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Yorkie Times                                                                        October, 2012
Put a Yorkie In Your Heart
    Newsletter for Yorkie Rescue

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Yorkie Times Spotlight
Background and History of "Smoky"
Smoky Award Winners
Smoky Award Winners
Donor Recognition
Happy Endings
Calling for Foster Homes...
Mary-Margaret O'Brien
YTNR gathering in Rochester
Paws On The Path
Neeko's Joke
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Editor's Message ~
The 2012 Meeting in Rochester 
Julie Gedro
Julie Gedro

The 2012 Meeting in Rochester


Other columnists for the newsletter will provide marvelous accounts of the weekend we spent together, and I just wanted to celebrate the friendship that we all share. It is remarkable that we are such a distributed group, yet when we come together in person, it is as if we all lived on the same street. I treasure that dynamic. We sat in the hotel lobby, connecting with each other and our Yorkies. Our Board of Directors meeting was all business, yet laced with a goodwill and good humor that I feel lubricates the effectiveness of the leadership of the organization. Mary-Margaret O'Brien and her human, Michelle, sat in on the meeting to add to the breadth of stakeholders involved, and Mary-Margaret seemed to approve of our efforts. During the dinners, I experienced once again how charming and funny the people of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue are. I laughed and shared in that deep, delicious joy of friendship for two evenings and parts of two days. It was a spiritually filling experience, as has been my entire time in YTNR.


We are putting the plans together for a 2013 Conference in Nashville next fall. I just want to put that out there for you to consider. It is well worth the investment, to meet and connect with friends, to learn about the breed, and to share in the fellowship of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue.


Until then, I am certain that you will greatly enjoy this issue.


Yorkie Times Spotlight on Patricia Kushnir YTNR Secretary 

The YTNR Board of Directors Proudly introduces Patti Kushnir as our new Secretary. Patti took over the sending of Smoky Award Nomination letters this year and sent out over a hundred invitation letters to those who had adopted a dog from us in the past year.
She also met us in Rochester, New York in September for our Annual Board Meeting and is going to be  a great asset to our organization. 

You can see her in the picture above with Eleanor her one and only yorkie!  

Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? Interests? Hobbies? Family?

I live in Huntington Beach, California with my husband Richard and my 7 year old Yorkie, Eleanor. Or maybe I should have said Richard and I live with Eleanor in Southern California. Huntington Beach is between Los Angeles and San Diego along the coast.

We originally come from Forest Hills, Queens, New York, but Eleanor comes from Dromcollegher, County Limerick, Ireland.   I worked for Trans World Airlines (TWA) for many years both in New York, in the city, and in Los Angeles. Working with such a wonderful airline gave me the opportunity to travel and see many different places here and abroad. Now I love to just relax with a good book.


I have always been an animal advocate and growing up we always had dogs. I got my first Yorkie way back in the early 70's. I originally became interested in the Yorkshire Terrier Breed when I noticed a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in a magazine holding her Yorkie. Right after that,  I saw my soon to be yorkie in a pet shop window and I thought, wow! I named her Tiffany. So began my love affair with Yorkies.    Of course one was not enough, so along came Amber and Phoebe. My girls!!!! As the years went on I got my first male Yorkie, Timothy Lee. He was my best boy! And now there is the infamous Eleanor (who by the way is named after my Grandmother). In between and along with my Yorkies we have rescued a Great Dane Lab puppy, Julian Kay, a Shar-Pei Husky mix, Honeybunch and my beautiful Landseer Newfoundland, Nicholas. They are all very special to us and each one brought great fun and joy! Eleanor is now the Queen of the house and she rules the roost. She has her own routine and we follow it.   She had two surgeries to repair her knees and ACL ligaments and now she can run, play and enjoy herself. What a difference it has made in her life.


I found YTNR on a website many years ago. I was always looking at the babies that were up for adoption, but my house always seemed to be full so we could not adopt. I think that YTNR is a wonderful organization and the work they do is so rewarding when you see these little dogs that are broken become whole and get forever homes.


I look forward to contributing and being involved with such a dedicated group of people.



Patricia Kushnir


Background and History of "Smoky"  as written by Mary Schmidt..... 
Smoky was a four pound Yorkie who was found in an abandoned jungle foxhole in New Guinea in early 1944 by a soldier whose jeep had stalled in the jungle.     
The next day the Yorkie was sold for two Australian pounds ($6.44) to 20 year old Private First Class Bill Wynne. Bill and Smoky flew combat missions and went through many air raids together. She lived on rugged army tropical food including at times C and K rations, while they served 18 months straight in combat. They traveled 40,000 miles overseas.

One of the highlights of the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Annual Ball is the announcement of the winners of the yearly Smoky Awards. All our rescues are special and we like to acknowledge them and their rescue stories. All rescues adopted between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 were eligible for nomination.

Since new people have joined our great group since the last Ball, it might be fitting to retell the story of WHO the Smoky of the "Smoky Award" is. We turned to Bill Wynne whose heart was stolen over 60 years ago by his four pound Yorkie, Smoky - his angel in a foxhole.

When YTNR was planning its very first rescue Ball in 1999, the first thing that came to mind was creating a special award for the Yorkie Rescue of the Year. It seemed logical to name the award after Bill Wynne's world famous Yorkie rescue. After nominations came in, it quickly became clear that each story was special and touching. Each rescue is a great rescue, just as Smoky was. She started a movement, in rescue, in therapy, in obedience that showed people what a four pound dynamo could do.
Announcing the year's Smoky Awards each year at the Ball is something we look forward to, through laughter and tears. It reminds us of why we do what we do, and how much it is so worthwhile.
We receive many nominations each year. It is never easy to narrow the field; each dog has its own story, fortunately ending happily with a new and loving forever family. Some of these little dogs are senior citizens; some have health issues requiring ongoing care; some never knew human love before; some were strays; and some came from families who loved them but could no longer care for them.

 Yorkie Doodle Dandy by Bill Wynne the full story of this WWII hero is available in our Yorkie Angel Boutique.  

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue 2012 Smoky Award Winners

The 2012 Smoky Award Winner is Willow
Willow home
Willow home


WILLOW's nomination.... 



In January, 2012, YTNR received an adorable 8 week old Yorkie mix. This puppy was very sick, she had a "persistent aortic arch". This is a condition that occurs in puppies when a structure like ligament entraps the esophagus by the aorta where it leaves the heart. Imagine it being like a rubber band wrapped around your esophagus and not allowing the food to pass into your stomach. When this happens, the esophagus can be destroyed by it being stretched out 2 to 3 times it normal size.


Willow was not able to eat normally; this problem caused poor Willow to regurgitate her food when she did eat. It was decided that we were going to give this beautiful puppy a chance in live and get her, her forever home. Willow was flown from Indiana to the University of Tennessee to have this life saving surgery.


Willow survived this very delicate surgery and her recovery was very difficult, but Willow is a fighter, must be the Yorkie in her, and she managed to show improvement. Each day was an uphill battle for her. Her meals had to be watered down to a consistency of soup and fed a teaspoon at a time. Even the tiniest piece of rice would be a problem. She had to be held upright for at least 15 minutes after each feeding. By June, 2012, she still had to have food that was very watery and still had to stay upright for at least 15 minutes along with 6 different medications.


Willow was adopted, by a very special lady, Erin Thornton and her family. Erin too has some problems and Willow is her nurse now. She brings great joy and love to Erin and in return they love her dearly. Willow has overcome great difficulty and now with her family she is able to have a happy and full life.


Attached also are some pictures of Willow beginning her journey to health and healing. Also see the youtube video of how Willow has grown and how joyful she is. God definitely had his hand on Willow.




Second Place Smoky Award Winner
  2012 Second Place Smoky Award Winner..... Izzy Missy

Issy Cambra

Monterey, CA


Last Christmas my very old Yorkie, Bug, passed away suddenly from kidney failure. He was my first Yorkie, and came to me much later in his life so we only had four years together. Not sure what to do with the void in my life, I decided to volunteer with Yorkie Rescue. The original plan was to bake for fundraisers and help place dogs in new homes. This was my first experience volunteering with a rescue organization.


Missy was surrendered in Bakersfield in February 2012. From what I have pieced together, Missywas surrendered by the daughter of her owner. The man was going into a nursing home and could no longer take care of himself, let alone his dogs. Missy was in serious need of medical care. She was approximately 11 years old, 8 pounds, and had an inguinal hernia larger than a softball attached to her belly. According to vet records, she had been diagnosed with the hernia over five years earlier, but no one had done anything about it. In that time, her hernia continued to grow larger and larger as her intestines filled that space. The large mass she carried on her abdomen caused her a great deal of discomfort. It was a daily struggle for Missy, but she learned to accommodate the obstruction in order to do things as simple as walking or eating.


Despite all of Missy's discomforts, she continued to display all the sweetness of a little angel. Even a simple belly rub had to be carefully done to avoid causing her pain. Such a condition was preventable and treatable, and the fact that it developed into this stage is a tragedy. Missy was in desperate need of having her hernia surgically repaired and restored back to health. An emergency vet in Monterey, California agreed to give surgery a try knowing it was possible she wouldn't survive since some of her organs were in the hernia, and she may not have enough skin to cover the opening. Amazingly, the three hour surgery was a success. She was also spayed at this time.

I was called and asked to foster Missy while she recovered from her surgery. I had just taken in a spaniel mix puppy in need of a home, and had a large 16 year old dog laying around the house, but I thought I would take her in for a few weeks until she was healthy enough to go to a new home. In the days following the surgery she began to get her voice, and her personality started coming out. She was suppose to stay in a crate for a few weeks while she recovered but each day she was more and more ready to play. Finally the stitches were out and she was off to play with dogs three times her size.

It has been interesting to see the progression and increase in her mobility. I can imagine the struggle to even walk with such a large hernia in the way. Everyday I could see her ability and confidence increase as she tackled steps and leash walking. The house is now outfitted for her to help her jump on the couch and bed. Imagine my surprise the day I came home and she had figured out how to get on the back of the couch, like her younger fur sibling!


The more time she spent with us, the more she became a part of our family so this foster became a permanent member. We dropped the "M" and call her Issy, as it seems to fit her new personality.  I had her fully checked out and she was very healthy except her teeth and right eye. She was already missing most of her teeth (probably fell out since I doubt they were pulled) but needed more removed. In July she had ten teeth removed and now has seven. Even with less teeth she still loves to eat and chew Greenies. We are going to brush the remaining seven teeth and she drinks special healthy mouth water so she can keep the remaining few teeth. She loves giving kisses and now no one minds with her clean breath!


Now that we have her hernia healed and her mouth fixed up, we are tackling her eye issue. She was originally diagnosed with an ulcer but I had a feeling that wasn't all. We saw another vet who checked the pressure and also believed it was something more than an ulcer so we were sent to an ophthalmologist. She was diagnosed with intraocular melanoma in her right eye. Although the tumor is benign, it will eventually destroy the eye and vision by causing secondary glaucoma, cataract, pupillary block, retinal detachment and perforation. Removing her eye is the recommendation. If it had been caught years ago, more could've been done to save her eye but this was not the case. She is scheduled to have her eye removed next week. The good news is that the tumor won't spread and she will be fine with just one eye. We are already on the look-out for a pirate costume she can wear at Halloween but hopefully this is the last of her medical issues.

Fortunately her medical issues do not slow her down. Including the canine cousins, we can get a pack of six dogs together for family events, Issy loves it. She is the smallest and only girl but loves to boss the boys around. She chases after them and barks at them as they try to retrieve tennis balls.  She is still getting used to going to a groomer regularly, and hates having her nails clipped, but her little pink bows help distinguish her from all the boys! She wears a pink bow over each ear, her signature style. It is wonderful to see such a happy dog. I can't imagine the pain she had been in but now she is enjoying her life.


Issy had her eye removed on August 23rd and is recovering very well. Hopefully this is the last of her surgeries.


Leigh Cambra

  Missy's hernia


Third Place Smoky Award Winner  Gidget  

2012 Third Place Smoky Award Winner is
My name is Gidget and I would like to nominate myself for the 2012 Smoky Award.  I am one of a litter of three born in a kill shelter.  My mother (Lily) lived in a shed and was caged along with ten goats, four pot-belly pigs, six birds, eighteen chickens, and thirty-five other dogs.  All the animals, including my mother, were fed pig food.

A few weeks before our birth, Animal Control came and brought all the animals to various shelters.  The house, trailers, and sheds were condemned on February 4, 2011 and they bulldozed on February 15th.  A few weeks after arriving at the kill shelter, my mother gave birth to me and my siblings, Dandelion and Petunia, on a cold hard cement floor.  They never provided us with blankets or towels, and we were always shivering.
We all would have been put to sleep had we remained in this shelter, but fortunately, Debi Coburn, a benevolent woman from the Yorkie Rescue Mission, fought relentlessly to save us.  She was so worried that we would get parvovirus or distemper.  Our feet and fur were covered in excrement.  She finally won and was able to bring us to her home ten days after we were born.  It took hours and hours to get us clean.  She was so nurturing to us, showering us with love and tenderness.  She even rocked us to sleep at night and to this very day; I still love to be rocked.  My life had vastly improved, but little did I know it was about to get even better!
In July, 2011, when I was four months old, I was adopted from Debi by a lovely lady named Iris (which was my original name, so she renamed me Gidget).  We spent the entire summer together, along with my new Auntie Carol who lives right next door.  In September, when my mommy went back to work, my Auntie Carol would come over everyday to feed me my lunch, change my pad and play with me.  She would also give me a tummy rub, which I just relished and lots of kisses; nonetheless, I longed for my mommy terribly.  I sometimes acted out by chewing the woodwork, nibbling on the verticals, or some other form of mischief which caused my mommy to enroll me in obedience training. I have since graduated from advanced class.  It worked out for the best because my trainer, Jayme, has become my best friend.  In fact, he was the first to friend me on my Facebook page.  Not only that, but mommy actually quit her job this past February to spend her days with me!  She said she had as much separation anxiety as I did.
I am such a spoiled diva!  I have a pink stroller for shopping, lots of toys, and my very own closet full of dresses, sweaters and T-shirts.  Everyday my mommy cooks breakfast and dinner for me, usually chicken, turkey, or steak with a side of green beans and/or sweet potato and of course, a few of my dog kibbles.  We go for strolls in the park, and then we come home and play with my toys.  My mommy has made me two parties already this year which consisted of my birthday party and my adoption anniversary party.  I can't wait for Christmas!  I am such a lucky dog!  Indeed, I have my mommy (and my auntie) wrapped around my little paw!

Special Thanks to this month's Donors 

Thanks to our Wonderful, Generous Contributors
General Fund - Unrestricted
Jane Griffith
Karin and Alan Nakashima
MaryElizabeth Dugmore
Brenda Jasper
Vicki Gilfix
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General Fund in for Princess and Dee Dee's Medical Care
Kathryn Schuller
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Collapsing Trachea for Chelsie
Chauncey Sayre
We couldn't do it without you...

September 2012. Bobeek was picked up as a stray in Southern California and taken to a shelter.  It is estimated that he is under two years old. He had an old shoulder injury that had been untreated leaving him unable to use one of his front legs.  His shoulder had been broken and dislocated.  YTNR took this little guy and arranged for the corrective orthopedic surgery to allow him to live a better life. He has many years ahead of him and he can live  with all four legs and run like the puppy he is.  We  need help with his surgery bill as it was very expensive.  Bobeek is the happiest, sweetest dog you will ever meet.
Any donations are appreciated.
  Bo Beek


The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. is run solely on private donations and fund raising efforts made by people like you who love this Breed. We appreciate your support


We are a 501 (c) (3) organization, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

A Happy Ending for Kailee


 Week one with Kailee and all is going well.
She has adapted very well to her new surroundings.  She went to the vet and the groomer today and did beautifully and smells like a cupcake.  Both the groomer and the vet were surprised at how attached she was to us after only a week.
She is such a nice dog and has such a good personality, it is clear that she was well cared through the last nine years.
After about 48 hours of being in our home, she started to wag her tail.  She follows us everywhere and she is so excited when the kids get home from school.  She spins around and wags her tail at an impressive rate of speed.
She sits on my husbands foot as he works and gets walked about 5 times a day.  She gets along with the other neighbor dogs very well. She sleeps on her pink blanket and loves to ride in the car.  She is also very good at licking.
The only time she barks is when the doorbell rings or someone knocks and then she goes a bit crazy.
Kailee was a perfect match for our family.
Thank you,
Leslie Maloney  


Calling for Foster Homes....



Fostering a needy pet is one of the most important things an animal lover can do.  It's also an emotional and often life-changing experience.


The Yorkies that come into our rescue go directly into private homes until they can be spayed or neutered, brought up to date with their immunizations and evaluated as to what their individual needs may be.  Older and dogs with health problems need to stay in a foster home care until they are well enough for adoption.   


In some cases, a foster home is needed to help an animal transition from the stress they have been living after having been abandoned by their family.  Foster families can provide love and emotional support and give these animals a second chance.


Being a foster family has rewards beyond the essential value of helping a pet in need find a new home.  For some it is a chance to have an animal companion without a lifetime commitment, or to try new companions for your own pet.  Sometimes it is the special challenge of helping an animal recover from an illness or injury, or the trauma of losing a beloved owner or home.  


If you are interested in fostering please go to our web page and fill out a volunteer application and someone will contact you.    


Mary Margaret
Mary-Margaret O'Brien ~ Dear Diary....


Woo Hoo!  I'm home and I had Mom reset my watch (no thumbs, you know!). Technically I guess I would be taking my afternoon nap about now but since I'm back home on PDT now I'm taking my afternoon nap this morning instead.  Napping is an art that requires precise scheduling, you know.


Getting together with members of my Clan from all over the United States is a big deal.  This time was even more special because I got to stay with my VERY good friends, AbbeyMia, Harper and Piper Leshnower.  Their mom, Elaine,  really knows how to get us pups to pay attention, too.   After we all said "hello" (in Doglish, of course), we hung out like family.  Treat time was so much fun.  Elaine would say "everybody sit" and we'd all plunk our furry little butts down in unison.



  Paying attention

On Thursday, when we went to the hotel there we met up with my associates and their parents.  We exchanged greetings, kisses and sniffs and then settled down for a visit.  MaryElizabeth and AthenaMaria hadn't checked in yet.   The party doesn't really start until MaryElizabeth gets there.  She's like the "top dog" of our organization.   I spotted her before anyone else and was so excited to see her that my mom turned me loose and I raced over to her.   Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her soooooooooooo much!  
The Annual Meeting was held on Friday around noon.  They served a light lunch - sliders, quesadillas, chicken fingers and stuff like that.  I was first in line and waited patiently by the serving table.  It sure smelled good, but I ended up with a small bowl of kibble.  Oh sure!  I got slipped a couple of naked pieces of chicken without seasoning, but honestly?  So NOT fair.   Darn!
However, even though I'm only a columnist for The Yorkie Times I got to go to the Board meeting.  I had a few suggestions that I passed on to Linda, the Treasurer, and Karen, the bookkeeper.  You can tell they're appreciative of my ideas and Karen is seriously thinking about what I told her.  I tend to have a unique perspective on business matters. 

Afterwards, we gathered in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Rochester, Airport Hotel.  It was really good to see my good friends Neeko, Aida, Ray and Leo again. Ray, the guy from the ball last  year, kept hitting on me.  I don't mean to hurt his feelings but I am a committed career woman and not looking for a relationship.  Besides that, I've heard he's a real "player" and quite the ladies man.   I just LOVE their mom Amalia.  She and I spent some good quality time together.

I also met with Nellie Belle and her mom, Priscilla, and we had a really nice visit.  Nellie Belle is a real fashionista.  Ashley and Kung Fu Kori had their hair styled; Baby Boy Piper isn't a baby anymore - he's already in a serious relationship with Gabriella (Corinne's pup) and they're planning on getting married next Fall.  I was truly honored to be asked to officiate at their wedding.  

Personally, I tend to enjoy sitting back and watching members of my Clan hang out.  I learn a lot just by listening.

Tuesday,  I had breakfast in Rochester, lunch in New York at JFK Airport, dinner somewhere over Missouri or Kansas (they all look alike when you're 7 miles high), and a late night snack at Jack in the Box somewhere in Mira Mesa. It wears me out just trying to figure out when and where I'll be eating. On the other, "other paw" I mean.....JFK has a Puppy Potty Park which is like an international potpourri of eau de chien. I spent a good while sniffing bark chips in a very lovely little white picket fenced enclosure just outside of Jet Blue's check in area. JFK is truly an international destination to add to your list of places to visit. I made sure that future visitors would know "Mary-Margaret was here!" before I left.

Glad to be back and looking forward to next year.




YTNR gathering in Rochester, NY
Rochester gave a whole new meaning to YTNR gatherings.  It was a weekend spent with long time friends and fellow yorkie lovers.  We had scheduled our annual board meeting in Rochester because we knew that Mary Schmidt was going to be recovering from the treatments she was undergoing and wanted it make it easy for her to continue her duties as YTNR Secretary that she dearly loved.  In her memory we did not change that plan and we were blessed by our decision.  Beginning with Charlie, Mary's husband, meeting us at the airport even though he knew we had rented a van he still wanted to be part of our weekend.  Once the car was rented he led and I followed as he took us to the last hotel we had stayed in two years ago!  I thought he was leading us to Wegman's for fruit and yogurt for weekend snacks!   Soon we were back at the Holiday Inn Rochester Airport and we all had our first good laugh!  The weekend was full of them, we have combined all of our pictures and Amalia has turned them into movies for us to share.  We hope you enjoy them and even more we hope you will join us at our next gathering, where ever that may be.... 
Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue gathering in Rochester, NY
Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue gathering 
in Rochester, NY
part one

YTNR gatering in Rochester, NY
YTNR gatering in Rochester, NY
part two

Trivia  told by supermodel Athena Maria  
Here are some really weird facts concerning the month of October :o)
  • Did you know Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October?
  • The Franciscan Order of the Catholic Church celebrates St. Francis Feast Day on October 4th.
  • October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar. It received its name from the Latin numeral "octo" meaning "eight", because in the first Roman calendar it was the eighth month.
  • The Moon in the month of October is called  "A Hunter's Moon".
  • On the 13th of October, 1884, Greenwich Mean Time began.
  • On 14th October, 1926, Winnie-the-Pooh was first published: Written by A.A. Milne.
  • On 14th, October 1979, Sony invents the first Walkman, over 3 billion sold in the first 20 years.
  • The German Oktoberfest celebration (now held around the world) originally began on October 17, 1810, the wedding day of King Ludwig I. 
  • On October 18th, 1867, Alaska became an American territory.  

    Paws On The Path

    THANK YOU everyone for coming to the event to help.
      I had a great time and we made $100.00.  We are on target for exceeding our goal of raising $5,000 for YTNR this year!  I think we are very close to the $5,000 mark alreay.  Carsons should easily put us over the goal! Isn't that GREAT!!!!!

    fall festival

    Congratulations Illinois Volunteers you are all doing such a fantastic job! Because of your efforts we have been able to go the extra mile for some of these poor little ones needing so much care.  We are very proud of you! 



    Neeko Red
    Neeko's Joke ;o)


    ~ Little Harold was practicing the violin in the living room while his 
    father was trying to read in the den. Their Yorkie was lying in the den, and as the screeching sounds of little Harold's violin reached his ears, he began to howl loudly.
    The father listened to the Yorkie and the violin as long as he could. Finally he jumped up, slammed his paper to the floor and yelled above the noise: "For goodness sake, can't you play something Sparky doesn't know?" ~





    Love to all, 

    Neeko :o)                                                                                         BackToTop