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you know this guy?



if you're 

reading this blog,

he's not you.



but he might be

your friend.



he's a GEE-BEE*



they're everywhere.

(they can be girls too)



if you know him, 

please forward 

my blog to him.



you might save him.

(from himself)  





face val 


* So what's a GEE-BEE you ask?


I'll give you a hint. They say things like "I don't listen to

new music. I don't need to. No one will ever be better than 

(insert '60s or '70s act here.)"  And things like "The only 

valid music is what I liked when I was in my teens." Often 

aggressive and belligerent, they present their argument as perceived wisdom" and dismiss you as revealing a deficiency, should you argue with them...  (Wall Street Journal article below.)



But Jim can explain it better:


Quick disclaimer:  I'm not being lazy by not authoring my own blog this time, but a recent article posted by WSJ music critic Jim Fusilli has nailed the guy in the orange pants, and in doing so, has validated why I launched Valslist (we help busy adults keep up with new music.) So I'm going to sit back and relax and ask you to read Jim's article below. And when you're done, I'm going to ask you to help me save the Gee-Bees, one song at a time. All you have to do is forward this blog post to all your friends who wear orange pants. If they check out the music on Valslist they might start to believe that there IS great new music out there, that there ARE talented emerging artists who sound like the vintage greats, and that actually LIKE some of it. We need to rescue the "stuck" and introduce them to the new artists who just want a chance to be heard. Gee-Bees need to lose the attitude and open up their minds to the new - just like they did back in the day.



Read Jim Fusilli's Article:     Meet the Gee-Bees   (the generationally biased)



If you're ready to believe, allow me to introduce you to a few great artists below.




Val Haller


                                                                                                                                           Read more of Val's posts ...                               



*  *  *



LOSE  THE  ATTITUDE    (out tomorrow)

  1. The Wolves by Ben Howard
  2. When No One's Watching by Craig Finn
  3. Never Look Back by Graffiti6
  4. Moon Song by Anthony Green
  5. Music by Cat Stevens
  6. Telephone Games (live) by Jack and White
  7. Meant by Elizaveta
  8. Overgrown With Warmth by Brad Senne
  9. Jules and Jim by Nada Surf
  10. Johnny by Madi Diaz
  11. Whimper and Wail by Nathaniel Rateliff
  12. Byzantine by Musikanto
  13. I Won't Let You Go by James Morrison
  14. Puebla (acoustic version) by moe.
  15. Girls by Deep Sea Arcade






  • We will be unveiling some new things over the next few months.  
  • The first is:  Val's Blog is going to weekly  ~  look for it in your in-box every Sunday


Chimes of Freedom - The Songs of Bob Dylan 
76 Cover Songs by Various Artists
(Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International) 
 album cover bob dylan

What Happened to the La Las 
by moe.
Similar vibe = Clapton/Dylan/Eagles/Traffic (70s roots-esque)
album cover moe. 






WILCO - new video
Wilco - Dawned On Me (Live on Letterman)
Wilco - Dawned On Me (Live on Letterman)

ARMY of 3 -
ARMY of 3 - "Somebody That I Used to Know" - original by Gotye





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