Serving Our Neighbors
News & Updates for Fall 2010 
Biblical Entrepreneurship
"Stewardship Week"

October 18-28
with Patrice Tsague
& other Special Guests of
Nehemiah Project International Ministries

Patrice Tsague

FCCI's Christ@Work Group
with Scott Preissler
at various locations
Mon & Tues at 12pm
Wednesday at 6:15am
Thursday at 6:30am

Christian Chamber Lunch
with Art Ally
at Hayden's Lakefront Grill
Wed, 12noon-1:30pm

Biblical Stewardship Series
with Art Ally
at Family Wealth Institute
Wednesday, 5pm-9pm
Thursday, 9am-4pm

Kingdom Business Forum
Broadcasts Recordings
with Vicki Norris,
Eric Bahme, Bryan Crute,
Buck Jacobs, Jim Hargis,
Glenn Repple, Stuart Funke,
John Castles & Jim White
at Eastside Foursquare
Friday, 12noon-2pm

"Letters to God" Movie
with Glenn Repple at
Eastside Foursquare
Friday, 7pm-9pm

Family Wealth Institute
Open House
"Applying Practical
Biblical Investing"
Saturday, 11am-1pm

Sunday Corporate Worship
Pastor Bryan Crute

at Eastside Foursquare
Sunday, 10:30am

Biblical Entrepreneurship I LIVE Intensive
at Family Wealth Institute
Mon & Tues, Oct 25-26
8:30am - 4pm 

Biblical Entrepreneurship Teacher Training
at Family Wealth Institute
Wed & Thu, Oct 27-28
8:3am - 4pm
Clark County
Mayors' & Civic Leaders' Prayer Breakfast

with Keynote Speaker
David Madore of US Digital

Testimonial Speaker
Aaron Auer of Reviving Oregon's Amazing Roots

Thursday, October 28th
Vancouver Hilton

Sponsored by
 & various Community & Marketplace Leaders.
Prayer, Care, Share!
Do you want to share your faith with your neighbors, your classmates or your work associates, but just don't know how?  Would you be willing to serve your neighbors, classmates or work associates, in the ways that God would reveal to you, that would open their hearts to hear the Good News?  Would you be willing to connect with other believers in your neighborhood, school or workplace & then participate in a prayerwalk around your neighborhood, school or workplace?  This is what Serving Our Neighbors is all about, mobilizing Prayer & Service in your local community!   You simply pray with other believers, God shows you where to serve and then neighbors are willing to listen to what you have to say!  Join us in Serving Our Neighbors. 
Praying4Portland - 10/10/10
One of the ways that you can join us in Serving Our Neighbors is to gather with us at Pioneer Courthouse Square this Sunday at 7am.
One hour.
One prayer.
One voice.
Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference
Iron Sharpens IronJoin us on Saturday, October 23rd from 8:30am-4:55pm for the Kingdom Warriors' Portland Conference at Emmanuel Church. This year's conference will feature Phil Downer, President of the Discipleship Network of America & Napoleon Kaufman, former running back for the Oakland Raiders & now Pastor of Well Christian Community in Dublin, California, plus 16 great workshops for men throughout the day.
Christian Chamber of Commerce
CCNW LogoIn order to bring city-wide transformation to our local communities, we must first transform the Business Mountain (just like Jesus did for 21 years), then we will see real transformation take place in Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Families & Religion.  One of the ways that you can join us in Serving Our Neighbors in your workplace is to Connect, Learn, Grow, Save & Engage with your local Christian Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the Chamber's new Need Help? Directory (in partnership with SON) & then consider joining us for a local meeting or on our website.  
Please continue to pray for us to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying & to be obedient to all that God expects of us to Be, Say & Do as He releases His Life through the Gifts of Intimacy, Authority & Resources in our Family & Friends, in our Work & Ministry and in our Community & World!  Please Help Us to continue Serving Our Neighbors by donating today.  We need your prayers, your service & your donations!
God Bless & Shalom!

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James Autry
Serving Our Neighbors