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Live United
Suggest Ideas to Take Action
1)Play Games Online - Play these games for free, and for every correct answer, the sponsors of these websites will make a donation:
+ www.freerice.org - Test your knowledge of vocabulary, Chemistry symbols, famous art, or basic algebra and the sponsors donate rice to the UN World Food Program to end hunger.
+ www.freepoverty.com - Test your world geography knowledge and the sponsors will donate clean cups of water.
+ www.freeflour.com - Test your geographical smarts and the sponsors will donate flour to make bread.
+ www.charitii.com- Solve crossword puzzle clues and the sponsors will donate to a cause of your choice - Water, Food, Education, or the Rainforest.
+ Click to Give for Free - Just click the button, and the sponsors of these sites will donate to the cause.  View the different tabs at the top for different causes - Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rain Forest, or Animal Rescue.
+ Sign a Petition - Follow the link in the upper left-hand sidebar to view lists of campaigns that you can petition for.
+ Send a Free E-Card - Follow the link of the upper left-hand sidebar to someone you know an e-card to raise awareness about an issue you care about.
3)Become An Organ Donor - Sign-up at www.donatelife-pa.org/ to become an organ donor.
4)Support Our Troops
+ Buy a Cup o' Joe for a Soldier - Say "Thank You!" to our troops overseas by buying a soldier a cup of coffee at www.greenbeanscoffee.com/.
+ Treats for Troops - Foster a Soldier and send a care package through www.treatsfortroops.com/.
5)Clean and Donate
+ Clean your closets and donate clothes to Abundant Blessings, Shelter Services, churches, or Good Will
+ Clean your cupboards and donate canned goods to a food pantry
+ Clean out old books and/or movies and/or CDs and donate to libraries or shelters
+ Clean out toy box and donate to Salvation Army, Abundant Blessings, or Good Will
6)Collect Box Top$ for Education off of various boxed foods, Campbell's Labels for Education off of Campbell's products, or soda tabs and donate to a local school.  These box tops, labels, and tabs all help raise money for school equipment.
7)Create letters, pictures, mazes or puzzles and mail or deliver to a children's hospital.
8)Have a yard sale or lemonade/baked goods sale and give the profits to a person or agency in need.
9)Read a book, watch a movie, play a board game or just spend time with the neighborhood kids, giving Mom and Dad a small break.
10)Donate a newspaper or magazine subscription (Lewistown Sentinel, The New York Times, National Geographic, etc) to a school, libraries, The Shelter, or The Abuse Network
11)Record your favorite book on tape for the Juniata Association for the Blind.
12)Knit a baby blanket for the homeless shelter or domestic violence safe shelter.
13)Start a vegetable garden.  Give back to the earth by planting vegetation, eat healthy, and donate any leftovers to a food pantry.
14)Sign Petitions
+ Health Care is a Human Right! Click here
+ Improve Mental Health of Veterans Click here
+ Support the AFTERschool Meal Act Click here
15)  Write your own letter on a matter important to you.  This website will help you find your federal and state elected officials and their contact information. 
16)  Make a donation to United Way and support local agencies. 

Take Action From Home
June 21 is the longest day of the year, and for the second year in a row, United Way encourages local residents to participate in the National Day of Action.  With that little bit of extra daylight, we ask you to take action by helping your community, both local and world-wide, from the comfort of your own home. 
Not to be confused with the annual Day of Caring, the National Day of Action is a call for everyone to LIVE UNITED.  Give, advocate, or volunteer- it's your choice.  Be a part of something bigger - a nationwide movement for change.  We are asking for your help to improve lives in measurable and lasting ways by advancing the common good. Help others have the building blocks for a good life - a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health.
Because June 21st falls on a Sunday and Father's Day, we have compiled a list of activities to take action.  The best part is everything can be done from your own home. Don't feel anxious or pressured, especially since it is a Sunday and you probably want to relax if you're not celebrating Dad.  Take action with your family at home or alone at 2 am in your pajamas.  You can still make a difference!

After you have taken action on June 21, visit the Day of Action page on our website (www.mjunitedway.org/action).  Share with everyone how you made a difference.  If you don't have an internet connection, then write in or call on Monday. If you give proof of what you did (for example, a picture of the goods you plan to donate), we will give you a FREE t-shirt!
United Way of Mifflin-Juniata             (717) 248-9636 (Mifflin County)
13 E. 3rd St                                     (717) 436-0212 (Juniata County)
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