Fiction-Writing Master Course Debut
An Exciting Announcement from Novelist Janice Hanna Thompson

Dear Writing Friends,

This is an exciting week for me! I'm thrilled to announce the release of my video/audio-driven fiction course, which has been years in the making! You can check it out here: I've designed this course in such a way that newbies and established/published novelists alike can benefit. If you've written a novel but can't seem to get it through the doors of a publishing house, you might want to check out the ten comprehensive lessons in this course. If you've published several novels but long to write that "breakout" novel you've only dreamed of, this is the course for you. 
About the Course
In this exciting course for fiction writers, you will be given a thorough introduction to the world of novel writing. With the help of author Janice Thompson, who has published nearly sixty books, you will discover the various components of a best-selling novel and will learn the ins and outs of the submission process, tackling those dreaded query letters and proposals.

Fiction-Writing Master Course
Understanding the Genres
12-Step Plotting (based on Janice's "Plot Shots" method)
Layered Characterization (based on Janice's "Pandora's Box" method)
POV (Point of View)
Show, Don't Tell (Passive vs. Active Writing)
Backstory Blues
Themes, Style and Voice
Common Fiction Mistakes
Humor Writing
Query Letters/Fiction Proposals

How Does the Course Work?

Each of the ten lessons is packed with ideas, tips, techniques, and secrets to help you succeed as a novelist. For your convenience, each lesson is presented in a variety of formats, so you can watch, read, listen to, or download the material to learn at your own pace.  Each lesson includes:

On-screen video teaching by yours truly (Janice Thompson)
Downloadable MP3 audio version of the lesson
Downloadable PDF transcript of the lesson
Downloadable PDF worksheet
Downloadable PDF Bonus Resource Material

With the tools you will receive in this detailed course, you will be able to present a brilliantly written novel to an editor or agent. . .with confidence! You can meet with Janice in the forums for the coaching you need as you move along the journey toward becoming a published novelist. Best of all, you can earn those advances and royalties you've been longing for.
About the Instructor (A Note from Janice)

Meet Author Janice Hanna Thompson
Author Janice Hanna Thompson
As many of you know, I've been at this "writing thing" awhile and have published in nearly every genre. To check out my publishing credits, go here. Beyond what you see on my published works page, I've also ghost-written seven books for children and have contributed to over a dozen compilation projects. In some ways, I feel the Lord has allowed me to take this genre-jumping ride (and what a ride it's been!) so that I can help writers in a variety of areas/genres.
I can honestly say this is the most comprehensive course I've ever offered to writers. I truly believe a newbie could take this fiction-writing course and learn enough to craft a well-written, sellable novel.

I can't wait to see writers (newbies and established, alike) think of this "novel" approach to fiction-writing! (Sorry! I couldn't resist!)

Janice Thompson, Freelance Writer
3618 Avalon Castle Dr
Spring, Texas 77386
Price $$

Our regular course pricing is $249, but for a limited time, you can purchase the full course for ONLY $199! (That's less than $20 per lesson, with priceless access to the forums.) Click here to purchase the course. Why wait? Get started on your fiction-writing journey today!


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