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The sun has been shining for so long now we've almost forgotten that summer was way too late getting started. We see clients coming in with a tan and a bounce in their step that says they've been enjoying spending lots of time outdoors, whether it is walking the seawall, climbing the Chief, or points in between.
Over the years we've learned a few things about summer goals and activities from our clients:
  1. Trying to reach summer goals for your body goes a lot smoother if you are working in a group.

    So why not check out our Summer Fat Loss Challenge starting August 5th or join the 11 week Diva Run Club Beginners Clinic (sorry guys, ladies only!) we run in partnership with lululemon athletica (more info. below).

  2. In summer we tend to push our bodies more, which unfortunately can sometimes lead to injury. Training can make all the difference both in avoiding injuries, and in recovering from them afterwards.
    Again, something like the Diva Run Club will help you avoid injuries.  It's also important to keep in mind that once an injury happens, a proper training regime can be the best medicine both in terms of pain management and regaining mobility/strength.
Hope you are having an active, injury-free summer. Look forward to seeing you in the gym soon.
Craig and Pepe
Precision Athletics
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Profile: Elisse & Rinat: Training Through Injury
New at Precision: Diva Run Club's Beginners Clinic

Precision Specials
Summer Fat Loss Challenge 
Includes Group Nutrition Consultation, Pre and Post Body Composition Analysis and Three Fitness Classes a week (either Morning Boot Camps or Lunch Time Mix).
Available for only $99 for the first 10 who sign up (valued at $264).
Find out more... 
 Get Fit with a Friend
Three classes a week for six months, for only $99/per person each month. Plus a group Nutrition Seminar for free for both of you. 
Nutrition Seminars: August 5th or Sept. 9th
Diva Run Club: weekly for 11 weeks from August 4th to October 17th [
Summer Fat Loss Challenge: August 5th (Pre-challenge measurements & Group Nutrition Consultation) through August 30th
Precision Profile:
Elisse is a five year veteran at Precision. She is a registered Kinesiologist, a certified personal and weight trainer with a specialty in rehabilitation.
Elisse Miki - Personal Trainer
Elisse Miki, Personal Trainer & Rehab Specialist
Helps Rinat Kamaletdinov Move On From Pain
Rinat Kamaletdinov thought core muscle training sounded a bit boring. But he was in terrible pain and couldn't walk more than half a block at a time so he was willing to give Elisse Miki's approach a try. Rinat has Sciatica from an old injury and last fall he had a nasty flare up. After a couple of months of constant pain and treatment, it was suggested to him that he find a personal trainer who specializes in rehabilitation. That's how he ended up at Precision training with Elisse.
He's been working with her three times a week since February. She started him slow with very low weights and small ranges of movement.  Even then Rinat saw a positive effect quickly. As his core muscles grew stronger his pain came under control, and he was able to do more. In addition to his three training sessions he now also does low impact cardio on his own twice a week: walking, rowing machine and swimming.
Elisse and Rinat have been focusing on strengthening his core muscles.
Elisse and Rinat
Rinat learned that rehab training can be a slow process, by necessity. Once training started moving a little too quickly and the sciatica flared up again -but he and Elisse went back to a gentle approach for a few weeks and got things quickly under control again. For Rinat the experience "proved that the training was indeed what had got the sciatica pain under control in the first place." 
"I'd done weight training on my own before my big flare up last fall, but had thought I wouldn't be able to do any more until I'd dealt with my Sciatica; not only was I in pain, I was frustrated that I couldn't be active" says Rinat. "I started training with Elisse because I wanted to get the sciatica under control, but I saw what a huge improvement core training had on my overall well-being, and that it would allow me to continue to build the body I wanted, which hadn't been possible while I was in pain".
For Elisse, clients like Rinat are one of the reasons she became a personal trainer: Rehab combines her love of fitness with her academic expertise. She loves to help people, so a dedicated client who appreciates the difference training can make and enjoys the process is very rewarding.
Trainer Tip from Elisse: A Strong, Stable Core is essential for rehabilitation and injury prevention. 
Your body core is the midsection of your body, from your groin to your shoulders and includes the pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles. Every movement you make originates there so if the core is not properly conditioned it limits your physical abilities. If the core isn't stable muscle groups are pushed into over activity and the risk of injury increases.
Therefore, building up core stability is the key to rehabilitation - a strong core reduces risk of re-injury and takes strain off injured muscles that were overcompensating.
Slow and steady wins the race - if you take the time to lay the right foundation with core stability you will achieve much greater and longer lasting results in any training program, not just when dealing with an injury.
If pain or injury restricts your activity come in and meet with Elisse Miki for an assessment session to talk about how you can build a strong foundation to manage pain and get you active again.
New at Precision
Precision Athletics and lululemon athletica have teamed up to get you running and to look good doing it. If you are new to running or to running clubs in Vancouver, this clinic is a great place to begin. We will start you off safely at a beginner's pace, which alternates running for one minute and walking for one minute. 
Clinic runs every Wednesday from 6-7pm for 11 weeks starting August 4th.
You must be registered to participate.
Register by August 4th and get a $50 lululemon athletica Gift Card and 50% off your first running outfit to look good and feel comfortable while you run!
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Precision Athletics offers a wide variety of specialized fitness training  ranging from personal training, through group classes and nutrition coaching.
Whether you are training one on one or with a group our guiding principle is that our personalized training is adaptable, accessible and affordable. It is Personal Training for everybody. Our team exceeds industry standards in both experience and certification. This high level of expertise means that you will get a program specifically tailored to meet your needs.
Working with a personal trainer at Precision Athletics will optimize your workouts, giving you faster and safer results.