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A Long-Awaited Face Lift                                                          
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First, I apologize for the past two weeks of radio silence. 
To you who have written wondering why I haven't posted in a few weeks, let me explain. Well, let me vent. My life has been one big pity party over the past 4 months, as I moved my 89 year old spinster friend into assisted living - by myself.  I'll probably post about that another time, but suffice it to say it took ALL of my time, ALL of my energy, and a bit of my spirit. For all of you who are going through the same thing, you're in my thoughts. 


One thing has emerged for the better: got a facelift. We've been working on it for awhile now, and we're unveiling our new user-friendly format today.


We had one goal in mind as we tweaked our website:  make it easier to use, get to the music faster, and put the newest stuff first. We hope to deliver.


Let me explain.


You want simple, so do I.  No one has time for a new learning curve or trying to find things on a cluttered website.  So we're giving you everything  right on the home page. Pick what you want.


Instant info is gratifying. The internet has spoiled us. So Valslist is putting our newest playlist front center on the home page - with a new music player - so you can listen instantly. Run through the songs to see which ones you like.


I hate TMI and I'm assuming you do too. We have a lot of music information, but we don't want to overwhelm you, so we're giving you a "taste" of everything on the home page. You'll see 1 playlist, 1 new album, 1 new artist, music video, 1 blog post by Val.  Basically this week's music news. 
If you like what you hear, then click through to hear more...   We have a lot more of everything - playlists, new artists, new album releases, Val's blog posts.   If you have the time, we have the music. 
We know you're busy.  But if you have a few minutes each week, you'll learn a lot!


 We don't try to sell you. We just introduce you to new music and emerging artists that you might not find on your own. From there, you decide.


Valslist has no agenda.  Our goal is to bring artist to fan. But you can help us bring fan to artist - which is equally important - by telling your friends about Valslist and liking us on Facebook.  Your music concierge.  JUST LISTEN.  





Val Haller




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