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                                Guys & Speakers  ::  A Universal Obsession    (a note from Val)

What's with guys and their speaker systems?  It's a universal question asked by every woman at one time or another.  It's a universal obsession of every man - and presents itself in myriad ways.

My husband Mark won't let go of his college speakers. He has new, state of the art speakers in our home, but down in the basement in the man cave sit 2 huge Ohm H speakers - each the size of a small table.  They take up so much space it's ridiculous - space we need for other things. We get into a huge argument over these speakers every year when I beg to sell them at my friend's garage sale. Mark's reaction is sort of scary - his face gets serious and he says, "do NOT touch those speakers."  Honestly, I never would  (as I did with his old beloved chair that had splits in the leather) because touching those speakers would be grounds for divorce. He's hanging onto something, and I'm not sure what. (Ohm means nothing to me, but he bets I'll get email from guys defending this.)

I witnessed it again when I visited my son's new apartment last week... They had their stereo & TV speakers set up even before they set up their beds.  Priorities. The vibe.  It must be right. It must be loud. It must be quality. I asked them if they'd met their new neighbors yet (the unlucky ones whose walls will tremble with the base).  My question didn't seem to trigger one iota of concern. Their bliss couldn't be interrupted.

My friend's son has speakers in his car that are bigger than the car - it's dangerous.  My brother has a huge woofer and tweeter on his boat - the music drowns out the engine noise.  My neighbor has speakers in his front yard as well as the back - that he sometimes forgets to turn off after a party - it's like a radio broadcast to the hood.

I'm sure it was a guy who invented speakers that look like rocks, waterproof speakers, detachable wireless speakers to move around the house, speakers that hang in trees, and tiny speakers that have the same power as the 1977 Ohm H monstrosities. Gentlemen, great job.


Honestly, I get it. Your music is an extension of you. A more colorful you. A bolder you. If a song moves you, you want to share it. Your music describes you and your taste.  So go ahead, aim your speakers out the window and turn up the volume.  I have two new playlists for your backyard BBQ  (see below.)

I guess they're right.  Sound is EVERYTHING.   



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Speakers in the Window    listen :: download


Put Yourself Out There   listen :: download


Dance on the Grass     listen :: download





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