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                                 Issue 75         June 27, 2010


It's been a busy week here at The Dreaming Café and I've been running like crazy taking care of family stuff. 


But, as crazy as it gets sometimes, I always try to remember to have fun and to try and help those around me have fun too, or to at least laugh.


Laughter is a secret healing weapon.  I love to laugh and I always laugh at even the silliest jokes. My husband always says that I am a comedian's best friend. I love to laugh and making others laugh is often how I break the ice or lighten a tense situation.


Having fun is also one of life's secret weapons.  Having fun can lead to a long and healthy life.


If you love to do something, then more than likely when you engage in that activity you are having fun.


It's that simple. Love it. Do it. Have fun.


And, you thought life was complicated.


Enjoy this week's fun newsletter. Since I have so much to share this week I am keeping it to four articles: the Jamboree Update, my Reading List (don't miss this one), Twitter Basics (it's back) and the new reader profile.

Let me know what was your favorite this week and remember to have FUN!


Funfully yours,


  Twitter Basics Teleclass


Talk about fun, Twitter is FUN!


I even wrote a blog post this week called Why I Love Twitter.


I love Twitter so much I want to share it with everyone. Get me in a room with more than two people and mention Twitter and you better watch out. If you're not on Twitter when we meet, by the time I get done chatting your ears off, you will be.


Since we're not in a room together I am offering my Twitter Basics Teleclass again on July 13.


What you will learn in the 60-minute Teleclass:

ˇ         What is Twitter?

ˇ         Why should I join?

ˇ         What can it do for me?

ˇ         How do I get started?

ˇ         How much time do I need?

ˇ         How do I find people to Follow?

ˇ         How do I keep going?

Plus, I have a few cool bonuses for you.


To find out more and register go to:

Reader Profile - Barb Black
barb black logo

Barb Black has been a Dreaming Café subscriber since February 2010.  She lives in Snohomish, WA and is an artist. She loves what she does and in shines through in her work.


A few weeks ago in response to my Making Mail Art blog post Barb emailed me and said she was a mail artist and asked if I would like to exchange mail art with her. Of course, I agreed.  I sent her my first mail art envelope and in return I received the most beautiful, handmade, stamped mail art postcard I've ever seen.


Thank you, Barb for both sharing your mail art with me and sharing your story.


Below is Barb's story in her own words and a sample of her work. You can also find out more at


Originally from Michigan, I made my way to the Pacific Northwest twelve years ago. Although it was a move that changed my life in many ways, it brought an exciting energy to my creative process.


Self-employed since February 2009, my focus is on my penchant for rubber stamping, particularly designing and making artistic greeting cards. However, my credo is, "Any Craft Will Do!" It's true. Called a Renaissance woman by my friends, no media is safe from my creative endeavor: rubber stamping, acrylics, watercolor, collage, sewing, quilting, writing, music, cooking.


Most recently I've been working on a collection of cards specific to the Northwest's wild life - both marine and woodland. I've also been toying with the idea of compiling a book that encompasses my artwork and poetry.

 barb black artwork

Would you like to share your story? email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

JJ Jamboree Update
 Joyfully Jobless Jamboree in Austin, TX, October 15-16, 2010

A few years ago I attended a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.


When I asked people what a Cirque show was I got all kinds of answers, but no one could really nail it down for me.


Some people said it was an acrobatic show, but more so.

Others said it was a play wrapped around a circus, but more so.

What everyone agreed on was that it was fun, amazing and an experience like no other.


Today, I am having the same problem when people ask me to describe Joyfully Jobless Jamboree.


The Jamboree is a mixture of interactive workshops, collaboration and celebration, but more so.

It is a conference and networking event for the self-employed, but way different than anything you've ever seen before.


It's hard to describe except to say that it will be fun, amazing and an experience like no other.


Come celebrate with us, meet new people, hang out with old friends, learn how to incorporate more time, more fun and more money into your life and come out and experience an event that defies description.

You won't regret it and you won't forget it.

Register Today

Joyfully Jobless Jamboree
More Time, More Fun,
More Money

Austin, Texas
October 15-16, 2010

Reading List
will work for fun
Will Work for Fun: Three Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash

I just started reading Will Work for Fun by Alan R. Bechtold and I am already enjoying his writing style, observations and stories.


His main premise is that we can earn money doing things we love to do. You may out in a lot of hours and it will look like hard work by most people, but for you, since it is neither. Your work is fun and the hours you put in are enjoyable.


He points out that Paul McCartney, Donald Trump and Bill gates all still work. Why? They certainly don't need the money. It's because they love what they do and would do it whether they got paid to or not.


Many people work a second job or keep the good-enough-job so that they can pursue the things they love to do. It could be music, writing, art, cabinetry, fishing, etc. You get the picture.


If you are looking for a fun read with lots if ideas, stories and how-to tips to get started making money from your hobby or interests, I'd give this book a read.


The regular price of Will Work for Fun: Three Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash is $24.95, but right now it is on sale at Amazon for $3.39. You can't beat that price!!

What books are on your reading list? Email me...


Full disclosure - all book links are Amazon affiliate links, meaning if you buy a book I link, to Amazon will pay me a few shekels (coins).
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