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Thanks to everybody who voted for us in the Georgia Straight's 15th Annual ''Best of Vancouver' Guide. We're proud of our Bootcamps, and happy to see that our clients enjoy them and are happy with the results!
The ladies from Cranberries Spa have found that our Bootcamp gets them doing things they wouldn't have thought of, or wouldn't do on their own. See below for more details on how their challenge is going (I think tough, but rewarding, would be a fair summary!).
In Vancouver, you always hope for a long, sunny fall so you can keep on doing all the great outdoor stuff you love. Didn't turn out that way this year I'm afraid - we've already got a solid taste of the winter drizzles. So why wait till New Years to take action on those get fit resolutions?
Let's take Thanksgiving as the new New Year's and get in shape before the Christmas party season. Julie Bertrand, the Diva Run Club leader, has some great pointers for runners who want to keep going through the rain. For those more committed to staying dry, there are some great cross training options to get/keep you going.
So take this opportunity to get a head start on your fitness goals, the drizzle is here to stay so you might as well be putting the time indoors to good use!

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October Fat Loss Challenge: Oct 7-Oct 29th
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Profile: Julie and Mary Talk Diva Run Club
The Ladies of Cranberries Spa Take the Challenge

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Precision Profile:
Julie Bertrand has an MA in Human Kinetics, CHEK certification and Equal but not the Same Specialization (training the female client).
Divas Provide Motivation...and Fun
Julie Bertrand and Mary Murray
In addition to personal training, Julie Bertrand leads the Diva Run Club - a partnership between Precision and lululemon athletica. The Club is a womens only, 13-week progressive program built around one group run and two 'homework' workouts during the week.
"The program has been developed so we can support a range of runners - some women are beginners, while others are already running 45 minutes at a time" says Julie.
For example, two-time Diva Run Club participant Mary Murray has been running since she started cross-country in Junior High. However for the last number of years its been strictly recreational. She joined the Diva Run Club to introduce a bit more structure to her running again so she could work towards a goal: the half marathon.
"Plus I thought running as part of a group would be fun and motivational - it's hard to have the discipline to keep it up on your own when you are tired and busy."
"I love the structure of the Clinic", says Mary. "It's a lot easier to stick to it when you have the group runs: the consistency has meant that my running has improved a lot."
Next week is the last group run, and many of the members have been training for the Diva on the Run 10K the following week. Five of the women, including Mary, have decided to tackle an even longer distance and have been training for a half marathon. She has a few additional weeks to train before she races the 21.1-kilometer distance at the UBC Fall Classic on November 21st.
This session of the Diva Run Club has been the most popular yet so Julie figures they'll probably add a third session each year. Keep an eye out for the next one early in the New Year.
In the meantime check out Julie's tips below for running on your own.
Trainer Tip from Julie Bertrand: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor (slushy) snow...
When the days start getting shorter and wetter, some runners get a little squeamish and hang up their shoes till spring. There's no need to be so drastic says Julie. "You can always find ways to do the things you love", she says. "Really the modifications you need to make are more external - get a warm, comfortable running outfit with a waterproof layer, use reflective gear when its dark or rainy, and run somewhere like the seawall that is well lit and well populated." Other than that, there's nothing new for winter running that you shouldn't already be doing for the rest of the year:
  • Listen to your body and don't be afraid of small set-backs. Pushing too hard, too quickly can result in injury and lead to bigger set-backs.
  • Cross train in between your runs. Complimentary workouts such as cycling, swimming, yoga, and weight training are great to help you improve your running.
  • Always remember to properly warm up and cool down before and after runs!
News from Precision
Team Building - Cranberries Spa Style
Almost half the staff of Cranberries Spa, led by co-owners Kristie and Christy decided to tackle Precision's 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge as a team.
Kristie's leaving for a vacation in Australia in a few weeks
The Cranberries Spa Challenge Team
so her motivation was pretty simple: look good in a bikini. Her coworker's motivations ranged from making exercise a more regular part of their routine, toning their arms and just a general lifestyle change.
The four women had their first pre-challenge measurements and Group Nutrition Consultation on September 9th. They were feeling pretty nervous, especially about what they were and were not able to eat (Kristie was an old hand so had given them the no sugar, alcohol and caffeine primer). The first week was tough, the 3pm coffee crash coupled with establishing new eating habits felt a little overwhelming. As for the first morning boot camp...well, suffice it to say it got a lot better.
However, things started looking up. They started discovering all the things they still could eat and noticing huge improvements.
"One of the things I like about the 21 day challenge is it's based on fat measurement, not weight, so you don't keep stepping on the scale", said Kristie. "Instead you focus more on how you actually feel, and we felt great: more energy, less bloating, our bodies feel slimmer."
The Cranberries women made it a personal challenge- they've all put in a prize (massage, pedicures) for the one that takes off the most. Their co-workers are being pretty respectful although one slipped up and brought in chocolate the first week (the reception she received made her think it would probably be a better idea to take a walk around the block to nibble her treat!). That being said, the benefits of taking the challenge as a group, including support, camaraderie, accountability and recipe sharing, far outweigh the negatives.

Precision's next 21 Day Challenge starts on October 7th (that's tomorrow!) - there's still time to register! 

The winner of the Precision challenge receives 1 month of free fitness classes. The winner is whoever loses the most mm of body fat and cm's off of girth measurements. The results will be compared based on percentage of original score. For example if you start with 200mm of fat as a total for the 7 spot skin-fold and you lose 20 mm you have lost 10% of the starting total. That would be the same as a person with 100mm losing 10 mm.
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