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Robotic Arm JointApplication: Robotic coupling spring clutch alternative


See how using an Airstroke actuator between the "joint" and end tooling of robot systems eliminates the tedious and labor-intensive screw adjustments of conventional spring clutch mechanisms.



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Solid State Relays


Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of Solid State Relays (SSR's) featuring direct copper bonding technology for increased life and reliability.   These relays are the ideal replacements for mechanical contactors, because of their long life and noise-freeSSR Relays switching.


Clayton Controls can assist you in finding the correct crossover model and we have an extensive inventory for immediate delivery.

  • Single phase relays up to 125 amps   
  • 3 phase relays up to 75 amps   
  • Digital and analogue inputs (4-20mA or 1-10V)   
  • Complete range of SSRs with built-in heatsink

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piClassic vacuum pumpProvides up to 40% more energy efficiency over rotary vane pumps


piCLASSIC is Piab's upgraded vacuum pump series suitable for a wide range of applications with large capacities despite its small size and low weight.


Capitalizing on the COAX®  technology advantages over traditional multi-stage ejectors, the piCLASSIC is available with 70% more vacuum flow capacity than older designs.  The piCLASSIC design features a low weight and a new modular design that allows the user to easily upgrade the pump's performance by adding cartridges.


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IX series HMITrendsetting HMI Panels


The iX Panel TxA series is a brand new model range which offers a new style of operator panels. The robust and lightweight aluminum housing ensures a long lifetime, even in rough industrial environments.


iX Panel TxA is available in three different display sizes in 4.3", 7" and 10.4". The wide screen TFT display provides a 30% larger viewing area, which expands display capabilities for complex operating screens. It has been developed for all kind of HMI tasks which require state-of-the-art-graphics combined in a compact format. The fully flat front side ensures a dust free surface. The dimmable TFT display is equipped with maintenance free LED backlighting for long life usage.


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Numatics PTS SlidePrecision Slide Table


The PST Series provides smooth precise linear motion with high accuracy at twice the thrust of a single bore cylinder. The precision linear rail system supports the load through the entire stroke length.


  • Available in 8, 12, 16, 20, 25 mm bore sizes.
  • Dual square rails provide high load capabilities and precise linear motion.
  • Twin bores deliver twice the thrust of a single bore cylinder.
  • Optional stroke adjustment available for extend stroke.

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