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you wear it well. 
            - Rod Stewart


 All dressed up and nowhere to go?    Of course not.    It's usually the other way around: 





Somewhere to go and nothing to wear ...



                             Chicago's Premier 3-Day Music Fest  ::  Grant Park  ::  August 3, 4, 5                                  

lolla pic  


                             Your somewhere is a music fest.

                   Your nothing-to-wear is in your closet.

                                                                                       This post is for girls only.   







               - a note by Val,  founder                                                                                                                   

  val head down











What do you wear to live music?           


The stuff in your closet is for grown ups. Work clothes, church clothes, fancy stuff, boring stuff, nothing fun. And what do people wear to music anyway? Probably jeans? But then what?!?!


Maybe I can help. I straddle both worlds. I'm a boomer with grown up clothes. But I work in the young music industry. I'm at the fests and the venues all the time.  I've seen it all ~ the good, the bad and the ugly. I have some advice. And here's the good news: it's way easier than you think. 




Dress down. You want to blend in, not stand out. Music is casual, laid back. Jeans rule.


Keep it simple. Leave the big purse, big coat, high heels & matching jewelry at home.


Be a minimalist. A hands-free shoulder bag, your ticket, cash, I.D, lipstick, phone.


Stay practical.  Dress for the weather. Layers. Boots. Loose fit. Hat. Sunglasses. Cotton. Jacket. Poncho. Bandanna. *Leave your most expensive duds at home.


Dress your age. You can look hot without scaring the kids. Tone it down, don't try too hard. Some stuff is better left to the imagination (my rule.)  Let them guess if you're a cougar or not. 


Shop your closet. You probably have everything you need right under your nose. Mix your clothes up more, put things together that you normally wouldn't. Anything goes at live music - it's an artsy place so color outside the lines on this one. It's fun.  It's art.


It's chic to be cheap. If you need to buy a few fun things (ankle boots, cool belts, wild earrings) then head over to Target, World Market, Etsy, to name a few. Don't spend one dime more - no one will ever know. 



spent the past few weeks doing a photo shoot with friends of mine. I show lots of examples of things to wear to music. Most of it is clothing from our closets that we put together. A lot of the accessories are from Target, second-hand shops, and other super inexpensive places. Keep your eye out next time you're at these stores; you'll be surprised what you can find. First thing on your list should be a pair of ankle boots :)



Click on the photo below to see my photo album:   "Music Fest Wear"  



          every picture tells a story 

-Rod Stewart 










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