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All-in-One 3D Megapixel Smart Sensor
Out-of-the-box Machine Vision System
SnapQuik Prevents Misconnections
L70 Open Frame Actuator
piGrip Sense Valve
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piGRIP Sense demo
piGRIP sense demo


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Gocator 2330Gocator 2300 Family  

All-in-One 3D Megapixel Smart Sensor


The Gocator 2300 family of 3D Megapixel smart sensors reduces the cost of factory automation by making product validation easy to implement and maintain. Simple to integrate and industrially designed for the rugged needs of the factory floor, Gocator 3D smart sensors are packed with built-in tools that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

  • Pre-calibrated to scan micron-level details
  • High speed & low latency
  • Setup & control via Web browser
  • Built-in tools, no programming
  • Single sensors require no additional controllers, amplifiers or PCs

Gocator Smart Sensors now supports Ethernet IP communication

Ethernet IP  

This new capability enable the Gocator smart sensor to interface to a PLC through EtherNet/IP protocol. Ethernet/IP is an industrial protocol that allows bidirectional data transfer with PLCs and the Gocator 2300 Family.

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In-Sight 7010 is the entry level vision system!     

The ideal out-of-the-box machine vision solution

Out of Box


With the unique combination of hardware features and software tools, the In-Sight 7010 is the ideal out-of-the-box solution for many straightforward vision applications.  


In-Sight® 7010 is an entry level vision system developed specifically for inspection tasks where vision sensors are too limited and a standard vision system may not be cost effective. Every aspect of the In-Sight 7010 has been designed to make deploying a vision system easier than ever before:



Integrated autofocus
For production situations requiring regular part changes, or applications that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.

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Integrated Lighting Integrated illumination
In-Sight 7010 offers integrated, field-replaceable white lighting as well as four specific color lights to highlight particular parts or features.

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EasyBuilder Intuitive EasyBuilder® user interface
Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allow you to program solutions for your own vision applications

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SnapQuik Prevents Misconnections

A break away connector ideal for small bore applications


SnapQuik® is a break away connector ideal for small bore applications. The compact design delivers high flow fluid transfer in a small profile. Featuring a unique internal latching mechanism that creates a smooth, streamlined exterior that is easy to clean and use. The user-friendly break away design of SnapQuik prevents misconnections with luers, protects equipment and ensures SnapQuik patient safety.

  • Break away latch mechanism
  • Internal latch design
  • Audible click at connection
  • Streamlined exterior for easy cleaning

SnapQuik's revolutionary lubrication technique ensures consistent connection forces throughout the lifetime of the connectors, even when aggressive cleaning techniques are used.


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L70 Open Frame Actuator
Linear ballscrew system


The L70 open frame ball screw linear system utilizing single internal rail for maximum straightness The L70 is available in a standard commercial grade and a precision grade in stroke lengths up to 600mm.  

Animatics L70


The unique "L" shape of the L70 makes it ideal for a Z axis, or 2 units mate together in a number of configurations to form an X-Y or X-Y-Z unit. It is also used on gantry type applications with the HLD60 or XL100 units. This is a good choice for travel under 600 mm. The system is complete, easy to apply, and has an unmatched price/performance ratio. 


The L70 system includes the Animatics SmartMotor™ model SM2316DT-PLS2 as standard and  integrates the following into one system:

  • The linear ball screw system components
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor
  • Encoder
  • Amplifier
  • Controller with microprocessor
  • I/O, 5 V with 24 V. available with accessory cable.
  • Network capability
  • Firmware.
  • Integrated brake option


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piGRIP® Sense Valve
Revolutionary flow/check valve for suction cups


A new revolutionary flow/check valve for suction cups is available. Piab is proud to introduce the "sense" valve as an option for piGRIP® suctions cups.


piGRIP Sense Valve Flow-control/check valves for cups are used for "object sensing" on flexible vacuum handling devices with a centralized pump solution. The valves allows several suction cups to miss (or partly miss) sheet(s)/object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum level in the system and also offer a fast release/blow-off.


Piab's new "sense" valve has a new innovative design. It works great in any orientation, it is dirt tolerant and it has a flow characteristic which truly (not in a "digital" way) increases flow through the valve when vacuum level decreases to compensate for leakage and therefore retains a high lifting force in the cups which are in grip.


When the new "sense" valve is used with a piGRIP® cup, the user can benefit from the piGRIP® configurator which will calculate the right size of sense valve depending on size of cup and degree of leakage in the application. This will facilitate the dimensioning and reduce risk for errors and unhappy customers.  A stand-alone version of the sense valve will be available soon to be used with other cups than piGRIP®. 


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* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region, but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information