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So we know you are all hard at work on your pre-holiday workout regimes (and New Year's resolutions? We got you covered!), but what about your nearest and dearest? We have always had a lot of friends working out together, but we've noticed a bit of an increase in family members working out together.

Which got us thinking, what are some of the unique benefits of working out with a partner or family member etc? For more on that check out the story below with partners David and Luisa.

And once we started asking around we found out that people sort of liked the idea of helping each other get/stay fit. So for those who'd love to get fit with someone special we thought we'd help you throw a little incentive your way: Check out our 'Give Fitness for Christmas' Promotion. And if you're a family duo that trains together, tell us your story on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you.


Craig and Pepe
Precision Athletics

Ps. Don't forget, our Whistler Getaway Contest ends December 20th. Check out the entries so far, tell us what you like and maybe even enter yourself.

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precisionspecialsPrecision Specials

Give Fitness for Christmas!

Buy a Fitness Starter Package Gift Certificate and get a bonus $25 Gift Certificate to Cranberries Spa.  

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  • 1 detailed fitness assessment
  • 4 -  hour one-on-one personal training sessions
  • 4 - hour cardio programs

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Precision Profile:
Krista Soo
Krista Soo brings her expertise as a practicing Kinesiologist with additional certification in Functional Assessments of the Spine and Extremities to her work as a Personal Trainer. She has CHEK Institute Certification in Program Design and Swiss Ball Training.

'You Just Can't Walk Away From These Results'

Says Mike of training with Krista Soo

After training with Krista for two months Mike Pomeroy has met his initial goal. He can now manage his back pain so that it's possible for him to play hockey and soccer, and think about getting back to kite surfing. But he's not going to stop training. The main reason is that he knows that his pain could easily return if he doesn't keep his core strong and his body in balance. But another big reason: the results are addictive. "My weight has dropped, my muscles are more toned and I have way more energy; you just can't walk away from results like that."


That's a big change from two months ago...


"Constant pain is very detrimental to your overall well-being, not only are you physically in pain, but it takes a mental toll as well", recalls Mike.  "I knew I needed to do something but didn't want to aggravate the problem."


Enter Krista who has a degree in Human Kinetics and also works as a practicing Kinesiologist. She works as a trainer at Precision because it brings a nice balance to her work life to be able to help people reach personal goals rather than always focusing solely on rehabilitation.


"She's friendly, but politely demanding. There's always something new and it's always a bit tougher - no boredom, new challenges, results, that's what I like about training with Krista" says Mike.

Her background made her the ideal fit for Mike. "I knew I could make the situation worse if I didn't find the right trainer so I shopped around a bit. Krista convinced me!"


"If clients have personal goals, in addition to injuries or imbalances that need managing, they can find the gradual pace a bit frustrating at first" says Krista. But she knows corrective work needs to be slow, gradual and consistent.


But Mike appreciated the steady, but gradual progress. "Krista kept me going forward but she didn't overdo it so I never experienced a set-back".


"Then once she saw I was strong enough, she 'kicked my gluteus max!" he chuckles.

Trainer Tip from Krista Soo:

Managing Pain and Injury

  • Pain can return. Treat your exercise program as long-term pain management rather than a quick fix. Choose something you will enjoy doing and keep doing it!
  • Most people, especially those with back pain, have some physical imbalances. Building strength without correction simply reinforces those imbalances, sometimes aggravating the problem. Work with a trainer who can properly assess you with functional movement screens and provide corrective exercises.
  • Seek professional advice early - nagging problems will escalate quickly.

trainingpartnersTraining Partners

The obvious first question to ask partners who work out together seems to be "do you get along?" David and Luisa preempt that with their first statement: "the only time we fight when training is with Elisse!"

David says, "Maybe it wouldn't have worked out so well if it was very serious, but Elisse is very light hearted - there is a great laid back feel to our training".

It is clear they are joking, sort of, as with all the trainers at Precision Elisse can push you hard when she knows you can handle it. Between David and Luisa, it ranges from "healthy competition to pure open mockery". 

David & Luisa training
Partnered training is both fun and effective. Do you know someone that you'd like to train with?

David says, "Maybe it wouldn't have worked out so well if it was very serious, but Elisse is very light hearted - there is a great laid back feel to our training".


David and Luisa have been training together with Elisse for a year and a half. David was the gym rat who'd been working out for years, while Luisa had only been going to the gym for six months, but once both of them were training it just made economic sense to train together.

Is it competitive? Not really when you have different strengths. As David points out, his upper body is much stronger while Luisa has "abs stronger than all my muscles put together."

What are the benefits to training together? "On my own it would be really be easy to drop exercise when something else comes up," says Luisa. "David is the responsible one who keeps training in our schedule, and I need that. And once I step out the door it's easy!"


In addition, as everybody who trains at Precision knows, nutrition is a big focus; it is certainly easier to eat healthily when you both have the same goals.
These benefits are on top of the fact that Luisa who has a very physical job where she is on her feet for ten hours a day now comes home 'good tired' rather than exhausted. Her knees use to give out, but with stronger legs, standing for long periods is not the problem it used to be. And David, who's been doing more traditional workouts for years, says that Elisse's approach is more dynamic (as in lots going on...constantly) and that's had a big impact. "I have more strength and energy than I used to have when I worked out twice as long for twice as often!"

Finally, "it is just really fun to see what each other is doing," says Luisa. Clearly helping each other keep fit is working for them.
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Precision Athletics offers a wide variety of specialized fitness training ranging from personal training, through group classes and nutrition coaching.

Whether you are training one on one or with a group our guiding principle is that our personalized training is adaptable, accessible and affordable. It is Personal Training for everybody. Our team exceeds industry standards in both experience and certification. This high level of expertise means that you will get a program specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Working with a personal trainer at Precision Athletics will optimize your workouts, giving you faster and safer results.