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                                              Adults Can Do Music Fests - Here Are Some Tips
(a note from Val) 
Every summer my business partner, Joy and I go to Lollapalooza.  A premier music fest in the heart of Chicago's beautiful Grant Park, it's a perfect fest - even for adults.  Last year we filmed our 3 day experience to share with you - to prove that even boomers can do a music fest.  
We give tips on what to expect, what to pack, how to act...  
But the main message we want to convey is that adults belong at music fests as much as the dancing teens. We grew up on the best music, we grew up going to fests, the only thing we're guilty of, is we grew up ...   
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Lollapalooza At Any Age


3 days in the life of a music fest

Lollapalooza At Any Age
Lollapalooza At Any Age













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