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Cost Effective iX HMI Panels
TOPJOB Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks
Quick Delivery on Mono Stages
Cognex Introduces OCRMax
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Animatics take up video  

  With the new Class 5 SmartMotors you have the 

option of doing traverse and take-up winding with
any given width 
and pitch automatically.


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Cost Effective iX HMI Panels


The iX Series of operator panels combines impressive visuals with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction to create a universal HMI solution. Each unit is equipped with an unlimited runtime version of iX software that features multiple drivers , vector graphics, open platform and enhance iX Panels HMI functionality.

  • Universal protocol HMI
  • Free development software
  • Communicate to multiple PLC brands simultaneously
  • Superior screen resolution and clarity
  • Vector-based graphics  
iX Software is a revolutionary software that features multiple drivers to communicate with your automation equipment.  This first-in-class free development software is a truly open platform providing enhanced HMI functionality needed in today's automation control market.iX Software





TOPJOB®S - Simply Brilliant

The new standard for rail-mounted terminal blocks 


One range of rail-mounted terminal blocks that can fulfill all industrial and Ex applications, as well as those for building installations. Thanks to CAGE CLAMP® S technology, the TOPJOB® S rail-mounted terminal blocks for the DIN 35 carrier rail are the smallest on the market. The compact size helps minimize costs through the reduction of panel space used, as well as smaller enclosures and junction boxes. 


  • Simply smaller - space saving of up to 30%
  • Simply push-in - using stripped solid conductors, stranded conductors with ferrules
  • Simply pluggable -  time saving pluggable connectors
  • Simply jumpered - comb-style jumper system


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Mono Stage KM Series
Quick delivery on industry standard stages


KM series consist of linear guideway unit and ballscrew unit. For saving space, PMI combine the carriage of linear guideway and nut of ballscrew to a integral Carriage-Nut. The carriage-nut cooperate with the U rail designed for high rigidity to achieve the high rigidity and high accuracy in the minimal space, especially to saving time of installation. 

KM Mono StageMoreover, the design of two rows with Gothic-arch groove and contact angle of 45°can bear four directional loading.


  • High Rigidity
  • High Accuracy
  • Drop-in replacement for several popular brands
  • 2-week delivery - standard


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Cognex Introduces OCRMax
Optical Character Recognition Technology


OCRMax™ gives In-Sight®  users the power to achieve the highest character read rates while keeping misreads to a minimum. This new powerful algorithm prevents misreads, handles process variations and provides easy font management. It's fast, easy to set up and simple to use across OCR Max screenshotall platforms with minimal training being required.


Maximum flexibility

OCRMax is an all-in-one tool that can handle character variations, text skew, proportional fonts and variable string lengths, making it the most robust character recognition tool in the industry. 


Best character segmentation

The key to achieving the highest read rates with OCRMax is its superior character segmentation capability ensuring that OCRMax can handle distorted, touching and variably spaced characters. 


Easier font training and management

OCRMax has an intuitive user interface that makes font training a very simple process.  Users can even export and import fonts from external storage, making training easier and increasing the OCRMaxtool's flexibility.


OCRMax handles:

  • Width variations and skew Touching characters
  • Background noise 
  • Variable string lengths 

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* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region, but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information