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This past Saturday turned out to be a great day for vendors and customers to get to know each other.  Most of the vendors love selling at farmer's markets, because they thrive on contact with the people who eat their foods.   Saturday was great for that.  But this coming week will be much more busy.  Customers will be picking up their Co-op boxes as well as Johnston Dairy Milk, so if you haven't placed your order there is still time.  Orders must be in and paid for by Tuesday at 2pm. 

Organic Co-op
Orders must be in by 2pm, Tuesday February 2.

A large box will feed approximately a family of 4 for 2 weeks $50

A small box will feed approximately 1-2 people for 2 weeks  $30


We average two pickups per month.

All boxes include a variety of Certified Organic fruits and vegetables.  (4-6 types of veg. and 6-8 types of fruit)

Produce may include onions, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, kale, chard, spinach, berries, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, apples, carrots, bananas, pears, mushrooms, beets, celery, plums, citrus and avocados as well as other fruit and veggies. 


Produce is supplied by Global Organic Specialty Source in Florida.  GOSS utilizes as much local and regional produce as possible, but then fills in with certified organic imports.

When comparison shopping we have found our prices to be 
25 to 50% less expensive than local grocery store prices.

Johnston Family Dairy Milk comes to us from a small, grass-based, family dairy in Newborn GA.  The milk is lightly pasteurized to preserve flavor and nutrients and is never homogenized.
Orders need to be pre-paid and pickup on Co-op Saturday, February 6th.                        
                                                        Half      Gal.
Whole                                            $4.00/ $6.00 
2%                                                   $4.00/ $6.00             Skim                                                $4.00/ $6.00
Buttermilk:                                    $4.50/ $7.00 
Cream 40%                   Pint $3  $7.00/ $16.00                   
Chocolate Milk: Only Half       $4.50 
Coming soon ...Cheese: Camembert, Feta, Mozzarella
Beef and Pork  (pickup at slaughter house)
Stokes Family Farm is taking deposits on beef shares to be picked up March 6.  Sales are going quickly, and they expect to be sold out by mid February.  They will have one more pork pickup in March (date TBA) and then it will be winter 2011 before more Stokes Family Farm pork is available.

The Goat Lady
You all know and love the goat lady, but do you know how busy she is this time of year.  All the mama goats are starting to have babies soon, so there will be many late night trips to the barn to check on mommas and babies.  In early February the Irish celebrate Candlemas also called Imbolc if they speak Gaelic.  It is the feast of the first lactation, because baby sheep and goats are being born all over the northern hemisphere right about now.  It is traditionally the first sign of spring.

You may have tried Pilar's homemade yogurt recently.  She doesn't sell it, but you can easily make yogurt at home.  Just ask her how.  Nothing tastes better with granola than freshly made yogurt.  It is thinner and more pourable than what you buy at the grocery store, and you can put it right on your cereal.  You can't find a better breakfast or late night snack.

Chicken (pickup at White Tail Farm)

Anthony Brown will be at the market this week taking orders for chicken to be picked up at his farm in Carnesville.  He's not with us every week, so be sure to see him and make arrangements to fill your freezers with some of the best tasting and most nutritious chicken around. 

Coffee and Biscotti
Rumor has it you'll also be able to buy a cup of coffee this week to go with your scones and biscotti.  It will cost $1 per cup but only 50 cents if you bring your own standard sized mug to refill. 

Several vendors sell eggs from their free-range hens.  Regardless of whom you buy them from, they will all have the deep orangey yolks and excellent flavor you'd expect from a yard bird.  You may not know it, but chickens can only remember about 25 faces.  When faced with unfamiliar faces they need fight to establish their pecking order.  In a chicken house with 1000 birds, they never see anyone they know and live in a start of fight or flight.  They can't even hide under a bush for a little peace and quiet.  On a true farm, even if there are 100s of birds, our hens can always find a bush to take a quiet nap under.  All our vendors' eggs come from truly free-range birds

I hope you've seen a few tasty treats you'd like to check out in this newsletter.
Happy Growing
Anthony Stokes
Market Manager

Learn more about Horses and riding!
Janice Gardner is one of the
instructors who teaches riding
lessons. She is also a certified
Therapeutic instructor and can
teach anyone with special needs.
Please contact Janice for any questions or to schedule a lesson
Janice Gardner
(678) 316-4756

A final note:  Rancho Alegre Farm generously hosts The Dacula Famer's Market, the Co-op and the Johnston Dairy milk pickup at substantially reduced rates.   There are many other events taking place on the farm, particularly as spring approaches.  Please remember us when planning a Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Wedding, or even a Corporate Event.

Come visit us this Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm, rain or shine.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you soon.

Pilar Quintero
Rancho Alegre Farm

Here is a list of  vendors in Dacula Farmer's Market every Saturday rain or shine from 10am-2pm

Stokes Family Farm
 - Naturally  grown 

-  Grass-fed Beef
-  Pastured Berkshire Pork
-  Eggs
Click here for website
Robinson Family Farm / NYRLE Real Goats Dairy
- Goat's Milk
- Farm Fresh eggs

Click here for website
Goodness Gracious! Granola
granola logo
  All natural granola
Click here for website

White Tail Farm
We are a family farm that produces beautiful Certified Naturally Grown produce as well as free range fresh eggs and goats.

Beam Me Up Biscotti
 I will not be out this Saturday, but feel free to contact me directly

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Johnston Family Farm's all-natural, fresh from the farm milk is available through our Organic Co-op.  Milk needs to be prepaid.
Visit them here
Rancho Alegre Farm
2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019
770 339 3065