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Note from Val:

So if is all about discovering new music, why do I include 2-3 vintage tracks on each playlist?   I absolutely didn't want to at first; there are tons of oldies websites that already do this.  It was actually my sister's idea. Before I launched Valslist I asked friends and family to go on the site and play around a little and give me feedback - sort of my last 'check' before going public.

My sister Becky is not a music person. She says she knows what she likes when she hears it, but that's as far as the passion goes.  So she went on my new site to check it out.  I was so excited for her to discover all these new artists.  She called me up and said, "I don't recognize any of your artists."   I said,  "That's the point, I'm introducing you to artists you might not find on your own." She replied, "Oh, I don't like this - it's too cutting edge for me."   I was blown away.  She suggested that I add an oldie or two - for something familiar - for people's comfort zone.   I thought about it. Brilliant.  People like to associate new things with something they already know.  No one wants to flounder in a sea of new.  

Her idea actually anchors what I'm trying to do.  If you see CSNY or Van Morrison on a playlist, and you like those artists, you're more apt to give the new stuff a listen.  I've defined it a bit. I work hard to find great vintage tracks.  I don't choose the old chart toppers.  I go for those elusive B-side tracks; the ones you had to listen through to get to your favorite hit, and then learned to love just as much. 

We've taken this concept a step further with our SOUNDS LIKE page (we pair an old and new artist with similar vibes)  and  our MUSIC VIDEO page (we pair an original song with a new cover.)  It's a two way discovery - something for our young and older users. We like to bridge the gap.

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NEW PLAYLISTS:           



Kaizen  ::  A playlist made to go anywhere. Lots of brand new finds. 


Sand Between Your Toes  ::  Spring Break Playlist (not songs gone wild - just good songs)








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save the clocktower album art

ARTIST:    SAVE THE CLOCKTOWER           Album: Carousel 


Similar vibe:   Coldplay                                   

Genre pop   ::  Release date 2/11  





the damnwells album art

ARTIST:   THE DAMNWELLS                           Album: No One Listens to the Band Anymore       


Similar vibe: Jackson Browne meets Springsteen          

Genre alternative   ::  release date 3/11  





wye oak album art

ARTIST:  WYE OAK                                                      Album:  Civilian  


Similar vibe: Fleetwood Mac meets Sarah McLachlin        

Genre: alternative     Date 3.11   





 edie brickell album art

ARTIST:  EDIE BRICKELL                  Album:  Edie Brickell


Similar vibe:  Annie Lennox                  

Genre alternative  ::   Release date 1/11






joe bonamassa album art

ARTIST:  JOE BONAMASSA                Album:  Dust Bowl


Similar vibe:  Bad Company                   

Genre rock   ::   Release date 3/11






FOR MORE NEW ALBUM RELEASES  by R.E.M., The Strokes, Junip, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Teddy Thompson,  Toro Y Moi, Devotchka, Foster the People, Joe Bonamassa, William Fitzsimmons, and more go to



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