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The Best ot 2011
Here are the most popular articles and video from 2011 - enjoy!
Best of 2011 - Tolomatic ERD20 & ACS with Ethernet


Tolomatic announces the release of EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP connectivity in the ACS drive EtherNet/IP Connectability and Modbus TCP Protocol. ACS stepper drive & controller is an extremely easy-to-use stepper drive & controller developed specifically to be used with electric ACS Controlleractuators.

  • Connectivity to Allen Bradley PLCs Infinite positioning
  • Daisy chain multiple ACS drives together
  • Easy-to-use and set
  • Using Modbus TCP, connect to almost all other PLC and HMI devices (excluding Siemens)

ERD20High Force ERD20

The Tolomatic ERD20 Rod Actuator is the newest addition to the Electric Rod product line providing higher force capability at very economical prices.

  • Forces to 500 lbs
  • Strokes up to 24 inches
  • Compatible with Your Motor


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Animatics surfboard videoBest Video of 2011

Watch the SmartMotor
in action!


CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator.


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Best of 2011 - Cognex IDMax Technology

Robotic Arm JointBest Application of 2011 - Robotic coupling spring clutch alternative


See how using an Airstroke actuator between the "joint" and end tooling of robot systems eliminates the tedious and labor-intensive screw adjustments of conventional spring clutch mechanisms.



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Best of 2011 - Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays


Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of Solid State Relays(SSR's) featuring direct copper bonding technology for increased life and reliability.   These relays are the ideal replacements for mechanical contactors, because of their long life and noise-freeswitching.


Clayton Controls can assist you in finding the correct crossover model and we have an extensive inventory for immediate delivery.

  • SSR RelaysSingle phase relays up to 125 amps   
  • 3 phase relays up to 75 amps   
  • Digital and analogue inputs (4-20mA or 1-10V)   
  • Complete range of SSRs with built-in heatsink

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Best of 2011 - Colder Products Life Science & Medical Connectivity  


Quick Disconnect Couplings and Connectors for Medical Devices

Life Science & Medical Connectors

Medical companies around the world rely on Colder's quick disconnect couplings and fittings to quickly and securely connect and disconnect tubing in a wide variety of medical devices and equipment. Colder's couplings eliminate the possibility of an accidental misconnection, creating safer medical connections.


Cleaner, faster, safer and smarter medical connections. Standard and custom engineered solutions are available for a wide variety of critical fluid and air handling medical applications including reusable and disposable connection devices in surgical equipment, dialysis, patient monitoring and pressure therapy devices.


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* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region, but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information