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Any day now the sun will start shining consistently (for more than a day, or an hour, at a time!) and Vancouverites will suddenly find themselves in summer mode.
Ideally we stay physically active year round but the reality is that everybody kicks it up a notch or two in the summer. We've heard a lot of people fretting that the unseasonable weather has kept them indoors and they're worried they aren't ready for all their planned summer activities. 
Don't give up! There's still time to ramp up for summer. Here's what we'd suggest:

  • If you are already working with a personal trainer then its time to turn your attention to nutrition. Precision's in-house nutrition expert Jade McClure says it, and other lifestyle changes such as stress and sleep, can account for 80% of results (see below for some tips). You'll notice a big energy boost and the time you spend training will be more effective. Our next Nutrition Seminar is coming up on July 13th if you need some help cleaning up your eating.
  • If you don't have a weekly training schedule then set up an appointment with one of our Personal Trainers - they can help you optimize your workouts to get quick results, safely. 
Hope your summer is filled with active, sunny days!
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Upcoming Nutrition Seminars
Profile: Jade with Courtney and Jen
New at Precision: Fitness Chalkboard and Workout Relief for Mums

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Get Fit with a Friend: 
Three classes a week for six months, for only $99/mth. Plus a group Nutrition Seminar for free for both of you. 
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Nutrition Seminars with Jade McClure: 
July  13th
Aug. 10th       
Sign up today. (Click on 'events' tab for upcoming seminars)
Precision Profile:
Jade is an eight year veteran at Precision. He has additional certification in Holistic Nutrition, TWIST Conditioning, Sports and Strength Training, and advanced Metabolic Typing.
Jade Mcclure
Jade McClure, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
with workout partners in crime Jen & Courtney
You don't have to spend much time with Jade McClure to realize that nutrition is his consuming passion.
As he tells his clients: "You can't just concentrate on working out if you really want to see results you need to work in first." He points out that while about 20% of your physical health is based on exercise and genetics, an astounding 80% is based on lifestyle (sleep and stress) and nutrition. 
Jen and Courtney have trained with Jade McClure for 8 months.
201006 profile clients
e says that "Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels" and the truth of that quickly became clear to long-time training buddies Jen and Courtney.
They've been training for marathons together for over three years and along they way they've tried other personal trainers and bootcamps. Courtney's dad referred them to Jade when they were looking for training that was more tailored to their needs. "We really like Jade's well-rounded, consistent approach and strong technique," said Jen. "The biggest realization I've gained from Jade" adds Courtney "is that I don't have to spend hours in the gym to get in shape if I also focus on my nutrition." 
Jade has become their 'clean eating' resource.  Jen and Courtney run with two other women, and Jade got all four of them on a clean eating program.  "We noticed a huge difference," says Jen, "weight loss, increased energy, improved overall health."
Jen and Courtney ran their fourth marathon in May (plus a handful of half marathons). Now they're more in maintenance mode. Courtney is focusing on her upper body in anticipation of her wedding in August. Each week they train twice with Jade, run at least twice together and possibly a few times on their own.
"They're really dream clients" says Jade, "they show up early, always warmed up, work hard and always have fun."
Trainer Tip from Jade: You Are What You Eat 
Each piece of food you eat is used to build new cells in your body. That is why it is so important to stay away from low quality processed foods. Here are a few tips to help you identify those nasty processed foods:

  • If you can't pronounce the ingredients on the label of a food item, don't eat it.
    It's probably chemical.
  • If it wasn't on this planet thousands of years ago, don't eat it.
    Its been processed and manufactured by humans.
  • If it's white don't eat it.
    Table salt, white sugar, white flour etc. have all been bleached and processed.
Two million cells per second are being regenerated based on what you consume. Just imagine what a difference it will make to how you look and feel if you avoid processed foods for just one month.
Join one of Jade McClure's Nutrition Seminars to get a whole foods eating plan based on your unique metabolism.
New at Precision
Group Fitness Achievement Chalkboard
We've recently addeded our Group Fitness Achievement Chalk Board online. Add your results from your workout in the comments and you'll be entered in a draw for one month of free classes. Personal best? Enter that, and you get a second entry. Imagine how many entries you could get in a month of regular workouts!  If you miss a class don't worry, it will be posted online so you can still do the workout.
Jump! with Precision - Get Active2
 jump with precision
For those of you with young children putting aside the time to keep yourself fit can be a challenge. That's why we we've partnered with Jump! Gymnastics (837 Beatty St, right across the street from our Pivotal Building location) this summer. Drop off your kid(s) at Jump! Summer Camp and head over to Precision Athletics for a hour session with a personal trainer followed by a hour of cardio. Enjoy a long uninterrupted shower, and you still have time for a coffee before heading across the street for pick up.

Jump! Gymnastics Summer Camps are for three to eight year olds and run from 9:00-11:45 week days (full day options available for 4+.  
                               Book your Get Active2 sessions today!
staff splashAbout Us
Precision Athletics offers a wide variety of specialized fitness training  ranging from personal training, through group classes and nutrition coaching.
Whether you are training one on one or with a group our guiding principle is that our personalized training is adaptable, accessible and affordable. It is Personal Training for everybody. Our team exceeds industry standards in both experience and certification. This high level of expertise means that you will get a program specifically tailored to meet your needs.
Working with a personal trainer at Precision Athletics will optimize your workouts, giving you faster and safer results.