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FarhanOur New Tech Support Vision Specialist


Clayton Controls is pleased to welcome Farhan Mahbub to our Technical Support Team.  Farhan comes with over 10 years in the machine vision industry, including 4 years with Cognex, the leader in machine vision technology. 


He brings a level of experience and expertise that is rare and has already proven to be extremely valuable to increasing the success of our customer's machine vision projects.  We invite you to contact Farhan to discuss or review your machine vision applications.


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DataMan 500 Logistics Barcode Reader


Introducing the revolutionary new DataMan 500 image-based barcode reader.  DataMan 500 is designed to achieve higher read rates, offer improved on-line visualization and have higher reliability than laser scanners currently in use in the logistics, postal and retail distribution markets. 


DataMan 500Using Cognex IDMaxsuperior code reading software, DataMan 500 achieves higher read rates by reading the 1D barcodes that laser readers cannot read, including damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low height and low contrast codes. 


DataMan 500 processes images at up to 1,000 frames per second and can read codes in any orientation, 2D codes such as Data matrix, and QR, and multiple codes in the same image.


Just mount DataMan 500 and begin reading!

        Liquid Lens autofocus technology

         Laser Aimer

         No Moving parts


         Image Acquisition rates up to 1,000 frames/second


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Proportional Valve that's Field Programmable with a Serial Interface

fine tuneSentronicPLUS is a digitally operated pressure regulator valve. This valve accurately adjusts pressure, flow, force, speed, and linear or angular positions. The valve components are designed to provide control at an extremely low hysteresis.


With the Data Acquisition Software (DaS) and the RS232 interface, it is now possible to optimally adjust the valve's control parameters serially, without the need for an analog converter or the expense of adding an analog card to your controller.

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IdentiQuik Smart Couplings with
RFID Technology


Colder has created the patented IdentiQuik Smart Couplings. This breakthrough design enables users to freely exchange data between two halves of a coupling at the time of connection using contactless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Data is stored on the package coupling or fluid delivery line and is automatically transferred across the coupling. Communication continues, transferring tag values to your control system.

 IdentiQuik connector

  • Identify misconnections: eliminates out-of-sequence connections or misconnections due to operator error
  • Protects your brand: prevent out-of-date, incorrect or
    misapplied products from being used
  • Prolong equipment life: prevent the accidental or
    unintentional use of harmful media
  • Save time: automatic documentation of package and media lot numbers, date codes and more

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Stepping Motors for OEM applications 

ElectroCraft TorquePower™ and ElectroCraft TorquePower Plus™ motors have set the standard for quality, reliability, and durability in stepping motors. With non-cumulative position accuracies as low as 3%, the precision of ouElectrocraft Productsr TorquePower motor is matched only by the dependability of its performance.


Our TorquePower motors are also bi-directional and totally enclosed with permanently lubricated ball bearings for long-lasting, smooth operation.


  • Custom OEM applications
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductor handling and testing
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical

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