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Join Supervisor Wiener's SF Pride Contingent!

Please join me for the 42nd SF Pride Parade on Sunday, June 24th! Don't miss out on all the colorful and outrageous fun that makes Pride a must-attend event every year.  For those who have never marched in the Parade before, this will be an unforgettable experience.  Friends, families, children and pets are all encouraged to join in the festivities.  Date, time and location for the start of the parade are as follows:


Date: Sunday, June 24th

Time: 10:00am-1:00pm (tentative) 

Location: Steuart Street (between Market and Mission Streets)


To join us in the celebration, please email your name, t-shirt size and mobile number to Adam Taylor at adam.taylor@sfgov.org or call my office at 415-554-6968.  Don't miss out on this fantastic, only in San Francisco celebration!

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A volunteer in Scott's contingent at the 2011 Pride Parade!

My Policy Work


Historic Preservation

Improving the Planning Process: Articles 10 and 11 of the Planning Code

For the past year, I've been working to improve our approach to historic preservation in San Francisco, and in particular, to ensure that we are taking our City's various needs into account when implementing our preservation policy. I am a big supporter of historic preservation, and we need to do it right. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors passed my legislation updating Articles 10 and 11 of the Planning Code, which govern historic landmarks and districts. The legislation, which updates these articles for the first time in 40 years, contains protections against gentrification of historic districts by taking into account economic hardship, ensures that historic preservation does not undermine efforts to improve pedestrian safety, requires that we compile and adopt our local interpretations of national preservation standards, among other improvements. Here's the San Francisco Chronicle editorial supporting the legislation. 


Improving Access to Tax Credits for Owners of Historic Properties 

Also on Tuesday, I introduced legislation to increase access to tax credits for owners of historic properties. The City encourages or requires these owners - particularly properties that are landmarked or part of a historic district - to maintain their homes to historic standards. Those standards, while important, can be expensive. California has a law - the Mills Act - that allows local governments to provide property tax credits to owners of historic properties in exchange for those owners entering into 10-year maintenance agreements outlining the work they will do to maintain their properties to historic standards. The Mills Act allows local governments to provide a carrot instead of just a stick, when it comes to historic properties. Unlike other localities, San Francisco has not done a good job making the Mills Act widely accessible to property owners, and particularly small property owners. Both administrative hurdles and costs have inhibited access. My legislation will streamline the administrative process, reduce costs, and make the Mills Act more broadly accessible.


Streetlight Hearing Next Monday: Improving Lighting in Our Public Realm

One of the most common complaints I hear from residents is that a streetlight has gone out and that, despite repeated requests, it hasn't been fixed. Our streetlights have significant deferred maintenance, responsibility for them is divided between PG&E and the Public Utilities Commission, and our streetlights are generally designed to light streets for cars instead of lighting sidewalks for pedestrians. To address these and other lighting issues, I called for a hearing on the subject, which will take place this coming Monday May 21 at 10 a.m. at City Hall. We'll hear from the PUC and other departments, as well as PG&E. I very much want members of the public to attend to provide feedback and share ideas to improve our system.


Funding for HIV Services

For 30 years, San Francisco has had a deep commitment to our large HIV-positive population and to those at risk for the disease. For most of the 1980s, San Francisco went it alone, with little or no support from the state or federal government. Now, with significant state and federal cuts, San Francisco once against must step up. Most recent, we are facing a $7.8 million cut in federal funding for HIV care and prevention services. This cut will be devastating to San Francisco's ability to reduce new infections and to care for those living with the disease. As a member of the Budget Committee, I am working hard to make up for this cut in our own city budget. 


LGBT Seniors: Planning for Our Future

Several months ago, I, along with my colleagues Supervisors Campos and Olague, sponsored an important hearing on the needs of LGBT seniors. This growing population has needs in common with all seniors - around housing, transportation, and the like - as well as unique needs, including aging with HIV, an increased likelihood of aging without adult children, discrimination or lack of sensitivity in some senior programs and facilities, and so forth. I'm sponsoring legislation, along with my colleagues, to create an 18-month task force of experts and members of the community to formulate a set of policy recommendations for the Board of Supervisors to address the needs of this community.


Scott, Supervisor Olague, Commissioner Gwyneth Borden, Steve Adams, Santo and Yanessa Esposito, AnMarie Rodgers and Aaron Starr look on as Mayor Lee signs into law Scott's legislation streamlining the permitting process for food and drink establishments.

Making Our City Better for Small Businesses: Reforming the Mission Alcohol Special Use District

I've written previously about the Mission Alcohol Special Use District, which imposes dramatic restrictions and bans on new liquor licenses in a broad swath of the Mission. This ban, though well-intentioned when it was enacted in the 1990s, now has a negative impact on new, creative businesses coming into the neighborhood. Momentum is building to reform the district to allow for some flexibility. This would be a positive step forward. Recent coverage here


Streamlining Our Budgeting Process: Grant Reform

One of my goals in office has been to improve the efficiency of our government while maintaining accountability. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors will consider legislation I authored to do this in the area of grants received by City departments. Under current law, when a city department receives a grant - for example, when the Department of Public Health receives a research grant from the National Institutes for Health - the grant must be approved by the Board of Supervisors, no matter how small. This requires significant time and effort by departments to prepare materials for the Board. Sometimes the preparation costs more than the actual grant. While we all would agree that for large grants, full Board scrutiny is warranted, smaller grants should be delegated to the respective departments. My legislation requires that only grants of $100,000 or more come to the Board, with smaller grants delegated to the departments under rules to be issued by the City Controller. This legislation will make our government more efficient while retaining full Board oversight of the grants that matter most.


Parks Update

Parks Bond This November

Fixing our infrastructure has been a key priority for me as a member of the Board of Supervisors. As I did with the streets bond last year, I am playing a leadership role with the neighborhood parks bond that is moving toward the November ballot. Our park system has over a billion dollars in unmet capital needs. This bond will help meet those needs. Two District 8 projects are in the bond - Glen Canyon Rec Center, which has massive capital needs and which serves a large and diverse population, and George Christopher Playground in Diamond Heights, which is consistently rated a failing playground. I'm thrilled that, if the voters pass the bond, these two facilities will receive much needed capital work.


Duboce Park Youth Play Area

This coming Saturday, May 19, I'll be joining Mayor Lee and members of the community to cut the ribbon on this amazing new facility for older kids. As kids age out of more traditional playgrounds, we need to make sure that they have access to age-appropriate recreational facilities. This innovative Youth Play Area does just that. Friends of Duboce Park worked very hard on the project and partnered with my office and the Recreation & Park Department. I'm excited about its grand opening and hope you can join us to celebrate.


My New Open Space Advisory Committee Appointee: Mark Scheuer

The Park and Recreation Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC) is a key committee that advises the Recreation & Park Department on open spaces issues, including acquisition of new open space from the Open Space Acquisition Fund. Each Supervisor appoints two members of the committee. I recently appointed Mark Scheuer, who joins my other appointee Nick Ellis. Mark is on the board of Friends of Duboce Park, as well as Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association, and has been instrumental for years in the revitalization of Duboce Park. Mark is a steady leader and park visionary. He'll do a great job on PROSAC.


U.S.S. Harvey Milk

I recently introduced a resolution to support a request from Congressman Bob Filner of San Diego to name a naval vessel the "U.S.S. Harvey Milk."  Supervisor Milk, before entering politics, served in the Navy during the Korean War. It would be a fitting tribute, particularly given the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, to have Harvey Milk join the august ranks of civil-rights icons Cesar Chavez and Medgar Evers, who both have ships named after them. It would send a strong message to those LGBT people who have served and who will serve that the Navy values them and their community.

Scott with gardening and clean-up volunteers at Buena Vista Park
Community Updates


Devastating Fire at Valencia and Duboce
On May 6, a significant fire occurred at the corner of Valencia and Duboce, the newest part of District 8. The fire quickly engulfed a large apartment building, and dozens of tenants were displaced.  Fortunately, no one was injured badly, though several tenants and two firefighters sustained minor injuries.  One of the displaced tenants had been in the building for almost 50 years.  I went to the scene of the fire and met some of the tenants, as well as the firefighters.  Unfortunately, quite a few fires have occurred in the district since I took office, and the human toll is awful.  The first fire motivated me to author the Good Samaritan Ordinance, which helps tenants displaced in disasters get temporary housing while their units are being fixed.  


Benefit for the 20th Dyke March 

I will be co-hosting a benefit with Supervisor David Campos, Supervisor Christina Olague and Director of HOPE Bevan Dufty to help raise funds for the Dyke March.  The Dyke March is an important annual event for woman in our community, and it's struggling to meet increasing costs.  It's imperative that we step up to help out our sisters and ensure that this vital community event continues to thrive.  Date, time and location for the fundraiser are as follows:  


Date: Saturday, May 19th   

Time: 5:00-8:00pm 

Location: Q Bar, 456 Castro Street (between Market and 18th Streets)  


Donations starting at $15 gets you hosted food and drinks from 5:00-8:00pm.  If you can't attend the fundraiser at Q Bar, please donate online by clicking here.  Every dollar counts.

Click here for more information 


Harvey Milk Day Festivities 

Come celebrate the weekend festivities for Harvey Milk Day.  This California State holiday will take place on the birthday of Harvey Milk.  We will meet at Harvey Milk Plaza on the corner of Castro and Market Street at 1:00pm for a rally with speeches from friends of Supervisor Milk, including Cleve Jones and Anne Kronenberg as well as his nephew Stuart Milk.  After the rally, there will be a march down Castro Street to the site of Harvey Milk's camera shop.  Please come celebrate the inspiring and enduring message of Harvey Milk's life, which continues to resonate through San Francisco and across the country and world.


Rec and Park Summer Activities! 

Summer Activities will be taking place May 27th  - August 17th, 2012.  Summer Camp registration will begin on Saturday, May 12th at 10am and you will have three ways to register for Recreation and Park activities:


1. Online at www.SfRecOnline.org beginning at 10 am on May 12th. 

2. At McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park, 501 Stanyan @ Fell, 831-6800.

3. At one of our Neighborhood Registration Sites (click link below to see full list)


Click here for more information

SFPD Youth Fishing Program 

In 2012, the San Francisco Police Department's Fishing Program is reaching out to our LGBT Youth!  As soon as schools let out for Summer, volunteer SFPD Officers will be taking kids out on the Bay for a fun day of Deep Sea Fishing that they will always remember.  The San Francisco Police Department's Youth Fishing Program was created decades ago to foster closer relationships between our kids and law enforcement officers.  


The Fishing Program is a non-profit organization that is focused exclusively on providing an exciting day of fishing free of cost to interested young anglers.  Please contact Officer Bob Ford today for more details and information at (415) 558-5527.

Click here for more information

Community Spotlight    


Jane Pak

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Honoree


At the Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month ceremony, I honored District 8 resident Jane Pak.  Jane has done extraordinary work as the former President of Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School, including her efforts to improve the Silver Tree Building, which houses the nursery school itself.  Her work has enhanced both the school community and the surrounding park, and I am proud to honor her at the District 8 APA Heritage Month Honoree of the year.  

Scott presents District 8 APA Heritage Month Honoree Jane Pak
with a Certificate of Honor.

Janet & Richard Tarlov of Canyon Market 

San Francisco Small Business Week Honorees  


In recognition of Small Business Week, at today's Board of Supervisors meeting I will honor Janet and Richard Tarlov of Glen Canyon Market. As the owners of Canyon Market, Janet and Richard have provided Glen Park and its residents with an independent, full-service market that perfectly serves the needs of the community.  Additionally, they have been active members in their community, organizing community service events to improve and maintain the greater Glen Park area.  For this and their fantastic business model, I look forward to honoring Glen Canyon Market as the District 8 Small Business of the Year.  

Janet and Richard Tarlov, owners of the District 8 Small Business of the Year
Glen Canyon Market
Upcoming Events to Remember

San Francisco Small Business Week

May 14th-20th 

Times/Locations vary (click link below for more info) 

Attention Small Business owners and entrepreneurs! Celebrate the 8th Annual San Francisco Small Business Week from May 14 - 20, 2012! This year's theme, "Saluting the Heroes of Our Economy," is a tribute to every small business for contributing to the City's economic success.  Join the fun at Flavors of San Francisco, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Small Business Honoree Ceremony, the Small Business Conference, the MEGA Make Contact, the San Francisco Economic Development Alliance (SFEDA) Mixer, and at the Merchant Association Mixers.

Click here for more information 


2012 Aging & Disability Technology Summit
Tuesday, May 15th
San Francisco City Hall
The 2012 Aging & Disability Technology Summit will serve up a bevy of technology information and resources for seniors, people with disabilities and their caregivers. There is no cost to attend. You must pre-register though.  For those of you who are interested in computer training and support for seniors, persons with disabilities and their caregivers, this conference will be a valuable resource for you. A wide range of interesting workshops and presentations will be featured on how to take advantage of the benefits of online resources. You can also see how our sister county is working to empower older and/or disabled citizens and caregivers.

San Francisco Parks Alliance's Love Your Parks Day
Saturday, May 19th
Times/Locations vary (click the link below for more info)

Join fellow park lovers for a city-wide celebration of parks with events in every district, from herb gardening, habitat restoration, and bee-keeping, to a climbing wall, creating a kids mural, and a Rochambeau tournament- there is something for everyone, and it's all free.  Click the link below to register for your free volunteer T-shirt and lunch!

Duboce Park Youth Play Area Grand Opening and Play Day in the Park

Saturday, May 19th


Duboce Park Youth Play Area - Duboce Avenue at Noe Street

Join the Friends of Duboce Park in cooperation with San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, the Harvey Milk Recreation Center, and the San Francisco Park Alliance celebrate the grand opening of the Youth Play Area at Duboce Park. The official opening is planned for 11:00 am and will include comments by Mayor Lee, Supervisor Wiener, Supervisor Olague, Community Project Manager Peter Cohen, and other city leaders. The festivities including a jumpy house, Golf Frisbee, youth soccer lessons, a Capoeira demonstration, outdoor yoga class, live music, Chinese dancers, a Youth Dance performance, and a Hip Hop performance. Free coffee, lemonade, popcorn and cookies will be served. Free to the Public


Third Annual Harvey Milk Day Festivities
Saturday, May 19th
Harvey Milk Plaza, Castro Street & Market Street
The community celebrates California's Third Annual Harvey Milk Day at Harvey Milk Plaza (Castro at Market Streets) with the dedication of Harvey's re-installed Memorial Plaque, followed by a march down Castro Street led by the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band to Harvey's former Camera Store (now the HRC Action Center & Store at 575 Castro), for remarks by City officials and friends of Harvey Milk.
Scott and Mayor Lee celebrate the 2nd Annual Harvey Milk Day.

MUMC's Annual Sidewalk Sale
Saturday, March 19th
Throughout The Castro
MUMC will decorate The Castro with Rainbow Color balloons along the sidewalks.  Extend your business out on to your sidewalk for the day, make it festive, move your oldest and/or newest merchandise, demonstrate services, attract new customers, and welcome regulars.  Required sidewalk permits have been arranged by the S.F. Office of Small Business (thank you!).  Get hints and guidelines for your Sidewalk Sale by contacting MUMC at MUMC-SF@earthlink.net or call (415) 431-2359.

Mission Playground Opening
Tuesday, May 22nd
Mission Playground (Valencia Street between 19th and 20th Streets)
Please join SF Rec and Park Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg, Supervisor Scott Wiener, Supervisor David Campos, Susan Hirsch from City Fields Foundation, Dept of Public Works, SF Arts Commission, Everett Middle School students and park advocates for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Mission Playground.   The construction of the Mission Playground renovation is implemented in two phases.  Phase One includes the Valencia Street courtyard with new play equipment, water play feature and artist designed fence panels, a new synthetic turf playfield, tennis & basketball courts with fencing, energy efficient sports lighting, and planting irrigation.  Phase Two includes the Clubhouse, Pool Building, and interior playground and the 19th Street entrance.  Phase Two is scheduled to be completed in fall, 2012.
Click here for more information

Harvey Milk Day Screening of MILK with Cleve Jones

Tuesday, May 22nd 


Castro Theater, 429 Castro Street

Celebrate Harvey Milk Day with a special screening of the movie, Milk, starring Sean Penn to benefit the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. Cleve Jones, an activist and founder of the NAMES project AIDS memorial quilt who was befriended by Harvey Milk in the 1970's and worked as a student intern in his office after Milk was elected to the Board of Supervisors will be the special guest.   Doors open and VIP reception at 6:00pm; Cleve Jones takes the stage at 7:30pm; screening at 8:00pm.

Click here for more information    


Trans Job Fair, Health Fair and Forum
Wednesday, May 23rd
The Center, 1800 Market Street
Trans Job Fair, Health Fair, and Forum: Training Opportunities, Careers, Services for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals.  Doors open at noon!
Click here for more information

Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, May 23rd
Castro Community Meeting Room, 501 Castro Street (Above Bank of America)
Featuring: A focus on Pink Saturday with the Sisters, CCOP and Sargent Limbert of Mission Station
Click here for more information

Carnaval Festival & Grand Parade
Saturday, May 26th - Sunday, May 27th
Mission District
San Francisco Cultural Arts Traditions (SFCAT) proudly presents California's largest annual multi-cultural celebrations, San Francisco Carnaval 2012,  San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade is an extraordinary, must-see event that is represented by and honors cultures from around the world. Alongside brilliant floats, lavishly dressed performers and musicians will entertain as the parade makes its way through the Mission District. A vast variety of cultures will be represented, featuring old and new traditions by way of music, dance and artistry.  With its rich multi-cultural themes, spectacular costumes, music, dancing, the San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade takes place on Sunday, May 27 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the corner of 24th and Bryant streets where it will proceed west to Mission Street. From there, the parade heads north on Mission down to 17th Street, where it will turn east and flow into the festival area.  The parade will also feature the presentation of the San Francisco Carnaval 2012 King & Queen as well as the Grand Marshal (soon to be named). 65 parade contingents from around the world will be represented by thousands of participants of all ages.
Click here for more information
Scott pedals to City Hall on Bike to Work Day!

Public Art Workshop: How to Make a Proposal

Thursday, May 31st


25 Van Ness, Suite 70 (lower level)

The San Francisco Arts Commission's final workshop this year will address how to make a proposal for a public art project if you are selected to be a finalist.  They have found that many artists may be reluctant to apply for projects because they are intimidated by how to effectively communicate their ideas, how to make a budget, and how to interface with the Arts Commission and the community.  This workshop will address how to make an effective proposal board, what should be covered in the proposal narrative,  how to develop a budget, and the role of Arts Commission staff support during the process.

Click here for more information   


Bay Area Rainbow Symphony Concert
Saturday, June 2nd
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak Street
BARS is one of 10 LGBT orchestras in the world, featuring
LGBT composers and performers.  The June concert is presented as part
of Pride Month activities and includes Mussorgsky's Pictures at an
Exhibition, David Henderson on Saxophone and a work by SF Conservatory
Professor David Conte.
Click here for more information

Sunday Streets in the Mission
Sunday, June 3rd
Sunday Streets comes to Valencia Street for the second of four Sunday Streets events to be held in the Mission this year. Sunday Streets is a roving community celebration where the streets are closed to vehicles so pedestrians, roller skaters, bicyclists, and whoever so desires to take over the streets for an afternoon of fun.  Free to the Public.

Pride Kick-Off Party
Saturday, June 9th
The Center, 1800 Market Street
San Francisco LGBT Center's Birthday Party celebrating 10 years of service to the community featuring four floors of entertainment including food, drinks, and entertainment. First floor will be all ages, free, and open to the public, with floors 2-4 will be $30-$75 sliding scale. For more information, contact devonn@sfcenter.org.
Click here for more information

Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association Meeting
Monday, June 11th
California Pacific Medical Center, Davies Campus, Gazebo Room, Plaza Level
Castro St. and Duboce Avenue
Click here for more information

NERT Disaster Preparedness Training
Tuesday evenings, June 12th - July 17th
St. Aidan's Church, 101 Goldmine Drive
Hurricane Katrina has shown us the need to be prepared.  You are vital to the recovery of the city after a disaster.  RSVP to sffdnert@sfgov.org or call (415) 970-2024 to register.
Click here for more information

LGBT Drop-In Club Weekly Workgroup at The Center
Weekly on Tuesdays
The Center, 1800 Market Street
LGBT Drop-In Job Club Weekly Workgroup Tuesday mornings from 10:00AM - 11:30AM - Get ongoing help with your job search at The Center! The Center's Workforce Development Program is pleased to provide a free, open to all, job seekers networking & workgroup. Where: the LGBT Center 1800 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94102 Why: Come get support with your job search. The Job Club is a peer to peer discussions group to share experiences / best practices and receive ongoing direction and advise from a career coach to help manage a productive job search. How to participate: (One-On-One drop-in is the best first step before attending the workgroup) If you have question regarding the group please contact Clair Farley, clairf@sfcenter.org. If you are interested in One-on-One job search and coaching please contact christinar@sfcenter.org or (415) 865-5614. We look forward to helping you get back to work! Please note the building does not open to public until noon, Job Club attendees please wait at the Center's main door and someone will let you in by 10am.
Click here for more information

Scott with outgoing YouthWorks interns Monique and Destiny (L-R).

Free Rapid HIV Testing for Youth
Weekly on Tuesdays
The Center, 1800 Market Street
Free Rapid HIV testing for youth 24 and under offered by Larkin Street Youth Services
Click here for more information


Castro Farmers' Market

Weekly on Wednesdays (through December 19th)


Noe Street (between Market and  Beaver Streets)  

Every Wednesday night throughout the season Noe Street is abloom with fresh fruits and vegetables as the Castro Farmers' Market brings California's best to the neighborhood!  


Noe Valley Farmers' Market

Weekly on Saturdays


24th Street (between Sanchez and Vicksburg Streets)

The Noe Valley Farmers' Market is a year-round California certified farmers' market operated primarily by community volunteers and run in partnership with the Noe Valley Ministry.  

Click here for more information  


Glen Park Village Farmers' Market

Weekly on Sundays (through November 25th) 


Glen Park BART Station (intersection of Bosworth and Diamond Streets)

The partnership of Glen Park Merchants' Association, BART, and the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association has brought a farmers' market to the parking lot of the Glen Park BART station. Come enjoy the freshest, locally-grown fruits and vegetables and the company of your friends and neighbors at your farmers' market!

Click here for more information  

Upcoming Office Hours

My upcoming office hours are listed below:

Friday, June 1st
San Francisco City Hall, Room 274
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102

Saturday, June 2nd

Urban Bread 

3901 18th Street (at Sanchez) 

San Francisco, CA 94114


*Please check with my office before attending office hours,
since they occasionally need to be rescheduled.

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