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While some people gear up so summer finds them at their fittest, for many more it's a time for slacking off the regular routine. If there have been more big leisurely meals on patios than regular workouts (or even good long walks) in your summer then you might be starting to think of what needs to change post Labour Day. One key to having your cake and eating it too - well more literally a key to staying fit and enjoying lazy sun soaked lunches that morph into dinners is to establish a realistic workout routine that you enjoy so much that you don't want to give it up come holiday time.
When your workout routine becomes play, not work, that's when you'll make it a priority no matter what other fun stuff comes up.  If you weren't satisfied with how your routine survived the summer its time to start thinking about what parts of working out are the most rewarding for you. Once you've done that, talk to your trainer about how you might change your routine to make it easier to stick to. It seems ridiculous to be thinking winter right now, but we have three months to build new habits before the temptations of Christmas parties start!
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Profile: Taunya and Rhiannon: When Pushy Feels Good
News at Precision: Summer Fat Loss Challenge Results & Checking in on the Diva Run Clinic
Precision Specials
September Fat Loss Challenge 
Includes Group Nutrition Consultation, Pre and Post Body Composition Analysis and Three Fitness Classes a week (either Morning Boot Camps or Lunch Time Mix).
Available for only $99 for the first 10 who sign up (valued at $264).
Get Fit with a Friend
Three classes a week for six months, for only $99/per person each month. Plus a group Nutrition Seminar for free for both of you. 
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Nutrition Seminars: Sept. 9th, Oct. 7th, Nov. 4th
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Precision Profile:

Taunya Loeppky has been at Precision for 2.5 years. In addition to her Personal Trainer ISSA qualifications, she has certification in Kettlebell, pre/post natal training, and her personal passion, CrossFit. Not only does she introduce her clients to it, but it's also what she does to unwind!

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Taunya Loeppky, Personal Trainer and Crossfit Specialist
"The Perfect Mix of Pushy and Fun" says Rhiannon:
Taunya Loeppky didn't really plan on becoming a personal trainer. After graduating with her degree in Psychology she was working serving tables, which paid the bills, but she knew it wouldn't be long term. She'd always been passionate about working out, and so started studying for her ISSA certification to become a trainer.
After a serendipitous conversation with a customer everything started to fall into place. That customer was Craig Boyd of Precision Athletics who felt she had potential and asked for her resume. "He really taught me much of what I know today," says Taunya. 

Rhiannon stretches using a foam roller: if she    doesn't stretch fully after working out Rhiannon notices she's quite sore afterwards - especially after Crossfit!

Taunya's client - Rhiannon
"Although I'm fit, I don't think I fit most people's preconceptions of a personal trainer" says Taunya. "I consciously use that and work at making training less intimidating".
Of course, non-intimidating doesn't mean she's a push over, as client Rhiannon well knows. Rhiannon started training at Precision because she was so busy that working out kept slipping out of her schedule. Having it scheduled in with Taunya means she doesn't let it slip. 
"Taunya's very supportive, and fun, but she also pushes me in ways I never would myself which I appreciate", says Rhiannon.
Which is consistent with Taunya's philosophy: "Its better to try new things and fail than to never try them", she says. "I was scared when I first went for Crossfit certification, its tough, and I didn't know if I could do it - I'm really proud of myself for having done it. At the end of the month I'm going for additional Crossfit training and certification. Once again, I'm scared...but really excited".
Right now Rhiannon's pushing herself to break the two hour mark for the Victoria half marathon in October: "we're concentrating on endurance building, sprints and leg work".
You don't need to be training for an event to make working with a personal trainer worthwhile, a big benefit is just making being active more fun.
"When I hike the Grouse Grind now, I don't feel like I'm going to pass out", says Rhiannon. "I've really noticed that working with a personal trainer has helped me enjoy being active more, its far less taxing."
Trainer Tip from Taunya: The Difference Between Feeling Great or Sore for Days
Often overlooked, a complete stretch after your workout is as important as a good warm-up beforehand. If you are working out within your capabilities and still feel sore for days, chances are you aren't stretching properly says Taunya. Skipping your stretches afterwards can also increase the risk of injury. You should stretch your whole body from hamstrings to shoulders and neck, allowing 30 seconds per stretch. Taunya recommends everybody invest in a foam roller for stretching: "It's like giving yourself a deep tissue massage". Foam rollers are inexpensive and allow you to target pretty much every muscle group. You can purchase them from fitness and running stores. They should be used after a workout or other physical activity that has worked your muscles.
News at Precision
Diva Run Club - Beginners Running Clinic Off and Running
Ladies of the Diva Run Club!
Ladies of the Diva Run Club!
The 14 women who signed up for the Diva Run Club Beginners Running Clinic have now had four weekly sessions. They started at a beginner's pace, which alternates running for one minute and walking for one minute. Next week they'll be up to 4 x 10 minutes running, with a one-minute break in between intervals. Many are training for a 10K run and will be completing a 6k distance later next week, while those who are training for a half marathon are on pace for a 10k.

We'll keep you posted on their progress!
Summer Fat Loss Challenge Results
We're impressed by how hard everybody worked on the summer weight loss challenge. Here are the results:
June:                                                                       July:
Sherry: -25.9%                                                        Simone: -9.4%
Andrea: -24.3%                                                       Megan: -6.3%
Shan: -12.0%                                                          Michelle: -2.5%
Jessica: -4.32%
Jon: -3.6%
The results from the fat loss challenge are reduction in total mm's of body fat from a bf calliper test as a percentage of where they started. For example, if someone had 200mm to start and lost 20 mm of fat they would have lost 10% of starting value. So those numbers are impressive!
If the results sound pretty good to you why not check out the upcoming September Fat Loss Challenge (Sept 9-Oct 4th )                               
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Precision Athletics offers a wide variety of specialized fitness training  ranging from personal training, through group classes and nutrition coaching.
Whether you are training one on one or with a group our guiding principle is that our personalized training is adaptable, accessible and affordable. It is Personal Training for everybody. Our team exceeds industry standards in both experience and certification. This high level of expertise means that you will get a program specifically tailored to meet your needs.
Working with a personal trainer at Precision Athletics will optimize your workouts, giving you faster and safer results.