,000 industry-leading valves, a range of air preparation equipment, and a full line of actuation products. 



Static ionizers  Panasonic logo
Extremely fast charge reduction


Static ionizers

Static charge on assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive work pieces.  The solution is the new line of Panasonic static sensing and reduction sensors


Panasonic's high-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction by emitting a highly balanced ion stream directly to your parts before static discharge has a chance to damage them.


With a wide range of models you will find the best unit for your needs:

  • Bench top unit for cleaning applications
  • Pulse air-gun ionizer for hand directed static removal
  • Miniature, compact and wide area fan type
  • In-line static level  verification units for use before and/or after ionization processes

wago logo TOPJOBŪ S Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks 



Simply Jumper  

Simply jumpered

Jumpering with TOPJOBŪS is quick, secure, and convenient. Offering unique jumper combinations that get the job done.



Simply pushin  

Simply Push-in

TOPJOBŪS offers no torque push-in wiring for ferruled or solid conductors and screwdriver actuation for stranded conductors. Resulting in reduced wiring time by up to 75%.


Simply Tested  

Simply tested

Test plug adapters, taps and modular test plugs make testing quick and easy.




Simply marked  

Simply marked

Exclusive continuous vinyl marking strip provides smudge free, oil resistant, multi-line marking. Thermal transfer printer makes marking extremely fast.



Simply Try It  

Simply try it

Try TOPJOBŪS in your toughest application. Request the TOPJOBŪ S tool-kit




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