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bigger than me                                             A spiritual thing.   

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I can't explain the scientific reason why, but his music impacted me like a drug. Literally.

It wasn't the night, it wasn't my mood, it wasn't an accident. I've seen him live three times and it's the same each time. And it's not just me - when you look around the room you can tell it's happening to the entire audience. I saw an 11 year old with his mom, swaying in a way that 11 year olds don't do. I saw an older couple so intensely watching together, in a peaceful trance. A table of young twenty somethings sat at their table, focused & still, eyes on the stage for the two hour show. I whispered to Mark, "his music makes me high - what is it?"  I saw a group of high school girls up front - they weren't acting their age - they acted much older. His music had us in a trance - it was bigger than us.


This is what I do. I write about music, but I write from the front lines. From the fan point of view. I'm in the audience and I observe everything. What are we doing out there in your audience? What's focusing us? What's distracting us? How does the artist hook us? I'm like a reporter, or a spy. I'm out in the field, reporting back to you the artist...  As you play your notes, I'm taking mine. 


This time it was difficult to break out of the trance to glance away from the stage. But when I did, the chemistry in that room was palpable. His music was in our veins. We were one. And we just wanted more. 



The artist was Trevor Hall.  unity



If you're skeptical, I will quietly offer that you had to be there. I can't provide a physics equation to support my theory.  It was a spiritual thing.  


Trevor Hall, singer/songwriter from South Carolina stepped onto the stage in bare feet, rolled up jeans,  dreadlocked pony tail, beads around his neck, peaceful tattoos and that smile that tells us he's so happy to be here.  His band members surround him as they look out at us and humbly accept our cheers and shouts of love. Ego and attitude do not exist on his stage, and you're very aware of that. As we quiet, his eyes close and the music begins.


The vibe is alternative pop rock with an always present reggae / calypso undertone. He takes the various components that make up music including pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, loudness, beat, and adds surprises with timbre, tone, key, chords, reverb, timing, intervals, octaves and scale to send an auditory message that feels. so. very. different.  It's visceral.


But that's only half of it. It's the voice. His influences are Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Ben Harper and Bjork, but he's found his biggest inspiration through meditation and regular trips to India. His voice is unusual. It's a blend of spiritual chant, Indian raga, anthemic grooves, soulful praise, with a Matisyahu spin. Yet the gentle melodies are simple - and inclusive - he's singing to his people.  His depth and passion, far beyond his twenty something years, embrace and comfort you - singing of things bigger than you, more important than your problems. It makes everything okay.  


In 10th grade, his music loving parents sent him to California to attend Idyllwild School for the Arts, an international boarding school east of Los Angeles. Trevor says these were some of the best years of his life, studying classical guitar and meeting wonderful people from around the world who greatly influenced his life in a profound way. His greatest lesson there was observing how art spoke to everyone... no matter what race, what faith, or what country you were from. Trevor: "I saw how it brought people together, and that made me feel good."  Hence his mission now.  


He signs his bio:  "Until we meet again...   So much love, Trevor."      (read bio)
Watch video:  
Trevor Hall - Unity (Live in the Bing Lounge)
Unity by Trevor Hall (live in Bing Lounge) 


Trevor's last 2 shows on this tour:   
Apr 10   Stargazers Theater  - Colorado Springs, CO
May 11  Boulder Theater  - Boulder, CO





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