March 14, 2010
Craig Smith
George Nerhan
Blocks Access Road
George Nerhan, former mayor of Huachuca City and wannabe Republican Candidate for Arizona State Representative District 25 blocked an easement route into lower Huachuca City by erecting a barricade next to Dusk To Dawn. The Town of Huachuca City is aware of the problem but it is my understanding there is little they can do at the moment. If you want to call George Nerhan and complain his number is 456-9300
In my lay opinion, this barrier constitutes a safety issue to the citizens of the town as there is now only one way in or out of lower Huachuca City and is possibly illegal as what he did was block a Prescriptive Easement.

To give the citizens of Huachuca City a clear choice in the next election, I have also decided to run for Arizona State Representative District 25. I have a website up The site is not completely built but I will work on as soon as I file a Writ of Execution in Superior Court pro se against George Nerhan and Albert King

The Writ of Execution that I am filing has nothing to do with the current situation, although the current situation will probably also end up in court costing the Town of Huachuca City needless expense again. The Writ that I am filing is for another of Mr. Nerhan frivolous, in my opinion, lawsuits,  CV2009-00300. In that case, Mr Nerhan and Mr King contested Huachuca City's last general election. They tried to withdraw the case before it came to trial but the judge ruled that they must pay approximately $1800.00 for legal fees back in May of 2009, which they haven't paid yet. The Writ will allow the Cochise County Constable to seize their personal property and sell it at a public auction until the judgment is satisfied