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Note from Val : 

Last week I visited my parents in Ohio.  They're moving. I'm helping. Whenever I go back to my home town I listen to one radio station that plays nothing but oldies. Takes me right back to the 70's, my friends, the drama, those good old days ... and the foundation of my music obsession. Every song threw me back to a when and where. You know the feeling, the same goes for you. 

So what about new music - how does it make you feel?

If you don't know because you've lost track of new music over the years, it's not your fault. You just got busy ~ career, kids, family, life ~ right when digital music entered the scene ~ how could you keep up? There aren't enough hours in the day. 

I don't know you well, but I'm going to get in your space for a minute. I have two things to say to you: 1) You need to get new music into your life - you deserve it.  2) I can help you do it - effortlessly.

I created Valslist boutique music website for one reason and one reason alone - to get the best new music to busy adults who don't have time to find it on their own. Valslist is a music filter - we keep up with new artists, hand pick each track, and create playlists you can download on iTunes. A win-win:  you discover new artists - and they discover you.

One more thing - in every playlist we throw in two vintage tracks for your comfort zone. Hope they take you back.

Give us a listen   If you've lost track, welcome back.



Val Haller 





 something to talk about at the water cooler tomorrow  

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A guest playlist created by my business partner, Joy.     Get ready to rock.



Val's Vault 4 

 Favorite valslist tracks from the past few years.   Our old might be your new.   

Meet some very new artists here.   You'll be glad to know them.      

New sounds that will take your mind down a notch.    For nap, coffee break or quiet work.



 WORLD :: A Music Adventure

  Expand your horizons with world tunes.   Great for cocktail party.





we have some cool new additions to the website

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Today's Show 


A quick taste of Valslist.     2 music videos to compare.   1 playlist to hear.     New every day.


We pair an artist from back in the day with a new artist that sounds like that.  Our most popular page.


A pair or videos:  THEN & NOW  or  ORIGINAL & COVER.    Teens & boomers dig this page.


Every Friday we give you a gift - a free download.     This week :: Back to You by Crown Point





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Who am I listening to this week?    
The Rescues
(similar vibe - Fleetwood Mac)
The Rescues - Teenage Dream
The Rescues - Teenage Dream

New album to check out:
Different Gear, Still Speeding       by BEADY EYE
 (similar vibe - Oasis, Beatles)
Beady Eye - The Roller
Beady Eye - The Roller

Artist to know :
Zach Heckendorf
singer-songwriter, Denver  (age 18)

I think his song One of Them 
should be 
soundtrack to AVATAR

what do you think?    watch below: 
Avatar Trailer Mash up Valslist
Avatar Trailer Mash up Valslist

Best show I saw this week :
Greg Laswell w Andrew Belle  
at SPACE Evanston 
Laswell is known for poignant lyrics 
and hilarious stories in between songs.

Catch him if you can.
Greg Laswell - Take Everything
Greg Laswell - Take Everything

Clever thing a band did on stage :
The Decemberists 
last month at Lincoln Hall, Chicago

Band members switched instruments with each other  ~
they took their song apart 
and put it back together again


Music tip of the day :
An iPod is only as good as the music on it.

What's on yours?


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