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a new voice is Booming.
 Valslist on NYT 

The New York Times has launched a new blog for baby boomers called "Booming".
Tune in.  Whether you're a boomer - or know a boomer - this is relevant. 
Valslist has a weekly music post on the blog called "MUSIC MATCH" 
We pair two artists - an old & new - who have a similar vibe.
It's a video pair meant to introduce you to new music.
And it's working. The feedback is rolling in... 

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So where were you in April 2003?  What was going on in your life? That's when Apple launched the iTunes digital music store. Yippee said the youngsters who had all the time in the world to embrace the new game in town. Terrific said the teens who could intuitively navigate anything web based. Cool said the college kids who quickly networked the content with friends. Hooray said the hackers who figured a way around it...


... and Bummer said the boomers who were busy with job, kids, career, family, the real world, and other grown up stuff.  Life's obligations already left us no time to keep up with music. Switching to a digital music platform - buried us alive. Plain and simple, we lost track, and now we ask "how did I get here?" 
It's NOT the same as it ever was...      But the music is.
Side Note:  if you're a boomer who's stuck in the 60s/70s music scene and honestly believes that today's music can never compare to the past, then you may wish to stop reading. I will never change you. Or convert you. I don't think you want to learn about new music, and that's okay. But that's another bummer for you. There's some great new music out there.


The music industry needs an injection of new blood, new fans, new money, a new target audience! The adult demographic has all of that, the only thing we need help with is getting introduced to the new artists - who they are - where they're playing - how to find them and how to find out more. We're grown ups. We grew up buying music. It's what we do. We're parents. We view the starving artists like our kids - we want to support you.  We're proud. If we like your music we'll spread the love to all our friends.  We just need help finding you. 
Adults need a voice in the music industry. Not a singing voice. A spokesperson.
We need a vote. And a say. We grew up on great music. And we want great music back in our lives. Pay attention to us. Hear us. We can help revive the ailing industry.
The music industry targets the under 25 year olds.  But why?  They don't buy.
The over 25 year olds (busy adults) are a lucrative audience. We have money. We have time. Just show us the music. We'll buy a song and go to a show. Boomers?  We want it bad. Want to be in the know. 
And I think it's finally happening.
The NYT Booming blog is a platform.  Valslist is a voice.  That's a start. 

Valslist is working hard to get artist and fan to meet. One song and one artist at a time. It's our ONLY mission. So jump on board for some real music discovery. Tell your music loving friends about Valslist and NYT Booming. Do it for the artists. Do it for yourself. Music just makes life sweeter. You used to know that.
"And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all is one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll."
                                                                                                      - Led Zeppelin   (lyrics)




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